John MacLean | CV |

John MacLean | CV |
Born in Buckinghamshire, England, John spent part of his childhood in Canada and the
United States. He began using a camera at the age of 14 when he discovered the book
‘American Images’, featuring the work of Lee Friedlander, Lewis Baltz and John Gossage.
After studying mathematics, physics and geology he went on to graduate in photography at
the University of Derby. He subsequently worked at The Royal College of Art for four years.
John has been a London-based, freelance photographer since 1998. His exhibition of Two
and Two was a solo show at Flowers Gallery, London. John has had work published in
Source, 1000 Words, Photoworks, Camera Austria, SeeSaw, LPV Magazine, IANN
Magazine, British Journal of Photography, Album, Gomma… John has published eight photobooks; New Colour Guide appeared on two ‘Best Photobooks of 2012′ lists. Hometowns
features in ‘Photographers’ Sketchbooks’ (Thames and Hudson), Camera Austria, SeeSaw
and Inventory.
Selected Recent Photography Exhibitions:
October 2014. Hometowns. Brighton Photo Biennial.
March 2014. Hometowns. A Process. New Galerie im Hohmannhaus (Germany).
March 2014. A to B. On Landscape, (London).
October 2013. New Colour Guide. Dispara Xestion Cultural (Spain).
July 2012. New Colour Guide. Uncommon Ground. Flowers Gallery (London).
August 2011. City. For Japan. Hotshoe Gallery (London).
June 2011. City. Flowers Gallery (London)
March 2011. City. Continuum, Intervention Gallery (London)
June 2010. Two and Two. Solo Exhibition. Flowers Gallery (London).
Selected Recent Book Exhibitions:
(2014) Photobookshow, Tokyo, Japan.
(2014) Infocus. Phoenix Art Gallery, USA.
(2013) A Fair, Kansas, USA. Curated by Travis Shaffer.
(2013) Paris Photo, LePhotobookFest.
(2012) Flash Forward, Boston. June 2012.
(2011) Krakow Photomonth, Flash Forward (Boston), The International Book Fair (Kassel),
PhotoIreland, Berlin Book Fair, Publish It Yourself (Paris), Belfast Photo Festival, Margate
Photography Festival, New York Photo Festival, PhotoBook London.
Selected Recent Bibliography:
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A full archive of artist’s statements, texts, interviews and bibliography can be found at
Further information: [email protected] 0044.7956954849.
John MacLean, Gainsborough Studios, London N1 5EB.