Wasteland Guiding Questions Worksheet (PDF)

Adapted from NFB – Docs for Schools WASTELAND Questions for Pre-­ or Post-­Viewing Activities How do the six catadores’ stories make you feel? Were you sympathetic or judgmental? Why do you think the filmmaker chose these six individuals? Whose story touched you the most? Explain. Why are unions, co-­‐ops and associations important for workers? How was the ACAMJG Union important to the catadores? Why are the aerial shots of the landfill not as effective to photograph as a close-­‐up shot? What are they missing? Adapted from NFB – Docs for Schools How is this paralleled in the “pictures of garbage” project? How is this unparalleled with the city of Rio de Janeiro? In connection to this, near the end of the film, Vik discuss his preference of “wanting everything and having nothing, than to have everything and want nothing” which would you prefer? Do you believe the catadores are, as Vik observes, proud of what they are doing? Explain. Why might the transformed garbage portrait more powerful than the original photo? Explain. Do you think the garbage portraits project did more damage or good to the catadores? If you were Vik, and had to choose one of the catadores to photograph, which one would you choose and why? What do you admire about this person? Why is it important to care about other countries and the conditions they live in? Adapted from NFB – Docs for Schools