STRICTLY STAND UP The English Comedy Night at Quatsch

SERIOUS FUN GMBH & CO KG, Reinhardtstr. 6, 10117 Berlin
Thomas Hermanns' Quatsch Comedy Club presents
The English Comedy Night
at Quatsch Comedy Club Berlin
hosted by Christian Schulte-Loh
April 9th, 2014 at 8 pm
Thomas Hermanns, founder and director of Germanys first comedy club, is proud to present a new stand up comedy show in English called “Strictly Stand Up – The English Comedy Night at Quatsch Comedy Club Berlin“. In 2013, he started to bring international comedians like Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran, Trevor Noah and Steve Hughes to Berlin for the series “Quatsch in English“. All of them presened their shows for the first time ever in Germany and all of them were sold out within days. “Now it's time to go regular“ says Thomas Hermanns, whose expertise of the German humour business is emmense. “We are Germany's number one comedy club and the time has come to present a new show to the international audience of Berlin: Strictly Stand Up! Some of the best club comedians from all over the world will bring the London and New York feeling to Berlin.“ „Stictly Stand Up“ is a mixed show in English language hosted by London-­‐based German comedian Christian Schulte-­‐Loh. He presents three comedians with three extended sets. All acts are regulars at the top comedy venues around the world: England, America, Canada, Europe and Australia. Now they will all visit Berlin. The line up changes from show to show. Line up April 9th, 2014
The Host of „Strictly Stand Up“ is London-­‐based German comedian Christian Schulte-­‐Loh. The Spectator calls him “one oft he most subversive acts ever!“ and a “funny, highly skilled comedian“ (Three weeks). The first show will be opened by England-­‐born Nigel Williams (UK) who moved to Antwerp twenty years ago and quickly became one of Belgium's most successful stand-­‐up comedians, selling out huge venues all over the country. Highly energetic, extremely witty and never politically correct, he is the perfect opener. Comedy Store regular Phil Nichol (CAD) will be headlining the first show. The multi-­‐award winning Canadian comedian has been described as “a genius” by The Herald. Most comedians call him “an act that is impossible to follow”. Daily Record simply calls him “The king of funny guys“. We also have comedy veteran and actor Dave Thompson (UK) who became famous when he got fired from being Tinky Winky in the Teletubbies. Time Out called him “one of the finest joke writers in the country” and “the weirdest dude on the face of the earth”. Amen. STRICTLY STAND UP – The English Comedy Night hosted by Christian Schulte-­‐Loh April 9th, 2014 at 8 pm // June, 11th, 2014 at 8 pm // September 10th at 8 pm // November 19th at 8 pm Tickets 22 €, at Quatsch Comedy Club Berlin, Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 Berlin Tickets 01806/999 000 969 (0,20€/Anruf a. dt. Festnetz), PRESS CONTACT: Claudia Schwaier, Tel: 030 -­‐ 278 790 43, E-­‐Mail: [email protected] -1-