So Proudly We Hail… - Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart School
February, 2014
Dear Parents,
Even after all the snow storms, I am sure
that you will agree that like every other
season, winter holds a beauty all its own.
Whether it is the quiet hush of the city after
the snow storm, children sledding in
Buchanan Park or just the marvel of tree
limbs encased in a sparkling glaze after an
ice storm, it all is a reminder of God’s
goodness and the wonders of creation.
However, for many, winter also has its share
of harshness as experienced in chilling
temperatures, loss of electricity and heat,
broken tree limbs, etc. Yet, it is in this
hardship that we are invited to live in hope
and to wait patiently for Spring. Here in
school, during this season of Hope, we will
be praying the Act of Hope each day to
remind us of the importance of being able to
live in the belief that God will take care of
us, if we but ask Him. I am including it here
in case you would want to make it a part of
your daily prayer, too.
An Act of Hope
O my God, relying on Your almighty power
and infinite mercy and promises,
I hope to obtain pardon of my sins,
the help of your grace, and life
everlasting, through the merits of
Jesus Christ, my Lord and
As we continue to count our “snow days”
may God’s blessings be always with you
and your family.
Group Exhibits
First Place – Isabelle Javier, Claire
Longenecker, Tess Toczek
Second Place – Gretchen Bertz
Catherine DeModena
Third Place – Jordyn Ney
Mary Zukus
First Place - Rebecca Ressel
Noelle Yost
Second Place – Veronica Ringlein
Mary Elizabeth Wagner
Third Place – TIE
Mariana Duran
Breanna Nadu
Sebastian Klemmer
Gabe Corvino
Sam Lobeck
Nick Stasiak
Congratulations to these winners and to all
of our seventh and eighth grade students
for their great projects!
Congratulations, also, to the following
students who won awards in this year’s
Scholastic Writing Contest!
Gold Key
Austin Aichele
Silver Key
Therese Toczek
So Proudly We Hail…
Honorable Mention
Lauren Modlin
Julie Reichert
Noelle Yost
The Scholastic Awards Ceremony will be
at the Ware Center on February 23
History Day Winners
Individual Exhibits
First Place – Katie Arnold
Second Place – Julie Reichert
Third Place – Andres Lopez
Congratulations to Livia Seifert for
winning first place in the Design An Ad
Contest for NIE!! Great News!!
Sister Mary Carmel
Sacred Heart School
February, 2014
First in Math – As we continue to celebrate
our accomplishments we are very proud of
all our students, especially for being
First in the District
Third in the State
Eighth in the Nation
Thank you…
To all our teachers, parents, students, for
making Catholic Schools Week a
celebration of our many gifts and talents
which contribute to our school being a
“Community of Faith, Knowledge, and
Service.” From the Family Fun Bingo on
Friday evening to our school Bingo at the
end of the week and all the events in
between, including a “Minute to Win It”, all
displayed the beautiful spirit of Sacred Heart
School. The teachers’ gifts were greatly
appreciated and our “room service” of
breakfast goodies was a welcome treat from
the H&S. Finally, at our Mass on Friday we
were happy to pray for and thank all those
who help us during the year.
We are Grateful…
To all who answered the call to help with
our Annual Appeal by being a part of our
phone- a – thon in making the calls and/or
contributing to the Appeal. The good news
is that we have more than $13,000 in the
bank and $14,000 in pledges plus all the
promises from people who were
We will not be giving you a final count as it
seems that more donations are coming in the
mail each day. Too, a special thank you to
all our teachers for their help and we are
most grateful to Mrs. Mary Ann Aichele for
her expertise in guiding us through the
Open House
Along with our website, SHS Facebook
page, neighborhood visits, another
recruitment effort is our increased number of
Open Houses. This is where we need you to
invite other parents who may be interested
in sending their children to Sacred Heart
School to attend our Open House
Our first open house was well attended
And some people came because they saw
the signs on the lawn. May I ask you to
keep displaying the signs and inviting
people to visit our school.
The dates are as follows:
Sunday, February 23rd, after the
10:30 a.m. Mass until 1:00 p.m.
Kindergarten Open House –
Tuesday, February 25th, from 1-2
p.m. It would be good for the people
to call school to let us know they will
be here.
Open House for All Grades
Thursday, February 27th
9-11:00 a.m.
6:30 – 7:30 pm.
Registration for Everybody
This will occur during the week of March
3rd. Papers for those who are already in
school will be sent home to be filled out.
New students may register at any time by
calling the office for an appointment.
Snow Days
Please mark your calendar…
March 7 will be a school day rather than an
in-service day for our teachers. Two other
make-up days will be April 17, Holy
Thursday, and it will be a retreat day with
dismissal at 11:30 a.m. and May 23 which
will be Field Day. The other days will be
added to the end of the school year.