EZ37002 – EZCLEAR Interior Polish NSN: 7930-01-573-3189

EZ37002 –
EZCLEAR Interior Polish
NSN: 7930-01-573-3189
TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: The EZ37002 is a two fluid ounce bottle of “Interior Polish”. The
polish is aviation grade, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. See the EZ37002 MSDS for
safety data concerning the liquid compound.
APPLICATION: EZ37002 is used for several applications during the EZCLEAR repair process. 1.)
The EZ37002 polish is applied with an application pad, that is attached to a machine polishing
tool and used as the “Extra Finishing Option” after EZCLEAR standard repair is complete. 2.)
The EZ37002 polish is also applied by hand, with the Interior Repair Pad (EZ31603) attached to
the Hand Support Disc (EZ31404: NSN: 3460-01-572-6685).
UTILITY / USE FOR: Removing fine haze and scratches from acrylic and polycarbonate aircraft
windows, with a machine or by hand.
2.0 fl oz.
(LxWxH in inches) 1.5” circle x 3.5”
Product View – Hand Application
Machine Application
Machine Application: See “STEP 2” in the Instruction Manual and follow same procedure, except
with the Interior Polish (EZ37002) and the Interior Repair Pad (EZ31603).
Hand Application: 1.) Apply dime size amount of Polish to the Pad. 2.) Work the polish onto
the surface in small, circular motions with the pad. Gently rub polish into surface until the
polish begins to dry slightly. At this point re-apply polish until desired clarity is
ASSOCIATED KITS/NSNs: Included in the following kits: EZ2050A (7930-01-569-3631), EZ2050B
(7930-01-569-3630), EZ2050C (7930-01-569-3633), EZ2050D (7930-01-569-3634), EZ4065A (7930-01569-3637), EZ4065B (7930-01-569-3632)