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founded in June 2013 IoT Forum
The Internet of Things Interna6onal Forum aims at 物联网国际论坛的目的: •  the development of a worldwide interoperable Internet of Things, addressing technology barriers, business and societal challenges to create the condi6ons for a truly worldwide Internet of Things ecosystem and market. 发展一个可在国际范围内进行互操作的物联网, 解决
界范围内物联网生 态系统和市场创造条件 •  It does this through promo6ng interna6onal dialogue and coopera6on on the Internet of Things between diverse actors from industry, research and government and across sectors. 为达到这一目的,促进在行业、研究和政府以及跨部
门的不同 人员就物联网进行国际对话和合作 ioCorum.org 2 Worldwide Community全球社区"
Network of Experts|We have one of the widest global networks of IoT experts in technology, business and societal topics.专家网络|在技术、商业和社会话题方面,我们拥有一
ioCorum.org 3 Expert Services专家服务!
Working Groups|We offer working groups that tackle global problems and aim at crea6ng a global interoperable IoT. 工作组|我们提供工作组,以便解决全球问题和建立
Active Working Groups: 活跃工作组"
•  Market Confidence (市场信心), Philippe Cousin •  Architecture and Interoperability (体系结构和互操
作性), François Carrez •  Business Leadership (企业领导), Ivan Häuser "
4 ioCorum.org Unique Events独特事件!
IoT Week|Our flagship event is one of the longest running IoT Events and aYracts a broad global audience.物联网周|我们的核心事件是运行时间最长
IoT Week Copenhagen The next IoT Week will be hosted in Copenhagen June 2015. 物联网周哥本哈根 下一次物联网周将于2015年6月在哥本哈根举办。 ioCorum.org 5 Open Discussions开放讨论
Pre-Commercial Context|The IoT Forum offers a pre-­‐
commercial context for organisa6ons to exchange knowledge and informa6on.试商用环境|物联网论坛
ioCorum.org 6 Member benefits会员权益!
Unique Events | Our flagship event is one of the longest running IoT Events and aYracts a global audience from industry, academia and policy makers. Members are key in shaping the event and are en6tled to a free 6cket for the event. All General Assembly mee6ngs are also free of charge.独特事件 |我们的核心事件是运行时间最长的物联网事件之一,
事件,并且有权获得各事件的免费票。全部成员大会也是免费的。 Worldwide Community | Our network reaches into every corner of the world. We have the widest network of IoT experts in technology, business and societal topics. Members are welcomed into the community and individual introduc6ons are made to any of our members.全球社区 | 我们的网路遍及世界的各个角落。在技术、商业和社会话题方
我们的全部会员进行相互介绍。 Expert Services | We offer a number of working groups that tackle global problems and aim at crea6ng a global interoperable Internet of Things. Members are welcome to par6cipate to the exis6ng working groups and kick start new ini6a6ves if a need is iden6fied.专家服务 |我们提供若干工作组,以便解决全球问题和建立全球互操作性
的物联网。欢迎各会员加入现有工作组,并在确定需要之后启动新举措。 Open Discussions | The IoT Forum offers a pre-­‐commercial space for organisa6ons to exchange knowledge and informa6on. This allows partnerships to be nurtured on neutral ground, providing invaluable advantages at later stages.开放讨论 |物联网论坛为组织提
7 ioCorum.org 从而在后期提供非常宝贵的优势。 IoT Forum board
Mirko Presser IoT Forum Chair 物联网论坛主席 François Carrez IoT Forum Secretary 物联网论坛秘书 Richard Foggie Sebas;en Ziegler IoT Forum Treasurer IoT Forum Board Member 物联网论坛财务主
物联网论坛董事会成员 管 ioCorum.org 8 Members会员"
Ordinary Members: DunavNET | University of Melbourne | Hildebrand
Technology | ICT Technology Network Institute | Mandat International | NEC
Europe | Fraunhofer IML | Lulea University of Technology | Easy Global Market
| iHomeLab Hochschule Luzern | VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland |
Fenie Energia | IK4-Tekniker | Telekom Srbija"
普通会员:DunavNET | 墨尔本大学 | 希尔德布兰德技术 | ICT网络技术
研究所 | Mandat International | NEC欧洲 | 弗劳恩霍夫物流研究院 | 吕勒
奥理工大学 | Easy全球市场 | iHomeLab Hochschule Luzern | VTT芬兰
技术研究中心 | Fenie Energia | IK4-Tekniker | 塞尔维亚电信"
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