About The Ship - USS Milwaukee (LCS 5)

USS Milwaukee Commissioning Committee
Vice Admiral Dirk Debbink, USNR (ret.), Chair
Sylvia M. Panetta, Ship Sponsor
Dr. Tom Buck, Chief of Staff
Candee Arndt
USS Milwaukee
(LCS 5)
Command Master Chief Denny Behr, USN (ret.)
Captain Michael Good, USN (ret.)
Strength and Freedom
Carol Knuth
Commander William Lemorande, USNR (ret.)
Introducing the USS
Milwaukee (LCS 5)
Captain Dan McElroy, USN (ret.)
The name Milwaukee has been on four previous
U.S. Navy ships serving back to the Civil War. The
LCS Milwaukee, fifth in her class of ships, will be
the fastest and most versatile ever, capable of
speeds over 40 knots as she defends our nation.
Alan Perlstein
Even more significant, USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) is
the only naval ship to date to be commissioned in
her namesake city, in the state she was built,
among the people that built her. In return, she will
one day carry Milwaukee’s brand worldwide.
The USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) is a vastly advanced
warship incorporating improvements based on the
experience of her predecessors, complete automation, and the latest technologies including
smart grid propulsion and unmanned vehicles.
In her role, LCS Milwaukee places Wisconsin at
the pinnacle of the new fleet of warships that will
carry out our nation’s future maritime strategy.
Steve Misun
Alexis Peterson
Captain Tom Plantenberg, USNR (ret.)
Commander Richard Vallin, USN (ret.)
Commander Phil Vollrath, USNR (ret.)
Captain Jim Young, USNR (ret.)
The USS Milwaukee Commissioning Committee is
affiliated with the Navy League of the United
States, Milwaukee Council, a recognized non-profit
organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal
Revenue Code.
Veteran’s Park
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
USS Milwaukee Commissioning Committee
4201 N. 27th Street
7th Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53216
[email protected]
Spring 2015
What is LCS?
The small profile of the Littoral Combat Ship
(LCS) promises to transform naval shoreline
operations by packing a powerhouse punch of
agility and speed. This new class of ship:
 Improves stealth and networking capabilities.
 Defeats anti-access and asymmetric threats.
 Functions ably in areas that challenge larger,
multi-mission ships.
 Works effectively when grouped with other
ships and on solo missions as well.
 Increases options for executing missions by
using manned and unmanned vehicles.
 Employs technologically advanced weapons,
sensors and systems.
Its variable speeds allow greater functionality:
 Low speeds for shoreline missions.
 Economical speeds for transit.
 High-speeds for sprints that avoid or
prosecute small boat and submarine threats.
What is a Commissioning?
Now that LCS Milwaukee has been christened
by Sylvia Marie Panetta, CEO of the Panetta
Institute for Public Policy, after sea trials, the
ship will experience the time-honored
commissioning ceremony that marks its
acceptance into the fleet. The USS Milwaukee
(LCS 5)’s commissioning will take place on a
Saturday in Spring 2015.
 Thousands of visitors from throughout the
Midwest will gather at Milwaukee County
Veterans Park on downtown Milwaukee’s
beautiful waterfront to witness this event.
 The ceremony is open to the public, but
admission requires a ticket.
The USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) will arrive a week
before its commissioning, offering the public:
 An opportunity to watch USS Milwaukee
(LCS 5) sail into the Port of Milwaukee and
ceremoniously “spring to life” in anticipation
of her commissioning ceremony.
 Opportunities to interact with crew members
and learn how they employ modern
technology to accomplish their missions.
 An exhibition of today’s U.S. Navy, its work
and role in defending our nation.
What Does This Mean for Our
This, the first commissioning of a U.S. Navy
warship in the Great Lakes since 2008, allows
citizens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the entire
Midwest to participate in a historic event.
At the same time, it is an opportunity for us to:
 Remember the importance, role and history of
the maritime industry and technology to our
 Educate the heartland of America on how our
country defends itself and our way of life while
fostering community pride in being part of this
important work that has and will continue to
impact our nation.
 Provide near and long-term opportunities for
students in the Greater Milwaukee Area and
beyond to develop science, technology,
engineering and math (STEM) proficiency.
We encourage the entire community to learn
more and take part in this unique opportunity.
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Milwaukee (LCS 5), visit: