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Learning Institute for Elders
October, 2013
“We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must
understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what
their color” ~~Maya Angelou
Diversity Week 2013: "Chapter 21: Embracing and Celebrating A New Beginning
This year's theme: “Chapter 21, Embracing and Celebrating a New Beginning,” is a reflection of the
upcoming changes in the Office of Diversity Initiatives due to the retirement of Dr. Valarie King after
20 years serving as Director of UCF’s Office of Diversity Initiatives (ODI). This theme was chosen as
a symbol of looking forward. ODI and the University are looking towards a future of accomplishments
in the area of diversity and inclusion under new leadership. The week begins on Monday, October 21,
and runs through Friday, October 25. The annual Kick Off event, The Diversity Breakfast, will be held
on Monday, October 21st with Keynote Speaker, Jennifer Brown, CEO and Founder of Jennifer Brown
Consulting, LLC. In celebration of Diversity Week, on Tuesday October 22nd LIFE at 9 am will hear a
presentation from Dr. Valarie King, former Director of the Office of Diversity Initiatives and Melvin
Rogers, Assoc. Dean, Personnel & Student Affairs, College of Health & Public Affairs. They will present The
Future: Diversity and Inclusive Excellence at UCF. In addition Dr. Richard Tucker will present
“Ageism and the Diversity of Age” on October 22nd from 1-2 pm in the Garden Key 221 of the
Student Union.
For more Diversity Week program information go to http://www.diversity.ucf.edu/diversity_week.asp
The Office of Diversity Initiatives (ODI) was established in 1994 by President John C. Hitt to support
the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) fourth strategic goal to become more inclusive and diverse.
Dr. Valarie King has provided leadership for this office for the past 20 years and retired the end of
Diversity Week Continued….
September. ODI initiatives include faculty
development and training, mentoring and support
for ethnic minority students, diversity resources
and community outreach.
This year (2013),UCF/ODI received the
Institutional Excellence Award from the National
Association of Diversity Officers in Higher
Education (NADOHE). This award “recognizes
institutions like the University of Central Florida
who have shown demonstrable progress in
promoting and sustaining innovative diversity
efforts within their campus community.”
~By Ian King
Diversity Lecture
Dr. Richard Tucker
“Ageism and the Diversity of
October 22
Knights Pantry
LIFE will be holding their semi-annual food drive
for Knight’s Pantry on October 22nd. This is the
fourth year Life has been involved with the
Knight’s program. Through our twice a year collection drive we have averaged collecting over
330 pounds of food per session. This effort provides support for students struggling with the cost
of their education and living expenses.
Preferred Food Items:
Protein items such as canned tuna and chicken
Peanut butter
Canned fruits
Pasta & pasta sauce
Macaroni & cheese
Hamburger & tuna helper
Pancake mixes
Cake and brownie mixes
Cereal bars
Canned beans (not green beans)
Dehydrated meal
Individual applesauce, pudding, and fruit
Pop Tarts
Soap or body wash
Shampoo and conditioner
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Toilet paper
Shaving cream
Laundry Detergent/Tide pens
Hand Sanitizer
Feminine hygiene products
Personal Items
"We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong
to one human race." ~Kofi Annan
[email protected] BOARD MEETING
SEPTEMBER 9, 2013, 9 AM
Fluno) LIFE is in a good position
cash-wise—PRESIDENT: Judy
Thames reported having made
several appointments. Ian King will
assume LIFE representation on the
UCF Diversity and Diversity Week
Committees. Lucy Pulido will chair
the Nominating Committee. Carol
Parker will be special events
coordinator for two events—the
Grants/Awards Banquet and the
Member Awards Ceremony.
EX OFFICIO: Dr. Dick Tucker
suggested that more publicity about
Roads Scholars be directed to our
membership—there is already a link
on our Webpage. Dick reported
some LIFE members have had
difficulty accessing some UCF
library materials. Mike Hampton
later clarified this—the student ID
card plus the PIN number should
make all library material available
announced the upcoming annual
review of our by-laws and policies.
Steve Hall discussed two hearingassistance technologies being tested
for LIFE lectures: the use of smart
phones or FM radios tuned to 88.8,
and the use of hearing aids that are
blue-tooth transmitter friendly. Steve
is also checking into the need to
purchase new microphones for LIFE
(Board Meeting highlights continued)
MEMBERSHIP: Gerri Jamieson asked for an informal
campaign to persuade members to use the LIFE website
as the most reliable information. She reported 89 paid
members have not appeared yet. 160 are on the waiting
list—Gerri strongly recommend that we close
membership applications until October 1, 2014.—A
motion was made and passed to close membership
GRANTS/AWARDS: Judy reported for chair Doug
Garner. He has set deadlines for the G/A process:
distribution of application information will be on Sept.
17th. Oct. 25 will be the absolute deadline for return of
applications. On Nov. 7th applicants will be notified of
acceptance and invitation to the Grants and Awards
Banquet and Annual Meeting. The budgeted awards
amount is $40,000, and the maximum individual grant
amount is $5000.
reported for Lucy Pulido. 364 members attended the
Sept. 2 LIFE lecture in the Cape Florida room (capacity
MEDICAL TOURS Clay Craft has planned a tour of
the UCF Medical School on October 11th.
Grants and Award Banquet-November 26th
This is the time to celebrate those programs and
individuals within UCF that support Life programs. We
recognize faculty and student grant recipients. Please
come and support this activity. Tickets will be on sale
four weeks prior to the event.
Carole Parker, LIFE Special Events Coordinator will
need some help with the details. Please volunteer to help.
LIFE needs participants to volunteer to serve on various committees and
program areas. We all need to help to make our organization run smoothly.
Membership Committee-(Gerri Jamison chair) Provide help with registration, manning
welcome desk, collection of dues, and data collection.
Audio visual committee-(Steve Hall chair) Assist Steve with AV needs and assisting presenters
with set-up. Currently Steve has no back-up and needs assistance.
Special Events Committee (Carol Parker chair)-Need help in signing people up and collecting
money for the Awards Banquet, setting up for the events, and welcoming guests.
Newsletter Committee-(Vonda Bradbury-Editor) –Help with interviews, writing articles, taking
pictures, and identifying events for the newsletter.
Curriculum Committee-(Lee Cross-Chair) Identify and contact potential speakers and topics
for LIFE
If interested, fill out the goldenrod sheet at the WELCOME TABLE.
LIFE members will have an opportunity to participate in a Carfit event on January 21st at
Brighthouse Stadium. CarFit is an educational program sponsored by AAA, AARP, and
AOTA that offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles fit them.