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l i v e
l e n d i n g
i n t e l l i g e n c e
100% Real-Time lending based on
Real-Time Intelligence
Working in partnership with
Credit Referencing for a
New Era
“Processed within milliseconds...
available virtually immediately...”
l i v e
l e n d i n g
i n t e l l i g e n c e
LendingMetrics is one of the leading and fastest growing providers of real-time loan performance and
anti-fraud data to the high velocity lending sector. It has been recognised by regulators and providers
alike that fraud and over indebtedness must be tackled, addressing this is at the core of LendingMetrics
DAS >> Real-Time and Unique Data
BCA >> Bank Check Advanced
AML >> Anti Money Laundering
Insight >> Full Consumer File
Financial Stability >> Income Verification
Bank Vision >> 90 Day Bank Statement Information
Licensed by the FCA
Trusted partner
In partnership with Equifax
LendingMetrics is a registered UK credit referencing agency
with strong core values, committed to robust protection of data.
We are also dedicated to help the market continue to grow
stronger and gain more trust with UK consumers, whilst at the
same time working closely with the FCA in understanding their
requirements to evolve the market responsibly.
As a trusted partner providing a confidential analytics and credit
risk consulting service we aim to add value to your consumer
finance business, utilising our unique position and knowledge
base within the real-time credit sector.
Equifax has partnered with LendingMetrics to deliver the very
best real-time solution for the high cost short term credit sector.
This will increase protection for consumers by providing greater
lender visibility of consumer borrowing commitments.
“Processed within milliseconds...
available virtually immediately...”
DAS TrueTime
What is DAS TrueTime®?
A true real-time (within seconds) data sharing platform for credit providers to report lead, application
and loan information; a comprehensive solution for the on-line world.
DAS TrueTime® is the only CRA to report all 4 key stages addressing FCA requirements to treat the
customer fairly, promote responsible lending and prevent over indebtedness:
Leads >> Control lead costs & hold providers accountable
Applications >> Identify real-time fraud
Decisions in principle >> Assess if other approved loans are awaiting funding
Closed & open loans >> Assess affordability & past loan performance
free data share integration
The key to the power of the TrueTime® database is its live
and comprehensive reporting methods which are maintained to the highest levels of integrity, security
and accuracy.
Free retros & data-tests available
The lending industry has entered a significant phase in its
evolution now that it is under the control of the FCA.
100% LIVE
DAS directly addresses the FCA’s position on real-time data
sharing, responsible lending and affordability checks, by
highlighting when multiple loans are being taken. This identifies
high velocity fraud, helps to maximise conversion rates and
reduces default rates.
DAS enables the lender to have a real-time view of the
consumer’s current and potential indebtedness by presenting
an accurate and granular picture of their loan performance,
application and underwriting data, helping to minimise credit
risk to the lender.
DAS the future of lending decisions
l i v e
l e n d i n g
i n t e l l i g e n c e
LMX - Direct Reseller of Equifax Products
The Equifax data services compliment DAS by providing lenders with a complete solution for assessing the risk of a loan
applicant, helping them to meet the latest FCA regulatory obligations on affordability checks, fraud and data sharing.
Equifax Payday Score
AML - Anti Money Laundering
Higher GINI than comparable CRA scores
AML helps protect lenders from fraud by addressing
the latest anti-money laundering regulations and
operational challenges
There are key characteristics on the lending habits of
a new to market consumer that have been measured
to see their likelihood to default. Other scores are
mainly built on payday data alone so are not as
predictive at assessing new to market consumers
An extensive selection of checks on each application
is conveniently available through a single search
Defaulters have a significantly different “characteristics”
profile than to those that repay loans
Reports provide a pass or fail outcome against
your predetermined standards to give an instant
safe decision
Developed on a sample of known “defaults” using
two different scores that specifically predict those
consumers with a willingness to repay against those
that do not
Obtains proof of residency
Authenticates the individual
The score can be overlaid on any bespoke score to
add additional predictiveness
Insight - Credit Bureau Data
Financial Stability Suite - Income Verification
Insight holds information provided by credit providers and
other lenders, including details of existing and previous
credit agreements and historical information about the
repayments of these agreements. LendingMetrics have a
QCB (data block) of over 1000 characteristics, covering:
Payment history Debt levels
Financial Background
Uses (CATO) Current Account Turn Over data
Identifies the consumer’s salaried bank account
Removes anomalies from the salary
Verifies the consumer’s income so that an accurate
assessment of their true disposable income can be
BCA - Bank Check Advanced
Quickly verifies a consumer’s details so that you can
be confident that their bank account numbers and
sort codes are correct and that the applicant is who
they say they are
The matching of bank account details to the reported
data is transparent and flexible allowing the lender
to know if there is an exact match, a partial match
or no match
Combats bank account fraud and meets the new
regulatory requirements
Reduces costs by minimising errors and false declines
1) Verifies the borrower,
checking the name,
address & DOB
4) Providing clients
with a flexible
2) Matches the
bank details to
the borrower
3) Returns exact & partial
matches on sort code &
account numbers
Checks against trusted data
LendingMetrics. Lancaster Court, 8 Barnes Wallis Road, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 5TU, United Kingdom | Tel: 00 44 (0) 845 544 2823