What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging?
Planning Your Exam
Your physician has sent you for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam. MRI is a sophisticated, painless, non-invasive method for looking at parts of your body in great detail
in order to diagnose conditions and recommend treatments.
What is the exam like?
An MRI exam takes between 20 and 60 minutes. During
your exam, you will be positioned on a cushioned table
which rests in the center of the MRI examining area. When
the exam begins, the table will move into the magnet. It is
very important that you lie as still as possible during the
exam, since movement will blur the images.
We have prepared this information to help you understand
what is involved and to answer any questions you may
have regarding your MRI exam.
MRI takes high-resolution pictures of your body using a
magnetic field and harmless radio waves. Computer technology is then used to produce detailed images. These
images have many advantages over X-ray or Computerized
Tomography (CT) scans. Virtually every part of the body
can be imaged by MRI without the need for X-rays or surgery,
including soft tissue (muscles, blood vessels, tendons,
internal organs) and bones.
MRI is used to study joints in all parts of the body.
Abnormalities of the spine, nerves and vertebral discs, or
sports-related injuries such as torn ligaments and fractures,
can be identified on MRI scans.
Normal shoulder.
For certain studies, the injection of a harmless intravenous
contrast medium may be necessary to enhance specific
anatomical structures. At all times, the technologist will be
outside the room and will be able to see and hear you via
a microphone.
Will I feel anything?
No, you will feel nothing. You will hear some repetitive
knocking sounds. This is the normal sound of the machine
acquiring information. For your comfort, we offer earplugs
and headphones with your choice of music. You may even
bring your own CDs or MP3 player.
MRI Arthrography
MRI arthrography is used to assess disease in and around the
joints (most commonly shoulder, wrist and hip).
A contrast solution is instilled into the joint under fluoroscopic
(xray) guidance. The injection of contrast takes between 5-10
minutes and has little associated discomfort.
After the contrast is instilled, a conventional MRI is obtained to
provide images of the joint which is better visualized with the
injected contrast. Again, remaining still is important to assure
that we get the best possible images.
You should not experience significant discomfort after the
exam, but if you do, please contact the office and our radiologist will discuss this further with you.
Applications for imaging the heart, abdomen, pelvis and
breast are helping physicians to diagnose extremely
challenging diseases with more confidence and accuracy.
Veins and arteries also can be seen using magnetic
resonance angiographic (MRA) techniques. For claustrophobic patients, our scanner enables feet first exams for
nearly all MR procedures. For larger patients, it supports
up to 440 lbs, without table movement restrictions.
We also perform Breast MRI and MRI-Guided Breast
Biopsy. Breast MRI is a scan used for detecting and staging breast cancer and other breast abnormalities.
Ruptured subscapularis
tendon (arrow).
How do I get the results?
The images will be interpreted by one of our Radiologists
who is specially trained to evaluate MRI and MRA images.
Your physician will have access to your results within 24
hours, and will then discuss the findings with you.
…of an MRI
• Early, Accurate Diagnosis – lets your physician make
an earlier more accurate diagnosis and thus begin treatment sooner.
• Patient Safety – provides complete safety with no
radiation and with no known side effects.
• Patient Comfort – involves just a brief exam in a relaxed
setting with no special preparation required.
• Convenience – performed in an office setting, and may
avoid surgeries or other invasive and costly tests.
…of MetroWest MRI
• Attractive center offering high-quality services
• Highly trained, board-certified medical and technical staff
• State of the art equipment
• Convenient and easy access from major roads
• Ample free parking
• Ground level access in a modern facility
• Located in Framingham, on Worcester Road (westbound
on Route 9)
• Accredited by the American College of Radiology and
Joint Commission
For Your Personal Safety, please read carefully
While we pre-screen you with your physician upon referral, it
is important that you review the following list and tell us if
any of these apply. You may not be able to have an MRI
exam. Please notify our staff in advance if you have:
• A pacemaker
• A brain aneurysm clip
• A Starr Edwards heart valve prior to 1972
• Ever been a metal worker or have metal in your eyes
• A metal plate, pin or other metallic implant
• Had surgery, especially in the ear
• Claustrophobia
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RT 126
RT 9
RT 30
RT 9
i on
761 Worcester Road
From Route 9 West Bound
Follow Route 9 West past Route 126 exits. Proceed
through the next set of lights past the shopping center
(Staples/Trader Joe’s/Walgreens). About 1/4 mile on the
right, look for the sign for 761 Worcester Road, (Wellness
Center, a red brick building). We are located on the first
floor on your immediate right after entering the building.
From Route 9 East Bound
Proceed past Edgell Road/Main Street exit. At the second
traffic light after the exit make a U-turn onto Route 9 West
past the shopping center (Staples/Trader Joe’s/Walgreens).
About 1/4 mile on the right, look for the sign for 761
Worcester Road, (Wellness Center, a red brick building).
We are located on the first floor on your immediate right
after entering the building
From the Mass Pike (I-90 West)
Take exit 13/Natick. Go right at the end of the exit ramp
onto Route 30 West and continue about a mile to the intersection of Routes 9 and 30. Proceed on Route 9 West and
follow directions as above from Route 9 West.
From the Mass Pike (I-90 East)
Take exit 12/Framingham and follow Route 9 East
Please call our Center at
Financial Arrangements:
MetroWest MRI must have your complete Medical
Insurance information before you arrive at the Center. We
work with your physician to pre-register you and
pre-approve your insurance coverage. You may use VISA,
MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Care
Credit, personal check, cash or set up a payment plan for
your portion of the bill. Our billing office will be happy to
assist you. For bill inquiries, email [email protected] or call 888-674-4369
MetroWest MRI
Patient Information
RT 9
RT 126
Exit 12
Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled exam,
then simply check in and wait for the technologist to call
you. Here are a few things to remember prior to your
• Bring all insurance information.
• If your ordered exam is the result of a Workers
Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident, we need to
verify this information prior to your appointment.
• Bring any previous diagnostic films (X-rays, CT scans or
other MRIs).
• Eat, drink and take medications as normal, unless
you have been specifically told otherwise when your
appointment was confirmed by one of our medical office
• Leave valuables at home, or in your car – no metallic
objects can be worn or carried into the exam area (for
example, watch, jewelry, keys and coins). Lockers are
available in our exam areas for safekeeping of belongings.
Edgell R
Planning Your Visit
Please note that you will receive a separate bill from
MetroWest Radiology Assoicates for the Radiologist’s
interpretation of your MRI. MetroWest MRI will share your
medical insurance information with MetroWest Radiology
Assoicates and they will also submit an insurance claim for
Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and we would
ask that you notify us at least one day in advance by telephoning 508-872-7674.
Appointment Date & Time
Your physician has scheduled you for a magnetic
resonance imaging (MRI) exam at MetroWest MRI.
Time: _________________________________________
Plan to arrive 15 minutes BEFORE
your scheduled appointment
MetroWest Wellness Center
MetroWest MRI
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761 Worcester Road, Rte. 9W
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Phone: 508-872-7674
Fax: 508-620-7123