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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
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Vol. XI, No. 1
Summer 2014
President’s Message
Dear BCARF Members,
Although the weather on many of our meeting days this past year was far from pleasant, quite
of this summer day, BCARF members proved up to the challenge by supporting each of
explanation of changes:
facult y
• EaglehasbeenremovedbasedonOMCrequest
programs and activities. I was especially pleased at the growth in attendance at our
year-end banquet. University faculty, administrators, and an undergraduate student generously
“Associatonof”issmallerwithmoreletterspacing,making“RetiredFacshared their expertise as program speakers as did a visiting panel on retirement housing conulty”moreprominent
cerns. The University Provost’s Office and the Center for Centers handled communications and
meeting arrangements throughout the year as well as the sponsorship of our annual banquet.
We were most grateful to have a very comfortable meeting space at 2101 Commonwealth Avenue
for programs and the Donovan Suite at 3 Lake Street for small group meetings. Small group meetings will remain at
the Donovan Suite, but program meetings will now occur at the Theology and Ministry Library, 117 Lake Street, Room
• Steertowardamoreacademicmark
Please read and keep the 2014-2015 Calendar displayed in this newsletter for changes in the pattern of meetings. These
changes were made on the basis of recommendations received and the results of a survey of members. Especially note
that the Research Seminars are moving to noon on Thursday. Thursdays will be the day for BCARF activities whenever
As President, I am grateful to the Executive Committee members and Committee Chairs for all the planning and effort it takes to carry out our mission. There are a few updates regarding Executive Committee membership. Special
thanks go to Dal Fisher for his work as treasurer and budget committee chair. Dal completed two terms of office but
will continue to be an active participant in ongoing projects. We welcome Charles Landraitis, elected in May as the
new treasurer. We appreciate the return of Rosemary Krawczyk, re-elected as Vice President, David Northrup, elected
Member-at-Large after serving pro tem, and Judith Wilt, as secretary pro tem. We would like to increase the number of
members serving on committees to build future leadership. Please let me or any member of the Executive Committee
know if you are interested and available. A Nominating Committee will be important in the coming year as the offices
of President, Secretary, and Member-at- Large will be open. We plan, on the suggestion of one of our members, to move
to on-line voting to enable more retired faculty to have a voice.
Five grants were funded this year and previous grantees reported results of their projects, ranging from publication of
a monograph to the benefits of attendance at a professional conference of special interest. Information on the process
of applying for a BCARF grant is included in this newsletter. It is a great pleasure to meet new as well as continuing
members at functions and to receive new ideas. I close with appreciation for this year and anticipation of an active,
interesting year to come.
Jean A. O’Neil
Jean A. O’Neil
President, BCARF
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
scenes from the 2014 bcarf annual banquet
1. David Northrup and Michael Clarke; 2. Norm Berkowitz and Jovina Ting; 3. Dennis Sardella; 4. Rita Oliveri; 5. Dal and Laura Fisher with Norm Berkowitz; 6. Vera Lee and Andre Daniere; 7. 2014 Annual Banquet; 8. Pat DeLeeuw; 9. Joe Orlando at the Banquet piano; 10. Paul Doherty; 11. Frank McLaughlin; 12. Jean O’Neill presents Monetta Edwards with a token of appreciation.
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
retiree news
Joe Appleyard, S.J., ENGLISH & MINISTRY, continues to live
in the BC Jesuit Community and work in the Watertown office of the New England Province of the Jesuits, as assistant
to the provincial. “Interesting days,” he says, as the province
prepares to rejoin the New York Province in July 2015 and the
Maryland Province in 2020, to form a new USA East Province, stretching from Maine to Georgia. It will then approximate the eastern part of the original Jesuit footprint in the
U.S., the Maryland Mission, established in 1634.
Rosemarie Bodenheimer, ENGLISH, has been working on
a biography of her parents, to be called Edgar and Brigitte:
German/Jewish/American Lives. “It’s based on a remarkable
archive of letters, journals, talk scripts and published writings left by my father, Edgar Bodenheimer (1908-1991).
These materials have made it possible for me to create a
study of the class of highly assimilated German Jews whose
lives were undermined by the Nazis, through the particular
experiences and thoughts of my parents and grandparents,
who emigrated to the United States soon after Hitler came to
power. Rather than a Holocaust story, this is an emigration
story, which follows the effects of that major disruption as it
plays out in the building of new American lives.”
Matilda Bruckner, ROMANCE LANGUAGES/FRENCH, thoroughly enjoyed her first year of full retirement and remains
active in her field: medieval French literature. Besides serving on theExecutive Board of the Medieval French Division
for the Modern Language Association, she has pursued a
number of projects that relate to her new book in progress,
whose working title is Biblical Encounters: Inscribing Jewish
and Christian Dialogue in Medieval French Literature. She gave
a paper at the annual meeting of the Medieval Academy on
the 12th c. Jeu d’Adam last April. She also revised a related
paper on the first Grail romance and biblical exegesis, given
at a Fordham conference on “Think Romance” and selected
for publication in the collective volume. She also worked
on revising two other articles on separate projects: one on
ventriloquism and Marcabru will appear soon in French
Studies; the other on memory and violence in the Roman de
Troie has been accepted by Speculum. Two festschrift contributions lie ahead for the summer and fall.
Christopher Bruell, POLITICAL SCIENCE, has moved to
Los Alamos, NM (“an excellent place to retire to, especially
for academics”). He has continued the studies that he was
pursuing in Boston, helped by various reading groups with
friends here and visitors from various spots. The book on
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Aristotle, now finished, is scheduled to be published by St.
Augustine’s Press.
Sev Bruyn, SOCIOLOGY, composed a 20-minute oratorio
about the Norway Teachers (who stopped Hitler from putting
Nazi textbooks in their schools), an event held on April 9,
2014, at the Trinity Chapel on the Law School campus, followed by a faculty panel to discuss the lyrics and story of nonviolence and collective resistance. He wrote the lyrics based
on interviews with teachers in the 1940s. He composed a
video, for YouTube, from the poems of 12 friends, poems performed and set to music. Also on YouTube is a Memorial Day
2013 speech. He attends monthly meetings of Veterans for
Peace (VFP) protesting against illegal wars; also meetings of
the Massachusetts ACLU, the latest of which gave awards to
Daniel Ellsberg and others; also meetings of the local Pan African Congress. He hosted a seminar on the poems of Rumi
on May 4 for his book club hosted by Newton at Home.
Joseph H. Casey, S.J., PHILOSOPHY, last year published
Guiding Your Own Life on the Way of the Lord Jesus and has
submitted a current manuscript at OSV. Twice a month, he
gives talks to the Xaverian Missionaries, where he gives suggestions for a distinct ministry of women; once a month he
concelebrates and gives the homily at St. Julia, Weston, where
he also gives spiritual direction. He arranges 10 lectures a
year for the Campion Center, where he feels blessed to be
part of Assisted Living.
John Dacey, EDUCATION, signed a contract with HoughtonMifflin for a book on social and emotional learning for children and youth, and also a contract with Wiley for a second
edition of his book, Your Anxious Child, with Lisa Fiore (BC
Ph.D. 1997). He also presents eight Mass.-sanctioned workshops for firefighters on dealing with stress, especially posttraumatic stress disorder.
Robert J. Daly, S.J., THEOLOGY, produced the following:
“Opfer,” Reallexikon für Antike und Christentum (2014) 143–
207, to be translated by Bob Bloomsbury Publication Co.;
“Sacrifice, Pagan and Christian,” in Violence, Desire and the
Sacred, vol. 2, René Girard and Sacrifice in Life, Love, and Literature, ed. Scott Cowdell, Chris Fleming, and Joel Hodge
(New York/London, Bloomsbury, 2014) 147–160; “The Trinitarian Christ-event: A Different Sacrifice,” in The Ambivalence
of Sacrifice, Concilium (2013/4) 100–108 (Concilium is an international journal that publishes simultaneously in English,
German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Croatian); “Phe-
BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
retiree news (cont.)
nomenology of Redemption? Or Theory of Sanctification?”
Theological Studies 74 (2013) 347–371 (Bob also presented this
paper for discussion at the June 2013 meeting of the Lonergan Workshop at Boston College); “Phenomenology of Redemption? Or Theory of Sanctification?” to appear in Theological Studies (June 2013 issue); “The Catholic Rehabilitation
of Origen Studies by Catholic Scholars in the Early Twentieth
Century” in process, for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook on
Origen. Bob also finished editing the Summer 2011 proceedings of international meeting of Jesuits in Ecumenism at Bucharest, Romania, being readied for distribution at the next
meeting. Bob also presented the following papers: Eucharistic Conversion” with Prof. Gary Macy of Santa Clara and
Prof. Emerita Jill Raitt of the University of Missouri, soon to
be a published article; “Ecological Euchology” at the North
American Academy of Liturgy (January 2014), now being prepared for publication in the periodical Worship; “The Living
Sacrifice of the Body of Christ”, with Prof Harold Attridge of
Yale Divinity School, the major presentation at the 2014 Robert J. Randall Conference on Christian Culture, Providence
College (April 5); “Before East and West: the Early History
of the Christian Liturgy,” plenary address at the Society of
Oriental Liturgy (SOL), Notre Dame University, Louaize, near
the Syrian civil war!; reflections on the new translations of
the Eucharistic Prayers of the Catholic liturgy at the North
American Academy of Liturgy (NAAL) in Albuquerque, NM.
a professional baseball player with the All-American Girls
Professional Baseball League which was the basis for the film
“A League of Their Own’.
of Eternal Love and Eternal Obduracy” in Theological Studies,
plus a long review of Bernard McGinn’s The Varieties of Vernacular Mysticism, with two more book reviews forthcoming.
Current reading includes NT Wright’s two volumes on the
apostle Paul, Gerald Lohfink’s No Irrelevant Jesus, and soon
NT Wright’s latest, Surprised by Scripture. Fr. Egan says the 8
a.m. Gasson Mass, especially on Sundays, for a prayerful and
attentive crowd. “I am becoming less patient with “collapsed
Catholics” and their lame excuses for giving up the faith.”
At St. Mary’s, Fr. Egan enjoys cooking and experimenting
with Korean, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese cuisine, for the
international community of Jesuits. “If you have not had my
fried rice with pork tasso, you cannot enter the Kingdom of
Peter Gray, PSYCHOLOGY, co-edited and published Ancestral Landscapes in Human Evolution: Culture, Childrearing,
and Social Wellbeing (Oxford University Press) and authored
two of its chapters (one entitled The Play Theory of HunterGatherer Egalitarianism). Peter also authored 5 articles published in academic journals, 2 chapters for books designed
to supplement psychology courses, and 8 articles published
in popular print and digital magazines or newspapers. “My
article in the UK newspaper The Independent (Give Childhood
back to Children...) has over 300,000 Facebook Shares and
has been viewed, I’m told, by at least two million people. An
article I wrote for Aeon Magazine (The Play Deficit) has nearly
80,000 Facebook Shares. I continue each month to write and
post another essay for my Freedom to Learn blog for Psychology Today Magazine. At this point, this blog has drawn over 3
million total views.” The 7th edition of my college introductory psychology textbook, Psychology (Worth Publishers) also
came out this year, the revision done entirely by the new coauthor, David Bjorklund. Peter’s earlier book Free to Learn,
described in the Summer 2013 BCARF Bulletin brought
many speaking engagements and interviews. Over the past 52
weeks Peter has given 25 invited addresses, to diverse groups
of researchers, parents, educators, and others interested in
play and learning. Among the organizations addressed were
the national conference of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (plenary address); the international conference
of the European Union Democratic Education Community
(plenary address, in Amersfoort, Netherlands); the national
conference of the Alternative Education Resources Organization (keynote address); the Learning and Brain Conference
on Engaging Minds and Student Centered Learning; the annual conference of the Family Child Care Association of New
York State (keynote address); the LEGO Foundation world
conference on play and playful learning (distinguished lecture, Billund, Denmark); and, most recently, a TEDx talk at
TEDx Navesink, in Red Bank, NJ. “I continue to my favorite
outdoor avocations—cross country skiing, long-distance bicycling, kayaking, and vegetable gardening.”
Laurel Eisenhauer, NURSING, has been involved in a local
Lois Haggerty, NURSING, continues to be a reviewer for the
history writing project in Essex Massachusetts, with her project being research on Annie Gosbee, a girl who loved baseball, played on the boy’s teams in elementary school and in
thee junior league baseball team and then went on to become
nursing journal, Advances in Nursing Science, and has been
asked to review a tenure and promotion case.
Harvey Egan, S.J., THEOLOGY, published “Hell: Mystery
John L. Heineman, HISTORY, gave courses in the Life Long
Learning program sponsored by the Framingham Public Li-
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
retiree news (cont.)
brary and Framingham State University, including a fall series of lectures on the unification of Germany, and a spring
series on the outbreak of World War I. A series on the “Peace
that was not a Peace” is planned for the coming fall. With
his wife and sons, John travelled abroad and spent 28 days
showing off “our Germany” including Marburg where he had
studied in his Fulbright year, then Heidelberg and Bonn and
beautiful Bad Kissingen where he had lived and visited. John
is recovering from a a major operation at Mass General on
May 1.
Lynda Lytle Holmstrom, SOCIOLOGY, taught her BC
course, “Legal and Illegal Violence Against Women.” Also,
she worked with colleagues on the east coast to develop a
group they call ESSORN, the Eastern Sociological Society
Opportunities in Retirement Network. The idea is to create
a network of sociologists who are retired or semi-retired but
wish to continue their sociological work in this chapter of
their lives.
Mary Joe Hughes, A&S HONORS, though retiring in May
2013, went back to the Honors Program to teach part time
substituting for a sick colleague. She continued to blog about
contemporary film, literature, and art in conjunction with her
book, The Move Beyond Form, published spring of 2013. The
book and the blog treat structural changes in contemporary
art forms and their cultural implications. She has also written
an essay about the film The Great Beauty, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2014, and is in the preliminary
stages of writing a memoir about teaching the Great Books.
In more personal news, she married Richard Franklin, a
pharmaceutical executive, in May of 2014. Attendants at their
wedding were their combined twelve grandchildren, ages
1-14, who sang and recited poetry in their honor!
Father Robert Imbelli, THEOLOGY, recently published the
book, Rekindling the Christic Imagination: Theological Meditations for the New Evangelization (Liturgical Press). He offered
two reading courses this past academic year for Jesuit scholastics studying at the School of Theology and Ministry. His
research interests lie in the area of the Theology of the Trinity, with special focus on the Theology of the Holy Spirit. He
continues in residence at Sacred Heart Church in Newton
Edward Kane, FINANCE, gave a number of talks at conferences during the last academic year: June 30, 2013: “Globalization of the US Financial Safety Net,” Keynote Address, Annual
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Meeting of the Western Economic Association International,
Seattle, WA. Sept. 20, 2013: “Theft by Safety Net: Clarifying
Fiduciary Duties Implied by SIFIs’ True Capital Structure,”
Yale Law School, New Haven, CT. October 17, 2013: “Shadowy Banking: Theft by Safety Net,” Federal Reserve Bank of
San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. November 5, 2013: “Shadowy Banking,” Bangor University Business School, Bangor,
Wales, UK, November 15, 2013: “The Revolving Door: Discussion,” Carnegie-Rochester-NYW Conference on a Century
of Money, Banking, and Financial Instability, Pittsburgh, PA.
April 10, 2014: “Please Don’t Throw Me in the Briar Patch:
The Flummery of Post-Crisis Capital-Requirement Reform,”
Fifth Annual Conference of the Institute for New Economic
Thinking, Toronto, Canada. April 15, 2014: “The Flummery
of Post-Crisis Financial reform,” Annual Conference of the
Association of Private Enterprise Education, Las Vegas, NV.
April 24, 2014: “Hair of the Dog that Bit Us: The Counterfeit Globalization of Financial Regulation,” Keynote Address,
18th Annual Western Hemispheric Trade Conference, Texas A&M International University, Laredo, TX. May 8, 2014:
“The New Normal Is Merely a Messier Version of the Old
One: The Flummery of Post-Crisis Financial Reform,” 50th
Annual Conference on Bank Structure and Competition,
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL. May 16, 2014:
Shadowy Banking: Theft by Safety Net,” Ohio State University Finance Alumni Conference, Columbus, OH.
Ronna Krozy, NURSING, still coordinates the BCCSON
Global Health Initiative nursing clinical and activities and supervises undergrads in Nicaragua during spring break. “This
year is our 9th trip. The GOOD NEWS is that, based on our
successful work in Nicaragua, the foundation who has been
supporting my project has agreed to 5 more years of funding
culminating in a million dollar endowment to be applied to
all CSON global trips. Travel with spouse continues: once
to Providencia Island, Colombia and three times to Florida
with plans for South Africa in October. Our youngest grandchildren are growing: cousins are 3 plus a 10 month old and
our oldest are 22 1/2, 21 and 19. Middle grandson Taylor is a
4.0 GPA entering his senior year and hoping for a MS/PhD
program....he wants to be a professor! I remain Co-President
of the Beth Israel Hospital Nurses’ Alumnae Association, attend educational and cultural programs and summer in CT.”
Peter Kugel, COMPUTER SCIENCE, retired to Florida with his
wife, Judy, and they are soon to visit Judy’s 102-year-old aunt
in Buffalo. “We make regular trips to visit our grandchildren
in Silver Spring, Maryland. During the Fall-Winter-Spring I
BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
retiree news (cont.)
continue to take classes at the Harvard Institute for Learning
in Retirement; this summer, I’m taking a MOOC on biology
given by Eric Lander. We’re thinking about moving out of
our house and into a condo.”
Alan Lawson, HISTORY, published Longwood Covered Courts
and the Rise of American Tennis, with a B.U. professor, Mark
Williams and then gave a talk on it at the BCARF and presented again at the Longwood Cricket Club. The New England
Bookbuilders Association recently selected the book as the
best book of 2013 in its class. He will preside over the annual
awards ceremony of the Boston Authors Club, on May 29
(see May 4 Boston Globe magazine on the Club’s history and
mission). He has sung all year with the Metropolitan Chorale, including a tour with the Boston Pops in December for
their holiday concerts at various places in New England and
at West Point and in New York City. In February and March
he taught in a village secondary school - 7th graders - in Kalwar, India, just northwest of Jaipur. “Quite an adventure.”
Vera Lee, ROMANCE LANGUAGES, hosted the Boston Authors
Club meetings, where she recently presented the annual Julia
Ward Howe finalist award to Prof. Elizabeth Graver (English)
for her novel The End of the Point. Vera is currently at work
on a book, Women at Odds which focuses on Fanny Kemble
(and her daughters), Eleanor and Alice Longworth Roosevelt,
and the Mitford sisters. In each case, women related by blood
have left written records regarding animosity toward, or friction between, members of their families. Her book required
time at the research at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania,
studying the unpublished letters of Fanny Kemble and her
daughters. “And still dancing after all these years.”
Ramsay Liem, PSYCHOLOGY, was invited to serve as an international adviser to the Accounts of the Conflict: Digitally
Archiving Stories for Peacebuilding, International Conflict
Research Institute, University of Ulster, Belfast. He visited
in June to give a public lecture and screen his film, Memory
of Forgotten War. He also showed the film this summer at
Sophia University in Tokyo and participated on a panel addressing legacies of the war. His film was also included as
part of the commemoration of the 61st anniversary of the Korean War armistice signing held in Washington D.C. this July
and sponsored by the Korea Peace Committee of the United
Methodist Church. Ramsay also began a collaboration with
scholars at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz to create a public
archive of Korean War memories and reflections supported
by the California Council for the Humanities.
David Lowenthal, POLITICAL SCIENCE, completed a book of
poetry called “From Frogs to Stars: Truths of Nature, Myths
of Science” and a collection of essays called “Bad Signs in
the Great Republic”—a study of breakdown in our political
system and decline in our society. “Where is Jeremiah when
we need him?”
completed a monograph, Learning from Couples in Relationships That Last: A Final Word, which is now available on Escholarship at BC.
Frank McLaughlin, Economics, retired in January, and
has since participated in BCARF activities, attended campus
lectures, and kept up a BC schedule, organizing files, eliminating an excess accumulation of papers and books, and generally keeping up with his field. Frank addressed the Honors
Award ceremony on May 18.
Larry Meile, CSOM, and his wife, Jeanne, again spent the
summer of 2013 (June through October) in Wisconsin rehabbing the river-front cottage. In early 2014 they took an 11-day
southern Caribbean cruise in February and then spent a couple of weeks into March in Florida and North Carolina dodging the nasty weather in New England. He attended two Boston College Venture Competition events (the Elevator Pitch
Competition in the fall and the Final Plan Competition in the
spring) and judged for the Dianne Weiss competition in the
Carroll school. He co-taught a course in the spring with Greg
Stoller, IME Asia taking 18 CSOM graduate students to Hong
Kong, then Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Seoul, South Korea, and Beijing, China. They will spend the summer of 2014
again in Wisconsin enjoying their summer cottage there.
Sandra Mott, NURSING, works per diem (although many
weeks it is 40 hours) as a Nurse Scientist and Research
Consultant at Boston Children’s Hospital. Sandra with a
colleague formed the Nursing Science Fellowship to teach/
mentor staff nurses in clinical inquiry; this now has 25 Fellows in this 2-year program of didactic quarterly forums and
bi-monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions. This past year 2
manuscripts were published, 5 grants obtained and numerous poster and oral presentations given at local and national
conferences. Lots of travel to visit grandchildren and children in PA, and siblings in TN and MN—“ the beauty of being retired is being able to structure my time and give priority
to their activities.”
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
retiree news (cont.)
David Northrup, HISTORY, has two chapters forthcoming
in Cambridge University Press book series. His essay for the
Cambridge History of the World proposes dividing history into
two unequal periods: a very long era ending about 1000 A.D.
during which the dominant theme was human territorial dispersal and cultural divergence and the current age dominated
by growing global contacts, conflicts, commerce, and cultural
convergence. His contribution to the Cambridge World History
of Slavery compares the Western and Arab slave trades from
Africa in the nineteenth century and (primarily Asian) indentured labor trade that replaced the European slave trade. In
February-March he and wife Nancy explored the history and
cultures of Bhutan and northern India, including a hike in
the Himalayas.
member of the varsity basketball team; Ella and Amy (6 and
2 years old) are a joy to be with. Also children Scott and Julie
both are working at BC, with Scott in the Masters Program.
In July, the 14 of us took a fabulous cruise together on the
world’s largest ship, the Allure of the Seas. In October, Peter
& Rita are taking a river cruise down the Danube. “Every day
is a good day. We miss our colleagues. We miss BC.”
Jean O’Neil, NURSING, in April, 2014 received the Excellence in Nursing Education Award from ANA-Massachusetts
(the professional nurses organization). Jean also received a
Mentor Award from Alpha Chi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau
International (the honor society of nursing); she was nominated by a young faculty member for guiding and encouraging her in the academic role.
Dia Philippides, CLASSICAL STUDIES, became a Research
Professor (in July 2013) and published a philological CDROM, “EROTOKRITOS: As the Disk Spins. A CD-ROM
(PC/MAC),” with David Holton and John L. Dawson (Athens: Hermes Publishing Co., 2013), based on the romancein-verse Erotokritos from the Cretan Renaissance. (2013/14
marks the 400th anniversary of [Cretan] El Greco and also of
Vitsentzos Kornaros, the romance’s Veneto-Cretan poet.) The
CD-ROM contains ca. 850,000 Hypertext links. Dia’s other
major project (with Wim F. Bakker) is the CENSUS of Modern Greek Literature (publications 1824-present), a bibliography of modern Greek literature in English (translations and
essays), to be printed and subsequently posted as an online
J. Enrique Ojeda, ROMANCE LANGUAGES, was inducted into
Rachel Spector, NURSING, taught a Capstone class, Holistic
the Academia Ecuatoriana de la Lengua, Correpondiente de
la Real Academia Espaniola de la Lengua. On the occasion
she spoke on the writings of Gonzalo Zaldumbide, one of
the finest Latin American authors of the 20th century. She is
also the editor of the forthcoming publication of his complete
Peter and Rita Olivieri, COMPUTER SCIENCE and NURSING: Rita is a member of the Burlington Quilter’s Guild and
the Melrose Arts and Crafts Society. She is also a member
of “Comfort Quilter”, making quilts for charity. Peter has
been creating promotional videos for the Winnipesaukee
Playhouse in Meredith, NH, as well as building several websites for friends. He is still the manager of the Boston College Retired Faculty website. Their grandchildren include
Allison going into sophomore year at BC having participated
in the Appalachia Volunteers Program; Rebecca awarded an
academic and athletic (basketball) scholarship to Wheaton
College, having graduated with several academic awards (as
well as the prestigious FontBonne Award) from Fontbonne
High School; Jessica who helped win the U16 Girls Hockey
National Championship and belongs to the girls softball team
in the finals for a national championship; Chad, about to be
a junior Bishop Guertin High School and a highly regarded
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Living, during the fall semester, then left for a three-month
visit to Honolulu, to be followed by Dunedin on the South
Island of New Zealand and Invercargill, the southernmost
city in NZ that is home to the southernmost McDonalds in
the world. Rachel did a research presentation on “Amulets,
Remedies, and Shrines” for retired faculty, several guest lectures at Regis and Emanuel Colleges and at Hawaiian Pacific
University in Honolulu. She also volunteered at the Hawaiian Opera Theater and helped with wigs and make-up for the
production of Pagliacci and Carmina Burana.
Dennis Sardella, CHEMISTRY, published a paper, “Theotokos of the Unburnt Bush: An Interpretation”, in the Occasional Papers section of the Journal of Icons Studies (November); in April he presented a talk, “Catacombs To Cathedrals,”
to the Sisters of St. Chretienne in Marlboro.
Charles Smith, Education, received an award from the
Association of Jesuit Colleges and University, at the 29th Annual Conference on Multicultural Affairs, at Holy Cross College, saluting Charles “As a CMA Legend, for more than 20
years of dedicated service, leadership to the organization, and
sustaining of mission.” Charles also received a “Certificate
of Appreciation” for his support from Ducks Unlimited 2014
BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
retiree news (cont.)
Annual Appeal. He also received a certificate of appreciation from Phil Delta Kappa International: “Maintaining your
place in the forefront of education for 50 years is quite an
Paul Spagnoli, HISTORY, “devoted my first year of retirement mainly to leisure, which my Catholic education taught
me long ago is ‘the basis of culture.’ I have listened to lots
of good music. Traveling includes: a Danube cruise last fall,
Philadelphia for our daughter’s wedding in December, Sanibel Island in January, and New York and its many art museums in April. Most of all, I have been reading or re-reading some great books. Highlights include John Dos Passos’
U.S.A. trilogy, Philip Roth’s American Pastoral and I Married
a Communist, Jonathan Lethem’s Fortress of Solitude and Dissident Gardens, Tom Drury’s End of Vandalism, our own Elizabeth Graver’s End of the Point, Edith Pearlman’s Binocular Vision, and the collected works of Alice Munro and Lore Segal.”
PROGRAMS, has been working on the French Resistance in
World War 2, developing the work of the late Rev. Frank Murphy, and translating a collection of letters by a Haute-Savoie
French priest/Resistance agent, written from a Gestapo
prison during the six months that preceded his execution.
“I soon realized that a much more complex story was waiting to be told—one that opens onto the little known maze of
internal divisions and murderous cross-betrayals that characterized France’s Resistance at the time and especially those
of the Franco-Swiss Resistance factions.” A book is planned.
Since her retirement in 2006, Marian has published some
20 poems and two more will appear soon—one in the online journal Imitation Fruit and another in a print anthology
of poetry/prose/art on the subject of “Porches” published by
Main Street Rag.
Dennis Taylor, ENGLISH, chairs the Faculty Research Seminar, and edits this Newsletter. This year, he gave the Thomas
J. Grace S.J. Memorial Lecture, Holy Cross College, March
20, 2014, on the subject of “Shakespeare and Catholicism.”
He is in his tenth year of working on his book, Shakespeare
and the Elizabethan Reformation. He continues to give talks
at the Espousal Retreat Center, Waltham: “Mary and Martha,”
July 16, 2013; “‘I Love you Jesus’,” Sept. 13, 2013; “Love,” Jan
14, 2014, “Sins of the Flesh” April 8, 2014.
Bill Torbert, MANAGEMENT, has served as Distinguished
Professor at the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Education Sciences, and has published “Listening
into the Dark: An Essay Testing the Validity and Efficacy of
Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry for Describing
and Encouraging Transformations of Self, Society, and Scientific Inquiry” in Integral Review. He has been selected for the
Academy of Management’s Chris Argyris Lifetime Achievement Award.
Rebecca Valette, ROMANCE LANGUAGES, is continuing her
flute studies at the All Newton Music School where she is
now on their “Board of Trustees: Corporators.” In the course
of the year, she performed in several recitals playing César
Franck’s “Sonata I. Allegretto ben moderato,” Francis Poulenc’s “Sonata III. Presto Giocoso,” and Benjamin Godard’s
“Waltz”. On October 3, 2013, she gave a Lecture/Flute Recital
at the Newton Public Library with pianist Barbara Lysakowski entitled “French Music and the French Flute School”. She
and her husband, Jean-Paul Valette, are currently engaged in
research on the topic “Ceremonial Images in Historic Navajo
Weavings,” and were featured in the “Collector’s Corner” of
the fall 2013 issue of the ATADA [Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association] Newsletter. Rebecca also edited the personal
journal kept by her grandmother, Martha Bischoff, in Leipzig,
from spring 1914 to June 1915, a wonderful account of preWar life in Leipzig and the opening months of the war as the
reactions of the people shifted from nationalistic enthusiasm
for the war to a realization of the cost in casualties and food
Andrew Von Hendy, ENGLISH, continued to participate in
the two Jesuit Institute seminars as well as a non-BC reading
group, and to work on a novel about the early life of Saint
Judith Wilt, ENGLISH, has just published a new book, Women Writers and the Hero of Romance (Palgrave Macmillan),
with chapters on Wuthering Heights, Middlemarch, The Scarlet
Pimpernel, The Sheik, the didactic romances of Ayn Rand and
the historical novels of Dorothy Dunnett, plus a mischievous
concluding section on the Twilight Series and the Fifty Shades
of Gray trilogy. Judith fulfilled a lifelong dream by going to
Israel in June of 2013. She has just finished a commissioned
essay on reading and the arts in the novels of the Brontes.
She ponders possible future projects, like an essay on Gone
with the Wind, as the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil
War approaches, or an essay on the moral and spiritual passions and echoes in detective novels, spurred by a recent
discovery of the excellent novels of Louise Penny, the latter
project influenced by her teaching a one-credit course at BC
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
HIGHLIGHTS of 2013 -2014
retiree news (cont.)
in spring 2014 on Detective Fiction. Judith’s BCARF grant
for such a course in 2012 led to the university approving a
few one-credit courses last semester and for AY 2014-15 as
well; “I’m very pleased with the success of the idea and hope
it lasts, and spreads.”
new retirees
Welcome to the following faculty who now join us in retirement. As of Spring 2014:
Curt Dudley-Marling, LSOE/TEACHER ED
Frank Gollop, ECONOMICS
Robert Kern, ENGLISH
Frank McLaughlin, ECONOMICS
Why public policy views tobacco and gambling industries differently
and what this says about society.
Rev. Richard McGowan, S.J., Associate Professor, CSOM;
Research Associate, Harvard Medical, Division on Addictions
Using problem solving and hydrophonic gardening as strategy for
teaching urban students.
Mike Barnett, Associate Professor, LSOE
End of Life Issues
Rev. Myles Sheehan, M.D., S.J. Provincial, New England Province
of Jesuits
Retirement Issues and Benefits in 2014
Jack Burke, Director, and Ann Crowley, Associate Director
Human Resources, Benefits Office, Boston College
Political Evil: What It Is and How to Combat It
Alan Wolfe, Professor/Director, The Boisi Center for Religion
and American Public Life, Boston College
William Stanwood, COMMUNICATION
Herbert Wilkins, LAW
The Global Perspective of a Boston College Undergraduate Student
Brooke Loughrin, BC’14, Presidential Scholar and First
university undergraduate observer/youth delegate to United
Condolences to the families and colleagues of the following:
Donald J. Dietrich, THEOLOGY
Demystifying the Current Real Estate and Lending Markets: on
every aspect of selling and buying a home in retirement
Larry Lawfer, Director of Marketing at Your Stories Realty, a
Keller Williams Company
William B. Neenan, S. J., VICE PRESIDENT
The New Dad: Caring, Committed and Conflicted
Brad Harrington, Professor/Executive Director, Center for Work
and Family
Theresa Powell, SOE
Miriam Gayle Wardle, NURSING
Please notify BCARF if you know of any member who is ill or
deceased. We send cards to ill members and to the families
of deceased faculty when we have information and addresses.
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Art Tours, led by Peg Dwyer, Honorary BCARF Member and
McMullen Museum Docent
Fall, 2013: Courbet Exhibit
Spring, 2014: Day and Night Photography of Paris
BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
bcarf book club selection
The Book Club, chaired by Jean Mooney, meets monthly for
a general program on a literary topic, focused on a collectively chosen book, and plans a reading-related field trip annually. Meetings take place on Thursdays, 10:30 a.m.–noon,
at 3 Lake Street. See calendar. The following topics were discussed in 2013-14:
•• September 2013: The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout
•• October 2013: Everybody Matters: My Life Giving Voice by
Mary Robinson
•• November 2013: God’s Hotel by Victoria Sweet
•• January 2014: Faith by Jennifer Haigh
•• February 2014: And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled
•• March 2014: Someone by Alice McDermott
•• April 2014: Transatlantic by Colum McCann
•• Summer reading for September discussion: The Cuckoos
Calling by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)
Top: Members of the Book Club, during a September 2012, meeting discuss Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Bottom: Eileen Plunkett makes
a point about the book.
bcarf research seminar
The research seminars, supported by the BCARF, began in the
academic year 2011-12. Seminars were open to all BC faculty
who were invited to participate on an occasional or regular
basis, and to share either professional research or intellectual
interests. In 2013-14, the list of seminars included:
•• Dennis Taylor, english
“Shakespeare and the Recent Turn to Catholicism”
April 23, 2014
•• Carol Hurd Green, ENGLISH
“Dorothy Day and American Women’s History”
March 26, 2014
•• John Dacey, EDUCATION
“Being More Imaginative at Any Age: How Creative
People Think”
February 26, 2014
•• Rachel Spector, NURSING
“Amulets, Remedies, and Shrines”
November 20, 2013
•• Alan Lawson, HISTORY
“Longwood Covered Courts and the Rise of American
October 23, 2013
•• Joseph Appleyard, S.J., ENGLISH
“Student Formation in Catholic Colleges and Universities”
Sept. 25, 2013
Seminars take place at 3 Lake Street, Brighton Campus, which
also contains a computer room for retired faculty. Contact Jean
O’Neil for keys.
•• Michael Clarke, CHEMISTRY
“Newton’s Almshouses”
January 29, 2014
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
Retired Faculty Grant Proposals Invited for 2014-15
Applications are invited, for amounts ranging from $100 to
$1000 per person, for the purposes of research travel and
expenses, lectures, conferences, education, publishing, volunteer work, and other significant activities. A committee appointed by the Executive Committee of the Boston College
Association of Retired Faculty will review all applications.
Projects should be completed at least by the end of the academic year following the year of the award. A brief report on
the outcome of the funded effort is to be prepared and submitted to the President of the Boston College Association of
Retired Faculty by the end of academic year 2014-15.
Proposals should be submitted to the President of the Boston
College Association of Retired Faculty ([email protected])
by November 15, 2014. Awards will be announced the first
week of December 2014. Proposals may be submitted at other times and awards made based on the availability of funds.
applications should include the following:
• Cover sheet
• Description of proposed project (two pages maximum):
»» Objectives for the proposed work and its significance;
»» Relationship of project objectives to longer-term
»» Relationship to other work by you or others.
• Proposed budget (one page maximum)
• Summary CV
criteria of selection
The merit of the proposal as judged by the reviewers will be
the primary criterion. In addition, priority will be given to
proposals that will:
• Assist retired faculty members to sustain or redirect their
careers in the areas of research, education or service or to
make significant progress on important projects;
• Likely produce significant results;
• Assist in bringing existing projects to a successful conclusion;
• Reflect favorably on the University and its community of
Address proposals to:
Jean O’Neil
President, Boston College Association of Retired Faculty
[email protected]
42 Grant Ave
Watertown, MA 02472
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in 2013-14, the following faculty received awards:
for attending and presiding over a session “Voice and
Silence” at the annual convention of the Modern Language Association.
for production of a monograph Learning from Couples in
Relationships That Last.
•• Charles Meyer, FINE ARTS, for production of book, The
Aftermath of Conflict: Photographs from the Balkans,
Kosovo, South Africa, and Northern Ireland.
•• David Northrup, HISTORY, for attending the conference
on the World History of Slavery in conjunction with
preparation of a chapter for the Cambridge World History of slavery.
•• Dennis Taylor, ENGLISH, for attending the annual meeting of the Shakespeare Society of America focusing on
“Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Reformation.”
Vincent Nuccio and Fr. Joe Duffy at the 2014 Annual Banquet
listserv email
The BCARF ListServ, [email protected],
is used to communicate invitations to meetings and pertinent announcements. The listserv is monitored by the
Center for Centers. Send any change of email to President
Jean O’Neil ([email protected]).
BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
volunteer opportunities
There are many ways in which retired faculty can volunteer
both at Boston College and in the surrounding community.
Listed below are a few of these opportunities.
If you have suggestions for other ways in which retired faculty might contribute their knowledge, expertise, and service,
please contact BCARF. To get involved with any of the activities listed below, contact the person listed.
Retired faculty members can assist at the University Commencement in May by being a marshal, host, or hostess.
Those interested in being a host or hostess may contact Louise Lonabocker ([email protected]). Marshal volunteers may contact Terry Devino, S.J. ([email protected]).
Retired faculty volunteering for Spring 2014 included Jean
O’Neil and David Northrup as marshals; Norm Berkowitz
and Rosemary Krawczyk served as university hosts.
Many opportunities exist to host or mentor an international
student. For more information, contact Rosemary Krawczyk
([email protected]), BCARF Vice President.
Our Jesuit Community liaison leads members who wish to
provide social interaction with retired or convalescent Jesuits residing at the Campion Health Center. Contact: Vincent
Nuccio ([email protected]). Members are invited to
join a group visit following BCARF program meetings.
New England Ignatian volunteers are mature men and women, open to participating in year-long spiritual development
program, which includes service to the community. Volunteers teach and mentor, do legal research, coach work-study
students, help in soup kitchens and food pantries, locate
resources for families and immigrants, offer administrative
support to non-profit staff, assist with fund-raising and grantwriting, and provide companionship to recently released prisoners. Volunteers commit to the equivalent of two days per
week of service, over a ten month period; meet monthly with
a spiritual director; participate in two days of reflection, one
overnight retreat, and monthly meetings of the volunteers.
At these meetings, volunteers share their reflections and service experiences.
For information, contact Dave Hinchen, IVC Regional Director, 31 Fairview Street, Roslindale, MA 02131, 617-327-2292,
[email protected], www.ivcusa.org.
Guests arrive and mingle at the 2014 Annual Banquet
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
executive committee: 2014-2016
President: Jean O’Neil, Nursing (second term)
Vice-President: Rosemary Krawczyk, NURSING (second term)
Secretary pro tem: Judith Wilt, ENGLISH
Treasurer: Charles Landraitisa, MATHEMATICS
Members-at-Large: David Northrup, HISTORY &
Dennis Taylor, English (second term)
Past President: Norman Berkowitz, Psychology
Jesuit Liaison: Rev. Joseph Duffy, S.J.
Administrative Liaison: Ana Tejada, Center for Centers
Special thanks to retiring committee members, Dalmar Fisher, Treasurer, Vera Lee, Secretary. At the May 2014 General
Meeting, the following faculty were elected to the Executive
Committee, as noted above: Rosemary Krawczyk, Charles
Landraitis, David Northrup.
Current committees and special groups, in addition to the Executive Committee, include:
• Budget Committee (treasurer Charles Landraitis,
Dal Fisher, Ron Pawlicek)
• Grants Committee (Norm Berkowitz, Dennis Taylor,
Dal Fisher, Rosemary Krawczyk as back up if necessary)
• Space Committee (Rosemary Krawczyk)
• Committee on Emeritus College (David Northrup,
Dennis Taylor)
Executive Committee 2014-2016
• Weston Jesuits Visiting Committee (Vince Nuccio,
Joe Duffy S.J.)
• AROHE sub-group on Retirement Planning (Jean ONeil,
Rosemary Krawczyk, Fr Joe Duffy SJ)
• Communications Committee: Newsletter (Dennis
Taylor); Website (Peter Olivieri)
• Banquet (Jean Mooney)
• Research Seminar (Dennis Taylor)
• Book Club (Jean Mooney)
• Art Tours (Peg Dwyer)
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
need computer help?
John donovan Suite: Brighton Campus
The Faculty Micro Resource Center (FMRC), 617-552-4349,
moving in late August to the new Center for Teaching Excellence
(CLE) on the second level of O’Neill Library, is at your service
moderated by:
3 Lake Street, Rooms 302-303 | t: 617-552-6051
Contact Jean O’Neil for keys.
M.J. Connolly, Slavic/Eastern, [email protected], 617-552-3912
Kit Baum, Economics, [email protected], 617-552-3673
Clare O’Connor, Biology, [email protected], 617-552-2553
For staffed hours see www.bc.edu/fmrc. Come by the FMRC
during staffed hours with your BC ID to register for round–the–
clock 24×7 access to the latest technology (e.g. a 3D printer and
scanner) and peer-to-peer consultation.
You may also contact the BC Computer Help Center at
617-552-4357 [HELP] or www.bc.edu/help
lifelong learning
David Northrup reported to the Executive Committee that a survey he took of BCARF members showed that there was strong
interest in taking educational classes (if available at little or no
cost) but much more modest interest in teaching such classes
(even if the compensation were substantial). He argued that
these results suggested it would be premature for BC to create
a new “Emeritus College” and further reported that there were
already several active Lifelong Learning centers in the Greater
Boston area.
BACURA Meeting
The Boston Area College and University Retiree Associations
meeting took place on February 28, 2014 at the Harvard Faculty
Club. Four BC members attended: Dal Fisher, Jean O’Neil, Fr.
Joe Duffy, S.J., and Rosemary Krawczyk.
Boston University will host the Fall 2014 meeting, while Boston
College will host the Fall 2015 meeting.
AROHE Meeting
Jean O’Neil and Rosemary Krawczyk attended this year’s Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE) meeting in Minneapolis in August 2014. Some of the panels
had relevance to BCARF issues and plans, including the Emeritus College idea, retirees’ engagement in volunteering activities,
and connecting campuses with nearby retirement-communities.
Jean and Rosemary reported on the meeting in September.
Parking for bcarf events
There are Visitor (2 hour) parking spaces uphill from 3 Lake
St. for book club or research seminar meetings. There is ample open parking at the Theology and Ministry Library for
program meetings. G stickers may also be purchased by Retired Faculty, with payment by check, at the Office for Student
Services, Lyons Hall 101.
bcarf website
Our website is frequently updated, and managed by Peter Olivieri: www.bc.edu/retiredfaculty
It features many items of interest including the calendar of
General Meetings, Faculty Seminars, Book Club discussions,
Annual Banquet, Travel Opportunities, Obituaries, Retirement Planning and Handbooks, Benefits, Directions, as well
as current and past Newsletters.
newsletter editor: Dennis Taylor
The BCARF Bulletin is published annually and is available
on the BCARF website. Notification of its publication will be
sent to the Listserv. An issue will generally include a review
of recent BCARF activities, announcements of upcoming
events and calendar for the coming year, useful information
such as privileges available to members, and news capsules
relating to the lives, activities and health of retirees.
retired faculty handbook
& planning
See BCARF website; also see
Info on health benefits is at:
(scroll down to the end of the section)
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BCARF Newsletter, Summer 2014
bcarf calendar 2014-15
In 2014-2015, Program Meetings will be held from 11:30 a.m
to 1:45 p.m., with lecture beginning at noon. There is a NEW
LOCATION: Theology and Ministry Library, 117 Lake Street,
Room 113. A light luncheon of sandwiches and beverages will
be served. Directions to the library (in yellow on the map) can
be accessed at http://www.bc.edu/a-z/maps/s-brighton.html.
Enter Brighton Campus from Commonwealth Ave. The library
is at the rear of the second parking lot on your left. Parking is
available at the library lot. There is a ramp at the parking lot
entrance and elevator at the regular entrance.
The Book Club meets from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. in the John
Donovan Suite, Room 302, 3 Lake Street.
The Executive Committee meets noon to 1:45 p.m. in the John
Donovan Suite, Room 302, 3 Lake Street.
The Research Seminar meets from noon to 1:45 p.m. in the First
Floor Conference Room, 3 Lake Street, with a light luncheon
• Thursday, September 4, Noon
Executive Committee
• Thursday, September 11, 10:30 a.m.
Book Club
• Thursday, September 11, Noon
Research Seminar
• Thursday, September 18, Noon
Program Meeting
• Thursday, October 9, Noon
Executive Committee
• Thursday, October 16, 10:30 a.m.
Book Club
• Thursday, October 16, Noon
Research Seminar
• Thursday, October 23, Noon
• Thursday, November 6, Noon
Executive Committee
• Thursday, November 13, 10:30 a.m.
Book Club
• Thursday, November 13, Noon
Research Seminar
• Thursday, November 20, Noon
Program Meeting
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DECEMBER: No meetings
• Thursday, January 15, Noon
Executive Committee
• Thursday, January 22, 10:30 a.m.
Book Club
• Thursday, January 22, Noon
Research Seminar
• Thursday, January 29, Noon
Program Meeting
• Thursday, February 12, Noon
Executive Committee
• Thursday, February 19, 10:30 a.m.
Book Club
• Thursday, February 19, Noon
Research Seminar
• Thursday, February 26, Noon
Program Meeting
• Thursday, March 12, Noon
Executive Committee
• Thursday, March 19, 10:30 a.m.
Book Club
• Thursday, March 19, Noon
Research Seminar
• Thursday, March 26, Noon
Program Meeting
• Thursday, April 9, Noon
Executive Committee
• Thursday, April 16, 10:30 a.m.
Book Club
• Thursday, April 16, Noon
Research Seminar
• Thursday, April 23, Noon
Program Meeting
• Thursday, May 7, Noon
Executive Committee
• Thursday, May 14, Noon
Annual and Program Meeting
• (No Research Seminar or Book Club in May)
• Wednesday, May 20, 5:30 p.m.
Annual Banquet in the Murray Room of Yawkey Center