Beautiful Secrets

s h o w c a s e
Beautiful Secrets
Luxury Japanese skincare brand MTM’s best-kept secrets come
in the form of “custom-blended” potions derived from herbal formulas
and innovative technologies to give you soft, flawless skin.
riven by its
of “Customblended
Your Skincare Solution”,
MTM offers madeto-measure skincare
products and facials
that are highly
effective in addressing
individual skin
conditions and needs,
bringing you the most
desirable results. On
each tailor-made
product, specifics of
the selected essences
— picked by certified
consultants — together
with your name and
blending date will
be marked, allowing
you to experience
the ultimate
Defined Facial
MTM Custom-blended 3D
CollaMoist Cream, $568
Hailed for its anti-ageing and
peptide properties, this bestselling
cream melts easily into the skin to
improve skin laxity and renew facial
contours. Formulated with Tri-Marine
Collagen extracted from deep-sea
fish, it comprises three types of highly
absorbent collagen molecules that
permeate all skin layers for a fuller,
firmer complexion.
Radiant Skin
MTM Custom-blended Reishi Mask,
This rich and milky-smooth cream mask contains
red reishi extract, ginseng root extract and five other
herbal extracts said to have anti-ageing properties.
Popular among Asian women who desire a fairer,
even skin tone, the cream’s herbal formulation also
regulates the internal flow of qi and blood to nourish
skin for a healthy and luminous rosy glow.
Bright Eyes
MTM Custom-blended Realize Eye Primo,
Banish dark circles, crow’s feet, dullness,
pigmentation or under-eye bags with Realize
Eye Primo’s selection of five highly concentrated
essences that nurture the skin from deep within.
Based on specific skin problems, use one or mix
two essences at your discretion to achieve your
desired optimum result.
Combat Wrinkles
MTM Custom-blended
Eye Mask (Generation 4), $286
This bestseller comes with two powerful
key ingredients — 100% Freezed Dried
Botanical Collagen and a patented
TetraEye™ (or Tetrapeptide) formula — to
help stimulate collagen and microcirculation
while minimising fine lines,
wrinkles and puffiness.
These miracle
also improve
elasticity, and
draw upon
herbal extracts
such as Dang
Gui, Actiflow,
MoraBright and
Fermiskin to diminish
dark circles, eye bags,
pigmentation and
lines, respectively.
Cream SPF30, $79
You will fall in love with
MTM’s first collagen
makeup base for its light
and velvety texture. As part
of the brand’s continuous
Authentic Beauty regime
for desirable skin, this
cream’s antioxidant
properties help skin look
luminous and radiant,
even without makeup.
Suitable for all skin types,
its multitude of benefits
includes a moisturised
and flawless complexion,
smoothing out fine lines
and pores while providing
long-lasting protection from
harmful UV rays.
Cell Renewal
MTM Custom-blended Reishi Eye Cream, $227
The fragile skin around the eyes requires delicate care to protect it from
signs of ageing. This eye cream is known for its exquisite Japanese red
reishi extract that prevents oxidation of skin cells and ginseng extract that
boosts blood circulation to help revive skin’s youthfulness.
Spruce Up Speed Facial
Call it a “Skincare intervention” if you may, but
Spruce Up Speed Facial is not just any regular
skincare treatment that promises to change your
skin’s appearance in 30 minutes! Creating perfect
skin harmony begins with a skincare consultation,
and that’s where Spruce Up Speed Facial comes in. The 1-on-1 Personal
Skincare Workshop offers you the opportunity to “revisit” and “reconnect”
with your skincare routine based on three key areas:
1. To build an intimate relationship with the MTM brand.
2. To experience the “Quality and Efficacy” of MTM Custom-blended
Skincare Products, as seen on TV.
3. To educate about the right skincare products and application techniques
that you can apply in the comfort of your own home.
An exclusive “By Invitation Only” skincare experience awaits! Simply
register your interest with us at today!
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