Golden Future cordless cap lamp CL-GF-MTX-200

Golden Future
Cordless Cap
Model Number: CL-GF-MTX-200
Evacuation notifications
Man-down detection
Emergency assistance request
Emergency stop signal to vehicles in range
Proximity warning
Golden Future Enterprise (HK) LTD.
MineTrax-Enabled Golden Future Cap Lamp
Model Number: CL-GF-MTX-200
The Golden Future cap lamp offers all the standard cap lamp features in a compact,
light weight and durable cordless cap lamp:
Power Supply
• Safety: All-in-one case with PC plastic material, protection against electrical short-circuit,
Charger input power:
Charging time:
Continuous discharging time:
automatic power-off on the socket, 100,000 hours LED’s lifetime.
• Reliability: The high strength case, optimized structure design and MCU control make the
product very reliable.
• Portability: All functionalities enclosed in a head lamp, small in size, light in weight (275g),
simple to charge and easy to use.
• Efficiency: More than 15 hours at full brightness, more than 4,500 lux at starting time, and
more than 3,500 lux after 11 hours of continuous lighting; battery usage lifetime of 1,000
cycles (approx); includes a digital device to show lamp number, time, and battery balance.
• Environmental: Li-ion battery is free of maintenance and environmentally safe; uses 1 Watt
high power LED as the main light, and 4pcs 5mm backup LED’s to save power.
• Economy: Very low maintenance, lasts three times longer than regular lead and acid battery
powered cap lamps.
100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
5 hours
more than 15 hours for main light, more than 40 hours for backup light
Physical Characteristics
85 mm x 65 mm x 60 mm + Helmet Clip
MineTrax Features
• Unique identification of cap lamp
• Tracking of location
• Flashing of light for evacuation notification
• Daily mandatory self-test procedure
• Online/Offline indicator
• Emergency assistance request
• Emergency stop signal to vehicles in range
• Acknowledgment of evacuation notifications
• Proximity warning to vehicles in range
For more details about these features, please refer to the MineTrax OEM cap lamp module
data sheet:
Golden Future Enterprise (HK) LTD.