Monitor and Control Fund Administration NAV Reconciliation

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Monitor and Control Fund Administration
NAV Reconciliation Process Management
Building success through multi-disciplinary
One of GFT’s goals as a strategic ServiceNow partner is to add
value to our customers by leveraging the expertise and industry
knowledge we have built up in the financial services sector
over more than 25 years in business. In this respect we strive to
put together blended teams of technical and business professionals who can primarily focus on our customer’s challenges
from a process improvement perspective and secondly provide
the best technical solution to support and automate the new
Customer Situation / Challenge
Within Fund Administration, process driven tasks are a key
component for the production of Fund NAVs and the delivery
of services to clients/investors.
Fund Administrators are increasingly focusing on the manual
aspects of these tasks such as exception resolution, settlement
processing and sub tasks for fund valuations. For the most
part over the last twenty years many of the main processes
have been automated, however the exception processes have
remained largely manual and undocumented with little control
or oversight.
GFT Alternative Investment –
ServiceNow Offering
GFT has created an offering that many of our clients have
asked us to deliver, based on our experience and reputation
within the Fund Management and Fund Administration sector.
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ServiceNow allows the flexible automation of information
gathering, workflow design and processing with audit, analysis
and reporting capability. The application is tailored to fit into
the daily trade reconciliation process to assist the Operations
department with the following benefits:
GFT: Big enough to deliver –
small enough to care
¬ Allows fund administrators to quantify, log and track the
process of each break, whether settlement or position
booking using a process flow system through to final
¬ Our +2,100 employees are complemented by a network
of 1,200 highly qualified independent IT experts
¬ Exception or Break Reports will be sent directly to the
ServiceNow platform, which is configured to automatically identify the type of break, insert them into the corresponding database table and display them to fund
administration manager for further allocation on the user
¬ Missing price and trade/position breaks from the Fund
Accounting system are fed into workflow exceptions
tickets within ServiceNow for resolution by users reducing
the need for each employee to have a desktop installation/
user license.
¬ We maintain offices in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy,
Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA
¬ Our Global Delivery Model supports a flexible combination
of international project teams and industry experts
to maximize the return on your IT investment
¬ We are one of the world’s leading providers of IT services
to the financial sector (FinTech 100 Ranking 2013)
¬ We are CMMI-certified, and the software development
standards we adhere to ensure that all processes and
activities are rigorously followed and documented at every
stage of every project
Sales and Delivery Network
¬ The application is presented to the user in a graphical user
interface that enriches the experience and reduces time
and effort of moving from email to various menus’
in multiple systems.
¬ North America | Dana Canavan
286 Madison Ave, Suite 2002, New York, NY 1, United States
T +1 212 618 1230
[email protected]
¬ Each stage is fully auditable with simple easy to understand workflows that offer high levels of customisation
and flexibility with subaction or event triggers.
¬ Italy | Fabrizio Di Peppo
Via Pratese 201-213, Firenze 50145, Italy
T +39 55 9064602
[email protected]
¬ Fund Admin users are able to maintain price and trade/
position data via ServiceNow by users using API connectivity to the main Fund Administrator Systems. Thus client
reported exceptions and system data errors are managed
via workflows based on authentication and user role
access provisioning.
¬ All data load and creation actions within ServiceNow
are recorded in auditable, detailed log files and access is
restricted to ensure data cannot be tampered with.
¬ The above takes place in a structured and predefined and
fully documented process that allows the notation and
recording of all decisions and actions.
¬ United Kingdom, Europe and Rest of the World |
Albert Franquesa
Cheapside House, 138 Cheapside London, EC2V 6BJ, UK
T +44 20 7776-7676
[email protected]
¬ Central and South America | Walter Poleto
Alameda Rio Negro, núm 585, Ed. Jaçarí, 1º andar, CJ18,
06.454-000 Alphaville, São Paolo, Brasil
T +55 11 2176-3253
[email protected]
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