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Potent and selective FXIIIa inhibitor!
_____________________________________________________ transglutaminase newsletter July-2014
ZED1301: potent direct acting FXIIIa inhibitor now commercially available!
 Strong inhibitor of coagulation factor XIII (IC50 ~ 100 nM)
 Substantial selectivity against TG2 (30-fold, IC50 ~ 3,000 nM)
 EC50 in thromboelastometry, whole human blood ~ 30 µM
 Used to solve the crystal structure of FXIII in the active conformation
(Stieler, M. et al. Angewandte Chemie Intl. Ed. 2013, 52, 11930)
ZED1301 (product number A108) is a peptidic inhibitor containing an electrophilic Michael
acceptor (MA) warhead. The structure/sequence Ac-D-MA-Nle-Nle-LPWP-OH
(Nle, norleucine) provides both potency and selectivity in biochemical and in vitro whole blood
assays. So far, pharmacokinetic data are not available.
Within our drug development program we developed novel proprietary FXIIIa inhibitors suitable for
in vivo animal studies. Please contact us ([email protected]) for further information.
Find below the bestsellers out of our inhibitor toolbox frequently used.
Art. No. Name
5 mg
480 €
Ac-D-MA-Nle-Nle-LPWP-OH, "ZED1301"
Z-DON-Val-Pro-Leu-OMe, "Z-DON"
10 mg
385 €
Boc-DON-Gln-Ile-Val-OMe, "Boc-DON"
10 mg
385 €
1,3,4,5-Tetramethyl-2[(2-oxo-propyl)thio] imidazolium chloride
10 mg
480 €
1,3-Dimethyl-2[(2-oxo-propyl)thio]imidazolium chloride
100 mg
480 €
New products, just launched: Fibrin glue (porcine and bovine)
Fibrin Glue is a natural product consisting of two components: fibrinogen concentrate and
thrombin. After mixing both components, polymerization leads to an elastic fibrin matrix.
Art. No. Name
Fibrin Glue (porcine)
1 Kit
195 €
Fibrin Glue (bovine)
1 Kit
195 €
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