10/01/14 - Alameda County Behavioral Health

Children’s Advisory Committee
Wednesday, October 1, 2014
333 Hegenberger, 6th Floor, Oakland
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
ATTENDEES: Irene Kudarauskas, Alameda Family Services; Lisa Carlisle, BHCS; Mary Ann Steedman, BHCS;
Andrea Kiefer, BHCS; Scott Osborn, Seneca; Kelley Gin, West Coast; Alex Jackson, BHCS; Lisa Hilley, AFS;
Shahnaz Maeandarian, A Better Way; Lori DeLay, BHCS; Allison Massey, UACF/BHCS; David Channer, A Better
Way; Becky Cannon, Girls Inc.; Joslin Herberich, FFYC; Carol Brown, SSA; Alex Volpi, BAYC; Karly Wiley,
Stars Inc.; Dennis Romano, ACCMHA; Dick Coleman, West Coast; Josh Leonard, EBAC; Carol Singer, JFCS/EB;
Marcella Reeves, Family Paths; Paula Barber, CFC; David Theis, Ann Martin Center; Leslie Preston, La Clinica
de la Raza; Jeff Rackmil, BHCS; Liz Baumann, BHCS; Barbara Saler, BHCS.
1. Introductions & Announcements – Jeff Rackmil (15 minutes)
a. CANS Update: The Board of Supervisors has approved the $3,000,000+ contract for the
CANS/ANSA implementation.
Training & Certification: All BHCS providers and staff can log on to the Praed Foundation
training website to be certified. In addition, John Lyons will be in our area to conduct
two face-to-face trainings.
Objective Arts: The Company we are contracting with to provide the user interface to
Provider Collaborative: This group of five providers has contracted with BHCS to provide
training, T.A. and a user manual. They will also be forming learning collaboratives/user
b. Katie A. Update: Eleven programs from nine different agencies have been selected to
provide Katie A. programs. They will begin Katie A. services November 1, 2014. A
monthly provider meeting is convened at Embarcadero cove.
October 24, 2014 BHCS and CWS will provide two three hour training sessions for
clinicians and child welfare workers. The first session will go from 9:00 a.m. to noon and
the second from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Both sessions will be at the Alameda County
Training Center in downtown Oakland
2. Mild-to-Moderate Update – Barbara Saler (45 minutes)
Barbara handed out copies of the final screening/assessment forms and answered questions.
Barbara and Carol Brown spoke about the November 6, 2014 training sponsored by BHCS.
This training is for primary care physicians and clinicians and will focus on the Child & Family
Team meetings which are an integral part of the Katie A. services.
Barbara suggested that the guiding thought regarding eligibility for moderate-to-severe
mental health services should be, “does this child need specialty mental health?”
3. Director’s Remarks – Jeff Rackmil
Jeff, Ellen and Manuel met with Carmen Balengit, the Mental Health Board representative on
the CAC. She is attending the CAC meeting November 5, 2014 to share her vision of the role
of CAC vis-à-vis the Mental Health Board.
Jeff would like to see CAC become more culturally aware and more diverse. He believes that
CAC needs to ensure that members are maintaining their cultural awareness. Jeff asks
himself, “How do we instill hope in a world that seems hopeless?”
Interaction among the agencies in Alameda County is important. We need to continually take
the “temperature” of how things are done throughout the county. One CAC expressed that
the QI ramp-up seems very “top-down.” Members seem to agree that they would prefer a
“learning community model” as opposed to a top down model.
CAC should be the place to get input and to give the agencies a voice in policy decisions.
Members would appreciate the transparency of letting them know whether they actually
have a voice in any given decision. If nothing else, asking for input as to thoughts on any
given issue enables informed decisions.
Jeff said that he needs the group to take a more active role in planning programs/topics of
discussions at each meeting. He asked that anyone interested in participating on a planning
committee contact Liz Baumann at [email protected]
CAC members expressed an interest in the issue of psychotropic medications and the
Zellerbach Grant Jeff has been working on. Jeff will invite Anna Johnson to present their
findings at the November CAC meeting.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 4, 2014