MILOCARIAN ATHLETIC CLUB Established 1930 President: Maj

Established 1930
President: Maj Gen K Spacie, CB, OBE
1. The club had another active season in its 83rd year of existence.
2. A fixture list of 8 races against civilian clubs in the London area and entries in the
Runnymede Relays formed the backbone of the club’s programme; in addition, the home
match was successfully revived.
3. On the margins, individual members entered the Orion 10 mile race, after a gap of some
years and strayed onto the roads for the Brussels 20km race.
3. Sandhurst and London UOTC continued to support the club whenever training allowed
and the help and co-operation of the permanent staff were much appreciated.
5. The Milocarian trophies have continued to be actively contested in schools athletics
6. Efforts were made to recruit new members and some success achieved.
The Committee.
7. During the year the following members served on the club committee:
Neil Wood, late Army – Chairman.
Paul French, late Army – Cross Country Secretary.
John McCarthy, late RAF – Treasurer.
Michael Sumpter, late RAF – Secretary.
The Fixture List.
8. The club contested the following fixtures:
6 Jul 13
26 Oct 13
2 Nov 13
16 Nov 13
28 Dec 13
18 Jan 14
15 Feb 14
22 Feb 14
1 Mar 14
8 Mar 14
22 Mar 14
Finch Coasters, The Runnymede Relays.
Bank of England 6 miles.
Kingston & Polytechnic Harriers 7 miles.
Ranelagh AC 5.5 miles, The Ellis Trophy,
Hercules Wimbledon 5 miles.
Bank of England 5.5 miles.
Kingston & Polytechnic Harriers 9 miles.
Milocarian Home Match, 6 miles.
Ranelagh AC 3.7 miles.
Orion Harriers 10 miles.
British Airways 5 miles (inter-airline match).
9. Notable Results.
a. General.
As usual, the season featured feast and famine. Training commitments for both established
and younger members, particularly those from Sandhurst and London UOTC, inevitably
thinned numbers on occasions, but a slowly increasing core of regular runners did mean
that the club was able usually to make its presence felt. Perhaps the most notable event of
the season was the revived home match which the MIlocarians won handsomely. In
addition the club came out on top in one other fixture and was second in three.
b. Highlights.
i. Ranelagh AC, The Ellis Trophy: this race promised much but heavy traffic confounded all
the plans. Teams featuring strong support from Sandhurst had been entered in both the
ladies’ and men’s races. In the end, both teams missed the starts of their respective races,
but the ladies were able to compete in the men’s event and to such good effect that the
club took third overall: Dr Hannah Jarvis finished a stirring sixth.
ii. The Home Match: this fixture had not taken place since 2007, but the prospect of a
revival attracted 5 other teams to Sandhurst where the Milocarians swept the board,
winning the Terry Lewins Trophy for the team event and taking the prizes for both the
leading man – WO2 Gary Till who won the race by nearly 3 minutes - and leading lady, Dr
Hannah Jarvis, who has recently been picked to run for Wales.
Iii. Ranelagh 4 miles: this was a very encouraging race because the team secured victory
despite the absence of any Sandhurst runners. This hinted at a greater depth of active
membership and reflected the effort devoted to recruiting. Nick Wood came third overall
and some good packing secured a close win.
c. The Runnymede Relays.
i. Further evidence of the club’s growing strength was on display at Windsor Park when the
Milocarians turned out 4 teams for the Runnymede Relays. This event, for teams of 6, suits
the club’s membership profile as it offers opportunities for male and female runners of all
ages. After a total distance of just over a marathon the 4 entries finished fifth, eighth,
twenty-first and twenty-third out of 58 teams and Capt Alexander of the RMAS permanent
staff won the prize for the fastest male runner over a long leg of the relay.
ii. STOP PRESS. The club won the most recent Runnymede Relays, held on 5 July 2014.
d. The Brussels 20km Road Race. The chairman competed in this race, held annually in late
May and this marked the twentieth consecutive year in which the club had been
represented. The field has grown progressively over the years and in 2014 numbered
40,000 runners.
10. The Home Match. There was sufficient enthusiasm and support for the revived home
match from both within the club and from competing teams that the committee decided to
make it an annual fixture again, but scheduled for the start of the cross country season.
The next home match is planned for 25 October 2014, in conjunction with the Sandhurst
inter-company race.
11. The committee has decided that club subs should remain £15 for the first year, which
includes the cost of the member’s club vest and £10 a year thereafter, payable by direct
12. Cadets and undergraduates in OTCs are signed up and given a vest on the
understanding that their direct debits will not be activated until they are commissioned or
they graduate.
13. A race programme is arranged every year and published on the website,, so that opportunities to run are available to members whenever
their commitments allow. It is hoped that members, particularly those recruited as o.cdts
and members of the OTC, will get into the habit of keeping in touch and turning up to run
when they can.
14. It was with some pride that the club again managed to turn out runners from all three
services during the season; also, 6 new members were added.
15. Publicity. Further efforts have been made to obtain coverage in service journals, but it
has been particularly noticeable that publications such as Soldier and RAF News fail to
respond to inquiries: as they cannot be contacted it is difficult to find out what the problem
Milocarian Trophies.
16. General. The club has two trophies that are pledged to schools athletics competitions, a
further one that is the team trophy for the home match and a new, individual cup to be
awarded annually to the club’s leading runner.
17. The Milocarian Cup. A George III silver urn was bought in 1946 to commemorate the
club’s war dead and was pledged to the then AAA for youth sport. In May 2012 it was
presented to the winning SE Region athletics team at the national Sainsbury’s Schools
Games, held in the Olympic Stadium. In 2013 the SE Region took the trophy again, but this
time, the event was run at the Don Valley Stadium, in Sheffield. The Milocarian Cup will
retain the somewhat sad distinction of being the last trophy ever to be presented there
because the stadium was soon to be demolished.
18. The Milocarian Trophy. This was adopted by Achilles AC for their annual inter-schools
relay championships and awarded to the winning girls team. The event takes place at Iffley
Road, Oxford, where Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile and King’s School, Bruton
is the current holder.
19. The Terry Lewins Trophy. This trophy was inaugurated in memory of a long-standing
member of the club, in 1988 and has since been competed for by the clubs running in the
Milocarian’s home match, held at RMA Sandhurst. The Milocarians are the current holders,
having won it in fine style in February 2014.
20. The Ploen Trophy.
a. A former member and international triple jumper, Derrick Frost, very kindly donated
funds for a cup to be awarded annually to the member scoring the highest number of
points, based on races run and finish positions over the course of each season’s race
programme. The name of the trophy commemorates the town in north Germany where King
Alfred’s School for service children was based, the connection being that the school had
won the Milocarian Cup 6 times in 7 years, between 1952 and 1958.
b. The winner of the trophy for 2013/14 season and the first name on the plinth is Nick
Wood, formerly of Bristol UOTC.
21. Particular thanks are due to Maj Ben Cassons and Capt Frazer Alexander, at Sandhurst,
who have promoted the Milocarian cause with great enthusiasm and in particular, gave
invaluable help with the re-establishment of the home match. The continuity of contact
willingly provided by two busy officers has been fundamental to the recent success of the
club and the President and committee extend their warmest appreciation to them.
22. The staff of London UOTC and of 4 Para (V) have also continued to provide help and
encouragement and the club is grateful for their willing assistance.
23. Finally, the club would not function without the dedicated work of the cross country
secretary, the treasurer and the secretary; their energy and enthusiasm are exemplary and
it is satisfying that their efforts have been seen to pay off in terms of more runners taking
part in club events and better results being achieved.
24. Keeping the Club Alive. As well as recruiting more runners, there is a need for
succession planning in respect of the committee. All four members are now retired and
only the chairman still competes; younger, more active members are required to carry the
club forward and at least two of them ought, ideally to be still serving. Anybody who is
interested or anybody who knows anybody who might be interested should contact the
chairman on 01622 718665 or the match secretary on 01264 710623.
The Website.
25.The club’s website is accessible on and contains the race
calendar, results and details of club activities.