TDS Resume - Lakenheath Electronics Design

4610 Harling Lane, Suite B-100, Bethesda MD, 20814
Tel: 703-765-1575
email: [email protected]
Extensive space, military and civilian R&D experience in electronics, optical and mechanical hardware design.
Senior Principal Electronics Engineer, Lakenheath Electronics Design, Bethesda, MD
2005 – Present
Designed, developed and field-tested various RF and digital electronics modules for the Tactical Electronic Warfare Division,
NRL. Designed the JMAPS ASIC Module electronics and chassis for NRL's JMAPS program. Designed transmit and
receive RF printed circuit boards for NRL’s GLADIS program. Provided electronics and chassis design support for NRL’s
MIS program. Designed and built a 64-channel spherical microphone array (Internal R&D). Lead harness engineer for
NRL’s MIS and TACSAT-1A programs. Designed a miniature boost regulator circuit for Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s
spontaneous ignition experiments with platinum nanoparticles. Designed an NRL command and telemetry interface for strain
gauge monitoring of a robotic arm end effector. Set up an NRL high speed communications lab for evaluating and
comparing various spacecraft communications protocols. Designed an 8-channel high power MOSFET switch for DC motor
control, electric vehicle and payload switching applications. Developed a high intensity light emitting diode (LED)-based
illumination source for under-vehicle, improvised explosive device (IED) detection. Pushed the boundaries of cholosteric
flexible display technology developing flexible circuits for SAIC’s KIWI project. Designed environmentally- and
electromagnetic interference (EMI)-sealed enclosures for PC/104 embedded electronics systems. Developed ruggedized
electronics enclosures for Manta-B UAV, FCS Wearable Computer, NSTec, CMU's Red Team Grand Challenge, Robotic
Research and SAIC’s MaxPower Counter-IED on the MRAP vehicle.
Senior Engineer, Protiveris Inc., Rockville, MD
2000 – 2006
Responsible for helping biotech startup Protiveris, Inc. begin research and development operations in June, 2000. Developed
instrumentation concepts, specified and purchased tools, equipment and parts. Set up engineering and lab space, interviewed,
hired and managed staff. Developed the electrooptical instrumentation and embedded electronics for a biosensor based on a
unique microcantilever sensor platform. Conceptualized and invented a 64-channel linear Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting
Laser (VCSEL) array module with custom, integrated microlens array, used for targeting the microcantilever array sensors.
Developed a piezo-driven cell for using the high-order harmonic oscillations of microcantilevers in a scheme to detect small
changes in the mass of material deposited on the cantilevers. Prepared surface mount technology (SMT) electronic designs,
multi-layer printed circuit layouts, parts lists, assembly drawings and test plans for off-site production. Automated the wiring
harness design technique developed at NRL. Designed wiring harness schematics and wire run lists for cable assembly by
Electronics Engineer, Naval Research Laboratory, NCST
1997 – 2000
Made significant engineering contributions to various Naval Center for Space Technology projects including the Modulating
Retroreflector, the Discriminating Interceptor Technology Program (DITP), the Naval EarthMap Observer (NEMO) and the
Interim Control Module (ICM) space station project. Developed a wiring harness design technique using OrCAD and Excel.
Electronics Engineer, Naval Research Laboratory, Space Science Division
1986 – 1997
Developed Tektronix 512 x 512 electron bombarded CCD (EBCCD) detectors for the Global Imaging Monitor of the
Ionosphere (GIMI) experiment flown on the Advanced Research and Global Observation Satellite (ARGOS) in February
1999. Designed, fabricated and tested the image-intensified EG&G Reticon RA1200J 400 x 1200 CCD detector for the
Middle Atmosphere High Resolution Spectrograph Investigation (MAHRSI) flown on the CRISTA/SPAS shuttle payload
of Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-66 in November 1994 and again on Space Shuttle Discovery STS-85 in August of 1997.
Developed the electronics assembly for controlling the electrographic Spartan 204 Far Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph
(FUVIS) space shuttle experiment flown on STS-63 in February 1995. Designed, fabricated and tested CCD controllers for
laboratory and space flight systems. Designs included power control circuits, microcontrollers, DAC programmable bias
regulators and clock drivers, CDS analog processors with 16-bit A/D conversion, thermoelectric cooler controllers,
associated cabling and RS422 to PCAT bus interface hardware. Developed detector package for the TIVP1M 1024 x 1024
CCD array for evaluation of EBCCD detector systems. Designed, fabricated and installed two UV electrographic systems for
the USAF in the J4 altitude chamber (AEDC) to detect UV emissions from solid fueled rocket motor plumes.
Co-Op Engineering Trainee, Naval Research Laboratory, SSD
1984 – 1986
Developed ground support electronics for the AFP-675 Far UV Cameras space shuttle (STS-39) experiment and the Comet
Halley sounding rocket experiment.
B. S. Electrical Engineering, cum laude - University of Maryland, College Park, MD 1986
Multiplex Illuminator and Device Reader for Microcantilever Array, U.S. Patent No. 7,177,018, February 13, 2007.
Microfluidics Apparatus and Methods for Use Thereof (with John Peeters and others), U.S. Patent No. 6,926,864, August 9,
NRL Appreciation for Contribution to the Successful Flight of MAHRSI.
Deutsche Aerospace Appreciation for Contribution to the Successful Flight of CRISTA-SPAS.
USAF Appreciation for Contribution to the Successful Flight of STS-39.
Member, IEEE
"Calibration of Optical Cantilever Deflection Readers," by Z. Hu, T. D. Seeley, S. Kossek and T. Thundat in Review of
Scientific Instruments 75 (2), 400 (2004).
"Global Imaging Monitor of the Ionosphere (GIMI): an Ultraviolet Ionospheric Imaging Experiment for the ARGOS
Satellite," by G. R. Carruthers and T. D. Seeley, presented at S.P.I.E. Conference 1745, Instrumentation for Planetary and
Terrestrial Atmospheric
Remote Sensing, San Diego, CA, July 1992.
"Electron-Bombarded CCD Sensors for Far-Ultraviolet Measurements of the Upper Atmosphere," by G. R. Carruthers, T. D.
Seeley, and K. F. Dymond in Photoelectronic Image Devices 1991 (ed. B. L. Morgan), IOP Publishing, Ltd., London, p. 1,
"The Middle Atmosphere High Resolution Spectrograph Investigation," by T. D. Seeley, R. R. Conway, and G. R.
Carruthers, ibid., p. 41, 1992.
"Development of Large Format Electron-Bombarded CCD Detectors for Ultraviolet Imaging and Spectrography," by G. R.
Carruthers, C. B. Opal, and T. D. Seeley, presented at 175th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Washington
DC, January 1990.
Electrical / Electronic CAD
OrCAD Capture, OrCAD PCB Design,
PSpice A/D, Xilinx ISE.
Mechanical CAD
Autodesk Inventor Professional, AutoCAD.
Optical CAD
IDL, Mathcad, Excel.
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint.
DoD Top Secret
Available on request