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The Portable and Compact Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer
The Mini-ZTM is a state-of-the-art terahertz system
for its high integration level, compact form factor,
unparalleled portability, and ease of operation.
The Mini-Z can be transported in a small
equipment case (notebook computer-size form
factor) and perform measurements in both
laboratory and industrial environments. The MiniZ is ideal for spectroscopic and non-destructive
inspection applications in transmission or normalreflection and it is offered in two models:
standard and the high-speed (HS). The standard
model can operate up to 5 Hz with a variable
time delay, whereas the HS operates at 500 Hz
with a fixed delay of 100 ps.
Typical applications
Spectroscopic material characterization/
Non-destructive evaluation/imaging
Figure 1. Mini-Z with the normal reflection module mounted.
Mini-Z includes both transmission and reflection modules.
Thickness measurements
Spectral Response
Compact and portable integrated terahertz
Waveform scanning rate up to 5 Hz (standard)
or 500 Hz (HS model)
Turn-key system, minimal adjustments and
Broad bandwidth or high sensitivity selectable
with the flip of a switch
Quick and easy switching between reflection
and transmission
Vibration tolerant
THz Power [dB]
Operates in most indoor environments
Customizable software
Freq [THz]
Figure 2. Typical spectrum in transmission.
Fiber-coupled pump laser
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Real-Time Spectroscopy
Mini-Z Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer
Terahertz spectroscopy enables the direct
measurement of unique spectral fingerprints of a
diverse range of materials and molecules.
Rotational modes can be studied in gas phase
spectroscopy, intramolecular stretching, bending,
and torsional modes in biomolecules, and
p h o n o n re s o n a n c e s i n s e m i c o n d u c t o r s .
Therefore, terahertz time-domain spectroscopy is
used across diverse research areas for:
Chemical characterization and identification
Polymorphism and chirality
Solid state phase transitions and reactions
Drug discovery
Explosive detection
Material dielectric characterization
Figure 3 shows the absorbance spectra of L- and
D- forms of arginine and tryptophan aminoacids.
The unique spectral signatures enable the
differentiation and identification of the L- an Dforms of each aminoacid. For liquids, wet tissue,
and samples with high absorbance, an optional
attenuated total reflection (ATR) module is
available. Figure 4 shows the spectra of distilled
water obtained with ATR. Just insert the ATR
module in module port, select the ATR tab in the
software and the system is ready to go.
The Mini-Z is offered in two versions: standard
and high-speed (HS). Standard version operates
at 5 Hz, whereas HS operates at 500 Hz. Both
systems provide fast and reliable measurements
for real-time and quick spectroscopy applications.
Both transmission and reflection inspection
geometries are possible. Software includes a
plugin for absorbance measurements, which
enables storing a library of substances and run
matching algorithms for substance identification.
Zomega Terahertz
Figure 3. Absorbance spectra. The spectra allow identifying
the L- and D- forms of each aminoacid.
Figure 4. Complex index of refraction and dielectric constant
measurement of distilled water with ATR module.
Non-Destructive Evaluation
Mini-Z Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer
Many non-conductive materials are semitransparent in the terahertz band making them
ideal for non-destructive evaluation with
wavelengths short enough to resolve sub-mm
features. Compared to infrared, terahertz waves
can penetrate a few mm to cm into samples with
the exception of conductive materials and polar
liquids such as water. Furthermore, time-domain
system provide time-of-flight information similar
to ultrasound systems that can be used to analyze
the structure of a sample and measure layer
thicknesses. Terahertz time-domain imaging is
used in diverse inspection research areas for:
‣ Inspection of plastic, ceramic, foams, and
other non-metallic materials for structural
defects (cracks, voids, delaminations)
‣ Layer thickness measurements for paints,
coatings, and composites
‣ Corrosion assessment
Figure 5. Imaging inspection of an USB stick. Time-domain
data allow imaging different layers. (a) Picture of stick. (b) THz
amplitude image of internal structure. (c) THz amplitude of
top surface.
With the imaging option, a software plugin is
provided which integrates the control of the
imaging stages, data acquisition, and storage.
Data files are generated in FITS format for further
processing and analysis with software packages
such as ImageJ and Matlab.
Figure 5 shows the inspection of an USB stick (a),
the internal structure (b), and top layer (c). This
separation of layers is possible because of the
time-of-flight data provided by time-domain
systems. Figure 6 shows the inspection of
adhesive bonds between two plastic slabs. The
presence and location of the adhesive is clearly
visible in the terahertz amplitude data. Time-offlight data provides cross sections, or B-scan,
from which it is possible to measure the thickness
of gaps and adhesive layers.
Figure 6. Inspection of adhesive bonds between plastic slabs.
Time-of-flight data provided by the time-domain system can
be analyzed similar to an ultrasound system (B-scans) and
measure the thickness of the layers and gaps.
Zomega Terahertz
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The Portable and Compact Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer
P/N 15-MNZ-STDX-011
Mini-Z HS
P/N 15-MNZ-HISP-012
0.1 - 5 Hz
500 Hz
Adjustable - up to 300 ps
Fixed - 100 ps
>70 dB @30 ps, 1 min
>55 dB @30 ps, 1 sec
>70 dB, 1 min
>55 dB, 1 sec
>30 dB, 2 ms
Waveform rate1
Scan range
Dynamic range
0.1 - 3.5 THz (peak @0.75 THz)
Frequency resolution
<25 GHz
Transmission and normal reflection
Standoff distance
1 - 40 cm
Terahertz Analysis and Control (TAC) software with plug-in architecture for custom
application development
Size (LxWxH) / Weight3
10.75” x 6.75” x 3.375” / 6.4 lb.
Scan rate in the standard Mini-Z depends of the delay stage speed and window size.
Transmission module (part # 45-TRX-050M-007) and reflection module (part # 45-NRX-025M-006) included.
Size and weight quoted for the terahertz system only. Does not include size of laser and computer.
Common configurations
Integrated high speed imaging stage. Ranges available are 150 mm x 150 mm
(P/N 45-IMG-150M-001) or 50 mm x 50 mm (P/N 45-IMG-050M-008).
Attenuated Total Reflection module for liquid and bio-tissue characterization.
P/N 45-ATR-STDX-002
Angle of incidence sweep (normal, 15° - 80°) for reflectometry studies.
P/N 45-T2T-STDX-003
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