Charity Cup

September 6 & 7, 2014
Ride the beautiful rolling hills of the
Pillsbury State Forest!
All proceeds will be donated to CentraCare Health Foundation’s nationally recognized
Coborn Cancer Center in St. Cloud, MN that provides services
for Breast Cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research.
50 m Endurance
50 m Competitive
25 m Lmt Distance
25 m Competitive
25 m Lmt Distance
25 m Competitive
10 m Novice
• $15 AERC non-member fee (End or LD).
• Ride fee are non-refundable
• State Forest Camping Fee Required – No reservations needed, pay at camp.
• Camping is close - come prepared to camp close to your neighbors.
• No Ties allowed in Endurance or LD.
• Dinner provided at Saturday evening awards, bring a side or dessert to share.
• Silent Auction!
• Miscellaneous entertainment and antics likely provided!
Ride Management: Darlene Molitor and Cody Collins
Help provided by the friends of Valley Creek Farm. Friends and Help needed. Please contact us!
Direct questions to: Darlene Molitor, 320-597-2147, [email protected]om
Mail entries to: Darlene Molitor 18042 County Road 49, Richmond, MN 56368
Driving Directions to get to Pillsbury State Forest Horse Camp:
From Brainerd: 10 miles west of 371 & 210 intersection to Pillsbury State Forest Road go North (right)
about 3.5 miles. Watch for sign on 210 to Outback Riding Stable.
From Pillager: 1 mile east Hwy 210 to Pillsbury State Forest Road go North (left) about 3.5 miles. Watch for a ride sign as well as the
sign to Outback Riding Stable on Hwy 210. DO NOT take Hwy 1 North off of Hwy 210 before Pillager! There is a sign that says to
Pillsbury State Forest, but it is for PEOPLE camp!
Charity Cup Ride Manager Questionnaire
1. Is your ride held in a public or private campground? Are sites available for
reservation? If so, how? Cost?
Our ride is held in a public group camp. No reservations.
2. Campground amenities? Showers/Electricity/Corrals/Potable Water?
There is water and pit toilets.
3. Closest town for food/water/gas?
Pillager 1 mile away has a convenience store and Brainerd is 14 miles from camp.
4. If your ride offers an endurance event(50 miles or more) in general, how many
loops are the 50 miler?
We typically have a 3 loop 50.
5. Vet checks in camp or out? If out, will there be a crew truck to take rider's
gear out to the check? Water available at out check?
All checks are in camp.
6. Terrain - hilly/sandy/rocky/water crossings? Hoof protection
We have hills and rocks. We have several places to get into water plus we have tanks
on the road intersection 2.5 miles from camp. Shoes are recommended.
7. If your ride is a multi-day ride, are there folks for hire to move rigs? Cost?
8. Does your ride have a potluck meal during the event? Food available for
Potluck on Saturday evening. No food available for purchase.
9. Maps of trail available online or on site?
We hand maps out at the riders meeting typically the night before the ride.
10. Mentors(folks who have regularly ridden your ride) who would be willing to
offer advice.
I like to think we are a pretty friendly group and all someone need to do is contact me
and I will do my best to answer any questions. Before the ride either by e-mail or phone
is the best and at the ride if someone just comes to the registration or vet area we will
do what we can to answer questions. We also try to have an experienced rider go out
with anyone new that is riding.