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Foundation course
Examination Semester- I
Session: 2013 -14
Time: 1 hours
Marks: 20
1. What is the Contribution of Mahatma Gandhi to environment protection .
2. Explain challenges of urban life.
3. What are the challenges faced by the women in Metropolitan Cities of
India .
4. Tourism and its contribution towards infrastructure and economic
prosperity. Explain it.
5. Impact of films Television, Print media and food on our society. Explain
it .
Dr. Gajendra Singh
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1. Fill in the blanks -------a)- A computer converts a data into ----------------b)- -------------------- refers to application of computers and
telecommunication of devices.
c)- NKN stands for ----------------------------d)- OPAC stands for-------------------------------e) library databases contain information .
2. Indicate whether following statements are true or false in each case
(i)- Hardware is independent of software .
(ii)-Memory units are placed on the motherboard of computer.
(iii)-Android is an operating system for smartphones.
(iv)- Ports are used for connecting internal devices of the computer
system .
(v)-Web browser is a hardware device.
(vi)-Virus is a programme .
(vii)-Digital subscriber line is a broadband connection .
(viii)- Internet is a communication system .
(ix)- Serial ports are used for connecting external input/output
devices .
3. Write short note on Bluetooth .
4. What are the different ways how Internet can be accessed ?
5. What are the important characteristics of information ?
6. what is information? How data differs from information ?
Choose the correct option in each of the following questions ............
7. The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called
(a) Mouse (b) Logo (c) Cursor (d)Hand
8. MS-Dos is the name of
(a) Application software (b) Hardware (c) System software
(d) None of these
9. Which of the following refers to a small single-site network
(a) LAN (b) USB (c) DSL (d)RAM
10. Peripheral device used in a word processing system is
(a) Floppy disc (b) Magnetic card reader (c) CRT (d) All of these
11. The retrieval of information from the computer is defined as
(a) collection of data (b) data retrieval operation (c) Output
(d) data output collection
12. What are the advantages of IT in the field of Banking?
13. Write the process of how to install a printer with personal
14. What do you understand by term phishing?
15. What is hacking? how it can be prevented?
16. What is Adhar card? What are its benefits?
17. What are the important attributes of information?
18. What are the steps in information processing cycle?
19. What is latest in IT?
20. What are Peripheral devices?
21. Is printer a Peripheral device?
22. What is a language processor?
23. What is the purpose of projector?
24. Mention any one function of E-Panchayat?
25. Identify the symbol.
26. What do you mean by hotspot?
27. How many digits Aadhar Card exists?
28. Who issues Aadhar Card?
What is the purpose of making a device “non-discoverable”?
30. What is the full form of RAM?
31. What is the full form of HTML?
32. What is not a part of World Wide Web?
33. What is the full form of WWW?
34. When WWW is invented?
35. Identify this:
36. What is the full form of URL?
37. What is Malware?
38. Identify the symbol.
39. Which is the thing that makes a communication easy and
40. What is the full form of NKN?
41. How will you instruct the computer to check for grammatical
mistakes in Word?
42. How can you search for a word and replace it with some other
43. Name the different types of views.
44. What are handouts?
45. What is the open source software?
46. What is plagiarism?
47. Give examples of two mobile apps.
48. What is information technology?
49. What are different types of ports?
50. What are the different types of software?
51. Differentiate between Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity?
52. What is the default file extension of word documents and
powerpoint presentations?
53. How many different documents can be opened at one time?
54. What is the function of start menu?
55. Describe the various types of E-resources?
Foundation Course: Information Technology
Unit Five: Library and Information Science
(For Question Bank)
1. Describe the types of libraries with suitable examples.
2. Signify the role of academic libraries in higher education.
3. What is the OPAC?
4. Write a short note of electronic information resources.
5. Write a short note on Current Awareness Service (CAS).
Submitted by
Dr. Tarun Kumar Garg
Rajendra Prasad
Dr. Vaneeta Jindal
Ms. Vandana
Dr. B.C. Pant
(University of Delhi)
FYUP - Question Bank
Define the following:
* Twin Primes
* Twin Primes Conjecture
* Mersenne number
* Goldbach conjecture
*Bertrand's postulate
*Prime number theorem
* Median
* Mode
* Probability
* Gambler's Fallacy
* Conditional probability
Tick the correct answer of following questions
1. A prime no is a number which has
(a) At least one factor (b) exactly two factors (c) more than two factors
2. A composite number is a number that can be divided by
(a) Exactly one number (b) exactly two numbers (c) more than two number
3. Which of the following is the Ramanujan prime number?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(d) 7
4. Largest prime number is discovered by
(a) Prof. D. Zagier (b) Martin Gardener
(c) Dr. Curtis cooper
5. How many numbers are used in RSA ALGORITHM?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(d) none of these
6. Any prime number will always be of the form
(a) 6n+3 or 6n+ 5
(b) 6n-1 or 6n+1
(c) none of these
7. What is probability of throwing a number greater than 4 with a die whose faces are
Numbers from 1 to 6
8. From 20 tickets marked with the first 20 numerals, one is drawn at random. Find the chance that it
is multiple of 3 or 7.
9. In tossing a coin, finding the probability of throwing head and tail alternately in successive
(d) none of above
10. Two balls are drawn successively from a bag 6 red and 4 white. Find the probability that
They are drawn in order red and white .If each ball is (i) replaced (ii) not replaced
(i) (a)
(ii) (a)
11. If two coins are tossed simultaneously, then the probability of getting both head is
(d) none of above
1. Out of numbers 100 numbers, 20
were 6's and the remainder
Find the arithmetic mean.
2. If 85 and 150 numbers are arranged in an array, how would you find the median of the numbers?
3. A car travels 25 miles at 25 mph, 25 miles at 50 mph, 25 miles at 75 mph. Find arithmetic
Mean of three velocities and harmonic mean of three velocities.
4. Use a matrix method to code and decode the message
5. Implement the RSA algorithm to code and decode DEAF & HINDI.
6. What is the least
value of n for which n2 +n +17 is not prime? Why?
7. Find the gcd and LCM of (112, 147) , using Ven diagram
8. Find the primes numbers that can be expressed as n2 -1. What can you say about n?
Name the distribution in which
Mean > median > mode
Name the distribution in which
Mean < median < mode
When mean = median = mode , then the distribution is known as ________.
Which key is used for encryption ?
Which key is used for description?
Write the largest prime number is_______________of digits.
Write the largest mersenne prime is_______________.
Satyawati College
Question Bank
Business entrepreneurship and management
1. "It is the entrepreneur who bear the risk of industry". Comments on this
statement and discuss the funcitons of an entrepreneur?
2. What is meant by entrepreneur.What is the diffrenece between intrapreneur
and entrepreneur?
3. What is the importance of entrepreneur in economic development?
4. Explain the concepts of creativity and invention. Briefly discuss the various
sources of innovation ?
5. What is outsourcing and its types?
6. "Decision-making is the essence of management" Comments
7. What is Brain -storming.
8. What are the four highly inter-related elements of technology?
9. What is the diffrenece between e-commerce and m-commerce?
10. Give any four examples of unethical practices followed by some business
11. What is consumer adoption process?
12. What is market segmentation ? What are the major requirment for successful
market segmentation?
13. What is the diffrenece between recruitment and selection?
14. What do you understand by the term "Human Resource management". It is
the responsibility of Human resource department only?
15. "Management is arts as well as science and profession" comments