A Letter from the Executive Director of the LSS Living Foundation
Dear Friends,
Stewardship Team
You can only plan for so much. You can only anticipate so many of the twists and turns in the road ahead. You
can manage your health and purchase insurance policies and work with financial advisors, but in the long run,
only God knows what the future will bring. And sometimes the future throws you a curve.
Ron Freiburghaus
Central Missouri
Perhaps that curve is an unexpected medical crisis. Perhaps it is a downturn in our fiscal fortunes. Perhaps it’s a
family emergency or a natural disaster or the loss of a loved one.
It can happen to any of us. And your gifts to the LSS Living Foundation have made a real, tangible difference in
Sherri Holzhausen
South County & City
the lives of older adults when it happens to them. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Benevolent Care for LSS residents who can no longer afford the services they need. Hospice Care for people who
need end of life care. Christ Care for LSS employees in times of financial crisis. The list of needs goes on and on.
Together, you and the LSS Living Foundation can help seniors, their families, and their caregivers continue to thrive
when life throws them a curve. And through the grace of God and the generosity of people like you, Lutheran
Senior Servies will continue to serve an ever growing number of older adults.
The individuals named on the pages that follow are remarkable people. Led by servant hearts, they give
support to people who can no longer support themselves. They give relief to worried family members. They
give generously to help build a better world for older adults.
Phil King
Central Illinois
Al Koepke
LSS Living Foundation
St. Charles
Kirk Mattes
Administrator of Stewardship
Maggy Spencer
West County
Yours in Christ,
Al Koepke,
Executive Director,
LSS Living Foundation
2 | CA L L &RE S P O NSE
Rebecca Zimmer
North County
Metro East Illinois
For Blues Performers, Music Is a Conversation.
A lone trumpet rings out a mournful melody, and then pauses as the orchestra replies. Call and response.
The trumpet says something new, and the orchestra says something back. Call and response.
At LSS, our Christian mission is a conversation, too. Our aging friends and neighbors call for help.
And we become Christ’s response to their need.
The individuals named on the pages following this one are remarkable people. Led by servant hearts, they
give support to people who can no longer support themselves. They give relief to worried family members.
They give generously to help build a better world for older adults.
If your name is listed on the pages following this one, Lutheran Senior Services thanks you sincerely for being
Christ’s response to need.
The following are donors and estates that gave directly to the mission and ministry of LSS in 2013. Gifts given to any of our supporting
organizations are recognized by those organizations.
Caterpillar Foundation
Doris Draper
First English Lutheran
Church - Peoria
August “Bud” Gmachl
Heisinger Bluffs Auxiliary
Marion Joy
Rev. John & Elaine
Edward & Alice LeFevre
Laclede Oaks Community
Lutheran Convalescent
Home Auxiliary
Lutheran Foundation of
St. Louis
Lutheran Women of
Greater Peoria
PNC Bank
William Schanuel
Roy Schubert
Thrivent Financial for
$10,000.00 +
Thelma Arnett* Estate
Mildred Bahle
Marilyn Bomhold* Estate
The Russell Conrad*
Revocable Trust
4 | CA L L &RE S P O NSE
First English Lutheran
Church - Peoria
August Gmachl
Heisinger Bluffs Auxiliary
Philip Kellstedt
Carl Kepner
Rev. John & Elaine
Laclede Oaks Community
The Donald C.
Livingston* Living Trust
Hilmar* & Lois Lohmann
Lutheran Convalescent
Home Auxiliary
Lutheran Women of
Greater Peoria
Frank & Helen Matta* Trust
Janet McRae
Robert & Gail Muir
The Neeb Family
Paric Corporation
Rev. Paul & Rosalie Park
Al & Anne Petroski
A.J. Schwartze Community
E.B. Smart* Estate
St. Paul’s Lutheran
Church - Streator
Thrivent Financial for
The Bernard & Pearl Wilmer
David & Donna Witbrodt
Paul & Phyllis Witbrodt
Nancy Zobrist
$5,000.00 - $9,999.99
Richard Bagy, Jr.
Elaine Gerner
Dr. Ralph Gieselman
Gilmore & Bell
Gilmore Foundation
Hidden Lake Villagers
Harry & Irene* Krieg
LSS at Meramec Bluffs
Town Hall
Ben & Phoebe Sommer
St. Mark’s Lutheran
Church - Washington
UMB Bank, n.a.
S.M. Wilson & Co.
Robert & Sharon Wilson
$2,500.00 - $4,999.99
Altman Charter Company
The Bank of Edwardsville
Shirley Bauer
William & Melanie Bojarzin
Robert Cardelli
Donald & Ann Charleston
Linda Detring
Karl & Anne Dunajcik
Susan Fairbanks
Michael & Elizabeth
James & Erlynne Gaebler
GE Foundation
Harold & Helen Gordy
Avrom & Claiborne
HBD Construction
Roger Heald
Shirley Johnson
Harvey Lauterbach* Estate
Lenoir Residents
Daniel Losby
McKesson Medical &
Dcn. Patrick & Sandy
George Motz
Mark & Gail Muccigrosso
Harry & Genie Mueller
Tom & Lorraine Neitzer
Paul & Sue Ogier
Packaging Concepts, Inc.
Ed & Suzanne Riedesel
Bill & Doris Ritson
St. John’s Lutheran
Church - Bartonville
St. Paul Lutheran Church Peoria
Tom & Marian Wagner
Brian & Erin West
$1,000.00 - $2,499.99
JoAnn Aimone
Alliance Rehab STL, LLC
Deborah Amiri
Jim Ashton
Jean Atterbury
David & Rebecca Auer
Helen Aupperle
Don Axt
Backlund Investment Co.
Bank of America
Beatrice Bell
Bell Electrical Contractors
Delores Benjamin
Ruth Bojarzin
Paul Bono
Robert Britt
Brown Smith Wallace
Guy & Ellen Brown
BSI Constructors
Fern Calabrese
Dr. Allan & Marlene
Paula Chamberlain
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Bruce & Marg Colley
Commerce Bancshares
Garland & Joan Criswell
Roger & Shirley
Mary Ann Daniel
James & Vickie
Ray & Lois Dankenbring
Ruth Davis
Betty DeBord
Rosemary Depler
Martha Deterding
Peter Donis
Leon & Judith Drone
Geraldine Eckhoff
Dale Eckhoff
Ruth Eggers
Enterprise Bank & Trust
Enterprise Holdings
Keith & Mary Alice Erickson
First National Bank St. Louis
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Mary Fitzgerald
Ruby Foster
Fraternal Order of Eagles,
Aerie 2693
Wilma Fricke
G & W Engineering Corp.
Sanford & Janice Gallof
Martha Giebelhausen
Mark & Christine Golden
David Goller
Good Shepherd
Lutheran - Manchester
Grace & Peace Lutheran
Church - Peoria
Charles & Virginia Grawey
Dr. Craig & Cheryl Griebel
Guarantee Electric
Lee Hager
Clarke & Nancy Harding
Dr. Carol Hasenyager
Shirley Haustein
Robert & Elizabeth Hawkins
Dr. John & Dorothy Herweg
Don Hoagland
Donald & Joy Hollmann
Harriet Horton*
H. Tracy & Gretchen Huston
David & Susan Hutchinson
Robert & Jeanne Ingold*
Innovare Health Advocates
Eleanor Jacob
Jim & Kay Jacobsen
Dr. Margaret Jones
Eric Jones
Marion Joy
Daniel & Carol Kiehl
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Charles & Joyce King
Phil & Marcia King
James & Janet Klipp
Al & Joan Koepke
John & Linda Komlos
Bob & Jan Kraemer
Dale & Debra Kreienkamp
David & Janice Kroeter
The Lawrence Group
James & Sandra Lehn
Irene Little
Lockton & Company
Marvin & Karen Lohmann
Russell & Jane Look
Dorothy Lovinger
LSS at Breeze Park Residents
Lutheran Resale
Rita Marcum
Wilma Matta
Kirk & Sheryl Mattes
Clarice May
Irene Mayes
Medtek-Fairfield Chair
Lorene Meyer
Roland Meyer
Lyle Miller
Vanna Miller
Ernestine Minihan
Missouri State Charitable
Peggy Moe
Ethel Moore
Martha Nibbelin
Don & Mary Niemi
Henry & Carolyn Noe
Robert & Donna Norman
Eleanor Novotnak
Mary Olsen
Bill & Jeanie Olson
OmniCare Pharmacy
Optimus EMR
Nancy Ottinger
John Parks
Christopher & Carol
Gerald Peacock
Donald & Mary Phillips
Gene & Mary Phillips
Lindsay Pickens
Jean Picton
PNC Bank
Wayne & Jane Pounds
Floyd & Margaret
Chuck & Marlyn Rager
Raineri Construction
Michael & Elizabeth Raso
Earl & Bette Reeves
Paul & Gwynne Rogers
Dean & Ruth Rohweder
Carl & Arbutus Rosemann
Rosalinda Rosemann
Johanne Rupp
John & Marjorie Ryberg
Salem Lutheran
Church - Peoria
Wilbur & Naomi Schaefer
Rev. Jeffery & Jin Scheer
Jeffrey Schmid & Judy
Merlin Schnell
Mark & Susan Schoedel
Rev. Walter & Leota
Rev. Dr. Randall Shields
Emly Siegerist
Ralph & Lorraine* Smith
Helen Spees
Spencer, Fane, Britt &
St. John’s Lutheran
Church - Green Valley
St. Louis Cardinals
Alan Stahl
Eileen Stahlhut
Thomas & Dorothy Staples
Frances Stewart
Laura Swords*
Jack Taylor
Tech Electronics, Inc.
Virginia Thomas
Janet Thompson
Thrivent Chapter 30654
Fred & Peggy Trachi
Trinity Lutheran Church Peoria
Helen Ugron
US Foodservice - Allen Div.
St. Louis
Vee-Jay Cement
Bill Wagner
Melchior & Anne Wagner
Dale Wagoner
Dr. H. Douglas Walden
Paul & Hildegard Walker
Byrl Walz
James Warren
Warren Webber*
Jim Welton
A. Earl & Sandra Wendt
Jane Wilke
Rosemary Wiltsch
Jerry Withers
Rev. Dr. Melvin Witt
Wood River Refinery
Jeanne Wurtzinger
Ziegler Capital Markets
Rebecca Zimmer
Russ & Martha Zink
Timothy & Laura Zobrist
$500.00 - $999.99
Eleanor Agnich*
Air Comfort Service, Inc.
William & Raydine
Donald Ames
B. Carol Anderson
J. Jeanne Apacki
Lillian Arnold
Robert* & Frances Askren
Tom Auffenberg
Mary Baggott
Dale & Marilyn Bailey
Oliver Baker
Ralph Barger
Craig & Gail Barley
Arnold & Norma Barr
Nancy Barr
Marjorie Baskett
Dr. James & Marilyn Bauer
Benjamin Bauermeister
Delores Becker
Joseph & Anna* Beckman
Richard Behr
Lois Berg
Harold & Betty Biebel
Charles & Dolores Bieger
Helen Bodkin
Ellyn Book
Donald & Wanda* Borchelt
Theo Botts
Edward & Joyce Bowles
Wayne & Jean Breneman
William & Susan Brock and
Blanche Hall
Ross & Gwenneth Brown
Virginia Burge
Margie considers herself a planner, always keeping
an eye on the horizon. But then the unthinkable
Margie’s Gift of Treasure
“We thought we had put a lot of money aside for things like this, but when an
unexpected crisis hits, it can take your savings quite quickly.”
“I was really worried,” Margie says. She wondered what would happen to her if the
unexpected happened again?
It was then that Margie spoke with one of the stewardship directors at LSS. “We worked
together to create a gift annuity, and I was amazed. It was so simple,” she says. For
now, the annuity covers Margie’s monthly service fee on her apartment. And as for the
future, she says, “When I leave here and go to my heavenly home, my money will still
be here, working for somebody else to help them.”
6 | CA L L &RE S P O NSE
Rev. Jules & Mary Bush
Marge Bush
Don & Sheila Carlisle
Mary Cervinka
Chester L. Harvey Co.
Connie Childress
Christ Lutheran Church Peoria
Ralph Coers
Frances Cole
Ruth Collins
Columbia Landcare
Donna Conklen
Mary Crane
Crown Window
Doris Davis
Paul & Vicky Davis
Mary Deachan
Harold Dessau*
Richard & Karen Detring
Joan Devine
Eleanore Didriksen
Dale & Edwina Diller
El Pruitt
Cy & Kay Fahnestock
Faith Lutheran Church Jefferson City
Anna Fawns
Wilmer* & Gladys Feldmeier
Dorothy Ford
F. Lucille Foster
George Franz
Ronald & Mary Freiburghaus
Milton Freivogel
Josephine Fryhoff
Gallagher Benefit Services
E. & J. Gallo Winery
Shirley Gast
Paul & Elma Gerdes
Norm & Nancy Gerhart
GFI Digital
Juanita Godsy
Marjorie Goodman
Todd Goodrich
Michael & Pamela Gordon
Catherine Grams
Jerry & Nancy Green
Greensfelder, Hemker &
Gale, P.C.
Susan Gregory
Helen Hampton
Rev. James & Marilyn
Hugh & Doris Harrington
Jeff & Carol Hasler
Burt Hasselberg
Virginia Hedrick
Dean & Sara Heinzmann
Knut & Margaret Heise
Peggy Helsher
Vincent & Barbara Herman
Jack & Mary Anne Hermen
Mildred Hesse
Duane Heward
Raymond & Jacqueline
Helen Holbert
James & Martha Holloway
Dorothy Holt
Holten Meat
Dave Houser
Venable & Cynthia Houts
Morris & Joyce Huelskoetter
Susan Hulin
Helen Husmann
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Irwin Chapel - Granite City
Rich & CeleAnn Ivnik
James G. Staat
Tuckpointing, Inc.
Kathy James
William & Ardyce Jarman
Charles E. Jarrell Contracting
Co., Inc.
Douglas & Lois Jenkins
Lawrence & Marian
Patricia Johnson
Roscoe & Dolores Johnson
Dick & Ann Jones
Judith Jones
Kenneth & Barbara Jones
William Jung
Lawrence & Jean Kamberg
Gerry & Beverly Kats
Emylou Keith
Gloria Kersten
Joy Kimler
Carol Knipp
Joann Koeppe
Mary Lackey
Arnold & Eleanor Larson
Eleanor Laubengayer*
Lewis, Rice & Fingersh
Doris Lillicrap
Lincoln Energy Group
Tom Lindsey
Lopez Needleman
Graphic Design, Inc.
Joseph LoPiccolo
Lowery Asset Consulting, LLC
Margaret Luberda
Harold Lynch
Mary Lyon
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Mainline Fire Protection
Earl Martin
David Mateer
Marion Mayse
Genevieve Mazzoni
Max & Martha McCombs
Audree McConnell
McKelvey Homes
Kathryn McLaughlin
Thomas McNabb
Debra Miller
MobileX USA
Moneta Group
William & Shirley Moore
Josephine Morabito
David & Jan Mortensen
Joan Moschner
Erich & Delores Mueller
Mueller Prost PC
Faye Myers
NAI Desco
Lambert & June Neighbour
Anna Nestor
Gloria Netherton
Andrew & Virginia Niemeier
John Nolte
Dr. Edward & Chris Null
Phillip Ochoa
Marguerite Ockrassa
Michelle Paillou
Fern Parrish
Myra Parrish
Peg Pautler
Perkins Eastman
Robert Perrin
Jean Peters
Lotus Phillips
Jean Plesko
Lila Poertner
Charlotte Powell
James & Laura Prange
Valdene Prentice
Rees Architecture, Planning,
Registered Dietitian
Associates, Inc.
William Reisner* Estate
Warren & Delores Rich
William & Barbara Ricketts
June Ritter
Anna Roberts & Bruce
Ruth Rogers* Estate
Edward & Sharon Rolph
Edward & Norma Rose
Winfield Ross
William & Fil Roth
Walter & Bonnie* Russell
Betty Saitz
Jill Sampson
Richard & Marilyn Sandefur
Prof. Adolf* & Rebecca
Betty Schwartz
Paul & Dorothy Scott
Charles & Miriam Seeber
Shepherd of the Hills
Lutheran Church - Hermann
Simmons First Bank
Smith, Hemmesch, Burke,
Brannigan & Guerun
Donna Smith
Ruth Smith
Earl & Elinor Spiller
St. John’s Lutheran Church Lohman, MO
St. Louis Ballpark Hilton
St. Louis Equity Fund
St. Luke’s Hospital
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Lohman, MO
St. Peter Lutheran Church Glasford
Eugene Stephens
Gary & Leslie Stevenson
Margaret Stone
Francis & Ruth Stroble
Dr. Edward & Jean Szoko
Stanley Taylor
Telle Tire Co.
Thrivent Financial for
Lutherans Foundation
Thrivent Match Gift Multiplier
Ralph & Mae Tompkin
Rev. Jack & Hazel Travelstead
Trinity Lutheran Women of the
ELCA - Russellville, MO
Dr. Josef Unhold
John & Patricia Urbanowicz
Roy & Juanita Volk
Winifred Wareheim
David & Beatrice Waugh
Rev. Gloria Weber
Carol Wegener
Dr. Max & Ardith Wessler
Gary & Jeane Whittenburg
Elenora Whittle
Robin Widmer
John & Joetta Wiedemann
Kenneth & Betty Wilhelms
Doris Williams
Your Gift of Treasure...
...helped LSS provide more than $6.03
million in Benevolent Care in 2013. Your
generosity supported residents, clients,
and patients who can no longer
support themselves.
...provided $90,372 in one-time gifts to
staff members experiencing financial
...purchased $6,100 in grocery cards
through the LSS Hands of Care
program, enhancing the Christmas
season for many less-fortunate LSS staff
members and their families.
...equipped patients of LSS Hospice
Care with necessary medical supplies
worth $1,600.
...provided assistance for LSS Clinical
Pastoral Education, Outreach Social
Services, the Good Samaritan Program,
and many other important designated
needs at LSS.
Thank you so much for your continuing
Margie Winter
Spencer & Mildred Wolling
Woodford County II Chapter
of Thrivent Financial for
Robert & Margie Woods
Susan Wright
Robert & Maureen Yeo
Adele Zischke
Robert & Neoma Zohner
Evelyn Zorn
$250.00 - $499.99
Don’s Gift of Time and Talent
A volunteer with the LSS Hospice Care program, Don knows how important the sense of
touch is. “Sometimes all it takes is a gentle touch on the arm to let someone know you’re
there,” he says. “It lets them know you’re somebody who cares about them.”
Don came to Lutheran Senior Services because he was looking for something to do in
retirement. Now, once a week, he visits with hospice patients making new friends and
being a comfort to people who really need it.
“When people say thank you for coming,” Don says, “what they mean is, ‘Thanks for
bringing me a normal part of life that I’ve been missing.”
When he began visiting his new friends, Don didn’t expect the experience to be so
rewarding. “I feel like LSS is where God wanted me to be,” he says. “Volunteering gets
you outside of yourself. You focus less on your problems and focus more on what you
have to be grateful for.”
8 | CA L L &RE S P O NSE
Mervin Aden
Mary Adrignola
Dr. Al & Jean Alcocer
Marilyn Allen
AllState Consultants LLC
Gene & Mary Anders
Mary Jo Anderson
Brenda Anderson
Norman Armstrong
Leona Arthur
Dennis & Marcy Bailey
Sylvia Barry
Earl Bates
Dorothy Bauer
Carla Baum
Beanie Baby Birthday Bash
Daniel & Valerie Beck
Mildred Beck
Kenneth Bender
Al & Edell Berg
Ray & Cynthia Bertino
William* & Frances Black
D.C. Blickenstaff
Lee & Sandra Bodendieck
Jacqueline Bogner
Pamela Bradford
Sullivan Bradford
Joanne Breden
Thomas & Vicky Brosowske
Bernice Brown
Dorothy Brown
Ed & Judy Brown
Harsh* & Frances Brown
James & Erma Brown
Pamela Brown
Mark & Patricia Brumbach
George & Phyllis Burdette
Judy Burmeister
Janine Buzick
Joan Byrne
Mel & Jean Campbell
Danielle Carlson
Diana Carlson
Jean Carmody
Will Carney
Pearl Carrender
Wilhemina Carson
William & Carolynne Caruso
Vivian Casey
Vernetta Cattau*
Christ Memorial Lutheran
Church - St. Louis
James & Carole Christman
Church of Our Lady of
Peace - New Jersey
Dan & Lea Ann Coates
Joanne Cochran
Judy Coiner
Lorene Cole
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Concordia Lutheran Church
- Kirkwood
Bob Cook
Arnold & Erma Counts
Robert & Shirley Coyle
Tiry Crane
D.F. Crosson
Marjorie Crouse
CS Flooring
Wanda Czeschin
J.R. Davidsmeyer
Happy Dean
Chellis DeFord
Hella Detrempe
Nada DeWeese
Betty Dodd
Robert Dolan
Fred Dorley
Irene Downey
Phyllis Downs
Albert & Eleanor Dude
Walter & Norma Dunbar
Gary Ebeling
Donald Eckhoff
Audrey Ellersick
James & Virginia Elliot
Lori Emhoff
Eugene & Jane Enchelmaier
Lorean Eschenbrenner*
Jack Essex
Mark & Terry Etling
Marvin & Betty Fahling
Jane Faleide
Michael & Priscilla Farrall
Miriam Fischer
William & Dr. Cynthia Fischer, Jr.
Bill & Renetta Fish
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Bud & Marilyn Fisher
Helen Flaxbeard
Mark & Kelly Flessner
Eric & Julie Fluga
Betty Fogerty
Mary Lou Forst
Vivian Frank
James & Ruth Fraser
Carrol Freitag
Merwyn & Pat French
Eugene & Monica Frey
Donna Garman
William & Tamie Geiler
Robert & Jean Gilmore
Ingeborg Goessl
Rick & Teresa Gorrie
Walter & Roberta Greenwald
Albert & Jean Greer
Marjorielee Grose
Ruth Gross
Grubbs & Associates
Esther Guenther
Ken & Valeria Gumper
Walter & Audrey Gutzwiller
John & Betty Haddock
Dr. Jerome & Linda Hahn
William & Laurie Hahn
Dorothy Handwerk
Rev. Richard & Barb Hanson
Cyrus & Mary Harbourt
James & Geraldine Harding
Dolores Harman
Rev. Elvin & Anna Harms
Beverly Harms
John Harris
Scott & Patricia Hartwig
Gregory Hauk
Betty Hecht
Alleen Heerboth
Llewellyn & Ella Heigham
Claire Heine
Jo Heiple
Jo Ann Hejna
Bill Henderson & Karen Jolly
Glennadine Henderson
Donald & Sue Heytman
Velma Hicks
Sally Hiltbold
Charles* & Jean Hodgson
Irene Hoeltje
Larry & Grace Hoffmann
Donald & Joanne Hofford
William & Mary Hollman
Ruth Hollowell
Ida Howard
Jane Huffman
Mary Impellizzeri
Edith Irwin
Tom & Lisa Ittner
Gertrude Iverson
Carolyn Jakopin
Joe & Dorothy Jeter
Jean Johnston
Roland* & Ruth Jonas
Delores Jones
Gilda Jones
Rev. Kjell & Dr. Anne Jordheim
Marilyn Kennedy
James Kesting
June Kinsey
Kent & Vallie Kirkwood
Henry & Charliene
Jerry & Betty Knapp
Robert Koehr
Gloria Koestering
Wayne & Chris Krantz
Helen Krause
Charles & Reva Krell
Evelyn Lageman
Pearl Lampe
Rev. James & Grace Lange
Ellen Lange
M. Louise Larson
Marcella Lauth
Michael Lawanas
Travis & Jill Layne
Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.
Robert & Pat Likeness
William & Jackie Lindhorst
Bettye Lott* Estate
Lutheran Foundation of
St. Louis
Barton & Jean* MacDonald
Charles Malloch
Edmund Mallow* Estate
John & Kathy Malson
June Marlow
Daniel & Beverlee Maschek
Dorothy Mau
June Mayfield
George & Jane McCabe
Van & Yvonne McCullough
Jerome & Tobie McMahon
William & Suzanne McShane
Virginia Meier
Annette Meismer
Harold & Amy Melser
Norval & Barbara Melton
Nancy Mermelstein
Margaret Meyers
Your Gift of Time
and Talent...
...contributed to a total of 86,000
volunteer hours coordinated by
Lutheran Senior Services in 2013,
worth more than $1.9 million in
donated time.
...gave much needed assistance to
more than 125 local churches and
agencies around the St. Louis area.
...put you among a corps of 6,100
servant-hearted individuals who
worked with LSS to serve seniors
and other underserved groups.
Thank you so much for your gifts of
time and talent!
Charles & Treva Monsees
Alice Moon
Charlotte Moro
Larry Mosby
MSG Jewelers, Inc.
Marjorie Mueller
Rev. Richard & Kathleen
Robert & Julie Mueller
Marian Mulally
Orville & Terry Mullen
Thomas Murphy*
Joyce Naffziger
Clarence & Joan Newberry
Barb Nichols
Gary & Vickie Nixon
Rev. Dennis O’Brien
Kenneth A. Ohlemeyer
Estella Oliver
Stan & Dorothy Olson*
Armando & Jana Olvera
Fred & Pamela Paige
Bp. Donald Parsons
Annette Peabody
Jane Peachee
Richard & Helene Peterson
Marilyn Pilat*
Courtney & Dcs. Karen Pitkin
Bob & Judy Plank
Grace Poland
Robert & Sharon Pollard
Kari Pranger
Pyramid Pharmacy, LLC
Richard Ragland
Robert & Dorothy Rasche
Rosabel Rasmussen
Ravanelli’s Restaurant
Redeemer Lutheran
Church - Peoria
Shirley Rehm
Margaret Reschetz
Dr. Lester & Shirley Reschly
Bernita Rigdon
Katie Ritchey
Ron Rivers*
Karen Roades
Judith Robinson
Deborah Roseman
Fred & Anita Ruegg
Albert & Fay Ruettgers
Joseph Rupp
Floyd & Lynne Russell
Alton* & Delores Schaible
Hank & Joan Schlichter
Beatrice Schmid
Dorothy Schoech
Richard Schrick
Edwin Schroeder
Jan Schroeder
Lois Schwagmeyer
Rev. Dr. Scott & Renee
Ed Siebert
Laura Sievert
Rudolph & Mary Siira
Mark & Deborah Simaytis
Rev. William & Gail Simmons
Ed Smith
Lyle Smith
Maggy Spencer
Standing Design
Bill Stewart
Ron & Lorraine Stotts
10 | CAL L &R E SP O NSE
Robert & Patricia* Stoverink
Helen Stuckey
William & Susan Sullivan
Pat & Lark Sullivan
Marguerite Sutherland
Gene & Harriett Swager
Shirley Swiatek
Mary Lou Tangaro
Mary Taylor
Edward* & Marianne Thiel
Ellen Thiers
Paul & Joan Thomas
Rev. Brad & Susan Thomas
Eva Thompson
Michael & Ketra Tobin
Carolyn Tolo
Tommy & Anne Tomlin
Charles* & Mary Totten
Trademark Creative
Thomas & Betty Trefzger
Russell & Jeannine Triebel
Dcs. Gayle Truesdell
Ralph & Edris Twenhafel
Craig Uhlig
UHY Advisors MO, Inc.
Tom Underwood
Doris Unger
Richard & Anna Jean
Andrew Van Der Tuin
Eleanor Vellema
Kirk & Cindy Verseman
Donald Vogel
Richard Vreeland
James Waggoner
Rev. Scott & Sarah Wagoner
Don & Barb Walker
Vernon Walther
Kathryn Warden
Ina Warrington
William & Marilyn Watson
Paul & Helga Wavak
Eda Wegener
Harold F.* & Margarette L.
Weisenstein Trust
Jean Welch
Col. Don & Norma Wells
West St. Louis Co Chapter
Thrivent Financial for
Dorothy Westerholt
David & Marilyn Wiethop
John N. Wiles, Attorney at
Walter & Norma Wilkening
Shirlee Williams
Scott Willis
Maxine Windsor
Barbara Wolf
Penny Worthley
John Wuest
Janice Yates
Sara Yates
Delphia Zirzow
American Pest Control
Nancy Amundson
Ronnie & Stormy Anderson
Robert & Susan Appleton
Alberta Ardapple
Armstrong Kitchen
Carl & Carolyn Arrenius
ASI Signage
Dr. Willard Avery
Charles & Catherine
James & Lucy Baker
James & Lou Baldwin
Monte & Phyllis Banister
Joe & Rhonda Barber
Greg Bare
Barnes Care
$100.00 - $249.99
Rev. Jack Adams
Erna Ahlemeyer
Bob Allen
Jim & Kay Allen
Alpha Retirement
Concepts, Inc.
Elizabeth Alt
Elaine Barnhill
Joseph & Catherine Barone
William & Mary Jane
Robert Bartlett
Helen Ailsworth Bath
Catherine Bauer
Roberta Baugh
Carla Baum
Cletus Baurichter
Bay State Envelope
Frank & Marilyn Bazeli
Carolyn Becker
Rita Becks
Bee at Home, LLC
Mark & Debra Belcher
Kacie Bendtsen
Nancy Benesh, Chris & Lori
Nazetta, Bryan & Jackie
Phillips, Aaron & Angie
Traci Benhardt
Dr. Dale & Patricia Bennett
Grace Bergstedt
April Bernhardt
Joyce Bessler
Robert & Mary Bestenlehner
Mary Bethel
John & Kathleen
Rev. Dr. Leroy & Marie
Myrna Bircher
Loraine Birmingham
Connie Bjornstad
Margaret Black*
Floraine Blackwell
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Joan Blackwell
William & Barbara Blevans
Victor Blotevogel
James & Arla Bockhaus
Ann Bodtke
Dale & Barbara Bollman
Margaret Bongner*
Louise Bormann
Maxine Borton
Barbara Bothe
Roger & Colleen Bottens
Kathleen Bourgeois
Viola Boyd
Joann Boyle
Brage Lodge H29, IOS
Lee & Nancy
Ray & Amy Brassieur
Ralph Brauer
Sandra Brauer
Joseph & Elizabeth Bremer
Betty Bretscher
Tricia Brewer
John & Marilyn Brickler
Harold & Charlotte Briggs
Claire Britt
Barbara Brown
Joy Brown
Jonathan Browne
Robert Brucker
Helen Brucks
Margaret Brunner
Diana Buff
Mike & Karen Buoscio
Ken & Mopsy Burdick
Donald & Dianne Burge
Dale Burtle
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Helen Busarow
Nancy Busch
Charles & Judith Bush
Scott & Susan Butterfield
Rick & Kathie Cade
Jim Caldwell
Jean Campbell
Jeane Campbell
Travis Campbell
Doris Cannon
Frank & Janice Carder
Avonell Carlisle
June Carlson
Mildred Carlson
Susan Bush Carnahan
Georgia Carrier
Belinda Carstens-Wickham
Lois Casson
Janet Castanis
Castle Contracting, LLC
Hazel Catteau
Centerpointe Hospital
Doris Cerny
Thelma Chapman
Sandra Chapman
Rev. Joel & Lori Christiansen
Corabelle Chuse
Robert & Laura Clark
James & Becky Clayborn
Dr. Philip & Doris Cleveland
Robert & Marilyn Cleveland
James & Mary Clindaniel
Rebecca Cole
Richard & Mary Ellen Collins
William & Marilyn Collins
Commerce Bank
Commerce Trust
Lois Conant
Janette Concepcion
Concordia Publishing
Roger & Mary Conrad
Jerry & Kathy Constantino
Ron Coons
Elizabeth Copley
Peggy Cornelius
Dr. Joseph & Linda Couri
Ann Craig
Charles & Janet Crane
Bill & Ruth Crawley
Earl Crenshaw
Jean Crone
John & Audrey Cross
Doris Crowell
Richard & Stacey
George* & Edith Curtis
Jamie Dack
Sally Damm
Lowell & Lois Daugherty
Phyllis Dausmann
Gene & Illa David
Retha “Juanita” Day
Dr. Herbert & Linda
Noreen Dempsey
Dept. of Anesthesiology Truman Veterans Hospital
- Columbia
Michael & Susan Devaney
Margaret Ann Dewey*
Gregory & Rita Diekemper
F. Roger & Barbara Dierberg
Richard & Lisa Dierker
Bettie Dissen
Victoria Dixon
Dr. George & Janine
Dorothy Dofter*
David & Joan Donahue
Manuel & Lorna Doria
Samuel & Virginia Down
Wes & Pauline Drew
David & Elizabeth Dubicki
Julie Duke
Jeff Dunn
Larry* & Shirley Eades
Marlene Eagleson
Helen Eaves
James & Marcia Eckrich
Edmond* & Anamelia Eden
Curtis & Barbara Edge
Robert & Marilyn Eicken
Terry Elwing
Joseph & Barbara Emanuel
Steve Emmons
Orpha Erickson
William & Jewel Ernst
Al Evans
Jackie Everhart
Deborah Fakes
Fred & June Fangmann
John & Jill Farmer
Mary Fegley
Paul & Deborah Feltenstein
Joan Ferguson
Shirley Ferguson
Jeffrey & Joy Ferry
Lloyd & Grace Fiehler
Arthur & Laverne Fink
Paul Finke
Marilewan Fischer
Donald & Ruth Fleming
Aileen Flemming
Calvin Flesch
Roland Flessner
Virginia Fontinelle
Ford Hotel Supply Co. Columbia, MO
Dr. Gayle Frame
Thomas Franz
Shirley Frazier
Fred & Esther French
French Gerleman
Louis & Joan Fricke
John & Joan Fritsche
Mary Frost
Dr. James & Kathleen Frost
Meredith Fry
Ben Fulford
Carol Gard
Harold Garn
Roger & Ruth Garrison
Robert Gatermann
Stephanie Gates
Gateway Community
Development Fund
Dr. Wilbur & Jane Gearhart
Don & Jody George
Opal Gestring & Family
Andrew Getzoff
Joyce Gianaris
Duane Gibbs
Neil & Rachel Giffhorn
Harold & Patricia Gilbert
Pauline Gillig
Betty Ginther
Joi Gladman
Evelyn Gleason
Matthew Goebel
Ron & Ann Goldsmith
Steven & Delores Gomer
Darlene Gordon
Nick & Charlotte Gougeon
Marjorie Gramm
Alten Grandt
Joseph* & Marian Grass
James & Sarah Grebe
Lydia Green
Charles & Debbie
Dorothy Greiner
William Grese
Elizabeth Griebel
Nina Grote
Rita Grunewald
Rev. Vernon & Betty
Earl & Viola Haake
Christina Haig
Paul & Charlene Haist
Charles & Luella Hale
H. Brad Hall
Robert & Susan Hall
Lyle & Mary Hallock
Dorothy Hamilos
HammondTownsend, PLC
Elaine Hanley
Velma Hardin
Robert Hargrave
William & Bonnie Harris
Dorothy Harrison
Albert & Marilyn Hart
Betty Hartmann
Eric & Brenda Hasselberg
William & Joan Haun
Loretta Hauser
Hawthorn Bank
Greg & Carolyn Headberg
William & Theresa Heidrich
John & Annette Heller
Walter & Donna Heller
Betty Helvey*
Kenneth & Patricia Hempen
Eugene Herr
Una Herzog
Joseph Hickerson
Thomas & Phyllis Hilgeman
Rev. Eimo & Pat Hinrichs
Chrys Hoegh
William & Diane Hoehne
Mark Hoemann
Dewey & Beatrice Hoffman
Leonard & Anne Hohbein
Ed & Lisa Holderle
Mary Lou Holmes
Helen Holstein*
Katherine Holtgrieve
Marilyn Emerson Holtzer &
Emerson Siblings
Sarah Homeyer
The How Al-Anon Works
James & Kristina Huber
Michael Huddle
Hudson & Hawaii Migratory
Flock of Friends
Allan & Barbara Huning
Dr. James & Arlys Hunt
Judy Hunter
Michael Hunter
Nancy Hunter
Integrity Management, Inc.
Irwin Chapel - Glen Carbon
Erich Isaak
John Iverson
Carl Jackson
Rebecca Jackson
Robert & Deborah
Catherine Jahncke
Ruth Jass
Thomas & Billie Johnson
Rev. Francis & Marian
John Johnson
12 | CAL L &R E SP O NSE
Keith & Norma Johnson
K.G. & N.M. Johnson
Leland & Shirley Johnson
Roland & Carol Johnson
Stephen & Cheryl Johnson
John & Jane Jones
Julie Jones
Gary Judd
Juneau Associates, Inc. P.C.
Mary Kay Jung
Gerald & Helen Jungck
Douglas & Cecilia
Kaemmerlen Electric
Kaemmerlen Parts &
Lalonhi Kaonohi
Bryan Kassing
Marian Kasten
Janet Keach
Bernard & Melanie
Raymond Keithley
Jean Kelahan
George & Jeanne Kelley
Gerald Kelley
Agnes Kelly*
Kelly Seed & Hardware,
Bernice Kent
Rev. Susan Kent
Renee Ketts
Richard Kewley
Ellen Kibler
Sharon King Kupferle
Charles & Jan Kinney
Larry & Nancy Kirchhoff
Nancy Kirtley
Jon & Emily Klingensmith
Alberta Knight
Shirley Knippenberg
Paul & Elke Koch
Roger & Fran Koch
Werner & Elaine Koeslin
Theresa Kolaz
John & Peggy Kolb
Hildegard Kopfensteiner
Eleanor Koster
Stanley Kotovsky
Karl & Paula Koy
Linda Kraus
Stephanie Kreamer
Pat Krider
Virginia Kroeter
Irving & Virginia Krumrey
Dorothy Kueper
Richard & Marsha Kutter
Suzanne Lahey
Marilyn Laird
William & Vicki Laird
Merlin & Carleen Lambie
Henry & Patricia Lang
Jonathan & Anastasia
Joann Lange
Tom & Debbie Larkin
Frank Laube
Melvin & Joyce Lauterbach
J. David & Anne Lawler
Stephen Lawler
Steve Lawler
Paula Lee
Evelyn Leeper
Edward & Alice LeFevre
Jacqueline Lehman
Ned & Sally Lemkemeier
Kathleen Levy
Betty Lewandowski
Life Care Center of
Dr. Larry & Diana Lindahl
Michael Lindsey
Jo Ann Linwood
William & Barbara Loane
William & Sue Loesch
Sally Lojda
Richard & Eleanor Longo
Rose Ann Longo
Robert & Susan Losby
Robert & Marcy Lueders
Max Luft
Robert Luhrsen
Loren & Edie Lumpe
Mary Lee Lurton
Jacob Lusk
LHV Wood Shop Club
Ann Mandelstamm
Joseph & Susan
George & Mary Marshall
Viola Marshall
Judy Martin
Patricia Maschhoff
Mary Masloski
William Maxey* Estate
Percy & Karen May
George McAlister
Elizabeth McCord
Lorraine McCracken
Ray & Lorraine McCully
Al McCune
Dorothy McDarby*
Susan McGoldrick
Marjorie McGrath
Maxine McIntyre
Lucy McKay
Joe & Brenda McKee
Jeffrey & Katherine McMillen
Doris McNamee
Eilean McPherson* Estate
John & Helene Meghrian
Joan Meier
Mercedes Restaurants, Inc.
Charles Merzian & Family
Roger & Laura Meyer
Clifford Meyer
Harold & Jane Michener
Alan Middendorf
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Carol Millatti
Lenore Miller
Paul & Jeannine Miller
Richard G. Miller
Bonner Mitchell
Nieasha Mitchell
Barbara Molitoris
Irene Moon
Anne Moos
Lillian Morath
David Morris & Joey Neal
Elaine Mueller
Norman Mueller
Edeltraud Muller
Ray & Geralyn Mulligan
Peggy Munton
Deanna Murphy
Jean Murphy
Pat & Lana Murphy
Forest & Ruth Murray
E. George Myers
National Electrical
Contractors Association
Don & Geraldline Naumann
Ellen Baggott Naylor
Mary Nelson
Mary E. Nelson
Tina Nelson
Janice Neubacher
Eugene Neuwirth
Richard & Sandra Neville
New Hope Consumer
Directed Services, LLC
Paul & Jean Nielsen
Raymond & Alma Niere
& Carol Chorvat
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Carol Noe
Ruth Nohl
Arthur Noltkamper
Dr. Barbara Norton
William Norval
Robert O’Brien*
Keith O’Connell
Eldon & Pat Oestmann
Ada Oetgen
Mira Okanovic
Gary & Gail Olson
Margaret O’Neill
John & Joyce Opem
Catherine Osborne*
Lynn Osvold
Our Savior Lutheran
Church - Springfield, IL
Bonnie Overmeyer* Estate
Pain Relief Associates, LLC
Mary Ann Paradiso
Joan Pardieck
Ann Parker
Parkway Construction
Service, Inc.
Harold & Lenore Payne
Frances Peavler
Matthew & Karen Penning
Gary & Judith Peplow
Veronica Perez
Walter & Ellen Perkins
Donald Perkinson
Marcella Petelik
Timothy & Jessica Peterson
George Peulausk, Jr.
Harriet Pewitt
Joyce Phillips
Paul & Marilyn Picard
Bernice Picou
John & Nancy Picton, Jr.
David & Peggy Piehl
Harold & Lynn Piggott
Christine Pigue
James & John Pihir
Christine Pilat
Timothy & Lou Ann Pilat
Merle Pille
Charles* & Virginia Pilmer
Marjorie Pinkerton
Vivian Politte
Philip Ponicsan
Mary Lynn Porter
Portsmouth Anesthesia
Associates, PC
Eleanor Potter
Beverly Potts
Larry & Ann Powell
Mary Powers
Dr. Donald & Jane Prahlow
Herbert Prenger*
Joseph & Patricia Preston
Tamara Price
Sean & Beatriz Quinn
Ruth Rangel
Ransburg Foundation
David & Alexandra
Mardell Rapp
Robert Rawizza
Marian Reed
Rehagen Electrical
Contracting, Inc.
William & Patricia Reising
Richard & Evelyn Ressler
Verna Rhodes
Catherine Ricciardelli
Stephen & Laura Richards
Donald & Ruth Richmond
C.E. Gene Ridenhour, MD
Carol Rieken
Don Rieken*
Natalie Riendl & Family
Thomas Righthouse
Richard & Sandra Ringel
David & Carole Rittmiller
Molly Robbins
Robin Robins
Norman & Phyllis Robinson
Fred & Carolyn Rodefeld
Josie Roetemeyer
Mark & Janet Roock
Edward & Elaine Rosado
Millie Rosser
Rev. Dr. Ellis & Joyce
Royal Papers, Inc.
Raymond & Virginia Ruzicka
Steven & Evelyn Salata
Ronald Saletzki
Imogene Sanders
Donald & Donna Sartor
Thomas Saupe, Jr.
Gertrude Saxhaug
Sherri Schaefer
Norbert & Jean Schaefer
William Schanuel
Mark & Stacy Schenberg
Dale & Barbara Schillinger
Edward E. Schmidt
Schneider Electric
Carolyn Schneider
William Schorr
Dorothy Schrei
Charles & Carol Schroeder
Dorothy Schroell
Jonathan & Susan Schultz
Linda Schulz
Robert & Matilda Schulz
Joy Elaine Schumacher
Ethan Schuman, DMD
Marjorie Schuppan
Dr. Martin & Janet
Robert & Cheryl Scott
James Seithel & Family
Dr. Al & Ruth Senske
Gary & Jeanne Setterlund
Sew Perfect
Joyce Sewell
Gerald Shaheen
Louise Shore
Thomas Shrout
Lois Shull
Marie Sievert
Patricia Sim
Harold & Linda Simmons
Samuel & Sue Simpson
Steven & Carol Skasick
Thomas & Christine Sleight
Harold & Eileen Smith
Norma Smith
Annette Smith
Soy Capital Bank & Trust Co.
Dorothy Speckert
Arthur & Jean Spiegel
Dorothy Spiegel
Barbara Fleming Spitzer
Sheretha Spraggins
Rev. Donovan & Ella May
George & Lynette Spudich
Betty Spurrier
SSM Health Care St. Louis
St. John’s Lutheran Church Jefferson City
St. Louis Design Alliance
St. Mark’s Church Women Chillicothe
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church California, MO
St. Peter WELCA - Glasford
Staab Funeral Home Springfield, IL
Jordan & Patricia Stahl
Carla Stanley
Paul Stayduhar
Steven Stearns
Leon & JoAnn Steinbrueck
Robert & Cheryl Stejskal
Beth Stenger
Carolyn Stern
Steve’s Pest Control
David & Shirley Stewart
Edward Stewart
Joseph & Patsy Stewart
Marilyn Stewart
Estaline Stewart-Schielein
Alan Stiffelman
Michael & Michella Stiles
Scott & Jackie Stilwell
Robert & Mary Sue Stinson
Charlotte Stradford
Lorenz & Ellen Strobel
Mary Alice Strodel
Robby Stubbs
David Stuessie
Mike Suffridge
Dr. William & Arlene Sullivan
Dr. William & Yvonne Sullivan
Marge Sutherland
Helen Sweeney
Jerry & Sara Sweet
Elaine Taylor
Audrey Telle
Barbara Tellerman
Hazel Temple
Dr. T. Byron & Judith Thames
June Tharp
Evelyn Thomas
John & Nancy Thomas
Dolores Thrawl
Thrivent Financial Jefferson City, MO
Marilee Tilly
Tilton Law Office
Frank & Jeanette Titz
Melvin & Anita Toepke
Towers Watson / Concordia
Nelson & Lorene Trickey
Cary Tuckey
Charles & Carol Uhlig
Richard & Aniela Uthe
Louise Vajda
Pete & Dorothy Vallosio
Michael & Melinda Van
Ann Viger
Ruth Vincent
Lenny & Debbie Vines
Evelyn Vocelka
Daniel & Carola VonBerg
Timothy & Wendy Wagner
Kevin & Lorraine Walker
Lois Walker
Margaret Walker
Richard & Patricia Walker
Helen Walkup
Jane Webster
Doris Wegener
Rometta Wegman, Yvonne
Gray, Val Henderson, Ray &
Delilah Beck
Robert & Cynthia Wegner
Elwood & Helen
14 | CAL L &R E SP O NSE
Melvin & Barbara West
Kandice Westhoff
Whaley’s Pharmacy, Inc.
Mary Ann Wheeler
Millie Wiesehan
Robert & Inge Wiesehan
Richard & Kathleen Wilburn
Michael & Carol Wilde
Tom & Evelyn Wiles
Florence Wilken
Wilke Wilkerson
Norene Wilkins
Mark & Barbara Bopp Wille
Donna Williams
Edwin Winkelmeyer
Genevieve Winne*
Pamela Winslow
Woodie & Suzanne Winter
Robert & Delores Witherell
Rosemary Wolf
Vincent & Carolyn Wolf
The Work Center, Inc.
David & Jean Wrisley
Stephen Wulf
Romeilda Yasitis
Mary Kate Yntema
Jean Yonce
Zak Companies, Inc.
Gerald & Donna Zang
Virgil & Louise Zastrow
Mary Zentgraf
Rev. Dr. Darrell & Carol
Zion Lutheran Church Peoria
Barbara Zook
Martin & Doris Zschiegner
$1.00 - $99.99
Abbott & Angerer CPA’s LLC
Margaret Abbott
Frank & Barbara Absher
Fred & Gaye Absher
Lauren Adams
Mario & Julia Albano
Mary Beth Alberts
Albert Alexander
Dave & Betty Allemann
Elaine Allen
Wayne & Cheryl Allen
Catherine Allen
Dwayne & Karol Allen
Herman & Ruth Allen
Elizabeth Alseth
Laverne Altschuh
American Legion Auxiliary
Post II
Erna Amerman
Victor & Delphine Amschler
Alice Anderson
David & Sarah Anderson
Edna Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Ruth Anderson
Raymond & Marian
Courtney Andrews
Albert & Imogene Ansorge
Frances Anstett*
Janice Anthony
Bruce & Janice Anthony
Sandra Applequist & The
Wednesday Bridge Ladies
Ralph & Olivia Arand
Jon & Pat Arehart
Ruby Arms
Ron & Judie Arnold
Diane Asselmeier
Sid Audifredd
Fred & Mary Aufderheide
Ruth Augustin
Raymond & Carolyn
Gerry Aupperle
Lothar & Alice Bacher
Pat Bachman
Bob & Cindy Baczenas
Virginia Badding
Bill & Sharon Baggs
Deborah Baginski
Michael & Mary Jo Bailey
Gina Bak
James & Christine Baker
Richard & Donna Baker
Richard Ball
Leamon & Helen Barbro
Virginia Barker*
Alice Barkmeier
David & Toby Barnes
William Barnett
William & Louise Barnow
Patricia Barr
Max & June Barron
Karen Barrow, Coellette
Jorgensen, Glee Ross
Chris & Patsy Bartels
Glenn & Jennifer Bartels
Jean Barthel
Paul & Kay Bartholomew
Catherine Barton
George & Shirlley Basden
Lois Basta
Donald & Pepper Bauer
Rev. Paul & Rev. Jeannette
Bauers Hawkins &
Cathy Baughman
John & Bunny Baxter
Lynn Bayer
Jean Beck
Kathleen Becker
Melora Becker
David & Mary Beffa
Ernest & Mary Behnke
Christy Belleville
Ken Belton
Sandra Benesh
Barry & Karen Benne
Wayne Bennetsen
Jean Berg
Alf & Joan Berg
Carla Berg
Donald & Beverly Bergdolt
Carl & Marian Bergman
Martha Bergold
Harold Bergt
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Dorothy Berkel
Roger & Jane Bernhardt
Kristin Bernhardy
Joan Berry
Ethelda Bertram
Lucille Best
Richard & Judith Beumer
Ken & Gail Bickel
William & Mary Biehl
Wyonnie Billups
Roger & Dawana Bilsland
Joe & Sherrie Binstock
Charley & Judith Biondo
John & Joan Birchler
James & Gloria Bischof
Carol Blanda
William & Donna
James & Kathleen Blase
Linda Block
Jo Ann Block
Melvin & Barbara Blunier
Charles & Carol Blye
Werner & Helga Bochow
Loren & Christine
Daniel Boeddeker
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Charlotte Boehm
Mary Boehne
Nellie Boeker
Allen & Lois Boemer
Dennis & Monica
Virginia Bohigian
Donald & Merlyn Bohler
Harold & Melissa Bohlmann
Mary Jane Bohn
Troy Booth
Helen Bordeaux
Richard & Debbie Borland
Ken & Mary Bornert
Emma Boschert
Mark & Beth Bossi
Marilyn Boul
Vernon & Sylvia Bowling
Jennifer Bowling
Karen Boyle
Anna Bradley
Peggy Bradley
Dr. Harry & Shirley Brady
James Brainard
David Brammeier
Rev. Dr. Paul & Deloris
Rebecca Brandes
Craig & Vicki Brandriff
Curtis & Marilyn Braschler
Fern Brashear
Charles & Patricia Brawner
Clara Bredehoft
Virginia Bredehoft
Gordon Bredow
Dorothy Brewster
Geneva Britton
Mildred Brockmann
Richard Brockmeyer
Lucy Bromwell
Helen Brown
Jeff Brown
Sharron Brown
Harold & Linda Brownlee
Dorothy Brubaker
Tom Brubaker
Wilma Bruninga
Elda Buchanan
Buchholz Mortuaries, Inc.
Byron & Gladys Bucklew
Jack & Kathy Buckley
Linda Buckley
Bill & Judy Budner
Thomas & Carolyn Buel
Billie Burch
Gerald & Mary Burke
Karen Burks
William Burns
Gary & Elfriede Busse
Alan & Connie Button
Rev. David & Lorri Buuck
Betty Byrd
David & Shirley Byrum
Velma Cade
Alda Camba
Bernadine Cambron
Caroline Cameron
Angela Campbell
Charles* & Martha
Betty Campbell
Donna Campbell
Kelly Canterna
Joe & Colleen Card
Jon Carls
Gerald & Rosemary Carlson
Joyce Carlson
Tom & Vicki Carney
Francis Carr
Joan Carson
Randy & Judy Carson
Printis & Loretta Cartee
Elsa Carter
Kyle & Jenna Carter
Alma Caruthers
Philip & Barbara Cassidy
Fred & Susan Cathcart
Harold & Sally Catterall
Celeste Neumann
Monica Chandler
Geno & Doris Chiapelli
James & Barbara Chilcutt
Barbara Chivington
Christ Lutheran Church Webster Groves
Marcia Christensen
James Christopher
Corabelle Chuse
Lois Cipalo
Nancy Clabaugh
Patricia Clancy
Douglas & Dorothy Clark
Joann Clay
Judith Clemens
Margaret Clemens
Nicholas & Debra
Charlotte Close
Forest & Debra Clouser
Dr. Paul & Judith Cochrane
Mary Coffey
Denise Cohen
Jacob & Laura Cohen
Lorna Coker
Eleanor Colan
Calvin & M. Frances
Martha Collins
Oliver & Kay Collins
Elly Commings
Mabel Confer
Carla Congdon
Dennis & Tammy Connelly
Robert Conreaux
Mary Contri
Dale & Sharon Cook
Calene Cooper
Dan & Marilyn Coplin
Jorgann Cornwall
Marie Coulter
Alyce Cox
Jacalyn Craig
Hon. William & Carol
Eleanor Cranmer
Jim & Shirley Creswell
Frances Crosson
Richard & Velma Crowley
Elaine Cummings
Frank & Loretta Cunetto
Eileen Cunningham
Dorothy Curry
Connie Daberkow
Tracey Daniels
Bea Daugherty
Russell Davies
Pamela Davis
Steven & Dee Davis
Jon & Char Davis
Patrick & Rae Marie Davlin
David & Jean Dawson
Frank & Joan DeFrancesco
Donald & Marilyn Dellert
James & Julie Delperdang
Elaine Dersch
Rita Desollar
Richard & Sandra Deters &
Dr. Paul & Doris Detweiler
David & Athlyn Dew
Vernon & Marian Dickerson
Violet Dickson
Walter & Sharon Dieckmann
Flo Dieckow
Ivan & Julie Diedrich
Mary Diehls
Eugene & Charleen Diers
Charles & Rachel Diggs
Jeanne Dill
Robert & Beverly Dimmitt
David & Ellen Dingledine
Jack Dinquel
David & Allifreda Diskerud
Lloyd & Carleen Dixon
Lenora Doak
Edward & Rosemary
Tim & Kathy Docter
Dorothy Dodge*
Phyllis Dodge
Margaret Dorhauer
Doris Dornberger
Nancy Dorr
Dean & Annette Doughty
Mildred Dowell
Dean & Glenda Downing
Laverne Downs
Dr. Joseph Doyle
Rodney & Constance Doyle
Wilbert & Julie Drury
Patrick & Marcella
Donald Duewer
Sean Duggan
Alice Dugger
Madaline Duke
Tracey Duncan
William & Betty Duncan
Helen Dunn
Sonya Durbin
Patricia Dyer
Darlene Dyer
Bob & Jodi Eaton
Elmer & Gwendolyn
Roy & Ruth Eberle
M. Geneva Ebersohl
Virginia Ebersole
Milford & Barbara Eckhoff
Dr. John & Kathy Eckrich
Dorothy Eden
June Edwards
Jim & Marlene Eeten
William & Joan Effinger
John Eggena
Kenneth & Priscilla Eichorn
Darlene Eickhoff
Sister M. Dismas Emerson
Arnold & Claire Emge
Christina Emge
Anthony End
Lois Engelbart
Jerry Engelby
Pamela Engelhard
Clarence & Lori England
Karl & J. Anne Engquist
Norman Ensley
Kenton & Marianna
Gregory & Audrey Evans
Martha Evans
Darlene Evers
Susan Evers
John & Joyce Ewing
Lois Fager
16 | CAL L &R E SP O NSE
Daniel Fanning
Bill Farr, Joyce Farr, Cindy
Shawn & Julie Farris
Lois Fechter
Emily Feeler
Dr. William & Patricia Feiler
Jim & Liz Feldewerth
Pansy Fell
William & Donna Fellinger
Virginia Ferder
Deborah Fernandez
Genevieve Jane Fick
Robert & Audrey Fink
Larry & Lola Finn
Joan Finney
First Friday Group
William & Janet Firth
Perry Fishbein
Gene & Bev Fisher
Dr. Barry & Laverne
Richard & Ramona Flagg
Michael & Kendra Fleming
Emma Flessner
Harold & Roberta Flessner
Janet Flessner
Jill Flessner
Wilbur & Mildred Flessner
Charles & Nancy Flikkema
Gwen Floreth
Jeanne Flynn
Colin Forbes
J.E. & Bonnie Forck
Ford Hotel & Supply St. Louis
Carmen Ford
Shirley Fortney
Mary Foster
Michael & Joanne Foster
Joy Fox
Franciscan Sisters of OLPH
Mary Franck
Vaughn & Leola Frandsen
Dan & Ann Frank
Sue Frankman
Harold & June Franks
Larry & Dorothy Franzen
William & Nancy Frazier
Paul & Janet Fredstrom
Norma Freese
Joan French
Joan Freudenburg
Betty Freund
Audrey Fribis
Shelba Friel
James & Hazel Frisby
Elsie Fruend
Mary Fuller
Richard Fuller
Ron & Linda Funk
Frank & Barbara Gaal
Emma Jean Galloway
Carmencita Galvez
Gordon & Barbara Garber
Paul & Norma Gardner
Glenn & Dolores Geiger
Paul & Lorrie Geiseman
Gerald & Lynn Gentry
Kimberley George
John & Frances Gerardi
Janice Germann
Thomas Gerwe & Connie
Evelyn Geschwend
William & Dorothy Getz
Shirley Giarritano
Martha Gibbs
Linda Giberson
John & Leonore Gibiser
Thomas & Becky Gibson
Dave & Jane Giese
Maureen Gilbert
James Ginalick
Ginoli & Company, Ltd.
Robert Gleason
Jerry & Rita Glosier
Carolyn Gluesenkamp
Ray Gluesenkamp
Peter Glyman
Terry Godfrey
Dorothy Goetz
Jeffrey Goldone
Jerry & Shelly Goodin
Lawrence Gorman
Victor & Mary Ann
Jonathan Graf
Gertrude Grafelman
David & Kathleen Gramlich
Donald & Beverly Graves
Linda Grawl
Joyce Gray
Anne Greb
Betty Green
Debra Green
Ruth Green
Mildred Greer
Vernon & Audrey Griffey
Errica Griffin
Judy Griffin
Don Griggs
Barbara Grisham
Loraine Grix
Bob & Jeanne Grone
Phyllis Gronewald
Max & Elaine Gronewold
Leroy & Judith Gruber
Fred & Minnie Gruss
William & Millicent Guerri
Rev. Charles Gusmer
Margaret Guzman
Angela Haas
Ron & Jane Haas
Rita Hackethal
Don & Gail Hahn
Cora Haldiman
Mary Haley Hall
Blanche Hall
Linda Hamilton
Doris Hance
Ralph & June Hanebutt
Freda Hanke
H. Ray & Marian Hannah, Jr.
Cliff & Maryetta Hanson
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Lorraine Happel
Helen Harris
Maureen Harris
Bob & Carol Harris
Steve & Linda Harrison
Gary & LuAnn Hartke
Elizabeth Hartman
Harvesters Class - First
United Methodist Church
Tom & Judi Hasler
Harold & Betty Hasler
Roderick & Debra
Dr. Michael & Patricia
Anne Hayes
John & Candice Haynes
Betty Hays
Steven & Kathy Hays
Mr. John Hecht
Warren & Rosalee Heffron
David & Janet Heien
Tonya Heishman
Marlene Heislen
William Heitzman, Jr.
J. Philip & Shirley Hellwege
Stephanie Helmig
Craig Helsher
Megan Henderson
Ronald & Colleen
Mitchell & Carol Henke
Herbert Henley
Marianne Hennessey
Adeline Hennessy
Lee & Lois Henry
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Marilyn Henry
Gerhard & Shirley
Vera Herter
Thomas & Patricia Heugele
Rudolf & Christine Heusuk
James & Donna Hewitt
Fred & Betty Hicks
Hidden Lake Activities Dept.
Margaret Hidlebaugh
Dennis & Linda Higgins
Debbie Highley
Bernice Hilgert
Andre Hill
John & Carol Hill
Tonya Hill
Dorothy Hillebrand
Connie Hillier
Dan & Stacey Hilton
Velma Hinck
Gary & Colette Hinson
Harold Hirstein
Rev. Donald Hoeferkamp
Raymond & Dorothy
Vernon & Darleen Hoelscher
Katherine Hoener
Florence Hoey
Janet Hoffman
Robert Hoffman
Marilyn Hogan
Allen & Jayne Holewinski
Jay Holewinski Family
Kenneth & Mary Jo Holford
Howard & Nancy Holland
Donald & Catherine
Jim Holliday
Viola Hollister
Elnora Holman
Gene Holmes
Judith Holmes
Eric & Theresa Holshouser
Judy Honig
Wallace & Sylvia Hook
W.G. & Jacqueline Hooper
Henry & Helen* Hoopes
Robert Hooss
Doris Hopwood
John & Carol Horack
Jarrod & Jessica Horman
Margie Hornecker
Joan Horstmann
Bill & Rosella Horwath
John & Marilyn Howard
Merle & Judy Huff, Jr.
Melinda Huisenga
Raymond & Ellen Humphrey
Maria Hunken*
Cecelia Hunter
John & Ginger Hunter
Helen Hurd
Clinton & Judith Hurdle
Harold & Jeannette
Janet Huston
LaWanda Hutchason
Gisela Huthmann
June Iberg
Ruth Ihms
I’ll Get You Moving, LLC
Illinois Neurological
Institute Outpatient
Michael & Gail Illuzzi
Marjory Inlow
International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers
Local #697
Marilyn Ireland
Anita Jackson
Charles & Clara Jackson
David & Elizabeth Jackson
Janice Jackson
Renee Jackson
The Misty Jackson Rev. Trust
Aldean Jamison
Myron & Karen Janssen
Jeanne Jarrett
Keith Jaspers
Dorothy Jatcko
Mike & Ginny Jeanmougin
& Family
Liz Jelly
John Cochran VA Medical
Ctr. - Comp. & Pension Staff
Carolyn Johnson
Emily Johnson
Howard & Janice Johnson
James Johnson
Margie Johnson
Ronald Johnson
Thomas & Adrienne
Denise Johnson
Duane & Christy Johnson
Gary & Vicki Johnson
Joan Johnson
Robert Johnson
Sue Davis Johnson
Dean & Marilyn Johnston
Darlene Jones
Rose Jones
Weldon Jones
Orvillene Jones
Scott & Beth Jones
Jean Jordan
Gerald Joseph
Donald Jozwiak
Martin & Ruth Jungkuntz
Donald & Berniece
Edward & Julie Justis
Rev. Harlan &
Rev. Ruth Kaden
Franklin Kahl
George & Robin Kaloghirou
Henry & Margaret
Doris Karczewski
Lois Karsten
Evelyn Kasper
Joyce Kaste
Rev. Dr. Dennis &
Alice Kastens
Carl & Karen Kaufman
Wayne & Dotty Keeteman
Roger & Lynn Kelch
Mark Kelle
Lillian Kelledy
Kellerman Investigations,
Barbara Kemper
Stephanie Kemple
Debby Kennedy
Steve & Joy Kennell
Naoma Keppler
Charles & Ruth Kern
Linda Kessler
Elleen Ketelhut*
Al & Beverly Ketsenburg
Kiefer Bonfanti & Co., LLP
Stephen & Linda Kienstra
Elmer & Jo Ann Kiesling
Sally Kilham
Rebecca Kim
Bob & Arla Kimko
Rev. Robert & Jean King
Owen & Shirley King
Phyllis Kinkade
Jean Kinnard
Robert & Phyllis Kipp
Kristian Kirk
Betty Kirkpatrick*
Tim & Gretchen Kirkpatrick
Kirkwood Plumbing, Inc.
Ron & Ruth Ann Klatt
Richard* & Jean Klaus
Judy Klecker
Douglas & Sandra
Lawrence & Diana
James & Betty Knackstedt
Fritz Knapp
Claudine Knaus
Ronald & Gloria Knautz
Gary & Barbara Knecht
Mary Ann Knell
Gus Knieriem
Clarence & Lois Knutson, Jr.
Shirley Koelling
Henry & Emma Koeneman
Diana Koener
Kathryn Koenig
Brian & Jill Kohut
Martin & Billie Sue Kopatz
Charles & Angela Kopp
Jeanette Kosier
Linda Kraftzenk
Roger & Delsie Krasnicki
Carl & Carolyn Kraus
Robert & Peggy Krause
David & Patricia Krebs
Virginia Kreeger
Marlin Kreighbaum
Isabelle Krejci
Rev. James & Norma Jean
William Krieger
William & Jacqueline
Bill & Jane Kroc
Ron & Mary Ann Krohse
Orlando Krueger
William & Linda Krueger
Patricia Kruse
Kyle Kuchis
Jacqueline Kugler
Mark & Barbara Kuhlmann
MaryAnn Kuhlmann* Family
Rev. David & Amira Kummer
Leo Kunz
Cindy Kunz Werle
Mildred Kuykendall
Kenneth & Myra Lackey
Carol Ladwig
Jo Ann Lambie
Mary Lamere
Cynthia Lammert
Alberta Lance
18 | CAL L &R E SP O NSE
Cathy Lander-Goldberg
John & Carole Landsverk
Greg & Doris Lane
David & Wanda Lane
Marjorie Lang
Raymond Lansford
Karen Lanter
Harold & Margaret Laramie
Rev. James Lareva
Christopher Larson &
Norma Larson
Anthony LaScola
Lori Lauterbach
Stanley & Genevieve
Gregory & Pamela Law
Jerry & June Lawler
Violet Lawrence*
Steve Laxton
David & Trudy Learman
Marilyn Lease
Beverly Lehenbauer
Rev. Siegfried & Bernice
Joan Lehr
Michael & Kathleen Lelm
Wayne & Beverly Lemen
Larry Lemke
Barbara Lemons
Frank & Holly Lennartz
Elsie Lenz
Michael & Julie Leonard
Dorothy Levy
Phyllis Lewis Hale
Rita Lewis
LHV Independent Living
Duane & Gloria Libby
Susan Lieberman
Rev. Dr. James &
Nadine Lillie
Mary Linden
Rachel Lock
Frances Logan
Hazel Logue
Pat Long
Roma Long
Susan Long
Louis & Mable Look
Don Lorenz
Carl & Amanda Lothman
Victoria Loving
Rita Loyd
James & Audrey Luedtke
Mark & Vivian Lurkins
Marvin & June Lurkins
Betty Lyons
Wilma Maag
John Machek
Darci Madden
Arlan Maier
Stefan Mallen
Harold Malstrom
Nancy Marcus
Randall & Kemlyn Mardis
John Marsalek
Mark & Sharon Marshall
W. Ross & Shirley Marshall
Evelyn Martin
Louise Martin
Ronald & Karen Martinez
Diana Martino
George & Marilyn Mason
Tina Mason
Betty Massey
Mary Massey
Ralph Master
Glenn & Abbie Matson
Mary Galvin Matthews
Norman & Peggy Mayes
Delores Mayo
John & Verna McAteer
John & Virginia McCall
Thomas & Cheryl McCann
W. Dudley & Elizabeth
Melba McCarver
Carol McCoy
Eileen McDonough
Albert & Mary McElroy
Gina McElroy
Richard & Mary Jane
Velma McGee
Terence McGrath
Dr. Dennis & Laural McGraw
Doris McHenry
Dana McHugh
Gloria McKean
Mildred McKean
Myrtle McKee
Betty McKinnon
Dottie McVeigh
Connie Means
Paul & Shirley Meckfessel
Kirk & Lisa Mecum
James & Elizabeth Meeks
Tom & Nina Meeks
Herschel & Carolyn
John & Tracy Meisinger
Vicki Melton
Christina Meredith
Meridian Village Men’s
Jill Meseke
Ruth Mesey
Dr. Harry & Kaaren Metcalf
Craig & Kim Meyer
Rev. Norman & Elsie Meyer
Richard & Lois Meyer
Sr. Ann Meyer
Patricia Meyer
Roger & Laura Meyer
Fred Michaelis & Carol
Keller Michaelis
Olive Middendorf
Robert & Mary Ann
Barbara Midgley
Rev. Dr. Donald & Wilma
Lucille Miklas
Terry Milburn
Darci Miller
Edna Miller
Marvin & Jean Miller
Niles & Sharon Miller
Rev. Ron & Maryanne Miller
Paul & Jo Ann Misselhorn
Sundra Mistler
Vincent & Julie Misuraca
Lynn & Marsha Mitchell
Wayne Mitchell
Rick & Mary Mizera
Kathy Mobley
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Lawrence & Judy Moburg
Edward & Linda
George & Virginia
Evelyn Mohorn
Christine Moire
Ruth Moll
Helen Monge
Terry Mooney
Richard & Twila Moore
Patrick & Susan Moos
Eileen Morehead
Anne Moreland
Marion & Donna Moreland
Elizabeth Morgan
Phillip & Kathleen Morgan
Pamela Mormann
Barbara Morris
Joyce Morris
Steve & Barbara Morris
Lawrence & Alice Morrow
Arthur & Mildred Moser
Judy Mroz
Juanita Muck
Aleta Mueller
Alice Mueller
Arnold & Gladys Mueller
David & Anne Mueller
Donald & Jennifer Mueller
Dorothy Mueller
Jann Mueller
Rev. James & Cindy Mueller
Larry Muff
Frank & Catherine Muhm
Sandra Mundt
George & Judy Munger
Sharlyn Munns
Larry & Cheri Murphy
Leonor Murphy
Johanna Musick
Ruth Muskopf
MV Line Dancers
Zelma Myers
Greggory & Brenda
John & Jeannine Navratil
Jane Necaise
Robert & Mary Nehrig
Sandra Nellis
Barbara Nelson
Patricia Nelson
Rev. Ronald Nelson
Pearl Nelson
Allen & Pamela Nemetz
Doreen Nersesian & Family
Robert & Jeanette Nestor
Richard & Nancy Neumiller
New Hope Baptist Church
WMU - Hartsburg, MO
Timothy & Lori Newlin
Richard & Carol Ann
Robyn Newtson
Dennis & Nancy Nickelson
Edna Niebur
Fred Niermann
Casper Nighohossian
Arthur & Janice Nirscher
Bonnie Noah
Ralph & Janet Noe
Joe Nohl
Richard Norton
Clifford & Cathy Null
Debra Nuske
Eileen Oakley
Elaine Oberle
Ed & Robin O’Brien
Mari O’Dell
Ken & Nancy Ohlemeyer
Steven & Roberta Ohmer
Delores Omohundro
Margaret O’Neill
John & Sandra O’Neill
Marilyn Oonk
Thomas & Joan Operle
James & Patricia Orr
Robert & Denise Ortbals
Dick & Johanna Orth
Rick & Julie Ortyl
Ted & Sandra Osman
Ava Ossenbeck
David & Beverly Overmeyer
Wayne & Susan Page
Donna Panzone
Grace Park
Jay & Ruth Parker
Marvin & Paula Parr
Harold & Sara Passmore
Pastor Monica
Florence Patten
Elaine Pauesick
Harold & Carolyn Pauli
Marc & Karen Pauls
Linda Pauly
James Runyon & Mary
Peoria Charter Coach Co.
Dennis & Judy Perkins
William & Nancy Perry
Jack & Jane Perzia
Mark & Susan Petersen
Delores Peterson
Heather Peterson
Vivian Pfeifer
Janice Phillips
Al & Jan Phipps
Charles & Kathleen Piehl
Dr. Mel & Eileen Piehl
Richard & Beverly Piehl
Joe Pieroni
Barbara Pikesley
Tom & Mary Kay Pilat
Bobbie Pilgram
Lowell & Sue Pille
Jean Pitsch
Alex & Cindy Pitts
Carol Pitts
Andrew & Cynthia Platou
Gary & Sharon Plein
Keith & Donna Plein
Nancy Plummer
David & Grace Poertner
Mary Pogioli
Martin & Barbara Pogioli
Elizabeth Pollack
Pontoon Beach Senior
Charlotte Poor
Mike & April Pradaxay
Joyce Pratt
Robert & Jennifer Prescott
Denise Pressley
Bill Prinster
Rosie Prinster
Daniel Prosser
Maureen Provence &
Theresa Schwartz
Carol Pudik
David & Louisa Pummill
John & Patricia Pusey
John & Diane Puskar
Michele Quillo
Betty Radcliff & Family
Ruth Randall
T.J. & Lynn Rasmussen
Maryanne Rastatter
Ted & Lois Rathbone
Marilyn Rau
Margaret Rauch
Arthur & Shirley Rauhaus
David, Jan & Emily Ray
Doris Ray
Wayne & Jane Read
Rebecca Circle of Salem
Lutheran Church - Peoria
A.W. & Janet Rehkop
Karl Reid
Donald & Mary Reinagel
Steve & Diane Reiss
Lawrence & Jessie Reuscher
Dennis & Rosemary Rewerts
James & Sheila Reynolds
Clint & Suzanne Rezal
Donna Rice
Paul Richards
Gordon & Lee Richardson
Sharon Ridge
Bart & Roberta Ridings
Delores Riley
Jim & Kathy Rindfleisch
Claudia Rismiller
Bud & Carol Ritter
Rita Rivera
Bourne & Martha Robards
Katherine Roberts
Rita Roberts
David & Cynthia Roche
Regina Rodriguez
Mark & Michele Roehnelt
William Roger
Kathleen Rogers
Marilee Rogles
Nelle Rolf
Jennifer Ronzio
Linda Rooney
Guy & Gayle Rose
Robert & Karen Rose
Gary & Kathy Rosenbohm
Jim & Tommie Ross
John & Judy Ross
Robert & Marcia Ross
Rev. Dr. Francis Rossow
Rosalie Roszak
Eileen Rother
Helen Rounds
Neal Royer
Alice Rudo
Gene & JoAnn Ruhr
Dorothy Rull
Roger & Carolyn Rumrey
Valerie Rush
John & Susan Russick
Frank & Patricia Russo, Jr.
Albert Rust
Ellen Ruzicka
Richard & Laurie Ryan
Carol Sagner
Saint Francis Medical
Center - Professional Staff
Stanley & Shirley Sajban
Mary Salamone
Salem Lutheran Church Black Jack
Ginger Salmons
Barbara Samp
Dorothy Sampson
Bert & Sue Sanders
Larry & Becky Sank
Helen Sanning
Dolores Sapienza
Francis Sauer
Raymond* & Joan Saul
Angelina Savovich
Alton Savoy
Irene Sawatzky
Carl & Mary Schaefer
Kevin & Susan Schaefer
Charles & Kathy Schaeffer
Gilbert & Helen
James & Marcia Schaper
Paul & Klare Schaum
Susan Schenewerk
Bruce & Betty Schermen
Lawrence & Frances
Harold & Sharon Schindler
Kim & Cindy Schindler
Virginia Schindler
Nelda Schisler
Shirley Schlaffer
Kent & Wendy Schleich
David & Amy Schlesselman
William & Elizabeth
Betty Schmidt & Family
David & Gladys Schmidt
Dorothy May Schmidt
Dorothy Schmidt
Joyce Schmidt
Virginia Schmidt
Esther Schmitt
Walter & Doris Schmitz
Mark Schmutzler
James & Melissa Schnarr
20 | CAL L &R E SP O NSE
Robert Schramm
Albert & Alice Schroeder
Berniece Schroeder
Charles Schroeder
Julice Schroeder
Rev. Edward & Marie
Howard & Mary Schroeder
Jeanne Schroeder*
Donna Schroer
Bob & Dorothy Schuchardt
Carl & Sandy Schuchardt
Raymond & Dorothy
Marguerite Schuld
Anita Schultz
Norma Schumacher
Rodney & Ruth Schury
Betty Schwab
William & Mary Schwarz
Duane & Barbara Sconce
Charles & Connie Scott
Robert & Ruthanne Scott
Craig & Cathy Searfoss
Virginia Seaver
Mary Seavers
Rhoda Seggebruch
William & Emma Shaffer
Lorretta Shanahan
Ardis Shane
Kenton & Marcia Shaw
Millard & LuAnn Shaw
George* & Barbara Sheller
Dick Shellman
Katherine Shepard
Gene & Opal Shepherd
Jackie Shipman
Bertha Shipman
Laura Shocklee
David & Joyce Shotick
Richard & Joan Shropshire
Larry & Helen Siedenburg
Terri Siegel
Ronald & Rosemary
Mary Ellen Signaigo
Mary Simpson
Debra Sippel
Louetta Sistek
Sisterhood of Black Pants
David & Barbara Slavkin
Slevin Family
Joanne Slevin
John & Mary Slevin
Carol Slusher
Carol Smith
David & Kathleen Smith
Elmira Smith
Gerald & Helen Smith
Kirby Smith
Janice Sneller
Rebecca Snow
Margaret Snyder
Jim & Adeline Snyder
Edward & Margaret Soliday
Vernon Sommerer
Peggy Sommerkamp
Terry Spayer
Elaine Spears
Steven Spears
Peter & Angela Spencer
Kyle & Alice Spitzer
Scott & Kathryn Spitznagle
Karen Splaingard
Carole Spree
Paul & Lucy Sprenger
Dennis & Bette Squires
St. Johns Evangelical
Lutheran Ladies Aid Saint Louis
St. John’s Lutheran Ladies
Aid - Lohman, MO
St. John’s Lutheran Church
- Pekin
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Bethlehem Society - Pekin
St. Paul Lutheran Ladies Aid
- Imperial, MO
Douglas Stahl
Sandra Staley
Paul & Mary Stallman
Lisa Stanfield
Tom Stark
State Bank of Speer
Betty Stein
Mary Martha Stevens
Donna Stewart
Luverne Stewart
Gordon Stillwagon
H.E. & M.A. Stirmell
James & Doris Stoehner
Rev. Milton & Carol Stohs
Keith & Karen Stone
Gregg & Patricia Stoner
Sandra Storer
Rose Storey
Keith & Kristine Stork
Ronald & Jo Anne Stover
Albert & Jean Straube
Jonathan & Laurie Strege
Danny Jean Streitmatter
Merle & Betty Strickler
Gene & Ruth Stroup
Larry & Lorna Stroup
John & Marcella Studt
Tom & Diane Subbert
Janet Sugg
Virlon & Wilma Suits
Max & Joann Sullivan
Pat & Rebecca Sullivan
William & Anne Sullivan
Lavelle Summers
Jeanne Sunderlin
Pauline Suraud
Ronald & Marie Swanson
Fred & Laura Sweetland
Dorothy Syberg
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Dr. David & Paula Sydow
Len & Susan Tamborski
Sue Tarrant
Kenneth & Evelyn Taylor
Sally Ann Taylor
Mary Taylor
Vivian Tebeau
Geraldine Terrel
Patricia Terry
Rev. Daniel & Judy Teuscher
Rev. Harry & Marilyn Thiel
Dianne Thies
Dorothy E. Thomas
Dorothy Thomas
Angelita Thompson
Shirley Thompson
Gary & Nancy Thornsberry
Donald & Geanie Thornton
Janice Thurman
Rev. Steven Tibbetts
Dorothy Toellner
Freda Toellner
Linda Tookey
Art Trampe
Thomas Trefzger, Jr.
Elaine Triebes
Charles & Joann Triplett
Barbara Troup
Charles & Ann Troutman
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Sue Truitt
John & Janet Tubbesing
David & Mary Tucker
Tuesday Swingers Golf
Angela Turner
Cliff & Dinah Turner
John & Dianne Turner
Lester & Phyllis Turner
Sandie Turpen
Joseph Twombly
Dorothy Ufkes
Sharon Umphred
Union Machinery
Gloria Uttley
Abby Valentine
Felicia Vallosio
Judith Van Hagen
John Van Hoesen
Michael & Maggie Vande
Laurie Vander Pluym
Loretta VanDoren
Lucille Vangeison*
Mary Jane Venturella
Nadine Verderber
Betty Verser
Tracy Vicars
Richard & Rita Vicary
James & Carol Vickers
Thomas & Jane Vickrey
Barbara Viehland
Village of Hanna City
John & Ann Vipond
Mickey Vogel
Gerald & Betty Vogelsang
Carole Vollmer & Family
Ella Votrain
Deborah Waddell
John Waits
Robert & Judith Walden
Stacy Walker
William & Maryann Walker
Howard & Marjorie Walker
Leona Walker
Sally Tippett Walker
Cynthia Walsh
Mildred Ward
James & Doreen Warfield
Garold & Sharon Warner
Tonya Washington
Daniel & Charlotte Waters
Gary & Carol Weaver
Wendell & Carol Webb
Virgil Weber
Melba Jean Wehmeier
Roger & Gayle Wehrli
Audrey Weinberg
Tamara Weisenberger
Barbara Weiss
Jean Weistart
Mike & Lola Wekenborg
Jerry & Joyce Welk
Carolyn Niethe & Donna
Donald & Tamela Wells
Jane Wendling
Alwin Wenger
Donald Wenz
Edith Wenzel
Michael Wesner
Kermit Wessler*
Ms. Mable West
James & Lucy Westerhaus
Diane Whitaker
Brian & Elizabeth White
Jeanette White
Rudy Whitner
Jim & Sharon Whittinghill
Jimmy Wiemers
Mary Wiese
Merle & Julie Wilder
Ellen Wildermuth
Jennifer Wilfong
Lisa Wilkins
Wilma Willaredt
Edgar & Ann Wille
Darlene Williams
Michael Williams
Harold & Donna Wilson
Ardis Wilson
Gloria Wind
Susan Wineke
Lori Winker
Otto & Delores Wirgau
Robert & Jacqueline
Ruth Woerner
Rose Wolfcale
Eleanor Wolfert
Becki Wollenburg
Betty Wolschlag
Kevin & Cindy Womack
Debra Woolever
Eugene Woolsey
Judy Worth
Don & Delores Wright
Maureen Wright
Florence Wrigley
Dr. Charles Wunderlich
Joan Wunderlich
Nicholas & Barbara Yocco
Thomas & Patricia Yock
Arthur & Margaret Young
Walter & Katherine Young
Andrew & Jo Ann Yurko
R.O. & C.A. Zahnow
David & Kathleen Ziegler
Chester & Elberta Zimmer
Zion Lutheran Lunch Bunch
- Harvester
Thomas & Mary Zlatic
Pat & Edith Zook
Robert & Laverne Zurheide
Joyce Achterberg
Eleanor Agnich
Bill Ahlemeyer
Freda Alexander
Antoinette Ali
Beatrice Allen
Lyle Allen
Mildred Allen
LaVerne Almstedt
Frances Anstett
Thelma Arnett
Robert Askren
Doris Austin
Auxiliary Members Who
Passed in 2012
Carolyn Axt
Charles & Dorothy Bachar
Tom Bahre
Carl & Dorothy Bailey, Les &
Max Redenius and Zane
Martha Baker
Wanda Ball
Kay Bankhead
Virginia Barker
Judith Barrick
Gaillard Barry
Louise Baumgardner
Hazel Baurichter
Frances Beck
Mr. & Mrs. Ormond Beck
Linda Becker
Rev. Norbert Becker
Anna Beckman
Arthur Bedian
Glendean Beeson
Dr. Ben Berg, Jr.
Robert Berg
Herbert Bergt
Judy Bernhardt
Emma Bessler
James & Gertrude Birbiles
Grant Black
Margaret Black
William “Bill” Black
Charles “Dick” Blount
Roger Bock
John “Jack” Bonser
Ruth Boothby
Ralph Bopp
Wanda Borchelt
Henry Bordeaux
Jean Bornert
Donald Bossaller
Harriet Boudoures
Marion Bradford
Charles Brazier
Elsie Bredehoft
Dwight Britt
Ted Brock
George & Ruby Brodbeck
Richard Brooksbank
Harsh Brown
Rollin Brown
Martha “Marti” Brummett
Carl Buettner
James Buff
Martin Bunch
Erma Burgess
Olivia Burmeister
Richard Burnett
Eddy Burridge
Eleanor Bush
22 | CAL L &R E SP O NSE
Eloise Campbell
Rudie & Phyllis Carlson
Gene & Ruth Carroll
Ann Carson
Kathleen Catlett
Wilma Cecil
Laine Cerny
William Chinuge
Betty Christopher
Don Clapp
Kenneth Claton
Rose Colombo
Russell Conrad
Eunice Constantino
Geraldine “Gerry” Coon
Judy Corzine
Larry Courtier
Louise Coventry
Nate Cover
Dorothy Cramer
Cecil Cunningham
Marian Cunningham
George Curtis
Betty Dack
Lewis Daniel
Jean Davis
Wayne Decker
Harold Dessau
Marg Ann Dewey
Harriet DeWitt
Linda Distler’s mother
Robert Doak
Bill Dodge
Dorothy Dodge
George Donnelly
Wilbert Dowell
Dorothy Down
Leona Downes
Alma Drapalik
Elizabeth Driver
Mildred Dunajcik
David Duncan
Bryan Dunn
Helen Dybevik & Bill Gregory
Ethel Dyer
Mary Eaton
Susan Ebeling
Clarence & Fern Eberly
Edmond Eden
Esther Ehly
Mary Elliott
Ralph Elliott
Peter Enslin
Margaret Erenthraller
Lorean Eschenbrenner
Charles Evans
Edna Evans
Luella Evans
Harold Faith
Wilmer Feldmeier
Alice Ferguson
Clodeal Fields
Alberta Fischer
Marie Fischer
Rev. Kenneth Fischer
Lester Fitzgerald
May Fitzsimmons
Violet Fleming
Martha Flessner
Doug Fletcher
Lyall “Fletch” Fletcher
Freda Flinn
Grace Flye
Eleanor Flynn
Cletis Foley
Harryette Frazier
Tim & Bonnie Freitag
Ike & Edna Friedrich
Wilma Gale
Teresa Gallagher
Alberta Gammon
Margaret Garamella
Chris Gastair
Rev. Dr. Earl Gaulke
Barbara George
William Gestring
Louise Giberson
Dr. Gustav Giebelhausen
Donald & Cornelia Gifford
Doris Gilmore
Arthur Gloe
Wanda Glover
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Gordy, Sr.
Anne Gorman
Harold & Karla Graber
Melvin & Lorna Grancorbitz
Granddaughter of Paul &
Joan Thomas
Ruth Grandt
Bill Green
Rev. Everett Grese
Paul Griebel
Dollie Griffin
Shirley Griggs
Gene Gronemeier
Herbert Hacker
Mary Haite
Roy & Dorothy Hake
John David Haldiman
Henry Hall
Betty Hamilton
Elizabeth Hamilton
Emil & Edna Hanson
Glenn Harms
Pauline Harshbarger
Clarence Hasenyager
Peggy Hasselberg
Charles Haverstock
Leona Heckmann
Phyllis Heinz
Ella Heitzman
Herb Hellwege
Betty Helvey
David “Sandy” Hendry
Kathryn Henley
Karl Henry
Margaret Henry
Adele Hilgeman
Fr. Edward Hilgeman
Vivian Hillen
Jack Hiltbold
Judy Himmel
Charles “Bud” Hodgson
Theodore Hoeltje
Charles Hoffman
Martha Hoffstetter
Paul Hofmann
William “Russ” Hollman
Helen Holstein
David Honig
Helen Hoopes
Harriet Horton
Ed & Dorothy Houser
Michele Howell
Doris Huegel
Maria Hunken
Katherine Hunter
Hank Hyler
Helen Inguagiato
Pearl Jakaitis
Alicia James
Pearl Jenkins
Arnold & Edith Johnson
Dr. Harold Johnson
Paul Johnson
Julia Johnson
Roland Jonas
Lois Jones
Dorothy Joy
Elfrieda Jung
Verna Kahl
William Kaiser
Janet Keithley
Iris Kepner
Rev. Erich Kiehl
Wanda Kienstra
Lois King
Lena Kinsey
Betty Kirkpatrick
Carol Kirkwood
Virginia Kirt
Glenn & Roberta Klecker
Dorothy Knapp
Dieter Koehler
Robert Koehler
Ida Koelling
Anna Koopman
Ida Kopatz
Laverne Kordik
M. Donna Kountzman
Wesley & Lois Krantz
Dennis Krause
Fred & Frieda Krause
Norm & Millie Krause
Robert & Beulah Krause
Irene Krieg
Raymond Krobot
Walter Kroeter
Robert & Vera Krueger
Evelyn Kuzniar
Barbara Laemmli
Delores “Bonnie” Lally
Marvin Lance
Nancy Lange
Rev. William Lange
Dorothy Langer
Allan Larson
Eleanor Laubengayer
Harvey Lauterbach
Jeanne Lavin
JoAnn Lawler
Vi Lawrence
JoAnn Lehmann
Lenoir Woods Deceased
Zora Lesko
Louis & June Levin
Ruth Lewis
Douglas Liebach
George Linder & Janet
Linder Hager
Jud & Nancy Lindsey
Freda Linsenbardt
Walter & Hilde Lippmann
and Carl & Margaret
Donald Livingston
Carol Loesch
Daniel Loesch
Hilmar Lohmann
Adeline LoPiccolo
Bettye Lott
Artie Lovan
Loved Ones
Edward Lurton
Jean MacDonald
William Magruder
Charles Maibach
Arthur & Dora Maier
Richard Marshall
Frances Martin
Joanne “Joey” Marx
Frank Matta
Bill Maxey
Willard McCarter
Betty McCune
Kenneth McGraw
William McIntyre
Dennis McLaughlin
Steve McMahan
Elvira McMullin
Eilean McPherson Estate
Edna Merchant
Joseph & Catherine
Ann Milkert
Alice May Miller
Estelle Miller
Glenn Miller
Leocadia Miller
Lydia Miller
Dan & Jane Milner
Dr. Emil Miskovsky
Roger Moe
Catherine Moehle
Howard Moos
Alma Morrow
Forrest Moschner
Sheila Shelp Moseley
Leona Moss
Roscoe Moulthrop
James Mullen
Greg Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Dorothy Murray
Donald Musick
Jane Myer
Mary Lou Myers
Virginia “Jinnie” Myers
Ed Naffziger
Fannie Neptun
Susanne Neumann
Jim Nichols
Alice Nickel
Royce Niewald
Eleanor Norton
Joye Neudecker
Ralph Obermeier
Robert O’Brien
Warren & Virginia O’Connell
Dorothy Olson
Stan Olson
Catherine Osborne
Our Parents
Bonnie Overmeyer
Rose Palumbo
Your Parents
Midge Parks
Dr. F.C. Parrish
Helen Parsons
Passed Good Friends
Dorothy Patsch
Robert & Bertha Perkinson
Jack E. Peterson
Florence Phillips
Anna Picatto
Thaddeus Pieper
Marilyn Pilat
Charles Pilmer
Ruth Pinkston
Perita Pinzon
Courtney & Margaret Pitkin
Otto & Rose Pitsch
Harold Plack, Jr.
Clark Polhemus
Vivian Ponicsan
Helen Popp
Bill Porter
Neville Prentice
Clarence Prinster
Lillian Pritchett
Clara “Mert” Probst
Ruth Pyle
Greg Rauhaus
Dorothy Raymond
Segrid Reichert
Anna Reichter
Donald Rieken
Oscar & Hilda Rieker
Earl Rigdon
Bernice Riggert
Richard Rippeto
Ron Rivers
Bernadine Roach
Lorena Roberts
Lois Rodney
Otto & Helen Roecker
Owen Roehnelt
Marilyn Roger
Mildred Rosenbohm
Parker Rossman
Philip & Mable Rothrock
Evelyn Rouse
Lucille Roustio
Bonnie Russell
Jean Rust
Trudy Sample
Donald Samson
Mary Sartor
Raymond Saul
IN MEMORY OF - continued
Alton Schaible
Leland “Lee” Schaperkotter
Albert Schmalacker
Cordie Schmid
Frances Schmid
Elsie Schmidt Holt Klein
Anna Schmutzler
Eli Schneider
Heidi Moll Schoedel
Mary Schroeder
Prof. Adolf Schroeder
Nathalie Schroeder
Ruth Schuerman
Harold Seavers
Dorothy Seithel
G. Phelps Sheller
Emilie Shelly
Velma Shelnutt
Raymond Shipman
John Shuck
James Shurig
Mary Siebert
Mildred Simmler
Catherine Skasick
Edwin & Maureen Slagle
Edwin Slagle
Maureen Slagle
E.B. Smart
James Smith
Sylvia Smith
Albert Stahl & Mary Ann
Stahl Reber
Daphne Seeber Staley
Warren Stevenson
Patricia Stoverink
Pauline Strobel
Felsie Stroh
Murray Strong
Oscar Studer
Colleen Sullivan
Marcella Sutherland
Hazel Suttcliff
Gerald & Dorothy Sweet
Laura Swords
John “Jack” Templeton
Henry Therkildsen
Virginia Thorp
Norma Toniny
Harvey & Mary Tookey
Charles Totten
Al Towles
Harry Truesdell
Anna Tsukayama
Elizabeth Turpin
Edna Twardoski
Dean Underwood
Donald Uphoff
Robert Uteg
The Reverend George &
Phyllis Vander Schaaf
Ginny Velpel
Laverne Verseman
Shirley Vidor
Frederick Vincent
Harold Virgen
Jerry Vogel
Oliver & Maxine Von Rohr
Aaron Walker
Eva Wann
Ray Ward
C.K. Watkins
Julie Vogel Watkins
Estelle Weinstroer
Edna Weiss
Kermit Wessler
Marcella Koestner West
Robert Wheeler
Estelle Wienstroer
Norm Wiesehan
Bud Wilken
Augusta Willis
Bernard & Pearl Wilmer
Wanza Wilson
Jane Wilucki
Genevieve Winne
Alva & Ina Witherell
Earl Wolschlag and
departed Wolschlag &
Burdess Family Members
Louise Woolsey
Vivian Franke
Elsie Fruend
The Glory of God
God’s Saints
Graduating Seniors Who
Work at Meramec Bluffs
Faun Green
Rev. Vern Gundermann
Blanche Hall
Rev. Joel Hempel
Rev. Dr. Otto & Jill Hintze
Jeff Howser
Betty Iaun
Emily Johnson
Terry Kolaz
Tim Kotovsky
Lenoir Woods Bradford
Manor & Dining Staff
Lenoir Woods Leadership
Lutheran Hillside Village
Care Center Staff
Lutheran Hillside Village
Lutheran Hillside Village
Management Team
Lutheran Hillside Village
Spiritual Care Team
Jud & Nancy Lindsey
Mary K.“Bunny” Long
Herbert Lovig
LSS Board of Directors
LSS Senior Leadership Team
Alice Worrell
Eleanor Wright
Kathy Yates
Your Sister Betty
Ida Zastrow
Marilyn Zill
Erwin Zobrist
Ann Zurawik
Rev. Darryl Anderson
Carla Baum
Jake Bell
Rev. Dr. Leroy & Marie
Colleen Bottens
Ruth Brauch
Mary Claton
Jim Clindaniel
Valerie Cooper
Marjorie Crouse
Doris Davis
Paul & Vicky Davis
Dedication of the Milton
Bailey Flavor Chemical
Lab at Eckles Hall University
of Missouri
Rosemary Depler
Linda Detring
Ray & Shirley Dornberger
Lee & Mildred Dunn, Jr.
Marcia Eckrich
24 | CAL L &R E SP O NSE
Lutheran Hillside Village
Kathy Malson
Bernita McMichael
Rev. James Mueller
Meridian Village Vintage
Gardens Staff
Lorraine Neitzer
Martha Nibbelin
Angie Nichols
Rev. Paul Park
Rev. Paul & Rosalie Park
Jerry Peacock
John Peterson
Keith Phillips
Dcs. Karen Pitkin
Randy & Robyn Moeller,
Randy & Nancy Pauli and
Ross & Connie Pauli
Peggy Raso
Rev. Jerry Riggert
Rev. John Rothfusz & Family
Ray & Ginny Ruzicka
Rev. Dr. Randy Shields
Mike Skully
Spalding Slevin
Rev. Brad Thomas
Lucille Todd
Dick & Jean Unrath
Louise Vajda
Roger & Jean Volk
Rev. Dennis Wenholz
Ron Westrich
Rev. Keith Weise
The LSS G.I.F.T. Club (Generations Investing For Tomorrow) and the Heritage Society are honorary clubs recognizing those individuals who have provided
a future gift for LSS in their estate plans through a will, trust, life-income gift, or other planned gift. In 2013, donors included in the following list established
new gifts totaling $7,020,752 that will support the mission of LSS for many years to come. What a tremendous blessing!
Fred & Gaynell Absher
Rev. Jack Adams
Helen Alabach
Marilyn Allen
Alberta Ardapple
Thelma Arnett*
Carl & Carolyn Arrenius
Doris Balthrop
Monte & Phyllis Banister
Grace Bergstedt
Betty Biebel
Charles & Delores Bieger
Pamela Bilotte
William & Barbara Blevans
Charlotte Boehm
Mary Agnes Boehne
Elsie Bonkrud
Ruth Boothe
Maxine Borton
John & Allie Botz
Doris Boyd
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
Sanford Brandom
Curtis & Marilyn Braschler
Charles & Patricia Brawner
Randy & Jayne Bressner
Dorothy Brewster
Geneva Britton
Ed & Judy Brown
Guy & Ellen Brown
James & Erma Brown
Ruth Brown
Jonathan Browne
Mark & Patricia Brumbach
Rev. Jules & Mary Bush
Barbara Caringer
Gerald & Rosemary Carlson
Sharon Carpentier
Richard Carter
Annadell Casey
Claire Chamberlain
Edward & Judith
Brian & Patricia Clancy
Ruth Collins
Bob Cook
Ron Coons
Claud & Marcella Cooper
Arnold & Erma Counts
Helen Couranz
Dr. Joseph & Linda Couri
Garland & Joan Criswell
George & Erma
Rayanne Cupps
William & Leota Cusson
Ray & Lois Dankenbring
Lowell & Lois Daugherty
Richard & Margaret Diemer
Jeanne Dill
Ed & Rosemary Dobson
Brenton Dodge* & Karen
Tom & Ruth Donner
Doris Draper
Wilbert & Julie Drury
Rev. Edwin & Joan
Shirley Dunajcik
Winton & Janet Dunn
Paul & Marie Dunz
Donald Eckhoff
Edmond* & Anamelia Eden
Ruth Eggers
Kenneth Eiceman
James & Virginia Elliot
Marian Enke
Orpha Erickson
Lorean Eschenbrenner
Irene Farrow
Paul Finke
William & Renetta Fish
Gordon & Marilyn Fisher
Michael & Kendra Fleming
Allie-Vere Flinn
Eleanor Flynn*
Jeanne Flynn
Helen Forster
Robert Fortner
Larry & Dorothy Franzen
Ron & Mary Freiburghaus
Wilma Fricke
James & Erlynne Gaebler
Donna Garman
William & Tamie Geiler
Norm & Nancy Gerhart
Arnold & Lois Gerschefke
August “Bud” Gmachl
Juanita Godsy
Nelson & Charlotte
Charles & Virginia Grawey
Norma Jean Gross
Walter & Audrey Gutzwiller
Gus & Mary Gyaki
Earl & Viola Haake
Rev. James & Marilyn
Rev. Richard & Barb Hanson
Rev. Elwin & Anna Harms
John Harris
Albert & Marilyn Hart
Leonard Hart
Gregory Hauk
James Hauk
Robert Hauk
Steven Hauk
Robert & Elizabeth Hawkins
Ralph & Laura Heathcote
Virgil Heaton
Philip & Minnie Hein
Robert Heinsius
Lucille Hermann
Mildred Hesse
Duane Heward
Scott Hilgeman
Rev. Otto & Jill Hintze
G.I.F.T. / HERITAGE SOCIETY- continued
Irene Hoeltje
Louis & Patricia Hoelzl
Don & Katie Hollenberg
Viola Hollister
Catherine Holman
Jane Holman
Nancy Hope
Mary Huber
Rosemarie Hughes
Dorothy Hunter
H. Tracy & Gretchen Huston
Robert & Betty Iaun
Eleanor Jacob
William & Ardyce Jarman
Jeanne Jarrett
Joe & Dorothy Jeter
Dr. Hal & Shirley Johnson
John Johnson
Keith & Norma Johnson
Leland & Shirley Johnson
Jean Johnston
Delores Jones
Dr. Margaret “Peg” Jones
Richard & Ann Jones
Vera Jordan
Lawrence & Jean Kamberg
Marian Kasten
Emylou Keith
Jerome & Shirley Kersten
Charles & Joyce King
Phil & Marcia King
Richard & Marilyn King
Shirley Knippenberg
Al & Joan Koepke
Gus & Sally Kolilis
Rev. John & Elaine Kotovsky
Darrell & Florine Kratzer
Isabelle Krejci
William & Jane Kroc
Joy Kronenberg
Ralph & Dorothy Kuenker
Carolyn Lange
Frank & Dorris Laube
Edward & Alice LeFevre
Ethel Leh
Jacqueline Lehman
Rev. Siegfried & Bee
Mary Lee Leip
Wayne & Beverly Lemen
Gladys Lemmon
Dorothy Levy
Vivian Liddell
Hilmar* & Lois Lohmann
David & Georgia Mangrum
Richard* & Floreine
Viola Marshall
Kirk & Sheryl Mattes
Gloria McKean
Paul McLafferty
26 | CAL L &R E SP O NSE
Connie Means
Joan Meier
Norval & Barbara Melton
Doris Mengersen
Nancy Mermelstein
Bernice Meyer
Jane Meyer
Rev. Norman & Elsie Meyer
Rev. Dr. Donald & Willie
Terry Milburn
Edward & Angela Miller
Gary & Vickie Nixon
Joan Moschner
O. Paul & Elaine Mueller
Rita Mueller
Robert & Gail Muir
Robert Mullen
Robert & Virginia* Myers
Robert & Ruby Neudecker
Barb Nichols
Emily Niebruegge
Frederick Niermann
Robert & Donna Norman
Irene Oesteich
Mary Olsen
Stan & Dorothy Olson*
Thomas & Joan Operle
Catherine Osborne*
Nancy Ottinger
Barbara Overbey
Rev. Paul & Rosalie Park
Dr. F.C.* & Fern Parrish
Gene & Mary Phillips
Jean Pitsch
Emil & Neola Poertner
Grace Poland
Robert & Sharon Pollard
Ruth Powell
Richard Ragland
Carl & Jackie Rausch
Marilyn Rau
Karl Reid
Mary Reinagel
William Reisner*
Don & Ruth Richmond
Bernita Rigdon
Ron Rivers*
Frederick & Carolyn
Edward & Sharon Rolph
Laura Romano
Rev. Ellis & Joyce Rottmann
Mary Lee Rovira
E.R. & Linda Ruby
Nathan & Melissa Ruby
Raymond* & Joan Saul
Hank & Joan Schlichter
Virgina Schmidt
Mildred Schmutzler
Joyce Schnoes
Lois Schoech
Mark & Sue Schoedel
Rev. Walter & Leota
Richard Schrick
Julice Schroeder
Rev. Edward & Marie
Roy Schubert
Robert & Matilda Schulz
Norma Schumacher
Betty Schwartz
Leslie Scott
Mary Seavers
Rudolph & Mary Siira
Mary Sindahl
E.B. Smart*
Donna Smith
Elmira Smith
George & Helen Smith
Maggy Spencer
George & Lynette Spudich
Leon & JoAnn Steinbrueck
Robert & Alvira Strain
Fritz & Della Strieter
Dorothy Syberg
Jack & Anna Taylor
Winona Thomas
Ralph & Mae Tompkin
Charles* & Mary Totten
Robert Towell
Les Trampe
Donald Trelc
Eugen Trost
Lawrence & Shirley Tucci
James Urie
Phyllis Verseman
Barbara Viehland
Katherine Wagner
J.R. & Mia Walters
Melvina Walters
John Webber
Wilma Weber
Doris & Anita Wegener
Ethel Weinrich
Jim Welton
Catherine Werntz
Kermit Wessler*
Dr. Max & Ardith Wessler
Charles Westin
Darline Whisenhunt
Carolyn Wiedemeier
Carl & Mildred Wiederhold
Robert & Inge Wiesehan
Ermadean Wilcox
Kenneth & Betty Wilhelms
Norma Wilkening
Hardin Wilkerson
Edgar & Ann Wille
Lillian Williams
Wayne Wilson
Mary Wilton
Rosemary Wiltsch
Pamela Winslow
Margie Winter
Rev. Dr. Melvin Witt
Dr. Charles Wunderlich
Eunice Wurl
Carol Yager
Phillip & Rebecca Zimmer
Ruth Zimmermann
JoAnn Zinkhon
Nancy Zobrist
Robert & Neoma Zohner
Evelyn Zorn
* Indicates deceased in 2013.
In 2013, LSS bestowed $6.03 million in Benevolent Care
to support our residents, clients, and patients who have
outlived their ability to support themselves.
Through fundraising and endowments, generous donors like you helped LSS raise
$2.1 million to support this important function. But the need for Benevolent Care
dollars continues to grow by as much as 15 percent each year.
Your help can make a world of difference to older adults in need.
Named Endowments
In the past 10 years,
the need has
grown by
Benevolent Care Fund
Audrey A. and Marvin J. Grote
Imse Endowment
Robert and Florence Imse
Educational Awards Fund
Ruth and Willis Piehl
$1,743,242 $1,948,254 $2,232,530 $2,753,792 $3,240,000 $3,763,541 $4,480,000 $5,100,000 $5,511,320 $6,026,000
1150 Hanley Industrial Ct. | St. Louis, MO 63144 |
Thank you for
blessing others
as you have
been blessed.