MMS Fast Fact brochure

Homework Students will be issued lockers at the begin‐
ning of the year. The size of the student’s binders should not be more than 13 inches. Students should also be careful not to jam too much into the lockers since the lockers will not func on properly if treated in that manner. This year 6th graders will be issued locks ($5)to use on their lockers, similar to the gym lockers, and the locks should be kept for all three years at MMS. Students are urged to test the locks during 6th Grade Ori‐
enta on. Homework is most effec ve when both parent and school work together to emphasize its importance. We ask that students have a “Study Buddy” from their team. If your child is absent from school for only one day, your child’s “Study Buddy” can pick up any missed work for your child. If your child is out of school for TWO or more days, please call the Guidance office before 10:00 a.m. to request home‐
work for your child. Homework will be ready for your child a er 2:00 p.m. Parents are encouraged to use the Parent Portal to monitor student assign‐
ments. Gym lockers
h p://
portal/mahopac.jsp Your child will be assigned a gym locker. The combina on lock you buy in the 6th grade should be kept and used for all three years at MMS. Grades & Report Cards
Mahopac Middle School uses numerical grades for each of the four marking periods. A passing grade is one of 65% or above. Re‐
port cards will be posted on Parent Portal four mes during the year. Dates of these pos ngs will be in the district calendar and in the Student Handbook. Interim Progress Reports Are posted about halfway through the mark‐
ing period. Teachers will alert parents re‐
garding the level of progress and perfor‐
mance of a student. If you should have any ques ons regarding grades or grading, please contact the subject teacher directly. Daily upda ng of grades does NOT take place on the Parent Portal. 
There is also a free app for your cell phone. Add to favorites in your browser for easy access to web applica ons. Individual core subject teachers offer a er school help once a week. The Homework Center is also available Monday – Thursday 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm in the Library. Children will be able to take the 3:00 p.m. buses. MAHOPAC MIDDLE SCHOOL
Our Children, Our School, Our Future. Ge ng your child to and from school
The safest and most efficient way for children to get to school is by bus. Students need to know their bus stop, bus number and their cross street. Buses line up in the same order between the Middle School and High School for dismissal each day and depart at approximately 2:05 p.m. If you drop your child off in the morning please do
so between 7:00 – 7:40 a.m. in the rear of the
You will need to enter through the Falls School park‐
ing lot and stay le as you drive toward the drop off area. Guidance Counselors:
Children should u lize the sidewalk near the science wing and walk into the school at the nearest en‐
trance, which is supervised by a monitor. They must then walk directly to the Main Lobby to wait to be released to their lockers. Each child will be assigned a counselor upon enter‐
ing 6th grade and will remain with him/her through‐
out his/her Middle School years. Parents should not enter the main entrance of the Middle School between 7:00 – 7:40 a.m during bus drop off unless given permission by the Principal. Parent Conferences:
Parents dropping off students with crutches must park at the handicapped spot just past the flagpole. Teachers, counselors, and/or parents may request a conference. Parents can call the Guidance Office at 845‐621‐1330, x 12600 to schedule a conference. Visitors:
Visitors are required to report to the main lobby to sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass. ALL VISITORS MUST BE BUZZED IN AND DISPLAY
* NEW If you pick up your child a erschool:
Similar to morning drop‐off this occurs at the rear of the building which is accessed through the Falls School. Please park in an empty spot or wait in line next to the curb as students dismiss. 1:55 p.m. for the regular dismissal and 2:45 p.m. for the late dismissal. A endance Procedures
Student Dress Requirements
Regular a endance at school is required by state law. When students are absent from school please contact the A endance Office (845‐621‐1312) by 8:30 a.m. every day the student is absent. We ac vely recognize and take pride in the appearance of our students. All students are expected to dress neatly in a re that is suita‐
ble and safe for school ac vi es. For specific items of inappropriate clothing please see the MMS Handbook which may be accessed through our school website under the link toward the le tled “School Informa on”. Please refer to your school calendar when plan‐
ning vaca ons. Any vaca ons that interfere with your child's ability to a end school will be consid‐
ered unexcused absences. Teachers are not obli‐
gated to provide work for these absences. For fur‐
ther explana ons of excused and unexcused ab‐
sences please refer to the Student Handbook. It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work. Schools are required to monitor student a endance by period and excessive absences will be brought to Guidance Counselor's a en on. If a student is absent for 2 or more days, homework can be requested from the Guidance Office at 845‐
621‐1330 ext. 12600. Late arriving students must report to the A end‐
ance Office for a pass upon arrival at school. They are not to go directly to their classroom. The school day consists of eight (8) 42 minute peri‐
ods, which includes lunch. A erschool help is avail‐
able Monday ‐ Friday from 2:00 ‐ 2:45 PM. See your child's teacher for their assigned day(s). The student's schedule is based on a four (4) day rota‐
on and not a five (5) day week. This allows for all required subjects to meet regularly, these days are labeled "A thru D". Backpacks
Students are not permi ed to carry a backpack
during the day. Students will be required to use a binder traveling to their classes. Team teachers will help the students to organize the sec ons for each subject ma er. Girls may carry a small shoul‐
der bag with them for personal items. Clothing
Wear appropriate clothing and safe footwear. If your clothing is inappropriate for school, you will be expected to change into appropri‐
ate clothing. Students inappropriately dressed will be sent to the main office and parents will be contact‐
ed to provide a suitable ou it. Cell Phones To help insure the safety and well‐being of all students as well as protec ng personal proper‐
ty, the Board of Educa on & the Code of Con‐
duct of the Mahopac Central School District prohibit Middle School student possession & use of cell phones and video/audio recording devices on school property. If a student violates this policy the following consequences will be enforced: 
Confisca on of the electronic device. 
Le er to parent. 
Parent/guardian must pick up electronic device from the main office. 
Repeated viola ons of this policy can re‐
sult in disciplinary measures including sus‐
pension. Honor Roll
The Honor Roll iden fies students who demonstrate the highest level of academic excellence. These students need to maintain a minimum of 85% in every subject for Honor Roll and High Honor Roll designa on, regard‐
less of their overall ver cal average. Students enrolled in Accelerated Math and Science will have to maintain a minimum of 80 in the ac‐
celerated courses for Honor and High Honor Roll designa on. High Honor Roll ‐ student ver cal average of all report card grades for a given marking pe‐
riod is 89.5% or be er. Honor Roll – student ver cal average of all report card grades for a given marking period is 85‐89.4%.
Phone Messages
Requests from parents/guardians to deliver messages to students can be disrup ve and may result in lost instruc onal me. Please communicate messages with your student pri‐
or to their departure to school. To minimize distrac ons & interrup ons, students will be
called down at the end of the period to re‐
ceive your message.
Of course if there is a family emergency the student will be removed from class and brought to the office to speak with their par‐
ents. *In the Middle School, cell phones are prohibited
by the Board of Educa on Policy.*
School hours
Homeroom begins at 7:38 a.m. and students dismiss at 1:53 p.m. We have an 8 period day and follow an AB/CD schedule.