Kentridge Wrestling Rules and Regulations Team Contract 2014

Kentridge Wrestling Rules and Regulations
Team Contract
 Wrestlers are required to attend all meetings and practices unless prior arrangements have
been made. Attendance rule: (3) unexcused absence will need a meeting w/wrestler and
parents to discuss discipline, AD will be informed. (4) Unexcused absence the athlete will be
dismissed from the team. A wrestler must attend a full day of classes in order to participate in
practice or matches, unless prior arrangements have been made with an administrator.
 Disciplinary Hours given by administrator will be treated as an unexcused absence. **You are
still required to attend that day’s practice after hour is made up. If wrestling is important to
you, you will not get any hours.
 Exhibit good conduct during matches and tournaments. Good behavior is also expected in the
classroom and at all school related activities. You not only represent our School, but our Team,
our Coaching Staff and your parents/guardians.
 Unsportsmanlike conduct by an athlete during any match will result in immediate disciplinary
action administered by the Head Coach. This could result in “sitting out” of a league match, a
tournament or forfeit of next match in a tournament. (Examples of unacceptable behaviors):
Emotional outburst -- throwing head gear or damage to school or others property.
Profanity – will not be tolerated by any wrestler for any reason.
Retaliation – because you felt your opponent was taunting you.
These examples also apply to our fans. Unsportsmanlike comments directed at other teams,
coaches or referee’s is reflection on our program. The WIAA emphasizes good sportsmanship in
all contests. Take control of your emotions.
 Respect for coaches and teammates. This means carrying out all demands made by the
coaching staff and team leaders in a way that shows your commitment toward a successful
 Disciplinary actions for unacceptable behavior will be progressive and are as follows: (1)
Verbal Warning, (2) a Written Warning will be given to the athlete and parent/guardian to be
signed and a copy will be given to the Kentridge Athletic Director (AD), (3) 1 week Probation will
be given and a signed copy will go to the athlete, parent/guardian and AD, (4) The athlete will be
Dismissed from the team. The Head Coach will hold a conference with the athlete being
dismissed, parent/guardian and AD.
 Use of any of these items can be harmful to the individual and decrease athletic ability. Athletes
who violate this rule face immediate disciplinary action. A conference with the Head Coach and
Kentridge High School Administration will determine the disciplinary action administered
according to KSD Athletic Regulations. KSD Student Athletic Handbook Athletes will agree to
sign the athletic contract regarding training rules and the subsequent disciplinary action should
a violation occur. (Athlete and parent/guardian will sign and return. This will remain on file in
the Kentridge High School Athletic Office).
Kentridge Wrestling Rules and Regulations
Team Contract
 Please review KSD Student Athletic Handbook- Students earning 2.0 or above cumulative GPA
or a 2.0 GPA in the preceding semester will be eligible for immediate participation. Students in
this category must maintain passing grades in (4) fulltime subjects based on a mid-term grade
report (i.e., the ninth week report).
 If the student athlete does not maintain this requirement, he/she will be placed on athletic
probation. The probation period will affect your participation. Following a probation period,
grades will be checked weekly to determine eligibility.
 Traditionally a wrestle off will be held each week leading up to a match or tournament for
available spots on the Varsity/JV team. If time becomes a factor, it is up to the discretion of the
Coaching staff to determine who wrestles that week.
 Head coach or Assistant coach will referee and score the match.
 If a spot is held in the line-up for more than 2 weeks, anyone who challenges for that spot will
have to win 2 out of 3 matches.
 If a Varsity wrestler has been injured that wrestler still retains that varsity spot.
 If you participate at the Varsity level for 10 or more matches and complete the full season you
will receive a letter.
 If a Varsity wrestler completes 10 or more matches and then is injured during the season,
determination of a letter will be considered on a case by case basis.
 Iron Charger= Varsity Letter. This will be given to individuals that do not miss any practices or
matches, no excuses.
 Any student athlete who participates during the season in a program outside of Kentridge
Wrestling, i.e., select sports, the #1 priority needs to be your school team. The select team
cannot take precedence over the athlete’s current season schedule.
 Please allow the coaches to coach your wrestler. During league matches and tournaments, ALL
PARENTS are to remain seated in the stands and are not allowed on the mat.
 Although we appreciate your support, please allow the Kentridge coaches to coach each
wrestler. It becomes confusing and difficult for the wrestler if they have too many “coaches”
instructing them during their match.
 The coaches have the best intentions for all wrestlers and will instruct as they feel appropriate.
 If you have an issue with a coach, a referee, or another wrestler please bring all concerns to the
Head Coach.