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Carl's Jr.® General Managers
Kathy Johnson – Director, Product Marketing
April 30, 2014
Sugar Packet Vendor Transition
All restaurants will transition to a new vendor for sugar packets. Please review information
below on estimated DC transition dates.
With this transition the pack size, storage and handling will remain the same. Start using the
new sugar packets once you have depleted your current in-store inventory. MBM will
automatically substitute the new product once the DCs has depleted current inventory.
Estimated Transition Date:
New Item #
Sugar Packets
Estimated Transition
Ontario – May 8
Manteca – May 31
Fort Worth – August 23
Denver – September 9
MBM Online Order Application
Item # 94389 can be found in the Default Order Guide. It will also be seen as a "New" item
under Announcements. If the item will be ordered frequently it can be added to the Custom
Order Guide from the "Unassigned" category, using the Customize Order Guide feature. The
item will not appear on the printed Custom Order Guide until it has been added.
Inventory Management System
Once you transition to the new sugar packets, be sure to count all inventory for this item under
the new MBM item number (#94389). This will ensure you see Actual and Ideal data under the
correct item number, once recipes have changed in your back office. Failure to do so could lead
to inaccurate Actual vs. Ideal variances because of differences in item cost.
Sugar packet recipes will be updated during the transition for restaurants serviced by CKE Data
Questions: If you have any questions you may contact me at 805-745-7669 thank you.