Technical Program ASNT Annual Conference 27

ASNT Annual Conference
27-30 October 2014
Charleston, SC
Technical Program
(as of 14 August 2014, subject to change)
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Tuesday 28 October 2014 – ASNT Annual Conference
Eddy Current I
Chair: TBA
NDE of Composites I
Chair: A. Poudel, Southern Illinois
General NDT I
Chair: TBA
3D Eddy-Current-Based Inspection of
Lightweight Components – from Idea
into Realization
M. Schulze, M. Pooch, H. Heuer,
Fraunhofer IKTSMD
A Comparison of Acoustography
with Other NDE Methods for F.O.
Inclusion Detection in Graphite
Epoxy Laminates
A.Poudel, S. Shrestha, Southern
Illinois University
Application of Flash Thermography
in Automotive Carbon Fiber
H. Zhao, P. Blanchard, Ford Motor
Developing New Generation ECT Flaw
Detectors to Meet Client Needs
J. Hansen, ETher NDE
A Nondestructive Evaluation
Technique for Detecting, Locating
and Quantifying Damage in Large
Polymer Composite Structures
Made of Electrically Nonconductive Fibers and Carbon
Nanotube Networks
A. Naghashpour, S. Van Hoa,
Concordia University
Evaluation of Friction Stir Welds
with Advanced Ultrasonic and Eddy
Current Techniques
E. Todorov, R. Spencer, H. Castner
Edison Welding Institute
Eddy Current Transfer
M. Collingwood, AScan Laboratories
Acoustic Emission for Damage
Evaluation in Realistic CFRP
R. Austin, Texas Research Institute
Austin Inc.; M. ElBatanou, M.
Abdelrahman, P. Ziehl, University of
South Carolina
Exploring a Link Between Acoustic
Emission Energy and a Strain
Energy-based Fatigue Life
Prediction Method
S. Nesaei, T. Letcher, F. Delfanian,
South Dakota State University; S.
Momeni, Mistras Group Inc.
Automatic Conductivity Scanning of
Rolled Aluminum Plates for Aerospace
H. Ghaziary, Advanced NDE Associates;
W. Johnson, AUT Consulting Inc.; A.
Haszler, Altech Consulting GMBH
Tracing Defects in Glass Fiber
Polypropylene Composites Using
Ultrasonic C-Scan and X-Ray
Computed Tomography Methods
A. Hassen, M. Yester, U. Vaidya,
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Reducing Arc Flash Risks with
Electrical Maintenance Safety
M. Robinson, IRISS Group
10:30 am
10:00 am
9:30 am
9:00 am
Keynote Address: 8:00-8:45 am
Daniel P. Mooney, Vice President of Engineering, South Carolina Engineering Design Center,
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
11:00 am-1:00 pm Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
NDE of Composites II
Chair: A. Poudel, Southern Illinois
Infrastructure I
Chair: M. Miceli, Miceli
Infrastructure Consulting LLC
Eddy Current Inspection of Twisted
Tube Heat Exchangers--Field Trial
Test Results
T. Rush, Mistras Group, Inc.; S. Hoyt,
Marathon GBR; O. Lavoie, Eddyfi, Koch
Heat Transfer Company
Application of Advanced NonContact Ultrasound for Composite
Material Qualification
A. Bhardwaj, K. Patel, The Ultran
The Role of NDT in Risk-based
Inspection for Highway Bridges
G. Washer, M. Nasrollahi, University
of Missouri
Examination of Tube-to-Header Welds
with Flexible Eddy Current Probes
J. Bartlett, G. Burkhardt, Southwest
Research Institute; S. Walker, EPRI
Inspection of Composite Stingers
Using the SAUL (Surface Adapted
Ultrasound) Method with Circular
G. Neau, M2M; I. Ivakhnenko,
ATK Aerospace Systems
Structural Health Monitoring
Results from the San Francisco
Oakland Bay Bridge
M. Johnson, California Department of
Transportation; R. Gostautas, T.
Tamatus, Mistras Group
2:00 pm
Health Assessment of Heat Exchanger
Tubes through Eddy Current Testing
(ECT) and Internal Rotary Inspection
System (IRIS) and Their Comparative
Study Performed on Various Tube
A. Al-Shamari, M. Al-Shaiji, G. Kumar,
A. Gupta, Kuwait Oil Company
Nondestructive Testing of Adhesive
Bonds Using Ultrasonic
Interference Spectroscopy
N. Joshi, Retired
Strategic NDT Approach for Road
Infrastructures with Passive and
Active UT
T. Shiotani, Tobishima Corporation
The Pulsed Eddy Current Testing
Technique Research for Austenitic
Stainless Steels
H. Wang, J. Want, Nanjing University of
Prediction of Crack Initiation Site
in Fastener Hole of Composite
A. Abd-Elhady, H. Sallam, Jazan
1:30 pm
1:00 pm
Eddy Current II
Chair: TBA
2:30 pm
Tuesday 28 October 2014 – ASNT Annual Conference
Chair: TBA
Chairs: T. Chu, Southern Illinois
Laser Methods/ Microwave
Chair: TBA
3:30 pm
A Brief History of the Magnetic
Particle Inspection Method
G. Hopman, Quality Control Council of
the United States
Digital Image Correlation
Techniques for Aerospace
T. Chu, A. Poudel, T. Heller,
Southern Illinois University
Laser Ultrasound: Inspecting Next
Generation CFRP Structures
M. Osterkamp, K. Yawn, D. Kaiser,
PaR Systems
4:00 pm
3:00-3:30 pm Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall
Verifying Magnetic Field Strength for
Magnetic Particle Examination of
Some Complex Parts
J. Brunk, Consultant
Ultrasonic 3D Imaging Based on
Signal Correlation
S. Li, Link Engineering Company; F.
Zhang, A. Poudel, T. Chu, Southern
Illinois University
Outside Diameter Laser Measuring
H. Prejean, NOV Tuboscope
4:30 pm
5:00 pm
Validation Techniques for Toroidal
Magnetic Particle Fixtures
D. Geis, B. Collins, K. Boden,
NASA Docking System Dynamic
Seal Leak Rate, Compression and
Adhesion Evaluation
S. Underwood, H. Warden, M.
Tucker, E. Sievers, Boeing
Microwave to Detect Cold Fusion
Joints in High Density Polyethylene
R. Stackenborghs, Evisive Inc.; K.
Murphy, Exova; B. Gray, Spectrum
Minimization of Impacts on the User’s
Health and the Environment by PT
and MT Consumables
K. Alward, K. Lessmann, Pfinder KG
Aging Aircraft NDT
R. Davis, L3 Mission Integration
Microwave Inspection of Fiber
Reinforced Plastic Products for
Absolute Thickness and Remaining
R. Woodward, URS Corporation; K.
Evisive Inc.
Wednesday 29 October 2014 - ASNT Annual Conference
NDT Engineering Panel Discussion
Chairs: R. Shannon, Siemens Power
Corp.; A. Poudel, Southern Illinois
Chair: D. Forsyth, Texas Research
Inspecting Multiwalled Ammonia
Converters with AET
C. Allevato, Stress Engineering Services
Panel Discussion
Panelists J. Duke, Virginia
Polytechnic Institute and State
University; G. Georgeson, Boeing
Research & Technology; R. Waldrop,
US Coast Guard:, M. Gehlen,
Uniwest; E. Lindgren, US Air Force,
Wright Patterson Air Force Base
What's Missing in NDE Capability
C. Annis, Statistical Engineering
Inspection of Subsea Pipelines Using
Guided Wave
D. Alleyne, Guided Ultrasonics Ltd.
Panel Discussion continued
NDE Characterization Metrics for
Optimization, Validation and
J. Aldrin, Computational Tools
10:00 am
3D Reality Capture for Asset
T. Taylor, Acuren Group Inc.
Panel Discussion continued
Using Modeling to Improve
Inspection Reliability in Practice
M. Warchol, MFAW NDT LLC
On Stream Inspection using High
Temperature Phased Array
D. Bajula, Acuren Group Inc.
Panel Discussion continued
Give Inspectors a Chance
D. Forsyth, Texas Research
9:30 am
9:00 am
Chemical and Petroleum I
Chairs: R. Nisbet, QualSpec; S. Hoyt,
Marathon Petroleum
10:30 am
Plenary Address 8:00-8:45 am
Michael P. Serabian, President, PQNDT Inc., Arlington, MA
11:00 am-1:00 pm Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
Chemical and Petroleum II
Chairs: R. Nisbet, QualSpec; S. Hoyt,
Marathon Petroleum
Emerging Methods I
Chairs: TBA
Digital Radiography I
Chair: K. Bruer, Amee Bay LLC
1:00 pm
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
Codes and Specifications for
Minimizing Corporate Risk using
Proper PMI Practices
D. Mears, Analytical Training
From the Aerospace to the
Petroleum Industry: Fourier
Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
as a New NDE Tool
F. Prulliere, J. Seelenbinder, F.
Higgins, G. Miller, C. Sasso, J.
Fitzpatrick, L. Tang Agilent
Film vs. Digital Radiography on
Thin Walled Orbital Arc Tube
J. Elston, B. Bartha, P. Vona, W.
Cheng, PaR Systems
Advancement in Digital Radiography
for Inspection of Welds
J. Iman, GE Energy
Optical Coherence Tomography
Using On-Chip Spectrometers
A. Nitkowski, K. Preston, B. Schmidt,
A. Hajian, Tornado Spectral Systems
Advancements in Digital
Radiography for the Inspection of
J. Gibson, R. Mills, GE Inspection
G. Light, Southwest Research Institute
Pulsed Terahertz Methods for Noncontact Inspection
T. Tongue, B. Schulkin, Zomega
Terahertz Corp.
Imaging Plate Life for Industrial
Field Radiography Applications
B. White, Carestream NDT
Developing Effective NDT Training
D. Mandina, Mandina’s Inspection
Services Inc.
Improvements in Barkhausen
Sensor Design with Application to
Magnetic Non-Destructive
N. Gaunkar, I. Nlebedim, D. Jiles,
Iowa State University
TDI (Time Delayed Integration)
Technique and Device in NDT of
Digital Radiography (DR)
L. Yang, C. Want, N. Luu, D. Meng,
XScan Imaging Corporation
4:30 pm
4:00 pm
3:30 pm
3:00-3:30 pm Refreshment Break
Chemical and Petroleum III
Chairs: R. Nisbet, QualSpec; S. Hoyt,
Marathon Petroleum
Emerging Methods II
Chairs: TBA
Digital Radiography II / Neutron
Chair: K. Bruer, Amee Bay LLC
Importance of a Systematic Review
Process for Data Analysis of Advanced
NDT Data
L. Mullins, P. Tremblay, Zetec Inc.
Effect of Varying Inspection
Parameters in Crack Depth
Measurements Using Potential
Drop Method
D. Utrata, D. Enyart, Iowa State
X-Ray Backscatter Tomography for
Large Scale Constructions
P. Krueger, Fraunhofer IKTSMD
Rapid Screening of Insulated Pipes for
Corrosion Under Insulation Using
Advanced Electromagnetic Technique
A. Vajpayee, D. Russell, Russell NDE
System Inc.
Ultrasound NDT Camera and
Team-based NDT
J. Endrerud, E. Skoglund, Dolphitech
Optimization of Image Processing
with Cone Bean CT Software Tools
for 2D and 3D Digital Radiography
D. Shedlock, M. Hu, D. Nisius, J.
Star-Lack, Varian Medical Systems
Inspection of Welds from One Side
Only as Found in Taper Neck Flange
T. Armitt, Lavender International NDT
Evaluating Dual-mode Pulse
Y. Harel, AcousticEye
Beam Diagnostics and Performance
Characteristics of a Neutron and Xray Combined Computed
Tomography Facility
V. Sinha, Virginia Commonwealth
University; A. Srivastava, Missouri
University of Science & Technology;
H. Lee
5:00 pm
NDE Personnel Certification
Requirements in the 2015 ASME Code
L. Mullins, Zetec Inc.
Ultracloud ¨C: A New Ultrasonic
Nondestructive Testing Technology
Z. Chen, Y. Zheng, J. Wu, L. Hong,
Advanced Progression with Neutron
Radiographic Equipment within the
US Army
S. Zuber, US Army – RDECOM –
Thursday 30 October 2014 - ASNT Annual Conference
General NDT II
Chair: TBA
Ultrasonic Inspections
Chair: TBA
In-service Inspection for Enhanced
RBI of Above Ground Storage Tanks
S. Ternowchek, Mistras Group Inc.
Shearography NDT of Aerospace
J. Newman, Laser Technology Inc.
Load-enhanced Methods for Lamb
Wave in situ NDE of Complex
Components (Fellowship Award)
X. Chen, J. Michaels, T. Michaels,
Georgia Institute of Technology
The Limitations of Magnetic Flux
Leakage Scanning of Aboveground
Storage Tank Bottoms
D. Carden, Zuuk International
High-frequency Eddy Current
System for Analyzing Wet
Conductive Coatings During
I. Patsora, H. Heuer, Technical
University of Dresden; S. Hillmann,
Fraunhofer IKTSMD Dresden; B.
Foos, J. Calzada, A. Cooney, Air
Force Research Laboratory
Designing an Integrated, Affordable
and Versatile Ultrasonic Solution
Using Advanced Technologies
D. Hopkins, BERCLI Phased Array
Solutions; M. Brassard, Techno
Diffusion NDE
10:00 am
Nondestructive Testing Technologies
and Applications for Detecting, Sizing
and Monitoring Corrosion Erosion
Damage in Oil and Gas Assets
B. Pellegrino, GE Inspection
3D Reality Capture for Asset
T. Taylor, Acuren
Probability of Detection of Minute
Defects by Ultrasonic Automated
Testing Equipment in View of
Bayesian Inference
A. Leybovich, Tosoh SMD Inc.
Environment-assisted Corrosion
Cracking in Carbon Steels Utilizing
Advanced Ultrasonic Techniques
M. Abu Four, M. Rosa, Y. Al Munif,
Saudi Aramco
Application of NDE Technologies in
Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)
G. Washer, M. Nasrollahi, University
of Missouri
The Research of Corrosion
Monitoring on Pipe Based on the
Flexible Ultrasound Sensor
J. Wang, H. Wang, Nanjing
University of Aeronautics
9:30 am
9:00 am
Power Plant NDT
Chair: TBA
10:30 am
Plenary Address 8:00-8:45 am
Lester Honor Lecture
The Journey of Nondestructive Testing (NDT)
Nat Faransso, Office of the Chief Engineer-KBR
Plenary Address 11:00-11:45 am
Discovery of the Hunley Civil War Submarine off the Coast of S. Carolina
Dr. Edward Lee Spence
Pipeline Inspections I
Chairs: TBA
Education and Training Issues I
Chair: TBA
Ultrasonic Phased Array
Chair: TBA
1:00 pm
Inspection Range of Guided Wave
Testing of Pipeline
S. Kim, H. Kim, Guided Wave Analysis
Introducing Young People to NDT
P. Trach, Laboratory Testing Inc.
Design and Fabrication of curved
Ultrasonic Phased Array Probes for
Customized Applications
J. Fischer, J. Michauk, T. Herzog, H.
Heuer, Fraunhofer IKTSMD
1:30 pm
A Reconfigurable System Design for
Pipeline Inspection Using Guided
Waves Ultrasound
L. Zhang, University of Regina
When We Get it Wrong: Why NDT
D. Davies, Alcoa Fastening Systems
Further Development of an
Optimized Array Wheel Probe for
Inspection of Fiber Glass
J. Buckley, Sonatest Ltd
2:00 pm
Monitoring of Time-Dependent
Degradation in Pipelines with
Ultrasonic Guided Waves Using
Permanently Installed Sensors
P. Mudge, TWI Ltd.; P. Jackson, K.
Thornicroft, Plant Integrity Ltd.
Lessons Learned from Failed
Radiographic Qualifications
S. McClain, ARDEC Picatinny
DAC Recording Using Phased
Array Probes Made Easy
W. Kleinert, Y. Oberdoerfer, GE
Sensing & Inspection Technologies
2:30 pm
Some New Results in Coiled Oilfield
Tubing Inspections
R. Stanley, NDE Information Consultants
NDT Joins the IoT Revolution!
M. Wijtkamp, Librestream
AWS D1.1D1.5 Phased Array
P. Furr, University of Ultrasonics
Education and Training Issues II
Chair: TBA
Ultrasonic Weld Inspections
Chair: TBA
EMI Inspection Standards
W. Averitt, New Tech Systems USA
ICNDT Current Progress, Plans,
and Vision
M. Farley, ICNDT
Advanced Ultrasonic Technology
Methods for NDT of Submarine
Hull Welds
B. Johnson, General Dynamics
Electric Boat
4:00 pm
EMA Technology as a Way to Ensure
Quality Ultrasonic Inspection of
Coated and Rough Surfaced Objects
O. Iurchenko, O. Skorba,
Ultraconservice LLC
Embedded Modelling Tools
Significantly Improve Educational
And Training Classes for Weld
Inspection Using Phased Array and
Conventional UT Technologies
J. Turcotte, Sonatest
A Simple, Efficient and Evolving
Solution to Improve the Reliability
of Weld Inspection Using Phased
Array UT & TOFD
P. Tremblay, L. Enenkel, L. Mullins,
J. Berlanger, Zetec Inc.
4:30 pm
Differentiation of 3D Scanners and
Their Positioning Method When
Applied to Pipeline Integrity
J. Lavoie, J. Beaumont, M. Maizonnasse,
Creaform 3D
The Art of Technical Writing
O. Lewis, West Penn Testing Group
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing of
Closed Rib (U-rib) Welds
R. Boundouki, M. Foerder,
Alta Vista Solutions
In-Situ Non-Destructive Positive
Material Identification Testing for
Determining Carbon Steel Pipeline
Material Properties
K. Greene, G. Donikowski, TD
Williamson Inc.
C.A.P. System for Reports
J. Taylor, Nova Data Testing Inc.
Ultrasonic Measurement of
Residual Stresses in Welded
Elements and Structures
Y. Kudryavtsev, J. Kleiman,
Structural Integrity Technologies Inc.
3:30 pm
Pipeline Inspections II
Chairs: TBA
5:00 pm
3:00-3:30 pm Refreshment Break