The 2 JBs - What is PEDAS?

The ART of the 2 JBs at The Gallery Upstairs
Two members of Poole and East Dorset Art Society, John Britton and John Biggs,
are coming together to put on an exhibition of their work at The Gallery Upstairs,
from 5th to 15th September 2014.
Whilst their particular styles can be distinguished, both have a similar approach to
painting, in their choice of subject, and their use of materials and colour. The art
of the 2 JBs looks good together.
John Biggs says, “I’ve always admired John’s work for its originality and his
masterly use of texture and colour. When I undertook to do an exhibition, John
Britton was the obvious choice of partner.”
The Gallery is located above the Tea Rooms at Upton Country Park. Entrance and
parking are free. It is open daily from 10:30 to 4:00pm and 4:30 at weekends.
John Britton:
I work in wide range of media and at different
scales, often incorporating various forms of texture to enhance the visual experience. I am
known for a distinctive use of colour and a recognisable style, despite the range of subjects
I depict.I am striving to make my work more
abstract, but aim to ensure that it is meaningful
and that the viewer can relate the picture to its
Much of my representational work is in response to my visits to Venice and is often
based on evocative paintings of that magical place at night. My detailed knowledge of Dorset and in particular the Isle of Purbeck acquired
over many years, has enabled me to represent its landscape, coastline and the
human impact on both. I have been inspired by apparently disparate artists such as
JMW Turner, Ben Nicholson, Howard Hodgkin and Nicholas de Stael. Artistic
teaching under the umbrella of the former Bournemouth Arts Institute plus the
guidance of the Dorset artists Dr Brian Graham, Peter Joyce and Robert Woolner
have all helped me greatly to to develop my own artistic ability and style.
John Biggs:
My art has become a more important part of
my life and an essential part of my creative
drive, as painting, drawing and stone sculpture
occupy more of my time and thought. I love to
experiment with subjects, materials and
techniques and I am still working on freeing up
my style.
Coming from a professional background in the
design of the built environment, my art tended
to emerge from architectural and urban
subjects. More recently I have explored
landscape, land art and sculpture.
My fascination with an economy of line has been influenced by the work of Paul
Klee, John Piper, Ben Nicholson, Paul Nash and Graham Sutherland. Latterly I have
admired the current work of Jeremy Gardiner and Kurt Jackson. My local
inspiration and guidance has come from Andrew Hope, Abi Kremer, Penny Balding
and Frances Hatch.
Like most artists I am striving to find a personal stamp of identity. I am borrowing
from those who delight me and hope always to express my own emotional and
philosophical language and experiences. The discipline of putting on an exhibition
of this size has been an enormous boost to achieving that.