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NextgenID® Multi-Modal
Biometric Enrollment KIOSK
The NextgenID Multi-Modal Biometric Enrollment KIOSK (MBE
KIOSK) is designed to be operated free standing in any chosen
enrollment location and operate in multiple modalities ranging from
self-service, remote operator administration, local operator driven
and supervised, and maintenance support.
The MBE KIOSK was engineered to be the most flexible, multiapplication, multi-customer shared biometric enrollment unit on the
market. It is designed to accommodate a wide-range of custom
configurations without impacting the core functionality necessary for
accurate enrollment and identification. The MBE KIOSK was
designed to support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and
persons of all heights.
Aside from being esthetically pleasing and very secure, the MBE
Kiosk provides the enrollee with comfortable and efficient processing
combined with a complete array of capture components that support
any and all types of required enrollments coupled with an efficient
integration of all components.
Design Specifications of the KIOSK include:
 High quality and automatic biometric image capture with
automated quality check-against-required standards
 Accessibility for the disabled (Equality Act 2010 in UK, ADA in US and future
 Reliability for long life in high traffic, high use areas
 Ease of maintenance and support
 Complete Security and Privacy
 Ease of use and administration
 High speed transactions for minimum processing and wait time
 Transaction-based auditing and reporting
 Feature-rich performance reporting capabilities
 Standards based throughout
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White Paper
NextgenID Multi-Modal Biometric Enrollment KIOSK Overview
KIOSK components include:
 Motorized lift that allows the kiosk height to be adjusted to accommodate tall persons and
those individuals with handicaps (as for example people in wheelchairs to people that are
7 feet tall +).
 KIOSK Body module that mounts on the lift and incorporates the core components
including lights and camera for face image capture, iris capture and scene camera in the
top portion; 19” touch screen monitor, microphone and speakers and provision for card
readers in the middle portion; and keyboard, fingerprint capture and signature capture
plus up, down and emergency stop control in the lower tray. The internal computer, the
power-supply and power distribution, the USB distribution and the cable harnesses
complete the core unit.
 Left Pod, beside the lower tray, incorporates a page scanner for breeder documents and
additional information capture.
 Right Pod, beside the lower tray, incorporates a travel document scanner, contact and
contactless smartcard reader and an insertion reader for quick reading and authentication
of driver’s license or similar ID’s. The scanner array provides the ability to capture ID-1,
ID-2, ID-3 and any 8.5 inch x varied length document requirements.
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The Highest Quality Biometric Capture on the Market
Biometric Face Image Capture
The lift feature positions the camera at eye height whether the person is short or tall so that a
full frontal image may be captured without the distortion of the person looking up or down at the
The high resolution Biometric Camera provides high definition image quality to ensure a wide
field of view for easy and flexible capture and maintains a high-pixel “between the eyes”
resolution rate. Alternate cameras with the highest megapixel rates in the industry are also
available options on the KIOSK at any time or for specific location requirements.
NextgenID’s real-time Image Quality Verification (IQV) solution, VisPro-ware, ensures
completely automated face recognition and ISO/IEC and ICAO compliant high-resolution
images every time. This provides very high accuracy face and eye capture and the ability to
measure pose angle (with a threshold of +/- 5 degrees), a check of the illumination on the face,
background consistency and background shadows.
NextgenID’s IQV technology will also provide the image centering, scaling, cropping and
checking of image quality and the perfect compression rate for storage. Illumination verification
includes hot spots, glare and facial shadows. Sub-second feedback to the user gets the
applicant to position themselves properly and remove clothing or glasses that may make the
face image less suitable. Since the camera is taking many images during this process,
NextgenID’s powerful VisPro-ware automatically selects the best compliant image for
processing and storage.
NextgenID’s Facial Image Capture (FIC) Lighting adjusts the lighting intensity of the LED’s on
the face to ensure well lit face images without saturation for changing ambient lighting
conditions and skin tones.
If a gallery image is available, the KIOSK will perform failsafe 1 to 1 matching to confirm that
there is no substitution or imposter.
Biometric Iris Capture
NextgenID incorporates best-in-class sensors and matching algorithms to ensure that its
customers receive superior performance and value. The KIOSK utilizes a binocular sensor to
capture both eyes at the same time. This provides the enrollee with a single action capture
eliminating repetitive actions and wasted time. To maximize the capture field of view of the
human iris, the applicant will be instructed to lean forward slightly for expedited capture of both
irises at a 36mm distance.
Biometric Fingerprint Capture
Fingerprint capture is accomplished in the lower KIOSK tray and can utilize either two dual
finger capture devices, one on each side of the tray, or a single 4-4-2 slap finger print capture
device to the right of the keyboard.
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NextgenID software ensures the highest fingerprint quality through the use of NIST Finger
Image Quality (NFIQ) checks of each captured fingerprint while saving the images to the
necessary requirements and standards.
Signature Capture
A backlit signature capture device is provided with a tethered stylus. Internal software validation
will verify that the signature is clear and within defined requirements.
The MBE KIOSK houses a high fidelity microphone and speaker. Voice samples can easily be
requested and captured.
Accessibility to public services for the disabled is the law. In the UK, it is governed by the
Equality Act 2010 and in the USA by ADA 1991/2010. The highlights of the accessibility design
 Height adjustment of kiosk to accommodate enrollees of all sizes and with disabilities
 Open space under the kiosk’s main tray that provides for wheelchair maneuvering and
 All MBE KIOSK devices are within enrollee reach requirements for accessibility
 Headphone jack with volume adjustment is provided for the hearing and vision impaired
 Screen designs are in accordance with accessibility best practices
 Provisions are made to support multiple languages for both display and audio
To fully meet these accessibility requirements with the range of capability provided, it was
necessary to break the mold of the typical airport check-in kiosk or automated teller, which
work well, but assume that accessibility exceptions will be dealt with at secondary counters or
through support personnel.
KIOSK Reliability and Maintainability
This MBE KIOSK is designed for heavy use in varying physical locations. It is both durable and
reliable based on:
 Front wear surfaces are cast aluminum with powder coat finish
 Lights are long life LED type, so there are no light bulbs which burn out quickly
 Cameras are behind protective security glass
 Keyboard is industrial grade
 Scanner is industrial grade straight through paper pass with easy document extraction if
paper jam do occurs
 Monitor and card readers are kiosk industrial grade
 Fingerprint readers are high grade commercial quality and have been proven in harsh
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For best results, routine maintenance is recommended. It is suggested that the fingerprint
platen be wiped clean daily. This exercise is simple and effective. It can be performed more
frequently in high traffic locations, if necessary.
The MBE KIOSK is built with the most reliable components in the industry. Maintenance is still
required for maximum performance and longevity. The MBE KIOSK is designed so that all
maintenance can be performed from the front of the unit. Locked access doors open to expose
all internal components for maintenance and replacement, as required.
The initial installation and/or unit replacement can be accomplished quickly and easily by a
qualified service technician. The MBE KIOSK is shipped as three sub-component assemblies,
the lift, the kiosk main body and the side pod or pods. Each sub-assembly can easily be
handled by an installer. Installation steps are:
 Fix lift sub-assembly unit to floor or freestanding base
 Bolt kiosk main body sub-assembly unit to lift (4 bolts)
 Bolt pod(s) to kiosk core unit (4 bolts)
 Connect cable connectors for each sub=assembly
 Connect power and network cable to kiosk base
 Confirm auto power up and operation of kiosk
Security and Privacy
The MBE KIOSK has been designed with many layers of security:
 It is recommended that the MBE KIOSK be located in a secure and trusted facility and
within sight of a trained counter attendant
 The MBE KIOSK transactions can be supervised remotely, so it would be very difficult for
collusion or substitution to occur
 The included scene camera has a wide angle lens so that it can record the full field of
view from the applicant’s face to the keyboard and sensors - there is an audit trail for each
enrollment that includes a complete video of the entire enrollment of each enrollee
 For dependent or operator controlled enrollment, a second person may participate, but
this can be watched remotely so that the remote operator can both assist and assure that
the transaction is completed properly
 The image quality is checked and where possible the person’s identity is confirmed
biometrically against existing photos or fingerprints
 The captured biographical, biometric and breeder document information is retained in
encrypted form on the MBE KIOSK only as long as it is needed to transmit the information
and receive confirmation of receipt from the central collection site service. Each collected
piece of personal identity information is individually encrypted and then the overall
enrollment record file is encrypted and transmitted to the central collection location. NO
personal information is retained on the MBE KIOSK after the completion of the enrollment
 Transaction data is visible during the transaction, but is not retained on the remote
operator station if this process is being utilized
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 Differential Access to enrollment data at the central collection system is controlled and
granted to authorized personnel only. Details of authorized personnel and association of
required data elements, is determined with each customer and configured appropriately
post agreement
 Tampering with the MBE KIOSK will activate an accelerometer, which will ensure that the
tampering is recorded by the scene camera and will also alert the remote operator to
investigate. A local audible alarm can be initiated, if required.
Ease of Use
Foreign Residents may be using these KIOSKS at times, so operation of the MBE KIOSK was
designed to be simple, intuitive and to the greatest extent possible, language independent. The
MBE KIOSK design incorporates the following:
 Text guides for the user are supported by animation or video
 Green flashing light bars showing the exact order of each device to be used, indicate the
next step in the work-flow. For example, the bars beside the fingerprint readers will flash
when it is time to place your finger on the reader.
 Remote operator device assistance is provided. Provision of this service in selected
foreign languages will be investigated, if required.
 The MBE KIOSK is designed for easy ergonomic use independent of body shape or size.
 MBE KIOSK feedback advises the user to make adjustments or retake a photo or
biometric capture.
 Full visibility of the scene and the capture results by the remote operator.
Minimum Transaction Time
To provide maximum convenience, minimum transaction time benefits those that are waiting
for the user and delivers expedited throughput at each MBE KIOSK during peak periods.
Minimizing transaction time is very important to reduce incurred downtime of enrollees and to
increase user adoption and adaptability.
In recent customer trials in the Commonweath of Virginia, the typical enrollment time, with users
that had never seen or used the MBE KIOSK before, was between two and three minutes. This
contract test utilized a driver’s license, capturing a passport, capturing face, iris, two fingerprints
and a signature, scanning one breeder document and submitting the enrollment record to the
central collection service and Card Management Systems. In contrast, all other competition
was significantly slower with some to the point of being completely unacceptable. The customer
attributed the difference in enrollment time in the MBE KIOSK’s favor to:
 Efficient capture at each step. For example, instead of taking one photo and then
checking to see if it is ok and then taking another, the MBE KIOSK technology takes
many picture frames, extracts the faces, checks the quality and then selects to best
compliant image all automatically.
 Clear and simple transitions between capture steps. The MBE KIOSK is aided by
graphics and green flashing light bar cues, making each step in the process virtually
mistake proof.
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Transaction Audit Trail
Each enrollment transaction incorporates an audit trail of the captured enrollment information
plus related transaction information. As for example:
 Enrollment Information
 Cropped, quality checked face image
 Iris for right and left eyes
 Fingerprints
 Signature
 Copies of scanned documents
 Related transaction information, as for example:
 Scene camera video of the transaction period
 Audio record of the transaction
 Date and time information for each sub-transaction and overall transaction time
 Results of any biometric identity verification matches
 Quality metrics of all captured biometrics
 Operator and location data
 Any anomalies in the process (e.g. two faces in the enrollment image could suggest
an assisted enrollment or an issue)
The Data Dictionary in the MBE KIOSK system shows more than 170 data items, so there is
sufficient information to perform significant analysis and proactive system support. Simple
examples might be:
 If the fingerprint image quality is consistently lower at one location, is this an indication
that the platen is not being cleaned as regularly as needed?
 If the transaction times are consistently higher in one location, is that an indication that
renewed training is required?
The solution, however, is to have this information readily available to the administrator or data
analyst, yet ensure that the protected data stays encrypted. Technically, the encryption is at the
object level and thus provides enforced role based access at a fine granularity. The screen
shot below shows one view of such data.
The screen shot shows the Enrollment Source (the source MBE KIOSK), the time received
from the source, the Enrollment Type (for which organization was the information captured),
the date submitted (data can be transmitted to the sponsoring organization immediately or
aggregated and submitted periodically, say daily) and the Submission Result to a 3rd Party
system (in this case the Card Management System) along with a confirmation of receipt).
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Performance Reporting
Performance reporting is done centrally based on transaction and equipment availability
information from each MBE KIOSK. A generalized reporting tool is provided to allow user
defined and ad hoc reports. Typical reports include:
 Transaction reporting for gross transactions in a period, transactions by locations in a
period, transactions by time of day by location in a period
 Steps that had to be re-performed overall and by location
 Transaction step times - to assess if there are anomalies in the process or the equipment
in a location
 Successful transactions vs. abandoned transactions – and exact step at which a
transaction was abandoned.
 Equipment unavailable reporting
As noted above, the rich selection of transaction data allows effective analysis of the
information. Generally, the transaction data with fine grain role based encryption is moved to an
appropriate database to allow more in depth analysis, backup and disaster recovery, and
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Standards Based
Biometrics and enrollment services are all about standards. The MBE KIOSK is designed to
meet the prevailing and applicable biometric, health and safety standards. Examples are:
FBI, PIV-071006, FIPS 201, ANSI INCITS-378
Face Image:
ISO/IEC 19794/19785
Document Scanner/Readers:
IATA: TAT and ATB ICAO 9303 ISO 14443B
ADA 1991/2010, Equality Act 2010 CSA, UL, FCC, CE
Data Security:
ANSI X9.69, ANSI X9.73
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