All delegates are requested to read these policies in their entirety. Being a
delegate for the conference implies that the individual has accepted all
conference policies and is therefore expected to comply with all of them.
Delegates are also expected to abide by all local and municipal laws and
IPS Academy Regulations while at INDORE MUN 2014.
General Policies
The Secretary-General, the Director General and the Mentor In-charge
of Altius Institute of Universal Studies are the only individuals
empowered to making exceptions to any of the rules mentioned as a part
of all the policies listed in this document.
INDORE MUN 2014 is not liable for any promises/ exceptions made
by other members of the Organizing Committee regarding fees or
The INDORE MUN 2014 Executive Board/Organizing Committee
reserves the right to amend the country/committee matrix. Also,
country and committee allotments are solely to the discretion of the
Organizing Committee and the Executive Board members.
Committee policies for every committee shall be laid down by the
Secretary General along with the Executive Board members for the
respective committees. All Executive Board members are free to
exercise their freedom to conduct committee in a way that they deem
best motions of censure and impeachment shall not be entertained
against any Executive Board member for the duration of INDORE
MUN 2014.
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Consumption or possession of drugs and/or alcohol will not be
entertained even in the smallest of proportions. If any delegate is found
in possession of alcohol or drugs that delegation will be asked to leave
the conference immediately. An official letter from IPS Academy will
also be sent to the said delegate’s school/college. Violators of this policy
may be criminally liable according to local, state and federal laws
regarding the aforementioned violation.
Cigarette smoking is not permitted within the premises.
INDORE MUN 2014 is NOT responsible for belongings left in
committee rooms. If any delegates do leave their belongings in
committee rooms, then they are doing so at their own risk.
All delegates are expected to be present in committee, and must stay in
committee meetings for the established duration.
In order to receive a certificate of participation, a delegate has to attend a
minimum of 75% of the sessions. In order to receive an award, a
delegate must attend all the sessions except in the case of unavoidable
circumstances which shall be deemed valid only by the respective
Executive Board members and the Secretary General. The Chairpersons
and the Organizing Committee will log attendance.
Delegates must wear the ID badges provided by the Organizers at all
times during INDORE MUN 2014, in and out of Conference events,
including all the socials.
Mentor Advisors are encouraged to visit committee sessions. Please note
that Mentor Advisors are responsible for their students' behavior.
Mentor advisors might not be allowed in committee sessions during
voting procedure or in case if the Chairpersons decide against it.
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The official language at INDORE MUN 2014 will be ENGLISH.
During the sessions, the delegates are expected to exercise diplomatic
courtesy when addressing members of the committee and the dais. The
delegates are expected to address the other delegates in third person. No
use of slang or informal terms would be entertained. In addition,
delegates are also requested to be polite to all the logistics, press and
other miscellaneous Organizing Committee members.
Conference Fees, No refund Policy and Accommodations:
The details of the Conference fees and other information in relation to
fees for accommodation etc. are published on the website.
Delegates will not be allowed to participate in INDORE MUN
2014 unless they have paid the registration fees.
There will be no refund in case a delegate backs out of the conference.
Also, travelling, visas, lodging, boarding, food and other incidental
costs are to be borne by the participating delegates.
INDORE MUN 2014 is arranging for accommodation of all delegates
who require it, we would like you to note that all financial transactions
in relation to accommodations shall be handled by the organizing
committee for the delegates with the concerned hotel being provided by
us. INDORE MUN 2014 is responsible for the cash transactions if the
delegate takes accommodation from us. Furthermore, these payments
have to be made on the day of arrival.
INDORE MUN 2014 offers limited accommodations on first come
first serve basis.
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Cancellation Due to Weather Conditions, Health Issues etc.
INDORE MUN 2014 will take place from the 25th to the 27th of July,
INDORE MUN 2014 reserves the right to cancel the conference in the
case of extreme circumstances, such as health epidemics, major natural
INDORE MUN 2014 can be cancelled/modified/postponed in case if a
college policy decision is taken in that regards. No refunds shall be
provided in those circumstances.
Other Rules
The Executive Board/ Organizing Committee have the right to
immediately expel delegates from both the committee as well as
conference premises due to unacceptable behavior. Serious indiscipline
on the part of even a single delegate may require the dismissal, without
refund, of the individual involved and his or her delegation from the
The Organizing Committee/Executive Board reserves the right to define
appropriate Conference behavior and is particularly strict about issues
involving displays of disrespect to other delegates, Executive Board
members, Organizing Committee conference, venue staff and other
volunteers including the members of the International Press for
Any photo, video, and other audio/visual material taken and/or
recorded during INDORE MUN 2014 featuring any delegate may be
used and published for promotional purposes by Altius Institute of
Universal Studies and INDORE MUN.
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The delegates would be held responsible for any willful or negligent
damage to the property at the venues and premises of the activities
held by INDORE MUN 2014, including In-Conference, Out-of
Conference and Pre- & Post-Conference Events, and will also be held
responsible for the replacement and/or compensation of and for any
damage that they may have caused.
It is indemnified and believed to hold harmless the INDORE MUN 2014
Organizing Committee, Executive Board members and the Altius
Institute of Universal Studies with the staff, administration, committee
post holders, secretariat members and other agents from and against any
claims of liability, loss, theft, damage or cost which may arise out of or
relate to travelling to, participating in, and/or returning from the
The INDORE MUN 2014 Organizing Committee reserves the right to change or
amend or modify any of the conference policies mentioned in this document
without any prior notice.
Accepting the policies online through registration is tantamount to a digital
signature, agreeing to abide by the policies set above. In case of a minor
registering for the conference, online registration would automatically imply
parental consent.
We thank you wholeheartedly in advance for your support and co-operation.
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