Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology

Near-bit Geosteering Drilling
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CNPC’s Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology
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1. Introduction
2. China Geosteering Drilling
System-1 (CGDS-1)
3 Typical Cases
4 R&D Equipment
5 Qualification and Standard
6 Expert Team
China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is
a state-authorized investment agency and a state
holding company. As an integrated oil company of
cross-regions, cross-industries and cross-countries,
it adopts modern enterprise system to realize the
integration of upstream and downstream operations,
internal and external trade and production and
marketing. CNPC has 17 upstream companies,
33 downstream companies and 36 large-scale
marketing companies. It is China’s largest producer
and supplier of oil and gas, and also one of the
largest refined oil products and petrochemicals. In
2010 CNPC produced 105 million tons of crude oil
and 72.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas, while
crude processing volume reached 135 million tons.
The total revenue of RMB1,720 billion with a profit
of RMB172.7 billion had been achieved the same
year. Its profit is among the highest of the domestic
enterprises in China.
CNPC was ranked 10th in Fortune Global 500 in
2010 and 5th among global top 50 oil companies.
CNPC strictly follows by the combined strategies
of increasing resource capacity, expanding market
shares and consolidating the international role, and
persists in regarding technical innovation as a key
framework to advance technological progress. To
develop its core businesses, focuses will be placed
on the solutions of key bottleneck technologies
and key proprietar y technologies. Thanks to
continuously improving of the technical innovation
system, optimizing the configuration of technological
resources and strengthening the construction of
strong talent teams, CNPC’s technological creativity
has been considerably upgraded. Consequently, a
large number of technologies have been developed
independently, with its own intellectual property.
The Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology is
one of representatives for major innovations of CNPC.
The Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology is
the new and advanced technology for well drilling
in the 21st century commonly acknowledged by
the international drilling industry. By integrating
machine, electric power, fluidization system,
measurement while drilling (MWD), transmission,
decision and control of information, the Near-bit
Geosteering Drilling System has the functions of
“measure, transmission, guiding”, i.e. via measuring
geologic parameter and engineering parameter of
bit, bidirectional information transmission between
downhole and ground, and ground control and
decision, which steers a bit to discover on time
and exactly drill into hydrocarbon reservoir and
keeps relatively high probability of penetration in
hydrocarbon reservoir. Thereby the discovery rate
and output of oil and gas well are increased and the
goal of increasing reserves and output of oil and gas
is reached. This kind of preponderance is even more
obvious in horizontal well for thin beds, wherefore
the technology is called “navigation missile” into the
ground by industry participants.
China Geosteering Drilling System-1 (CGDS-1)
is the drilling equipment whose independent
intellectual property is owned by CNPC. In the
course of its development, 12 national patents for
invention (6 authorizations have been obtained) and
23 proprietary technologies of CNPC are declared.
This system could be used to measure 3 geologic
parameters of near-bit, 2 engineering parameters of
near-bit and 3 controlled variables for well path. Its
angle build-up rate conforms to the requirement of
long to middle radius, its signal transmission depth is
5,000m and transfer rate of data is 5bit/s.
On Dec. 28, 2006, CNPC held the promotion
conference for China Geosteering Drilling System-1
(CGDS-1). CGDS-1 has been industrialized. Till May
2010 the system has been applied to 28 wells in
Jidong, Liaohe, Sichuan, Jianghan oilfields, etc.
In May 2009, CNPC obtained the “Certificate
of National Independent Innovation Product” for
China Geosteering Drilling System-1 (CGDS-1),
and obtained the second prize of 2009 National
Te c h n o l o g y I n n o v a t i o n Aw a rd f o r “ N e a r- b i t
Geosteering Drilling System and Industrial
Wireless Receiving System (WLRS)
China Geosteering Drilling System-1
China Adjustable Instrumented
System (CAIMS)
China Geosteering MWD (CGMWD)
China Formation/Drilling
Software System (CFDS)
Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology
CNPC owns two sizes of Near-bit Geosteering
Drilling System: CGDS172 and CGDS203.
China Geosteering Drilling System-1 (CGDS-1) is
composed of CAIMS, WLRS, CGMWD and CFDS.
Drill string
Screw motor
Non-magnetic drill collar
Upper stabilizer
Surface adjustable bent
housing assembly
Wireless short-range
transmission receiver coil
Cardan shaft assembly
Resistivity wireless short-range
transmitter coil
Surface adjustable bent housing
Resistivity and wireless short
transmission transmitter coil
Motor System
From top to bottom, CAIMS is composed of
bypass valve, screw motor (i=5/6), cardan shaft
assembly, near-bit adjustable instrumented pup joint,
surface adjustable bent housing and transmission
shaft assembly with near-bit stabilizer.
Bypass valve
1. China Adjustable Instrumented Motor
System (CAIMS)
Inclination and tool face
orientation sensor
Natural gamma sensor
Azimuthal resistivity sensor
Read and canned data port
Resistivity receiver coil
Azimuthal natural gamma sensor
Inclination, tool face orientation sensor
Azimuthal resistivity sensor
Resistivity receiver coil
Near-bit stabilizer
Near-bit stabilizer
Sketch of CGDS-1 CAIMS
2. Wireless Receiving System (WLRS)
WLRS is mainly composed of upper data connection assembly, stabilizer, battery and control circuit coach
body, short-range transmission receiver coil and lower adapter. Its top is connected with CGMWD while its
bottom with motor.
3. China Geosteering MWD (CGMWD)
CGMWD is composed of the hardware system of downhole instrument and corresponding software.
Downhole instrument system is composed of positive pulse generator (transfer rate reaches more than 5 bit/
s), driving controller pup joint, battery container pup joint, direction finder pup joint. The software for downhole
instrument is composed of Main Control Module, Orientation Module, Driver Module and Battery Module.
Upper data connection assembly
Non-magnetic drill collar
Positive pulse generator
Battery and control circuit coach body
Port for installation of receiving system
and read and canned data
Short-range transmission receiving coil
Driver pup joint
Lower adapter
Battery container pup joint
Structural Sketch for WKRS
Display Interface of Ground I
nstrument Roomand Console
Direction finder pup joint
Lower data connection assembly
Orbit Design Interface
Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology
4. China Formation/Drilling Software System (CFDS)
CFDS is mainly composed of hardware such as Ground Sensor, Front End Receiver and Ground Signal
Processing, software such as Data Processing Analysis, Design of Well Drilling Orbit and Steering Decision
and modules such as Valuation of Effect, Data Management and Chart Output.
Technical Parameters for China Geosteering Drilling System-1 (CGDS-1)
Main Performance Parameters for CGDS-1
Maximum OD
Whipstocking capability
middle, long radius
middle, long radius
Transmission depth
greater than 4500m
greater than 4500m
Hole size
positive pulse of mud
positive pulse of mud
5 bit/s
5 bit/s
200 bit/s
200 bit/s
200 h
200 h
Resistivity, azimuthal resistivity,
azimuthal gamma, angle of
inclination, gravity tool face
orientation, temperature of bit
Resistivity, azimuthal resistivity,
azimuthal gamma, angle of
inclination, gravity tool face
orientation, temperature of bit
Maximum allowance of impulsion
10000 m/s2(0. 2ms, 1/2sin)
10000 m/s2(0. 2ms, 1/2sin)
Maximum allowance of vibration
150 m/s2(10~200Hz)
150 m/s2(10~200Hz)
19 ~38 L/s
19 ~38 L/s
3. 2 MPa
3. 2 MPa
100 ~200 r/min
90 ~160 r/min
3660 N. m
5000 N. m
80 kN
120 kN
38 ~ 76. 6kW
38~77 kW
0. 48 m
0. 48 m
1. 7 m
1. 7 m
1. 88 m
1. 88 m
8. 4 m
9. 1 m
Length of wireless receiving pup joint
1. 94 m
1. 94 m
CGMWD length
7. 85 m
7. 85 m
Total length of CGDS-1 downhole
18. 2 m
18. 9 m
upper end: 4 1/2 IF ( 4 IF )
lower end: 4 1/2REG
upper end: 6 5/8 REG
lower end: 6 5/8 REG
Maximum working temperature
Type of pulse generator
Upload transfer rate
Short-range transmission data rate
Stream time
Near-bit measuring parameters
Maximum pressurization
Flow rate of motor
Pressure drop of motor
Output drilling rate
Operation torque
Recommended weight on bit
Output power of motor
Distance between near-bit resistivity
measuring point and motor subsurface
Distance between azimuthal resistivity
measuring point and motor subsurface
Distance between azimuthal natural
gamma measuring point and motor
Distance between near-bit inclination/
gravity tool face measuring point and
motor subsurface
Length of adjustable instrumented motor
Connecting thread
Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology
Technical Advantages of China Geosteering Drilling System-1(CGDS-1)
CGDS-1 provides three main functions for
measuring, transmission and steering:
(1) Measuring near-bit geologic parameters (bit
resistivity, azimuthal resistivity, natural gamma) and
near-bit engineering parameters (inclination, tool
face orientation), near-bit measurement information
is transmitted over steerable motor to WLRS with
wireless short-range transmission technology.
(2) Near-bit measurement information is fit into
CGMWD by data connection system assembly,
the measured downhole information is transmitted
to CFDS passing CGMWD as information transfer
channel, the measured information is the evidence
for steering operation decision.
(3) The downhole steering motor (or combination
of turntable drill tool) is taken as the implement tool
for steering, the downhole measurement information
is processed, interpreted, judged, decided by CFDS,
and steering tool is directed exactly drilling into oil
and gas target stratum or drilling ahead in oil zone.
Main Construction Parameters for China Geosteering Drilling System-1 (CGDS-1)
Typical Cases
In Dec. 2006, China Geosteering Drilling System-1
(CGDS-1) was used in Well Qi 604-Well Lian H2Z in
Liaohe Oilfield. Well Qi 604-Well Lian H2Z are located
in the block which is marginal oil sheet, its reservoir
thickness is 2-3m, control degree of the oil layer is
low, and attitude of the oil layer is changed badly.
The working time of the instrument downhole was
30h. The results show that the data of MWD satisfy
the operation requirement. After examination and
verification of the geological engineers on site, it
was considered that the MWD data curve basically
reflected actual conditions of the oil layer. The
application of CGDS-1 in the wells hugely increases
predication accuracy of strata being waited to drill
for engineering and geological technicians and
enhances probability of penetration for oil layers
At the end of Jan. 2007, in Jidong Oilfield,
field operation service in 3 horizontal wells were
successfully finished, including Well LB-P8, Well
L90¬P2 and Well L23-P8, with the accumulative
footage of 2994. 5m and the accumulative working
time of 860.5h. The results of field operation indicated
that CGDS-1 meets the operation requirement of
engineering, measurement parameters are exact and
stable, and enhances probability of penetration for oil
In Nov. 2008, the system was used in Well Huan
127-Well Lian H205 in Liaohe Oilfield.
(1) The geological and engineering parameters of
MWD data are stable, upload transmission of data and
Test for downhole instrument of CGDS-1 is
conducted after tripping out
CGDS-1 is tripped out of wellhead
Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology
System test is conducted before operation
ground decodification are fast and exact. For CFDS,
its interface is good and operation is convenient;
operating life of motor is long, gauging nipple and
motor of CAIMS are relatively independent and it is
easy to maintain on site. CGDS-1 works steadily and
bears relatively high dependability, which can satisfy
the requirement for industrial application.
(2) The MWD result of geological parameters,
such as near-bit azimuth resistivity, bit resistivity
and azimuthal natural gamma, reflects the variation
trend of reservoir that is verified by actual drilling
results. Compared with the present domestically
used imported products, the CGDS-1 has obvious
advantage of near-bit measurement and the important
direction to enhance probability of penetration for oil
and gas, pinpoint landing, etc.
In Feb. 2010, this technology was applied in
Well Haoping 2 of Jianghan Oilfield. Well Haoping
2 is located in Haokou Block in Jianghan Oilfield,
the block belongs to Haokou structural nose in
Qianjiang Sag, and it has thin oil layer and complex
geological structure belonging to ultrathin oil layer
(minimum reservoir thickness is 0.66m), so it is
difficult to operate. Since the measurement point of
CGDS can reflect the variation of formation lithology
ontime, it makes Party A of the project cognize the
formation more timely and distinctly, provides timely
and exact stratigraphic information to geological
staffs as well as timely visual evidence for decision
of further engineering implementation, and enhances
probability of penetration for drilling.
R&D Equipment
For CGDS-1, its scientific research and development environment is at high side, equipment condition is
advanced, and in 2008, National Drilling Engineering Laboratory was established in CNPC.
Team of Scientific Research and Development
National Engineering Laboratory of Oil
and Gas Drilling Technology
Removal and Mounting Machine for
Test System of Electric Vibration
for Triaxial Synchronous Vibration Downhole Instrument and Tools of MWD
Tempering Test Cabinet for Nonmetal Fullsize Drill Collar
Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology
Qualification and
In 2000, CNPC has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and has obtained the certification
document of ISO9001 quality management system certification persistently, has the qualification to undertake
technical service provided by technology research of oil and gas well drilling engineering and products.
2. Standard
In the advanced development process of Nearbit Geosteering Drilling Technology, many API
well drilling standards were cited, and a series of
enterprise standards and industry standards were
researched and established independently.
Qualification and Standard
3. Patent
CNPC owns 26 patents for China Geosteering Drilling System-1 (CGDS-1), including 12 patents for
4. Certificate of National Independent Innovation Product
Near-bit Geosteering Drilling Technology
Expert Team
Su Yinao
(Professor, Member of China Engineering Academy, Director of State Engineering Laboratory
of Oil and Gas Drilling)
He has long been engaged in technical research and application of drilling engineering, his
multiple items of innovation efforts in research of drilling mechanics, path control and downhole
tools occupy international advanced stage. He has proposed the frontier of “Downhole Control
Engineering” and presides to tackle key problem of associative leading edge technology.
He has obtained 1 second prize of China Technology Innovation Award, 1 first prize and 2
second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and 18 national patents for
invention. He has published 7 monographs and more than 150 research papers.
E-mail: [email protected] com. cn
Sheng Limin
(Professor, senior technician for well drilling)
10 余篇。
He has long
been engaged
in engineering and technological research and application of
[email protected]。
downhole controlling of drilling and obtained 1 second prize of China Technology Innovation
Phone: 010-83598364
Email: [email protected] com. cn
Deng Le
(Professor, senior technician for well drilling)
He has long been engaged in the research and application of electronic circuit of downhole
instrument of drilling and obtained 1 second prize of China Technology Innovation Award.
Phone: 010-83598332
Expert Team
Li Lin
(Senior engineer)
He has long been engaged in the research and application of downhole information
transmission technique and obtained 1 second prize of China Technology Invention Award.
Phone: 010-83597423
Email: [email protected] com. cn
Dou Xiurong
(Senior engineer)
He has long been engaged in the research and application of downhole tool construction
design for drilling and obtained 1 second prize of China Technology Invention Award.
Phone: 010-83597460
Email: [email protected] com. cn
Phone: 010-83597067
Wang Jiajin
(Senior engineer)
He has long been engaged in the research and application of system software engineering
of downhole tool for drilling and obtained 1 second prize of China Technology Invention Award.
Phone: 010-83598335
Email: [email protected] com. cn
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