A to Z list of Neways Health Product Benefits

A to Z list of Neways Health Product Benefits (for educational purposes only)
Atrimax with Co Q10,
Combined with Orachel,
Revenol & Krill
Black Walnut & Senna
Cascading Revenol
Cassie Tea
C-Pil Plus
Combine with Feroxin and
Chelamin Plus
Combine with Feroxin and
EFA Krill Complex
(Neptune Krill Oil (NKO)
Targets specifically the cardiovascular system, emphysema, heart palpitations,
& hawthorne helps with angina to strengthen bypass, magnesium for cells, lungs
& heart. Increases oxygen to the cells, good for ex-smokers therapy
May help: Heart disease, cholesterol, cardiomyopathy, angina, diabetes,
parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s, MS, huntington’s disease, fibromyalgia, Aids, &
Take with meals. ( Do not take if on Warfarin Therapy without medical
Constipation - take 4 at night. Black walnut for parasites and add Purge. Must
sip plenty of water (rule of thumb= 30mLs for every kilo of your body weight) ,
for puffiness under eyes add Himalayan salt to water
*constipation - no grains & dairy (gluten free)
*very important to add sea salt to your water to absorb
Contains whole family of antioxidants. Cascades down 1100 family of free
radicals. 23 antioxidants – cascading effect
Super Defender, strong antioxidant, free radical fighter, immune booster.
May help: Cell changes, Aids, MS, muscular dystrophy
(Do not take if on Warfarin Therapy without medical advice)
Blood purifier, takes 120 days to get healthy blood, liver tonic, kidney tonic,
sheep sorrel-B17 antioxidant, immune booster, bowels, gall bladder, acne, boils,
dandruff, eczema and psoriasis, kidney stones, anti-cancer & anti-tumor, good
bowel cleanser, diuretic, astringent, & for all irritated mucous membranes
*Google Essiac, based on traditional remedy of Essiac
May help: Cell changes, detox liver, blood cleanser, candida, ulcers, sore throat
(Do not use when pregnant, kidney stones or gout)
Helps oxygen flow, powerful detoxifier in fat cells, dry skin, may improve
circulation & may improve hair loss, brain - memory
May help: Cellulite, thyroid, thymus gland & circulation, spider veins, cellulitis,
varicose veins * no dairy
Stops sugar & carbohydrate cravings. Reduce grains, dairy, sugar & fruit
Bone spurs-(2-3 Chelamin Plus 3 times a day, may help dissolve bone spurs in 6
weeks), aching bones & muscle weakness, bone density ( with Endau cream and
Trio ), * 98% of body’s calcium is concentrated in the bones
* 80% of body’s phosphorus is in the bones so helps with bone growth
May help: Stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, lupus, cyclic breast
disorder, hair, skin , nails & acne, great for teenagers acne
2 a day good results with children’s learning, aspergers, autism, more oxygen to
the body, & 47 times greater than omega-3 fish oil & mercury free ,
NKO boosts HDL by 44%, reduce triglycerides by 11.5% & glucose by 6.3%
May help: May help support joint health and improve joint mobility.
Maintain a healthy heart & normal cholesterol in healthy individuals, heavy metal
detoxifier, fatty liver, fluid retention
A to Z list of Neways Health Product Benefits (for educational purposes only)
Emperor’s Formula
Endau Harmonising Cream
Endau Balance
Endau Essentials
Endau Transitions
Extramin B-Calm
( for men and women )
Glucosamine Rapid
(A Ming Dynasty Formula)
May help: Build haemoglobin, balance hormones & immune, side effect of
chemotherapy (20-22 per day), for internal organs, nourish body, hot flashes
add Endau & help with adrenal burnout
Maintain youthfulness, improves mental reflexes, improve skin, hair & nails
Glands, Diabetes & Blood *Not not if have high blood pressure
Hormonal Balance Cream
How to use: Apply one quarter to one half of a 5mL teaspoon to soft skin
Regions of the body, sequentially rotating to a different part every day. Use
once or twice daily for 21 days consecutively, then discontinue for 7 days
May help: PMS or menopause, sporting pain, enlarged prostate, (culture of
Lacto Flora for colic & Endau cream - rub on baby’s tummy for helping baby
with sleeping ), & for baby teething. May help with amenorrhea (absence of
bleeding during Menstruation), endometriosis
Hormonal Balance and Function
May help: Support women’s hormonal balance during the reproductive
years. Assist with supporting women through the menstrual cycle,
balance heavy & regulate the cycle, cramps, PMS & with teenagers
Suitable during pregnancy, breast feeding, menstrual & menopausal years &
beyond. May help with men’s hair loss. Essential nutrients for women, no
matter what age
May help before and during pregnancy, with folate, Copper, iodine, iron and
Zinc, may also have ingredients to help with maintaining bone density and l
nutritional support for all women
** If you have hot flushes & sweats you MUST detoxify your liver & look
at gut health**
Uplifting for hormonal depression & feeling low, hops extract helps elevate
May help: Maintain a healthy cardiovascular system & may help with sleep
patterns, mood swings and hot flushes & a hormonal balancer for the mature
women during menopause, good as a liver balancer
Excellent for depression with Hawaiian Noni Juice
May help: with sleep problems, liver detoxifier, for kids and adults with OCD
( obsessive compulsive disorder), epilepsy
* Do not use with anti depression tablets
For hypoglycemia take 4 tablets for blood sugar balance
May help: Mild anxiety, &, good for hangovers, liver tonic
Joint supplement & immune booster, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
May help: Osteoporosis, for joints & arthritis, deterioration of cartilage,
combined with Mobility may help produce collagen type 2
*Not during pregnancy or if foreign human tissue or body fluids are being
A to Z list of Neways Health Product Benefits (for educational purposes only)
Ming Gold
Ming VMM
Orachel Children’s
Orachel Plus
Orbitol Plus
For inflammation & gout
Good for brain & central nervous system, use for students to get better
exam results contains brahmi & ginkgo biloba
May help:Support normal memory function & learning. Maintain healthy
brain and nerve cells for alzheimer’s disease, promotes mental alertness
(A Ming Dynasty Formula) Improves athletic performance, good for blood
oxygen to increase stamina
May help: Maintain healthy digestive system, immune system, chronic
fatigue, remove mucus, herpes, & strengthens lung capacity for asthma
A Ming Dynasty Formula) natural antibiotic, liver friendly & immune booster,
, antiviral
May help: Colds, gastritis, sore throats, bronchial problems, allergies,
glandular fever. Use for 2 weeks & let your own immune take over
A safe pain killer. Panadol will cause fatty livers
May help: Migraines, arthritic pain, nerve pain. Works best with Ingenious
May help: Cardiac, cholesterol, blood Pressure. Used in Oral Chelation
Fantastic Multi Vitamin for children. There is a lot of synthetic vitamins with
aspartame on the market
May help: Supports healthy body function
Great Multi Vitamin
Supplies a daily mineral and vitamin supplement in tablet form. Good
for taking on holiday when liquid supplements are not an option & may help to
detoxify the liver
For the eyes, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, mucus membrane tonic
May help: Sinus, ageing eye problems, red eye, visual fatigue & eye strain,
Night vision, bleeding of eye veins, macular degeneration
** Don’t use when breast feeding
Helps with incontinence for women, fluid retention, good tonic for prostate,
for hair loss in men combine with C-Pil and Feroxin
May help: Benign prostate problems, inflammation of the bladder. May
reduce an enzyme responsible for the conversion of Testosterone to
* Can be used for controlling urinary tract infection
The prime ingredient is St Mary’s thistle, which has a long history associated
with liver health
May help:as a Kidney & Liver tonic, liver detoxifier, fatty liver
May Help: Auto immune, parasites. Chronic pain & coughing = parasites. Do a
3 month course ( 3 bottles ) and then follow up with Lacto Flora, Transfactor
& Protectiver, good for MS
*Give to babies mixed with water.
May help: Re-Flux, burning pain after eating
A to Z list of Neways Health Product Benefits (for educational purposes only)
Cal-Sea-Um with silica
Durian Fusion with
Green Qi
Frozen shoulder use with EFA Krill Complex and Mobility
May help: Bones, muscles, tendons, ligament, firm up muscles & may help
repair bones.
Maintain peak energy levels. Can be taken before an operation to promote
quicker recovery
* Do not use during recovery of an infection or hypertension
Babies crush with Tender Care Hand & Body Lotion & rub on chest & under
feet for a cold or influenza
May help: Colds, influenza, sinusitis, high fever, prolonged coughing
An antioxidant, destroys free radicals, delays the aging process & defends
Good for ADD & ADHD with Feroxin, anti-inflammatory & antihistamine,
second generation antioxidant
May help: To detox the body, blood vessel disorders, alzheimer’s, asthma,
cancer, tendonitis. Can be used topically for acne, cold sore, boils etc (Dip the
tablet in a small amount of eliminator and rub on the area)
* Do not use during chemotherapy
Hormone balance for men and women, adrenal stress, may improve DHEA
levels, low levels of DHEA may lead to grumpy men & women.
When pimples starts on the chin – stop or lower dose, your levels of DHEA
would have increased.
** If you have hot flushes- look at gut & liver plus may have low DHEA levels
May help: Abdominal spasms, spasmodic asthma, rheumatic and joint pain,
hormone insufficiencies. Use in conjunction with endau or subvene
Good source of calcium, magnesium & vitamin D, (Chewable tablet, made from
seaweed from the North Atlantic Ocean)
May help: Osteoporosis, muscles, improved bone density, PMS, MS, can use
with EFA Krill Complex
Good source of omega 3, 6 & 9
May help: Provides energy, support metabolism, provides nutrients for
healthy supple skin. Support cardiovascular health, aspergers, may help with
sleeping as it makes serotonin, improve mental mood, tryptophan – good for
sleep, B 17
Helps with emotions, hormones, high temperature, good for babies & children,
very healing for the gut, heavy metals remover, need mineral to absorb other
nutrients, you absorb 98% of these mineral due to their colloidal form which
are the sparks of life for every cell in the body
*Urinary tract infections, swallow 2 caps of Feroxin
Use with Lacto-Flora and Transfactor – gut repair.
May help: Jet lag, detoxifying the body especially the liver & kidneys, predigested protein, heavy metals, haemoglobin, alkalizes the system.
Contain green, yellow, red vegetables as well as herbs, berries and sea
vegetables. Support people who do not have a balanced diet e.g. children
A to Z list of Neways Health Product Benefits (for educational purposes only)
Lacto Flora
New Vera
Noni Juice
( Lactose – Free) A probiotic, (good bacteria) Lactobacillus acidophilus and
bifidobacterium lactis
**Good bacteria prevents- extreme menstrual or menopausal symptoms,
frequent fatigue, acne, asthma, eczema, & rashes, frequent colds, flu &
infections, allergies, faulty digestion & reflux, candida & sugar craving, leaky
gut, bloating, flatulence, irritable bowel. Helps remove lactic acid.
May help: to maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in your
digestive system. Provide you with a gentle way to cleanse the colon. May
help with chronic constipation, bloating, crohns, chronic fatigue, prostatitis,
colic, dysbiosis and disease.
* Can be used for starting the digestive system of premature & cesarean
* Better results when taken before bed
Over 70 minerals & trace elements, vitamins amino acids and enzymes
Ionized Colloidal liquid, therefore absorbed within 10 minutes taken on an
empty stomach. Antioxidants in the form of Fructooligosaccharides,
vegetarian friendly formula
Without minerals you do not absorb nutrients & a lot of people have poor gut
health & do not digest tablets. Team up with Feroxin for a power packed
colloidal supplements where you absorb 98%. Take Feroxin in evening &
Maximol in morning.
Needed by the body daily to utilize the food and the vitamins we eat,
it makes the cells generate properly. alkalizes the body.
* Athletes take Maximol, Green Qi & Ming Gold
May increase the lubrication of the cartilage. Mobility plus Glucosamine with
Cat’s Clawmay help repair damage joints and produce collagen type 2.
May help: Carpal tunnel, arthritis, joint mobility and aches and pains
May help: Sooth and calm the digestive tract, tremendous intestinal tract
healing properties, ulcers, allergies
Noni may increase Serotonin levels which helps prevent depression & OCDobsessive compulsive disorder. Noni contains powerful antioxidants, may help
stabilize insulin production. May help with diabetes, leaky gut. Use with
Extramin powerful anti-depressant.
Very good results when combined with Feroxin and Orachel Plus
May help support immune system, regulate proper cell function, regenerate
damaged cells by absorbing and utilizing nutrients such as amino acids,
vitamins & minerals
May help: Respiratory, digestive, nervous and immune system tonic,
endometriosis, depression, headaches, sinus and chest problems. Can be used
topically for wounds or burns, or cold sores.
A to Z list of Neways Health Product Benefits (for educational purposes only)
Vita Cell
Gut Repair
Vita Cell
Sick people
Sick children
Golden Staph
The root of all diseases is a faulty immune system –The Colostrum in
Transfactor supports our immune system especially for the sick, elderly,
highly stressed & under nourished. Suitable for anyone that is ill or has an
auto-immune disease e.g. MS, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetics, graves,
allergies, asthma, eczema, sinusitis, lupus, addison’s, crohns, any bowel
disorders, leaky gut, candida, mouth ulcers, gut repairer, chronic fatigue
Maca in Transfactor increases energy & stamina so do not take late at night.
Maca also supports the hormones & vaginal dryness, Maca is used with
success in low testosterone problem
* For babies with eczema, kids with peanut allergies, Celiac disease, IBS,
pneumonia, ross river virus, glandular fever, chickenpox, Meningococcus and
swine flu.
* If you experience gas or bloating it is due to toxins being released from the
body or candida, so increase your water consumption until it passes
Transfactor & Vita Cell are the strongest products for the immune system
Encourages proper cell function
May help: Nurtures the body’s systems. Support normal cell cycles.
Normal prostate function , immune booster, and support respiratory system
Digestion is the key to good health so gut repair is extremely important and
** Green Qi, Feroxin, Transfactor 2 tablets 4 times a day, Lacto Flora take
at night (1 satchet of Lacto Flora = 1 bottle of Inner health plus
Transfactor & Vita Cell are the strongest products for the immune system
*If anyone is sick for a long time or coming down with anything take 2
Transfactor capsules 4 times a day
* open 1 capsule of Transfactor & mix with food
* A combination of Revenol, Orachel & Feroxin. EFA Krill
* Transfactor & Vita Cell
* Mix Vita Cell into Rebound after Sun Cream & apply
* Lemon Aromatherapy oil, Transfactor & Vita Cell
** Detox the Home & protect the environment
– change to Neways safe non-toxic Bathroom & Home Care products, this will make a big difference
to your health
** Allergies, acne, eczema etc
- change to Neways safe home care products e.g. NewBrite Dishwashing liquid, NewBrite Dishwashing
powder, NewBrite Laundry powder concentrate