PRESS RELEASE - Aperion Biologics

Aperion Biologics, Inc. Positioning for European Commercialization and
Appoints Bert Quint to the Senior Management Team
San Antonio, TX – December 3, 2014 – Aperion Biologics Inc. announces the appointment of Bert Quint as Vice
President of Business Development for the launch of its CE Mark approved Z-Lig® ACLR device for revision and
multiligament ACL ligament reconstruction procedures. Aperion has positioned itself for commercialization and
the introduction of the Z-Lig into select European and South African markets.
The significance of ABI's commercial release is that now surgeons in the European Union and elsewhere will have a
new, off the shelf biologic device option versus the current need for surgeons to harvest tissue from one part of a
patient’s knee to rebuild another part or from using human donor tissue which has limited availability in markets
outside the United States. It is estimated that there are over 700,000 ligament reconstruction surgeries performed
globally. The Z-Lig is the first new device supported by a prospective double-blind randomized trial that compared
performance to allografts for ACL reconstruction. Over half of the study subjects are now more than three years
post implantation and patients from the original safety trial conducted in the U.S. are now over 10 years post
Bert Quint’s appointment to the management team will augment the company’s commercialization efforts. Bert
has over 30 years of experience in the health care industry. Trained as a biochemist, Bert previously has worked
with the United Nations, Abbott and Baxter. At Baxter, he successfully developed emerging markets in Africa,
Middle East, Russia, central Eastern Europe and Europe. Most recently, Bert’s focus was on ligamentoplasty and
soft tissue replacement methods, one of them being an artificial scaffold now successfully used in many countries.
Bert will be responsible for Aperion’s distribution activities in Europe and other international markets and will be
based in Switzerland.
“Bert brings a wealth of experience and relationships from his previous commercialization responsibilities,” said
Daniel Lee, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “His extraordinary industry experience in establishing and
growing market adoption of new products will be a huge asset to the company as we introduce our Z-Lig™ device,
the first non-human biologic device for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction of the knee.”
About Aperion Biologics, Inc.
Aperion Biologics, Inc., located in San Antonio, Texas, is a privately owned, commercial-stage medical device
company addressing the need for alternatives to human-based grafts with animal-based tissue technology.
Aperion developed and patented a technique to make animal tissues compatible for challenging human
applications. This creates functioning scaffolds capable of remodeling into healthy tissue. Aperion’s Z-Process™ is
applicable to a variety of tissues used in orthopaedic, cardiovascular, plastic, dermatologic, general and other
surgical specialties. The company’s lead product for ligament reconstruction procedures, the Z-Lig™ ACLR Device,
received the CE Mark in April 2014 for revision and multiligament procedures and plans to enter commercialization
in select markets in January 2015.
For more information, please contact:
Daniel R. Lee
Chief Executive Officer
Aperion Biologics, Inc.
Phone: 210.858.7070
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