March 2014 Issue - Husson University

Volume 4, Issue 1
Spring 2014
In December, the University of Maine Army ROTC Black Bear Battalion Commissioning
Ceremony was held. Garrett M. Clark was commissioned to the grade of Second Lieutenant.
Cadet Clark was born in Norway, ME. He graduated from Lewiston High School, then
attended the University of Maine. In 2012, the transferred to Husson University. He
participated in Ranger Challenge, 20th Maine, and received the Recondo award at LDAC. He
has earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and is now serving as an Officer in the
Military Police with the Utah National Guard. Pinning on Cadet Clark’s bars was his mother,
Sharon Clark, his father Robert Clark, and his grandfather, Robert MacKenzie.
Legal Studies Organization (LSO)
Chief Deputy William King, Jr., an instructor at our Southern
Maine Husson University Campus, was published in the New
England State Police Intelligence Network (NESPIN). The
publication entitled “Jamaican Lottery Scams: A Far-Reaching
Crime Impacting New England” details the growing computer
and phone scam, that mostly preys on elderly and isolated
residents, separating them from thousands of dollars of their
Just in time for Christmas—members of
the LSO went to Walmart and were able
to purchase all of the items that were on
the Spruce Run’s list of toys for their
children in need. An event raised about
$315 which was enough to buy everything
listed, including the snow globe!
Assistant Professor Alicia Wilcox was interviewed by WLBZ2/WCHS6 as the forensic scientist on the Jeskey Murder Trial. While working for the Maine State Police Crime Lab two years ago, she helped process the apartment crime scene. See the article and vid eo
here at
Assistant Professor Cornel Plebani received praise for his students in Introduction to Public Safety class. Presenter
Sgt. Chris Bailey of the Hampden Police Department was very impressed with the students professionalism, attentiveness, and p robing questions during his presentation on search warrants. After reviewing the search warrants the students wrote up, he commended Cornel for the students’ detail and descriptive content, considering they were first year Criminal Justice students, and e ncouraged
him to continue his high standards and integration of practical exercises as his teaching model is making a difference in the law enforcement profession.
The Legal Studies Career Fair will be held March 26, 2014 from 10:00 to 2:00 pm at the Center for Family Business.
Director of the School of Legal Studies, John Michaud, submitted an article to The National Partnership for Careers in Law, Public
Safety, Corrections, and Security, to which they are a member. The partnership is composed of educators in the private sector
and from colleges and universities interested in ensuring graduates are prepared for careers. Within the article, John stated “The
School of Legal Studies works to ensure we are providing students with the education and tools to they need to become successful professionals. We are consistently monitoring our course and degree offerings to stay current. We understand that we cannot
prepare our students for the next generation of jobs with the last generation’s education, thus we must remain on the cutting
edge of materials, principles and opportunities. “
On March 14th Assistant Professor John Michaud acted as a judge for SkillsUSA competition which was held at the United Technology Center in
Bangor, Maine. SkillsUSA is a national organization that promotes career development for vocational students, to include state and national
competition. There are dozens of contests held, including criminal justice and crime scene investigation. Professor Michaud judge students performance in a “Terry Stop” scenario and their report writing abilities. Two current Husson Criminal Justice students, Taylor Haines and Joel Frenette, also supported the competition as role players.
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More than 20 Legal Studies students volunteered their time to the Town of Orono for the charity event Hoops
Classic Basketball Tournament, which would yield a $1500.00 donation to Special Olympics of Maine. The
students worked the concession stands, took money at admissions, and performed janitorial work before and
after the event. All were praised by Captain Scott Wilcox of the Orono Police Department for their hard work and
Paralegal student, Michaela Richardson, was featured in the Bangor Daily News in December.
The article profiled her after she was named the Judicial Branch Volunteer of the Year by the
Piscataquis County Courthouse. Michaela ‘practically grew up in the Piscataquis County
Courthouse, where she spent quite a bit of time in the clerk’s office with her mother, Lisa
Richardson, who has worked there for nearly 30 years. Now a paralegal student at Husson
University, Michaela has been spending three days a week, about 25 hours, working without
pay at her mother’s side.’ See the article at:
Students Kassidy Hill and Drew Dagraca helped out the Orono Police Department with compliance checks of
licensed liquor retailers and on-premise establishments in the towns of Orono and Old Town recently. Both
students posed as underage customers attempting to purchase alcohol on a late Friday night without
identification. The two handled themselves in a very professional manner and took direction very well while
preparing and completing this much needed detail. This particular detail is very important to ensure that
licensed liquor retailers in the area are not supplying underage persons with alcohol.
December 20th marked the graduation of several Husson University students and alumni from the 25th Basic
Law Enforcement Training Program at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. All graduates from Husson were all
hired by various law enforcement agencies at the time of their graduation.
(Photos in order below) Cameron Barrieau graduated Husson in December 2013 and has been hired at the
Orono Police Department. Austin Clark, who is currently finishing his B.S in Criminal Justice/MSCJA, was hired by
the Scarborough Police Department. Taylor Dube, a May 2013 graduate and singer of the Star Spangled Banner
at his recent MCJA graduation, was hired by the Maine State Police. Darren Jacques, a December 2013 graduate,
was hired by the Lewiston Police
Department. Jonathan Lackee, a
May 2012 graduate, will be
working for the Portland Police
Department, and Joshua Tilton,
also a May 2012 graduate, will be
working for the Old Town Police