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19 May1 June 2014
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BCM closes quiet
Mainland China buyers
make a mark, Southeast
Asia buyers cautious of
high drama rights costs
This year’s Busan Contents Market (BCM)
wrapped at the end of last week with
lower-than-expected attendance but no
complaints about the pace of this year’s
Organisers, who toned down the festivities in the wake of last month’s Korean ferry disaster, reported a total of 1,314 buyers
and sellers from 45 countries through the
doors this year.
Distributors and rights owners reported
higher acquisitions activity from mainland
China at the show this year.
J.K. Khan, SBS Contents Hub’s contents
business team 2 manager, said more Chinese buyers had visited the SBS booth this
year than last year. SBS is a BCM regular
and brought popular dramas, Doctor
Stranger and You’re All Surrounded, to
the show.
If demand for Korean drama across the
region remains high, online access to Korean content in mainland China and Taiwan
poses a challenge for rights holders.
“Sales for Korean content has been a
bit harder for China/Taiwan because they
have alternative ways to watch Korean
content (online). However, demand for K
content has been better in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia,
Singapore,” Khan said.
Current high prices of Korean drama
are an issue for buyers from Southeast
Asia, where the genre continues to drive
ratings. At the same time, distributors and
agents are very sensitive at the moment
to movement away from aquisitions in
favour of local or inhouse production.
BCM veteran, Triandy Suyatman, pro...more on page 15
19 MAY-1 JUNE 2014
Page 2.
from the horse's mouth
What we think (or don’t) of stuff
going on in the Year of the Horse
Other than the L.A. Screenings, this
week’s best story is a tech one with
major impact on users’ experience as
well as yet one more manoeuvre in
the never-ending fight against piracy.
The device on the tip of Singapore’s early adopters tongues is
StarHub’s new Samsung HD interactive set-top box, which has started
making its way into homes after the
10 April announcement.
Hearsay has users talking about
an “awesome interface” and faster
loading. The box is also sleeker.
What about the new and improved
search function? Um, not so much.
Our random vox pop didn’t turn
up much here, probably because
search has been such a pain in the
past that few even remember that
search an option on a set-top box.
Even if the new box costs the
same as the old one, StarHub’s challenge is to get people to swap their
boxes out.
How? Unplug the whole thing,
schlepp it to a StarHub outlet, pick
a number, stand in line... clearly
the box is a whole lot sexier than its
Omar Epps and Kurtwood Smith in Singapore
A+E Networks Asia toured Resurrection
stars Omar Epps and Kurtwood Smith in
Asia earlier this month ahead of the series’
premiere on Lifetime on 12 May. The Disney
ABC show airs on Mondays at 10pm. Life-
stars surface
in Asia ahead
of Lifetime
time uploaded
the first episode
to its website as a
catch-up/marketing vehicle on 13 May.
Hopes high as Measat launch date looms
New satellite will make a major difference, channels say
Malaysian satellite operator, Measat
Global Berhad, launches new bird
Measat-3b on 29 May (Malaysia time),
lifting the lid on a capacity crunch at
Malaysian platform Astro and fuelling
expectations of significant new channel
carriage deals.
The Airbus Space and Defence satellite goes up on an Ariane 5 ECA launch
vehicle from the European Spaceport in
Kourou, French Guiana.
Measat-3b is designed to provide an
additional 48 high-powered Ku-band
transponders to expand direct-to-home
and VSAT services across Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia at the 91.5°E
orbital slot. The new satellite will be colocated with Measat-3 and Measat-3a
and will more than double Measat’s Kuband capacity at this orbital location.
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19 MAY-1 JUNE 2014
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CCTV, Baidu among top global media owners
1st Chinese co’s on ZenithOptimedia Top 30 list
Two Chinese companies – state owned
broadcaster China Central Television
(CCTV) and search engine Baidu – have
made it onto ZenithOptimedia’s latest list
of the world’s biggest media owners by
media revenue.
This is the first time mainland media outfits have made it onto the list and are two
of only three companies from emerging
markets on the list.
The only other Asia-based companies
on the list are Japan’s Asahi Shimbun
Company at number 16; Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings in 18th spot; and Fuji Media
Holdings at 21st.
Google tops the list with U.S. platform
DirecTV in second place with a wide
margin. ZenithOptimedia said Google’s
revenues were 47% higher than DirecTV’s,
up from last year’s 39%.
Disney overtook News Corp to take
third place, with 21st Century Fox in fourth
spot followed by Comcast in fifth.
CCTV enters the list this year at number
23, ahead of Facebook, which ranks 24th.
ZenithOptimedia said the broadcaster
accounted for about a quarter of China’s television advertising market. Baidu
comes in at 28th, ahead of Microsoft.
Most companies in the top 30 have operations in more than one country. Only
seven of the companies – five of which
are Asian – are essentially devoted to
one market.
ZenithOptimedia said the low representation of companies from emerging
markets was surprising and could be
explained by the fact that most media
owners in the developing world were
confined to their home markets.
“Some emerging market media owners, such as Zee Entertainment in India
– have started to expand internationally
and we expect to see greater representation from these companies as this process accelerates”.
Jonathan Barnard, ZenithOptimedia’s
head of forecasting, says the rise of the
internet “has created a new type of media owner – the intermediary – which
generates its revenue by connecting
consumers with content and with each
other. However, the production of compelling content lies at the heart of the
media world and content producers still
dominate the Top 30.”
To Find
Ranking of Top 30 Global Media Owners 2014
Rank Media Owner
Walt Disney Company
21st Century Fox
Time Warner 7
Cox Enterprises
CBS Corporation
News Corporation
Advance Publications
Clear Channel Communications
Source: ZenithOptimedia
Rank 16
Media Owner
Asahi Shimbun Company
Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings
Fuji Media Holdings
Discovery Communications
Axel Springer
Hearst Corporation
100% first run, fresh
and exclusive original
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19 MAY-1 JUNE 2014
Page 6.
Who was at....
Disney Media Distribution International Upfronts party at the L.A. Screenings
Ricky Ow, Turner; Ben Pyne, Disney
Kellie Lim, Rob Gilby, Carol Sun, Disney
Jonathan Spink, Magdalene Ew, HBO Asia
Avi Himatsinghani, Rewind Networks; Attaphon
Na Bangxang, TrueVisions
Ward Platt, Fox International Channels; Keli Lee,
Disney ABC
Michele Schofield, A+E Networks Asia;
Jonas Engwall, RTL CBS Entertainment
Jenn Batty, RTL CBS Entertainment; Janet Eng,
Emma Hu, Disney; Michael Dick, Fox International
Sandie Lee, Rewind Networks; Agnes Rosario,
Marianne Lee, Turner
Seelan Paul, Nini Yusof, Media PrIma
Airin Zainul, Media Prima
...more on page 7
19 MAY-1 JUNE 2014
Page 7.
From page 6: Disney Media Distribution International Upfronts party
Yan Jong Wong, Ang Hui Keng, Sony Pictures
Television Networks
Hayley Atwell, star of Agent Carter; Michele
Schofield, A+E Networks Asia
Erika North, Steve Burton, HBO Asia
Brian Lenz, Astro; Amit Malhotra, Disney
Rasika Tyagi, Gaurav Banerjee, Star India
Shaun James, Ross Crowley, Foxtel
Ajit Thakur, Kevin Vaz, Star India
Takashi Kodama, Mark Chan, Disney
Be included.
The most comprehensive directory of its kind in Asia
Reaches more than 9,500 executives in print, multimedia and online
For info, contact: Masliana Masron (Asia/Australia) at [email protected]
or Leah Gordon (Americas/Europe) at [email protected]
19 MAY-1 JUNE 2014
FremantleMedia taps
Landy for new Asia post
Philippines picks 1st gay beauty pageant winner
FremantleMedia has appointed Michelle
Landy to the newly created post of
regional chief operating officer. Reporting to Asia
managing director
Paul O’Hanlon, Landy
shifts to Singapore
from FremantleMedia’s North American
office. Landy has been
with FremantleMedia in various positions for the past 10 years.
Nelson upped at Turner
Phil Nelson is Turner International Asia
Pacific’s new senior vice president and
managing director, Southeast Asia Pacific and
North Asia​. ​Nelson was
previously responsible
for strategic planning
and North Asia and
now has operational
oversight for the commercial functions of Turner’s
business in Southeast Asia Pacific in addition to Japan and Korea. Tom Perry, Ron
Lee and Robi Stanton​now report to him. ​
Nelson joined Turner Asia Pacific in 2010
as the head of business development.
CNN tops new
Asia-Pac brand study
CNN has been named Asia Pacific’s
leading news brand by the inaugural
Ipsos Affluent Survey Asia Pacific. CNN is
listed as the leader in daily, weekly and
monthly reach, as well as the multi-platform leader across TV, online and mobile. A third (34%) of the region’s affluent
population consumes CNN (TV, web or
mobile) across a month, rising to 46% of
top management and 71% of business
travelers who took six or more international trips by air in the past 12 months.
As a TV brand, CNN had 52% more
weekly viewers than the next placed
news channel, and was watched by
twice as many (+103%) business decision
makers as the leading business channel.
Page 8.
ABS-CBN’s gay man show follows “Tomboy” lesbian fest
I am PoGay
Wildcard finalist John Raspado is the
first-ever grand winner of It’s Showtime’s
beauty pageant for gay men, I Am
PoGay. The finale on 10 May closed
national network ABS-CBN’s five-month
focus on gay men during the popular It’s
Showtime belt.
I Am PoGay launched in January, following the successful That’s My Tomboy
pageant that showcased “charming and
talented lesbians”. That’s My Tomboy
finals were held in February this year.
Raspado beat 22 other finalists to the
Ps300,000/US$6878 prize. He also won the
“Brusko ‘Day” award for being the most
manly-looking finalist.
I Am PoGay was among the top segments on It’s Showtime. In March, It’s
Showtime (14.8%) beat GMA Network’s
Eat Bulaga (12.2%) because of segments
such as Stars on 45, I am Pogay and Mini
Me, ABS-CBN said.
I am PoGay is the latest in a trending
focus on homosexuality in this deeply
Catholic country. Last year, rival network
GMA hit headlines with My Husband’s
Lover, the Philippines’ first gay-themed
China intolerance growing, Freedom House says
China became increasingly intolerant
of dissent in 2013, as officials expanded
the criminalisation of online speech and
police arrested dozens of activists who
had advocated anticorruption reforms,
according to Freedom in the World 2014,
Freedom House’s annual country-bycountry report on global political rights
and civil liberties.
China’s freedom rating is 6.5, half a
point away from the worst possible score
of 7. The report charted growing action
against online services in 2013 and said
“public figures with large microblog followings also faced growing pressure in
the form of deletions, locked accounts,
and selective arrests and interrogations”.
Gains were made in Bhutan, Japan,
Maldives, Papua New Guinea and Tonga, the report says.
Indonesia, meanwhile, declined from
‘free’ to ‘partly free’ due to a new law restricting the activities of non-governmental organisations. South Korea registered a
downgrade in its political rights rating.
Only one Asian country – North Korea –
appears on the “Worse of the Worst” list
of the 10 countries given the lowest possible rating for both political rights and
civil liberties.
Freedom House says this is the eighth
year running that the state of freedom
around the world has declined. Fifty-four
countries showed overall declines in political rights and civil liberties, compared
with 40 that showed gains.
contentasia formats
19 MAY-1 JUNE 2014
Page 9.
ContentAsia’s regular section, ContentAsia Formats, looks at formats and format development in Asia,
including new seasons, series and trends and what these mean to channels, producers and the overall
formats industry in the region.
Lady First – Singapore
Taiwanese beauty and lifestyle format,
Lady First, returns to Singapore for a second season on 3 June with a few new
faces and its first episode dedicated to
Another first for the returning season are
English subtitles, which broaden the series
potential viewer base beyond StarHub’s
Mandarin-speaking viewers.
The special men’s episode makes-over
five typical Singaporean men. The idea
came about after returning host Pauline
Lan commented that “Singaporean men
are oily”, StarHub’s Lee Soo Hui, head of
media business unit says.
“So the team came up with the idea
[that would...] allow the men to get into
the action with practical grooming and
styling tips,” Lee adds.
Lan is joined on screen by returning stylists Kevin Chou, Xiao Kai and Wu Yu Lin.
The new addition is Taiwanese skincare
specialist Liu Yan, one of Lady First – Taiwan’s resident gurus.
The Singapore team includes returning
health guru Bryan Gan and style guru
Keith Png. New additions to the Singapore team are hairstylist Dexter Ng and
fitness instructor Jackson Tan.
The women’s team of 13 includes six
new faces.
Lady First – Singapore is a co-production between StarHub, Hong Kong broadcaster Television Broadcasts Ltd (TVB) and
TVB’s Taiwanese unit TVBS.
Lady First – Singapore
The original Lady First is Taiwan’s longest running variety show and is now in its
11th year. Lady First – Singapore is its first
overseas format adaptation.
Season one of the Singapore version
garnered about three times more viewers
compared to programmes aired in the
same time slot previously, says Lee.
“In fact, the programme was so popular that it had a positive knock-on effect
on the original Taiwanese version, which
garnered 34% more viewers after the
premiere of Lady First – Singapore,” Lee
One of the challenges was blending a
team from Taiwan and Singapore and
ensuring synergy. Lee says viewers need
to see “a seamless relationship between
the two teams of gurus on air, and are
able to get practical advice on beauty
and fashion despite climate and cultural differences between Taiwan and
The weekly beauty and style format
(13x60 mins) will continue to air on
StarHub’s in-house entertainment channel E City in an 8pm-9pm (Tuesdays) slot.
E City is offered for free to all StarHub TV
subscribers, which totalled up to 533,000
Singapore households in the first quarter
of the year.
The show will also be available on
StarHub’s second-screen app, StarHub TV
Buddy, which provides real-time product
reviews and cast details during broadcast. The app is available on Android
a n d i OS mo bi l e
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Astro boss Rohana Rozhan on what’s next
A who’s who of online & OTT platforms in Asia
PLUS What industry bosses said & heard at APOS,
what digital is doing to Indian cable homes,
the skinny on satellite activity in Asia
& a whole lot more
All in ContentAsia...in print+interactive out on 16 June
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page 10.
19 MAY-1 JUNE 2014
Page 11.
In a regular section looking at up-and-coming online and OTT
platforms in Asia, Malena Amzah speaks to Prakash Ramchandani about online platform Spuul.
What is Spuul? An online ad-supported
subscription service that legally provides
film and TV content globally. The service currently offers both free and paid Indian content delivered via devices – smart
TVs, web, tablets, mobile (iOS, Android).
Launched in... founded in 2010 in Singapore and officially launched in April 2012.
Founded by Sudesh Iyer (founder of Sony
Entertainment TV in India), Subin Subaiah
(banker associated with Bankers Trust, Bank
of America, Standard Chartered) and S
Mohan (founder of Accellion, buUuk and
other technology/venture companies).
The offering A mix of new blockbusters,
popular/evergreen classics, kids and TV
content for family viewing. Some content is
geoblocked but most is available globally.
Target users Mainly Indian viewers, including in India, non-resident Indians and international viewers who enjoy Indian content.
Users are mostly young and affluent.
Subs base Targeting a minimum of six million users in the next 12 months and says it
is pretty much in line to achieve that.
Biz/pricing models… Free streaming and
pay-per-view specials (from US$0.99) and
a premium monthly subscription service
for US$4.99 a month.
What rights do you buy? Whatever makes
sense, including online day and
How many hours of content will you
acquire this year? The plan is to add more
than 5,000 hours in the year.
How many new titles are added a month?
30-40 titles, including the latest blockbuster movies. Plus TV series immediately
post telecast.
What are the three most-watched titles? Titles like Ankhon Dekhi, streamed on the
same day as theatrical. Recent releases
like Zilla Ghaziabad, Jackpot, Ragini MMS,
Shadi Ke Side Effects have seen good
What are you hoping to achieve? “Spuul
wants to reach out to maximum users with
quality content to be the destination for
the Indian consumer. We take our user
feedback seriously and the content strategy is dynamic. The idea is to make consumer content experience worthwhile as
well as convenient. The user is presented
with features like high definition, subtitles,
resume across devices and offline sync.
Offline sync that is backed by military encryption allows the user to watch content
without the internet connection and this
combats the challenges of infrastructure
in developing markets. One can enjoy
movies on the go without having to think
about internet availability.”
What’s the biggest challenge you face in
2014? “Online piracy has always been a
big challenge. We are trying to address this
through various antipiracy campaigns but
ultimately content owners and the regulators have to join forces. This needs immediate attention for legit platforms to be a
high revenue driver to unlock the value
of content. In addition, content owners
should look at shorter release windows
to reach a wider audience across
households consuming through
various devices.”
What are your priorities for
2014? “Ambitious plans but
one focused step at a time.
Spuul is delivering the promise
of new blockbuster movies. Shortening content windows for movies, TV
content, premiering worldwide films has
worked and we will continue to learn and
invest. Before we go broader to serve the
Indian consumer with a variety of genres,
we want to claim the one stop shop for
specific Indian content – movies and TV.
Our content, tech and product engine
is constantly thinking ahead to serve targeted geographies.”
What is the best thing that has happened
to the OTT industry in Asia so far this year?
“Better infrastructure. More people converting to smart mobile usage. It’s not just
video consumption but the range of OTT
ideas that are springing up making it more
convenient and user-friendly. With respect
to online videos, the perspective of the
provider is now changing and OTT video
consumption is now pretty much in the
consideration set of the content owner
and the end user.”
The best thing that has happened to Spuul
so far this year is… “We are growing, the
team is growing and we are doing our
part to contribute. We are hungry and
better things are yet to happen!”
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14/5/14 10:47 AM
page 12.
19 MAY-1 JUNE 2014
Page 13.
Chai Yeewei, Director/Founder, Mocha Chai Laboratories
Your movie, That Girl In Pinafore, was Singapore’s first feature film to be rendered
in 4K. What made you take that step to
film in 4K? “I want my film to look not just
good today, but for future generations
to come. And the way to ensure that is
to look towards where the future is going
to be. The way it looks, 4K is going to be
where it is going, and being a tech junkie
myself, I wanted to push the envelope
of where the technology can take us.
So deciding to go 4K was something I
always wanted to do for a long time.
What were the biggest differences
between traditional methods and 4K?
“Compared to the previous films I have
done, finishing required quite a while
longer because the resolution isn’t just
twice as much, it is four times as much
compared to 2K. So even the final DPX
files took up four times the space required. And thus even when coloring, we
were extremely concerned about details
that we were afraid to miss.”
What was the biggest 4K learning as
a direct result of That Girl In Pinafore?
“Make sure that you are using machines
that can playback in real time as much
as possible because some errors can
only be detected when you are able
to watch your footage playback in
real time. Your storage speed is also
extremely important. And use as large
a screen to preview your materials as
much as possible.”
Are you going to film in 4K again? “We
have moved beyond filming in 4K al-
Costs and
time factors
are definitely
a concern [moving
into 4K]. This is especially so in the effects
ready. That Girl In Pinafore was shot
with the Red Epic and Scarlett and the
acquisition was 5K. In fact, 4K acquisition
started back when Red introduced its
first camera called Red One. And I have
been shooting in 4K since 2008. It is only
the output that was in 2K. Ongoing, all
my future film output will be in 4K.”
What are the biggest challenges for
producers/directors/production houses
moving into 4K? “The cost and time
factors are definitely a concern. This is
especially so in the effects department.
Traditionally, effects were rendered in 2K
or HD only. If there is going to be a good
deal of effects shots, producers will have
to decide if the costs of doing the effects
in 4K will be worth the effort.”
Are there any particular genres that are
best rendered in 4K? Or do you think
that all genres benefit equally? “I trust 4K
will just become a standard in delivery
resolution, just like HD had evolved from
SD. Regardless of genre, it should not be
constrained to any particular genre. Who
doesn’t want their film to be presented in
the best possible resolution? Along with
technological improvements in post production hardware and software, 4K will
not be a technological challenge.”
If you were given the opportunity to
change one thing in the industry to benefit the future generation, what would you
change? “I think it would be good if there
was some form of ruling or legislation is
in place that would allow Singaporean
films a better chance to perform at local
theatrical release.”
* Chai Yeewei will be speaking at this
year’s Creative Content Production Conference, which runs in Singapore from
18-19 June alongside BroadcastAsia and
facebook.com/contentasia I @ContentAsia
page 14.
19 MAY-1 JUNE 2014
Page 15.
BCM 2014 opening ceremony
From page 1: BCM
gramming director for Indonesia’s PT TS
Media, says sourcing Korean drama for
Indonesia has become even harder because of competition, high prices, and
the shift in story lines towards more inward
looking Korean culture and history.
“Romance, comedy are still my best
choice,” he says.
Although overall a little quieter than
last year, business on the floor is not noticeably down.
Jasmine Jimin Hong from nationwide
Korean cable netwrk JTBC, said this
year’s market activity for her was the
same as last year. Owned by JoongAng
Media Network, JTBC’s top title at the
show this year was drama series Secret
Affairs. The series has just finished its run
on JTBC. Hong says Japan, Thailand
and Taiwan are most interested in the
titles so far.
Online entertainment platform Cinefox
Korea, found an enthusiastic audience
in Busan. “The market has been good so
far, there are crowds... looking for interesting content,” said marketing manager
Youngun Park. Cinefox offers 10,000 films,
TV shows and animation titles. The Nscreen service is accessible as real time
VOD and DTO (down-to-own) via mobile
devices including PCs, tablet PCs, smartphones and smart TVs. Currently, Cinefox
has 2.6 million members and an average
of 3.6 million page views a month.
Production houses were happy with
attendance this year and even happier
about rising interest in co-production.
“This is the first time we are here, and
we will come again next year with a
bigger booth, said Kim Hong Yun, chief
BCM show floor
Editorial Director
Janine Stein
Assistant Editor
Malena Amzah
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Production Manager
CJ Yong
[email protected]
Editorial Research
Aqilah Yunus
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Research Assistant
Yogeswary Gunasagaran
[email protected]
Rae Yong
ContentAsia at BCM
executive officer of Korea’s Hon Factory,
which specialises in character design
and documentary production for film
and television.
“This year we are promoting Pottery
Captain Torongi, which is in production
and we are looking at co-production
with interested parties. There have been
interest from China and India so far,”
KIm said.
Panart Art Production, producer/distributor of live concert and music documentaries, agreed. “It’s a good market,
we see many industries are here and no
doubt we will come again next year. Our
product is unique to the market and we
produce everything ourselves. This year
at BCM, we are promoting Toris House
Concert,” the company said.
Major broadcasters also say they will
be back. One of the country’s big three
nationwide terrestrial broadcasters, MBC,
called the market this year “good” and
said “we will definitely be here again
next year”. MBC also said the demand
for modern drama was “a little” higher
than period, “but the demand for period is still there”. Titles this year included
Empress Ki and The Moon Embracing
the Sun.
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