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AB 8.2 onstantly imp
proving its products. Wee offer free of charge upd
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Krab 8.2. Mainimprovem
1. G
GPS Functtion support 
Each local deefects is reco
orded with thhe GPS coord
dinates TTable of locaal defects or just events sshows these defects and can be openned in Googlle Earth 1 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 2. TTrack map
p 
SSoftware callculates a lin
ne showing rreal shape off the track, ccalculation iss based on A
Alignment d
data, not on GPS, so this function is aavailable also
o without GP
PS receiver. O
On the trackk map can be
e displayed EEvents, Local defects of Section evalu ation 2 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 3. C
Changes iin Graphiccal outputt 
Graph can be highlighted
d – to mark ssome importtant sectionss. G
Graphical ou
utput could ccontain 3 levvels of tolerances. Data file can
n be divided iinto the morre sections and have morre speed zonnes. 4. Enhanced
d events m
managemeent 
n of the even
nts, add or reemove eventt, export 3 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 5. G
Graphicall connection of two
o files 
SSoftware sup
pports graph
hical mergingg of two filess A
Advantage o
of this function is preciouusly synchronized point of connectioon of the geo
ometrical ssignals SScheme of th
he measured
d files to be m
merged by syynchronization: 4 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 6. W
Work with design vvalues hass a new sh
hape 
Design valuees (track pro
oject data) ccan be uploaaded into the Krab 8.2 aand compare project d
data with real measured data. Design valuees can be uplloaded from csv file or in
nstalled manually – graphhical interfacce. Design valuees are now avvailable for CCant, Alignm
ment and Gau
uge: 
Each design value point can be placeed into the co
orrect positio
on by mousee (drag and d
drop) 5 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 7. TThe custo
omizing off header o
of printoutts 7.2
mer Logo and 3 user texxt lines The custtomer can create its logo
o in form of ppicture file. TThe supporte
ed file types aare jpg, jpegg and bmp: There iss also availab
ble to comple
ete any threee customer lines which a
are shown annd printout a
at any heading of Graph, Taables of local defects or TTables of secction evaluattion, see an eexample: 6 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 8. SSwitch evvents 
SSwitch area is highlighted in graphs
TThe switch p
points are shown in detaiils for the the KM scale >
>200m 
TThe light blu
ue horizontal lines repressent the partticular switch
h points (p1‐ p7, o1‐o8) TThe track gauge and cant is indicatedd on the swittch points Position of the switch po
oints and its count can be
e customized
d 7 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 9. SSZ in grap
ph 
TThe track graaph window shows the sspeed zone referring the actual cursoor position 10.KrabEvalFFile.xml This extra .xml fiile is added tto .krx data aarchive by evvaluation pro
ogram. It sto res additional evaluation data such as brea
ak points, speeed zones, highlighted se
ections etc. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf‐‐8" ?> ‐‐ <KrabEvalD
Data> ‐‐ <Descriptio
on> <EvvalSW>Krab 8.2; build #112122012</EEvalSW> </Deescription> ‐‐ <BreakPoin
nts> <BreeakPoint>130
0</BreakPoinnt> <BreeakPoint>154
4</BreakPoinnt> <BreeakPoint>261
1</BreakPoinnt> <BreeakPoint>262
2</BreakPoinnt> </BreakPoints> ‐‐ <HighlighteedSections> <Secction start="5
5" end="31" desc="‐0.00
01 km ‐ ‐0.008 km" /> <Secction start="8
85" end="1220" desc="‐0..021 km ‐ ‐0.030 km" /> </HighlightedSections>
‐‐ <TSZSection
ns> <TSZZSection nam
me="Jednotn é RP" end="305" SZ="0" /> ons> </TSZSectio
‐‐ <DesignValues> <Aliggnment /> <Gau
uge /> <Can
nt /> </DesignVaalues> 8 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV </KrabEvalD
Data> 11.Highlighte
ed section
ns 
YYou can high
hlight multiple sections w
with a marker. The colour of the markker can be ad
djusted. ple of shortcuts that makke various acctions: Therre are a coup
The basicc statistics off GPK at high
1. Ctrl‐T hlighted subssections 22. Ctrl‐F11 The line interpolationn 33. Alt‐F11 eralized offseet of the sign
nal by folded
d line, calculaated as a line
es The gene
interpolation on thee highlighted sections 44. Ctrl Alt‐FF11 The gene
eralized offseet of the sign
nal by folded
d line, calculaated as avera
ages horizontal lines on thhe highlighte
ed sections  Using Ctrl‐T you can prod
duce a summ
mary .csv file
e. Each line co
orresponds tto one marke
er. The present the m
maximum am
mplitude of tthe geometriical value witthin one marker. numbers rep
Using Alt‐F11 pr_Alignment signal m ight be norm
malized 9 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 12.C
CSV trackk geometryy data im port 
YYou can import .csv geom
metry data frrom any sou
urce in .csv fo
ormat using FFile‐Import ffunction. 10 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 13.C
Cant deficciency This is a crucial param
meter for an
ny attempt too increase th
he track operrational speeed. The amo
ount by whicch the actual speed exceeeds the balan
nce speed is convenientl y expressed via the would need to be so‐called
d cant deficieency, i.e., by the amountt by which th
he superelevation (cant) w
increaseed to raise the balance sp
peed to the sspeed at which the vehicles actually ttravel. Cant defficiency cd, iss given by the formula v .s
Cant R. g
Where: iis nominal trrack gauge plus the widthh of the rail h
head in [mm] (1435[mm]] for international s gauge) ttrack operational speed in [m/s]. Forr example speed 72km/h, v=20m/s v R tthe curve rad
dius in [m]. U
Usually trackk curvature ggiven by Krab
b signal 10000/R is conside
ered. g ggravity consttant 9.81[m//s2] Cantact iis an actual ccurve supere
elevation in [[mm]. Usually Cant_Qs iss considered.. m: Examplee for R=400m
ccd = 202 * 1
81 – 100 = 533[mm] Krab sup
pplies cant deeficiency auttomatically aas one outpu
ut signal. There arre limits for tthe cant deficiency: M
Max cant deficiency: 100mm 1
Max cant exccess: 80‐110mm 8
11 What is new in Krab8
8.2 03/2012 KZV 14.New signals of sliding STD 1.
Floating average of standard deviation of left and right Top: Tp_L, Tp_R Floating average of standard deviation of left and right Alignment Al_dyn_R, Al_dyn_L Floating standard deviation of Ca_dyn Floating standard deviation of Ga_dyn Weighted mean of 4 STD signals s …. STD, w …. weights from Krab.zk table: CK_ALIGNMENT=1.0, CK_GAUGE=1.0,CK_CANT=1.0, CK_TOP=1.0: .
12 What is new in Krab8.2 03/2012 KZV .