2015 Prime Catalog

Hard Work
We at G5 have noticed a common characteristic about people that shoot Prime
Bows; they all seem to put in extra effort when it comes to bow hunting and
archery. They hang that extra stand, plant their food plot in the back 40 -not in
the front- they hike that extra climb, and take the extra practice round. Why?
Because they want excellence in their favorite passion. G5 takes that same
mentality and effort in the making of a Prime bow; beginning with machining our
risers from 7000 series aluminum, to the industry’s first 100 cycle assurance, all
the way to the final quality inspection. Our quality inspection includes measuring
string position, gauging riser straightness, and shooting every Prime bow
manufactured. This defines the extra effort G5 puts forth to provide excellence.
Simply put, our competitors do not go that far. It is the hard work that defines
Prime bows and the people that shoot them.
Free Strings & Cables
For Everyone...
The most advanced hunters deserve the most advanced warranty that is why
Prime gives you a warranty no other bow manufacturer can match.
Learn more at: www.g5prime.com
Prime has proven itself as an industry
leader in technology and innovation. By
developing our patent-pending Parallel
Cam Technology, we worked to solve one
of the most nagging issues related to
accuracy: cam lean. By splitting the string
and creating two tracks, we balanced
the cam, something no other bow
manufacturer has done.
Our 7000 series aluminum risers are hands
down the strongest in the industry. Riser
stiffness increases overall accuracy and
reduces noise and shock.
The Flexis AR is designed to relieve any
additional stress off of the cables. The
added adjustability allows you to perfectly
tune the cables to any desired fletching
When that elusive animal will not come in
for a closer opportunity or when the finals
for a national competition are on the line,
the new Prime Rival is the one you can
count on to hold the edge over all other
bows. A bow perfectly designed to walk
above the accuracy line for a hardcore
hunter and a demanding competitive archer,
the Rival will be the one your competition
will be concerned about. Every aspect of
this bow, from its highly customizable PCXL
cam system, to its comfortable and newly
designed ghost grip, and perfectly tunable
Flexis-AR cable system will not only help you
Rival every other bow out there, they will
help you stand above them.
Axle to axle: 35”
Brace height: 6.25”
IBO speed: 340 FPS
Mass weight: 4.3lbs.
Draw length: 26”-30”
Draw weight: 30-40# 40-50# 50-60# 60-70#
RH and LH models
Bow hunters are an energized
bunch who will go to some extreme
lengths to find the perfect spot.
Unfortunately, the perfect spot
isn’t always as roomy as they
would like it to be so they need a
bow that will maneuver in those
tight quarters precisely and
accurately. The new Prime Ion
is positively charged for a bow
hunter to be deadly in a small
ground blind or in a deep, thick
forest tree stand. The compact
and light weight Ion is an electric
combination with its new versatile
grip options, strong and durable
riser, and adjustable Flexis-AR.
Axle to axle: 31”
Brace height: 7.25”
IBO speed: 330 FPS
Mass weight: 3.9lbs.
Draw length: 26”-30”
Draw weight: 30-40# 40-50# 50-60# 60-70#
RH and LH models
The Alloy is able to give you the
accuracy you deserve by bringing
together our parallel cam system,
patented flexing roller guard and a
rigid counter balanced riser all while
keeping your pack light. This bow has
proven itself with the perfect blend
of strength, weight, forgiveness and
Axle to axle: 33.25”
Brace height: 6.75”
IBO speed: 335 FPS
Mass weight: 4.2lbs.
Draw length: 26”-30”
Draw weight: 40-50# 50-60# 60-70#
RH and LH models
New risers, new colors, a new cam
system, add on the new Flexis-AR
and you have the new ONE series of
target bows! You can think of it as the
same great materials with even better
technology. The 3 keys of accuracy
will help you become a powerful force
at your next tournament. It’s the ONE
advantage that continues to feel like
Not all competitive archers are the
same and their preferences in a bow
do not always match either. The new
modular based Parallel Cam System
of the ONE series allows archers to
compete with the draw cycle they like
the most, whether they are looking
for speed, smoothness, or a little of
both. The increased adjustment in the
draw stop also guarantees a back wall
that you are most comfortable with.
Whatever your preferred draw cycle or
shot sequence is, we have
cams for that.
Prime has taken the first ONE and
improved on its already winning design
in every way, but did not sacrifice a
thing. The ONE MX riser is stronger
than ever providing added stability
then the previous model. The added
customization abilities from the new
Parallel Cam System (PCS) and Flexis-AR
system ensures this bow is extremely
accurate and ready to shoot as soon as
it’s pulled out of the box. This bow puts
the most precise system in your hand
and will be the ONE to help you reach the
Axle to axle: 39”
Brace height: 7”
IBO speed: 323 FPS
Mass weight: 4.6lbs.
Draw length: 24.5”-31”
Draw weight: 30-40# 40-50# 50-60# 60-70#
RH and LH models
Prime went all out when they
added this new target bow
to the One Series lineup and
sacrificed absolutely nothing.
Every thought that went into
this bow was with the shooter
in mind. The all new shoot
through riser design made this
One-STX model virtually torqueless by creating a better
balanced riser without the
extra weight. These features
created alongside the Parallel
Cam System and the new
Adjustable Flexing Roller Guard
make the new Prime One STX
the most accurate bow in the
Axle to axle: 39”
Brace height: 7”
IBO speed: 323 FPS
Mass weight: 4.6lbs.
Draw length: 24.5“-31”
Draw weight: 30-40# 40-50# 50-60# 60-70#
RH and LH models
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