Effective Date: May 1, 2008
Revised: September 16, 2014
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Table of Contents
PREFACE ...................................................................................................................... 3
SECTION 1 - INTRODUCTION......................................................................................... 4
1.1 Identification .................................................................................................. 4
1.2 Related Codes and Governing Laws ................................................................. 4
1.3 Interpretation ................................................................................................. 4
1.4 Amendments and Changes .............................................................................. 4
1.5 Contact Information........................................................................................ 6
1.6 Customer Rights.............................................................................................. 6
1.7 Distributor Rights ............................................................................................ 6
1.8 Disputes ......................................................................................................... 6
SECTION 2 – GENERAL ACTIVITIES................................................................................. 6
2.1 Contacts ......................................................................................................... 6
2.2 Disconnection ................................................................................................. 7
2.3 Interruption Notification ................................................................................11
2.4 Metering........................................................................................................11
2.5 Tarriffs and Charges .......................................................................................12
2.6 Customer Information...................................................................................................15
SECTION 3 - GLOSSARY OF TERMS ..................................................................................... 17
APPENDIX A – APPLICATION FOR SERVICE ...................................................................... 178
APPENDIX B – RATES AND CHARGES ................................................................................. 22
APPENDIX B – OTHER RATES .............................................................................................. 24
APPENDIX B – DEPOSIT POLICY.......................................................................................... 25
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The Smart Submetering Code (SSC) requires that every Submetering Licensee produce its
own Conditions of Service document. The purpose of this document is to provide a means
for communicating the types and level of service available to the Customers. The SSC
requires that the Conditions of Service be readily available for review by the general
public. The most recent version of the document must be provided to the Ontario Energy
Board (OEB) who will retain it on file for the purpose of facilitating dispute resolutions in
the event that a dispute cannot be resolved between the Customer and Distributor.
CARMA is licensed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) License No. ES-2007-0965 to
engage in the commercial offering or the commercial provision of submetering systems,
equipment and technology and any associated equipment, systems and technologies and
any associated services for the prescribed class of property to Customers as described in
the Submetering License issued to CARMA by the OEB.
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1.1 Identification
CARMA Industries Inc., CARMA Billing Services Inc. and CARMA Meter Services Inc.
referred to herein as “CARMA” are incorporated under the laws of the Province of
CARMA is licensed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to supply submetering systems,
equipment and technology and any associated equipment, systems and technologies and
any associated services throughout the Province of Ontario.
CARMA provides similar services to other provinces within Canada and operates within
the provincial regulations of those provinces.
1.2 Related Codes and Governing Laws
CARMA shall comply with all applicable provisions of the Ontario Energy Board Act
(1998), the Electricity Act, the regulations and all applicable Market Rules.
1.3 Interpretation
Within this Conditions of Service document, unless the context otherwise requires:
a) Headings, paragraph numbers and underlining are for convenience only and do not
affect the interpretation of the Conditions of Service;
b) Words referring to the singular include the plural and vice versa;
c) Words referring to a gender include any gender;
d) Where there is reference to a number of days between two events, they shall be
counted by excluding the day on which the first event occurred and including the day
on which the second event occurs: and
e) Any event that is required under these Conditions to occur on or by a stipulated
date, which is a holiday, may occur on or by the next business day.
1.4 Amendments and Changes
The provisions of this Conditions of Service document and any amendments made from
time to time form part of any Contract made between CARMA and any connected
Customer. This Conditions of Service document supersedes any previous conditions of
service, oral or written of CARMA or any of its predecessors as of its effective date.
The Customer is responsible for contacting CARMA to ensure that the Customer has the
latest version, or to obtain the current version of this Conditions of Service document.
CARMA may charge a reasonable fee for any additional copies required by the Customer.
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The current version of the document is also posted on the CARMA website and can be
downloaded from
1.5 Contact Information
CARMA Billing Services Inc.
132 Walsh Road
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 4R3
Phone Number: 705-878-0711
Toll Free Number: 888-298-3336
Fax Number: 705-878-1037
Normal Business Hours
Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm (eastern standard time)
[email protected]
1.6 Customers Rights
The customer has the right to receive accurate billing information in accordance with
these conditions and subject to the latest editions of the various codes and laws as
outlined in Section 1.2.
1.7 Distributors Rights
1.7.1 Supply Equipment on Customer’s Property
The location of CARMA’s metering equipment on the customer’s property is to be located
in a manner that does not create a safety hazard to CARMA’s personnel, the Customer’s
employees or the general public.
All CARMA equipment located on the Customer’s property is in the care of then Customer
and if damaged, other than by normal usage, the Customer will be charged for any repair
or replacement cost.
The customer shall not build, plant, or maintain anything that would or could obstruct
access to and/or maintenance of CARMA equipment.
Only employees or agents of CARMA shall remove, replace, alter, repair, or inspect
CARMA equipment.
1.7.1 Right to Disconnect
CARMA reserves the right to disconnect a Customer’s service as described in Section 2.2.
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1.8 Disputes
In the event that a dispute occurs, CARMA will follow the procedures below:
A record of all complaints whether resolved or not including the name of the Customer,
the date resolved or referred and the result of the dispute resolution will be kept on file.
Verbal Complaint:
 A Customer who calls with a complaint will be asked to provide name,
address, telephone number and the nature of the complaint. The call will be
logged on the Customer account.
 If the issue cannot be resolved by the Customer Service Representative, the
complaint will be sent to the Manager of Billing Services
 The Manager will decide how to proceed with an investigation and will contact
the Customer if required.
 The Manager will document the findings of the investigation and notify the
Customer of the results
Written Complaint:
Customers must submit a complaint or dispute in writing to CARMA. Upon receipt of the
filed complaint, CARMA will investigate and respond to the complaint within ten (10)
business days. In the event that the filed complaint is unresolved, the Customer can
forward the complaint to the Ontario Energy Board for review and resolution. CARMA will
maintain records of any complaint filed which will outline the nature of the complaint or
dispute and details of the resolution of the complaint.
2.1 Contracts
Residential and General Services
A signed contract is required for each residential and general service Customer prior to
the energization of the utility service to the Customer’s building or premise.
Implied Contracts
In all cases CARMA has an implied contract with any Customer that is a Resident or Unit
Owner where CARMA has installed a Submetering System and receives billing and
collection services from CARMA. A Customer who uses electricity, water, natural gas
and/or BTU delivered, supplied or submetered by CARMA shall be liable for payment of
electricity, water, natural gas and/or BTU consumption even in the absence of a signed
contract. Any implied contract for the supply or submeter of electricity, water, natural
gas and/or BTU by CARMA shall be binding upon the heirs, administrators, executors,
successors or assigns of the Person or Persons who receives the electricity, water, natural
gas and/or BTU supplied or submetered by CARMA.
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When a Customer contacts CARMA to close their account, a final bill will be issued to the
Customer. At that time, a new account will be set up in the new owner’s, new tenant’s or
landlord name.
New account set up charges will be billed and even though the property may be vacant,
monthly service charges and electricity, water, natural gas and/or BTU used will be billed.
2.2 Disconnection
CARMA reserves the right to disconnect the supply of electricity, water and/or natural gas
to a Customer under, but not limited to, the following circumstances:
a) Inability of CARMA to perform planned inspections and maintenance.
b) Failure of the Consumer or Customer to comply with a directive of CARMA that
CARMA makes for the purposes of meeting its License obligations.
c) Outstanding payments owed to CARMA.
d) CARMA may disconnect the supply of electricity, water and/or natural gas to a
Customer without notice in accordance with a court order, or for emergency,
safety or system reliability reasons.
e) Any other conditions identified in CARMA’s Conditions of Service document.
Reconnection or restoration of electricity, water and/or natural gas service will occur only
after the reason for disconnection or limitation is remedied. CARMA will not liable for any
damage related to the disconnection or limitation.
If the service has been disconnected for a period of six (6) months or longer, the Electrical
Safety Authority must inspect the premise before CARMA can reconnect the service. It is
the Customers responsibility to arrange and pay for the inspection.
Collection charges will apply if CARMA makes a trip to collect payment for an overdue
account, to serve notice of disconnect, disconnect service, or reconnect your service.
Charges will be applied to the Customer’s account and are due on the next bill.
2.2.1 Non-Payment of Accounts
Any outstanding payments owed to CARMA may be subject to a collection process and
possible disconnection of service if amounts owing are not paid within twenty-five (25)
days following the due date. CARMA bills are due sixteen (16) days following the billing
date. CARMA may initiate collection actions on the next business day following the due
date if an outstanding balance remains.
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CARMA may contact the Customer by telephone, email, directly on their premises, or
issue a reminder notice to confirm that there is an amount outstanding. If these actions
do not initiate a payment from the Customer, a disconnection notice will be issued.
CARMA will issue a reminder/disconnection notice by mail to the Customer 12 days after
the due date. CARMA will make reasonable efforts to contact the Customer directly. If a
satisfactory payment arrangement has not been made within thirteen (13) days following
the issuing of the reminder/disconnection notice, CARMA will make a reasonable effort
to contact the customer by phone and e-mail forty-eight (48) hours prior to the
disconnection of the service. A charge will be applied to the account for this final notice.
Disconnection notices sent to a Customers will contain prescribed information, such as
the earliest and the latest date disconnection may occur, the forms of payment a
Customer may use, that a Board prescribed arrears management program may be
available, the sources of obtaining additional assistance for eligible low-income
Customers, and that disconnection may take place whether or not the Customer is home
at the time.
Residents who have provided documentation from a physician that disconnection will
pose a significant health risk, will receive sixty (60) days notice before being disconnected
for non-payment.
The service will only be reconnected following satisfactory payment of the balance due,
reconnection charge and additional security deposit if deemed necessary. The Customer
or their representative must be present at the time the service is reconnected.
A service charge shall be applied for services disconnected for non-payment.
CARMA will not be liable for any damage to the Customer’s (or surrounding) premises
resulting from discontinuation of service.
2.2.2 Disconnection Procedures
CARMA will make a reasonable effort to contact the Customer one final time, by
telephone prior to disconnecting service at least forty-eight (48) hours before the
scheduled disconnection date. There is certain prescribed information that CARMA will
provide, such as advising of the potential availability of an arrears program.
If CARMA has been unable to contact a Customer forty-eight (48) hours before a planned
disconnection, it will generally make a reasonable attempt to communicate with the
Customer at the door (subject to consideration of the safety and security of CARMA field
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2.2.3 Suspending Disconnection Action
If, within ten (10) days of the Customer receiving the notice, during the disconnection
notice period, a registered charity, government agency or social service agency advised
CARMA they are assessing whether a Customer is eligible for bill payment assistance,
CARMA will suspend disconnection action for a period of twenty-one (21) days after
receiving notification from the agency.
If, during the disconnection notice period, a third party who had previously been
designated by the Customer to revive any disconnection notices, advises CARMA they are
attempting to arrange assistance to help the Customer pay their bill, CARMA will suspend
disconnection action for a period of twenty-one (21) days.
CARMA must act on the disconnection notice within eleven (11) days of its issuance or
the lifting of a suspension. If disconnection does not occur within eleven (11) days from
the date of the notice or the lifting of the suspension, CARMA will issue a new
disconnection notice and start the process once again.
2.2.4 Non-Payment Collection Policies
If at any time a bill for service under this contract is in arrears or if the Customer fails to
perform any other obligation hereunder CARMA may, in addition to all other remedies,
discontinue the service and/or terminate the contract.
CARMA will exercise all rights and remedies to collect arrears, including sending
uncollected amounts to a collection agency at its sole and absolute discretion. CARMA
shall not be liable for any effect to a Customer credit rating/score when arrears are sent
to a collection agency.
2.2.5 Arrears Payment Agreements
CARMA will make arrears management programs available to any Customer unable to
pay their electricity charges.
If a residential Customer who is unable to pay his electricity charges declines an arrears
agreement, CARMA may proceed with disconnection and is not required to offer an
arrears agreement after disconnection. Any security deposit will be applied to the
amounts owing before entering into an arrears payment agreement.
Residential Customers may be required to make a down payment of up to fifteen (15)
percent of the arrears , inclusive of, any accumulated late payment charges when
entering into an arrears management agreement.
If an eligible low-income Customer enters into an arrears payment agreement for the first
time, or a subsequent time, and have successfully completed a previous arrears payment
agreement as an eligible low-income Customer, CARMA may require a down payment of
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up to ten (10) percent of the electricity charge arrears accumulated, including applicable
late payment charges.
If a residential Customer owes less than twice their average monthly bill after applying
the security deposit and down payment, the minimum length of time to pay the
remaining amount is five (5) months.
If a residential Customer owes more than twice their average monthly bill after applying
the security deposit and down payment, the minimum length of time to pay the
remaining amount is ten (10) months.
The time periods to repay arrears under a low-income arrears agreement are:
 Eight (8) months if the amount the Customer owes is less than or equal to two (2)
times his or her average monthly bill;
 Twelve (12) months if the amount the Customer owes is more than two (2) and
less than or equal to five (5) times his or her average monthly bill; or
 Sixteen (16) months if the amount the Customer owes is more than five (5) times
his or her average monthly bill.
Where a residential Customer defaults on more than one (1) occasion in making a
payment in accordance with an arrears payment agreement, or a payment on account of
a current electricity charge billing or an under-billing adjustment, CARMA may cancel the
arrears payment agreement.
Where an eligible low-income Customer defaults on more than two (2) occasions, over a
two (2) month period, in making a payment in accordance with an arrears payment
agreement, or a payment on account of a current electricity charge billing or an underbilling adjustment, CARMA may cancel the arrears payment agreement.
Customers will be given ten (10) days written notice before the agreement is cancelled,
and the agreement will be reinstated if the Customer pays in full before the cancellation
If a residential Customer successfully completes an arrears payment agreement, he or
she can request a new agreement after two (2) years of the completion date anniversary
of the first agreement.
If an eligible low-income Customer successfully completes an arrears payment
agreement, he or she can request a new agreement anytime needed thereafter.
However, if a new arrears agreement is requested within twelve (12) months of the end
of the first successfully completed low-income arrears agreement, CARMA, may offer the
new arrears agreement on the terms applicable to the standard Customer arrears
agreement. If a Customer failed to perform his obligations under arrears payment
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agreement and the agreement was terminated, CARMA may require a Customer to wait
one (1) year before entering another agreement.
2.3 Interruption Notification
CARMA may not be able to provide Customers with notice of a power interruption if the
cause of the outage is related to an unplanned outage or if there is an emergency
situation that may involve injury to persons, damage to property or any unsafe condition.
CARMA will attempt to provide Customers with reasonable notice of any planned power
interruptions to the electrical distribution system, including the duration of the outage
and frequency. CARMA will attempt to notify Customers within two (2) business days of
interruption of power, wherever possible. Carma is not responsible, and will not be held
liable, for any damages due to a power interruption, planned or otherwise.
Customers who require an uninterrupted source of power for life support equipment
must provide their own equipment for these purposes. Customers with life support
systems are encouraged to inform CARMA of their medical needs and their available
backup power. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the information they
provide to CARMA is accurate and up to date. The Customer is also responsible to supply
and maintain their equipment for electrical operation of a life support system.
2.4 Metering
2.4.1 General
Residential and commercial multi-unit buildings shall provide for individual metering of all
units at one or more central locations.
The location of a Customer’s submeter, for any residential and/or commercial Customer,
shall be in compliance with CARMA’s specifications.
2.4.2 Meter Reading
CARMA shall have access to the Customer’s property and electronic access to the
metering equipment for meter reading purposes. If a reading cannot be obtained, the
Customer’s bill will be estimated according to historical consumption values for a limited
time frame.
2.4.3 Final Meter Reading
The Customer shall notify CARMA in the event that a service is no longer required. The
Customer shall provide reasonable notice (minimum of five (5) business days) of the
termination date to allow CARMA to arrange for a final meter reading.
2.4.4 Meter Dispute Testing
CARMA and the Customer can resolve the majority of billing inquiries that occur without
the assistance of Measurement Canada. CARMA will begin the investigation by assessing
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the Customer’s account and investigating any potential meter reading errors or
associated billing errors. The results of the investigation and additional meter
management documentation shall be forwarded to the Customer.
If the Customer is not satisfied with the results of the investigation, CARMA will arrange
for a site visit to determine if the Customer’s meter and billing are accurate for a fee. If
the Customer remains unsatisfied with the results of the site investigation, additional
investigations will be offered to the Customer for a fee.
At this point, CARMA will inform the Customer that assistance from Measurement
Canada will be necessary to resolve any disputes. Measurement Canada has jurisdiction
in dispute investigations involving the condition or registration of a meter or metering
If the Customer requests assistance from Measurement Canada, Measurement Canada
will verify the accuracy of the meter, metering installation and billing. The Customer will
be responsible to cover the costs associated with the investigation if the dispute is
dismissed by Measurement Canada.
2.4.5 Meter Change Outs
Meters are changed out or re-verified according to Measurement Canada standards and
policies. CARMA shall have access to the Customer’s Building. The Building’s
Management shall permit, provide and maintain access to metering equipment for
CARMA’s use.
2.5 Tariffs and Charges
2.5.1 Service Connections
CARMA has outlined service connection fees for new connections in Appendix B.
2.5.2 Security Deposits
Refer to CARMA’s Security Deposit Policies in Appendix B.
2.5.3 Billing Billing Frequency
CARMA Billing Services may, as per the services contract, render bills to its customers on either a
monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual basis or such other periodic basis as may be determined
from time to time. Prorating Bills And Service Charges
The service charge will be prorated only for the Customer’s first and final bills. The
charges are based on a straight ratio calculation of the number of days of occupancy by
the Customer and a standard thirty (30) day month.
Page 12 of 28 Billing Errors
Where a Customer has been over billed, the maximum period of over billing for which the
consumer is entitled to be repaid is two (2) years.
Where a Customer has been under billed, the maximum period of under billing for which
CARMA is entitled to be paid is two (2) years.
If a Customer has been over-billed by an amount equal to or greater than the Customer’s
average bill, the Customer has the option of receiving a cheque or a credit on their next
If a Customer has been over-billed and the amount is less than the Customer’s average
bill, the Customer will receive a credit on their next bill. If the Customer has outstanding
arrears, CARMA may apply the over-billed amount to the arrears first, and may credit or
repay the balance to the Customer.
If CARMA issues a bill to an eligible low-income Customer for an under-billed amount, the
Customer will be notified about the options of paying the amount. In this case the underbilled amount can be paid over a period up to two (2) years. At any time the Customer
may request to reduce the payment period.
If a Customer is under-billed and is not responsible for the error, the Customer is allowed
to pay the under-billed amount in equal installments over the same amount of time as
they were under-billed for up to a maximum of two years. (e.g. if a Customer has been
under-billed for 6 months they will have six (6) months to pay the under-billed amount).
When a Customer is responsible for the under-billed amount, CARMA may require
payment of the full amount on the next bill or on a separate bill.
These rules do not apply when CARMA has under-billed or over-billed a Customer but
issues a corrected bill within sixteen (16) days of the date the incorrect bill was issued.
CARMA will charge interest on under-billed amounts where the Customer was
responsible for the error, whether by way of tampering, willful damage, unauthorized
utility use, or other unlawful actions. Estimating Bills
CARMA will make reasonable attempts to obtain a meter reading for all regular
electricity, water, natural gas and/or BTU bills for the Customer. The electricity, water,
natural gas and/or BTU bills will only be estimated when CARMA has not been able to
obtain a successful meter reading. The electricity, water, natural gas and/or BTU bill will
be estimated based on the consumption history of the Customer.
Page 13 of 28 Account Setup Charge
CARMA will apply a charge to the first bill of any Customer who establishes a new
account. This charge applies to new Customers as well as those who have relocated.
Refer to Appendix B. Opening and Closing Accounts
If CARMA opens a new account based on a request from a third party, a letter will be sent
to the new user within 15 days of the opening of the account. The account will not be set
up if the new user has not approved the opening of the account within fifteen (15) days
of the letter. However, a solicitor or person with Power of Attorney can agree on behalf
of the new Customer to the opening of the account.
CARMA can recover charges from a person who has agreed in writing to become a
Customer. When a tenant Customer moves out of a rental unit, CARMA may or may not
seek to recover past and future charges from any other person, including the unit owner
and/or landlord.
CARMA and a landlord may enter into an agreement where the landlord agrees to
automatically assume responsibility for paying for continued service after the closure of a
tenants account, in a rental building.
In condominium buildings, the unit owner will automatically assume responsibility for
paying for service after the closure of a tenants account.
2.5.4 Payments
Customers may pay their electricity, water, natural gas and/or BTU bills using any of the
following methods:
a) Cheque, or money order mailed with the remittance portion of the bill to our
office located at 132 Walsh Road, Lindsay ON K9V 4R3;
b) At any major Canadian financial institution;
c) ATM;
d) Internet and/or telephone banking services offered by your bank;
e) Credit Card, (a service charge will apply for every $100.00 paid using this method);
f) Pre-Authorized Payment Plan; or
g) TelPay.
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The minimum payment period (before a late payment penalty can be applied) will be at
least sixteen (16) days from the date the bill was issued to the Customer.
The date on which the bill was issued is determined to be three (3) days after it was
printed if sent by mail or on the date on which an email was sent over the internet.
A bill payment is deemed to be received from the Customer;
 three (3) days before it is received by CARMA, if sent by mail;
 on the date when the payment is acknowledged by a bank; or
 when the credit card payment is acknowledged by the financial institution.
Any payment made after 5:00 p.m. is still effective on the day the payment is made. If a
due date is a non-business day, it is extended to the next business day. Pre-Authorized Payment
CARMA offers a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan where the actual billing amount will be
automatically deducted from the Customer’s bank account on the due date indicated on
the electricity, water, natural gas and/or BTU bill. The Customer will continue to receive
regular statements showing meter readings, utility consumption, payments and charges
to date.
To apply for the Pre-Authorized Payment plan, Customers must complete an
Authorization Form, available on CARMA’s website
and submit it with a voided cheque.
The Customer can cancel the Pre-Authorized Plan by written submission to CARMA’s
office thirty (30) business days prior to payment date. Late Payment Charges
Customers are allowed nineteen (19) days from the billing date on the statement to make
payment. A late payment charge of 1.5% per month will be applied on all overdue
accounts. If the Customer makes a partial payment on or before the due date, the late
payment charge will apply only to the outstanding amount on the electricity, water,
natural gas and/or BTU bill at the due date.
Late payment charges as well as charges related to disconnection or non-payment, will
not be imposed on eligible low-income Customers after they entered into an arrears
payment agreement. Eligible low income Customers can request this once per year.
Non-payment of your electricity, water, natural gas and/or BTU bill may lead to
disconnection. We prefer to work with Customers to keep their accounts in good
standing. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, let us know – we’ll do our best to
work out a pay arrangement that’s mutually acceptable.
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CARMA shall not be liable for any damage on the Customer’s premises resulting from
disconnection of service. A reconnection charge will apply where the service has been
disconnected due to non-payment. Reconnection Charge
Refer to Appendix B for information regarding reconnection charges. Returned Payment
CARMA will charge a fee for each payment that cannot be successfully processed. (Nonsufficient funds (NSF)) Refer to Appendix B. Credit Refunds
CARMA will issue a refund where required for final accounts only when the Customer’s
accounts are in excess of $10.00. Any refund cheques requiring a stop payment will be
subject to a charge, this charge will be deducted from reissued cheque.
2.6 Customer Information
CARMA shall not disclose Customer information to a third party without the consent of
the Customer in writing. CARMA will only make Customers information available as
described in the Agreement with the Building’s Management.
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“Board” means the Ontario Energy Board (OEB);
“Conditions” of Service means the document developed by a Submetering Licensee in
accordance with Ontario Energy Board requirements that describes the operating
practices and connection rules for the Licensee;
“Connection” means the process of installing and activating connection assets in order to
distribute electricity, water, natural gas and/or BTU to a Customer;
“Consumer” means a person who uses or consumes electricity, water, natural gas and/or
BTU by an outside supplier;
“Contract” shall mean an agreement between the Submetering Licensee and the
Customer for the supply of electricity, water, natural gas or any other commodity or
service that the Distributor will provide. The supply and consumption of utility services
shall be construed as acceptance of such contract;
“Customer” means a person that has contracted for or intends to contract for connection
of a building. This includes unit owners and/or renters of residential or commercial
development (owner/developer);
“Disconnection” means a deactivation of connection assets, which results in cessation of
distribution services to a consumer;
“Distributor” refers to CARMA Billing Services Inc.;
“Electricity Act” means the Electricity Act, 1998, S.O 1998, c.15, Schedule A;
“Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)” means the person or body designated under the
Electricity Act, 1998 regulations as the Electrical Safety Authority;
“Eligible Low-income Consumer” means:
a) A residential electricity consumer who has a pre-tax household income at or
below the pre-tax Low Income Cut-Off, according to Statistics Canada, plus
15%, taking into account family size and community size, as qualified by a
Social Service Agency or Government Agency
b) A residential electricity consumer who has been qualified for Emergency
Financial Assistance
c) It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide documentation verifying low
income eligibility
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“Emergency Financial Assistance” is any Board-approved emergency financial assistance
program made available by a distributor to eligible low-income residential Customers.
“Market Rules” means the rules made under section 32 of the Electricity Act.
“Measurement Canada” means the Special Operating Agency established in August 1996
by the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, 1980 81 82 83, c. 87, and Electricity and Gas
Inspection Regulations (SOR/86 131). The purpose of the Agency is to ensure the integrity
and accuracy of measurement in Canada and has jurisdiction over the accuracy of
electricity, water and/or natural gas meters.
“Ontario Energy Board Act” means the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, S.O. 1998 c.15,
Schedule B, as amended from time to time;
“Owner” shall mean the person or company owning the property on which the
submetering system is operating;
“Rate” means any financial rate, charge or other consideration, including a penalty for
late payment;
“Regulations” means the regulations made under the Electricity Act of the Ontario
Energy Board Act.
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Please complete and submit this form to:
1. Apply for new service
2. Set up a new account if you are moving
To send by mail: Please fill out and mail the completed form to:
CARMA Billing Services Inc.
132 Walsh Road
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 4R3
Attention: Customer Service
To send by fax: 1-866-577-1224
To send by email: [email protected]
AGREEMENT: In submitting this form, the Applicant (hereinafter called the Customer)
acknowledges and agrees to pay for utility billing and collection services provided by the CARMA
Billing Services Inc. to the Customer.
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B-1) Bill Format and Charge Definitions
B-2) Specific Service Charges
B-3) CARMA Deposit Policies
Bill Format
The Ontario government issued a Regulation that requires all electricity distributors to
simplify and standardize the bills they send to their low-volume consumers, such as
residential consumers and small businesses. The Regulation, which is called “Information
on Invoices to Low-Volume consumers of Electricity”, took effect on September 1, 2004.
The electricity bill for these Customers now contains fewer lines, and incorporates the
new format that is required across the province. It also shows a glossary of terms,
conservation messages and historical consumption data so Customers can track
electricity use. While the bill format has been simplified, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB)
continues to approve several of the rates that were broken down previously on the
unbundled electricity bill.
Terms and Definitions
The detailed charges shown on your bill are: Electricity Charge, Delivery Charge,
Regulatory Charge and Debt Retirement Charge.
This is the charge for the electricity you use.
Regulated Price Plan (RPP) consumers pay for electricity based on prices determined by
the OEB. To view current rates visit For residential Customers, the
threshold is 600 kWh (May1 to October 31) and 1,000 kWh (November 1 – April 30). The
threshold for non-residential Customers is 750 kWh all year round.
This charge is made up of the following components, which are approved by the OEB for
each utility:
Distribution Costs: The costs your utility incurs delivering electricity to your home or
business. This includes:
 Customer Service Charge – This charge covers the utility’s administrative costs,
such as meter reading, billing, Customer service and maintenance of accounts.
It is a fixed cost and does not change with the amount of electricity used.
 Distribution Charge – This charge reflects the costs involved in delivering the
electricity from the local utility to your home or business. It includes the cost
of building and maintaining infrastructure, such as wires and hydro poles. The
distribution charge varies with the amount of electricity used.
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Transmission Costs: The costs of delivering electricity from generating stations to your
utility along the high-voltage transmission system (also called transmission grid).
Transmission costs vary with the amount of electricity used, and include:
 Network Service Charge – This charge covers the cost of delivering electricity
from the generating stations to your utility through the transmission system.
 Line and Transformation Connection Service Charge – This charge covers the
costs your utility incurs in connecting to the transmission lines, as well as the
cost of transforming electricity from the high voltages used in the bulk
transmission system to the lower “distribution voltages” used by your local
This charge is made up of the following components, which are approved by the OEB:
Wholesale Market Service Charge: This charge covers the cost of services provided by
the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).
Standard Supply Service: This charge covers administrative costs incurred by your utility
in providing electricity to Standard Supply Service Customers – consumers who purchase
electricity from a utility instead of from a licensed electricity retailer. This is primarily
consumers (e.g. residential) on the Regulated Price Plan.
This charge has been set by the Ontario Ministry of Finance to pay down the residual
stranded debt of the former Ontario Hydro.
This is the cost of water consumption and sewer services supplied to you during the bill
period. Your bill may be separated into cold water and hot water, depending on your
This is the cost of natural gas consumption supplied to you during the bill period.
For more information, please contact:
CARMA Billing Services Inc. at 888-298-3336 for specific billing inquiries or the OEB
Customer Service Centre at 1-877-632-2727 (toll free) or 416-314-2455 for general
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SPECIFIC RATES AND CHARGES – effective May 1, 2008
Customer Administration
Arrears certificate $ 15.00
Statement of Account $ 15.00
Pulling postdated cheques $ 15.00
Account history $ 15.00
Bill Reprint $ 15.00
Credit Reference Letter $ 15.00
Account set up/Change of occupancy charge $ 30.00
Returned cheque charge $ 35.00(+ bank charges) for the first occurrence and $50.00 for
each additional occurrence.
Meter dispute charge (+ Measurement Canada fees if meter found correct) $ 30.00
Service call – $ 95.00 per hour
Non-Payment of Account
Late Payment Penalty – 1.50% per month on outstanding balance
Dated Demand Letter - $15.00
Hand Delivery of Disconnection Notice – no disconnection $ 30.00
Collection of account charge – $ 30.00
Disconnect/Reconnect Charge at meter – During Regular Hours $ 65.00
Disconnect/Reconnect Charge at meter – After Regular Hours $ 185.00
Charges are subject to change. CARMA may require payment in advance to complete
Customer requests.
All charges are subject to applicable taxes.
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Security deposits are collected to secure payment of future charges. Security deposits
may be collected when a Customer initially applies for service and/or fails to maintain a
good payment history.
Customers are considered to have good payment history if all the following conditions
are met:
 No more than one (1) disconnection notice has been issued in the previous twelve
(12) months;
 No more than one (1) bad cheque or pre-authorized payment has been returned
for non-sufficient funds (NSF) in the previous twelve (12) months; and
 No collection or disconnection trip has occurred in the previous twelve (12)
Customers must show good payment history for the following periods of time:
 One (1) year for residential Customers;
 Five (5) years for non-residential Customers with less than 50 kW demand; and
 Seven (7) years for non-residential Customers with 50 kW demand or greater.
We encourage Customers to maintain a good payment history to avoid having to pay a
security deposit. If a Customer fails to maintain a good payment history, a security
deposit will be required and calculated at a rate of 2.5 times the Customers’ average
monthly bill. For bi-monthly Customers, the average bill is multiplied by 1.75.
Security deposits will be reviewed annually to determine whether the deposit should be
adjusted (increased or fully returned with good payment history) for variances in rates,
OEB requirements, payment history and Customer consumption. Once a Customer has
established good payment history, all or part of the security deposit will be refunded
with interest upon Customer request.
Security deposits may be paid to CARMA by way of any available payment options. For
non-residential consumers, deposits may be in the form of an automatically renewing,
irrevocable letter of credit from a bank as defined in the Bank Act, S.C n. 1991, c. 46.
Residential Customers are required to provide a security deposit of 2.5 times the
estimated monthly bill based on the Customer’s average monthly load with the
distributor during the most recent twelve (12) consecutive months.
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Residential Customers with poor credit rating are required to provide a security deposit
of 2.5 times the highest bill in the last twelve (12) months.
The requirements for a deposit will be waived:
• Provided that the Customer is able to provide a letter of reference confirming one
year good payment history from another major Canadian gas or electric
• With the provision of an established acceptable credit check from one of the
following companies: Equifax, Trans-Union, Dunn & Bradstreet; or
 For an eligible low-income consumer provided that such a consumer contacts the
unit submeter provider and requests a waiver and thereafter confirms his or her
low income eligibility.
If CARMA is notified by a Social Service Agency or a Government Agency that the agency
is assessing the consumer for eligibility as a low-income consumer, the due date for
payment of the security deposit shall be extended for at least twenty-one (21) days
pending the eligibility decision of the Agency.
Any Customer who is granted an exemption under the criteria outlined above will have
this exemption retracted in the event of:
• The provision of more than one (1) pre-authorized payments being returned for
non-sufficient funds.
• The provision of more than one (1) NSF cheque payments in a two (2) year period,
• The delivery of more than one (1) notice of disconnection of service for nonpayment;
• The service is disconnected for non-payment.
When an exemption is retracted, the Customer’s next billing will include a security
deposit requirement. If accounts are not paid then the Disconnection Policy will take
Customers can pay a required deposit, an increase in a security deposit or a replacement
of a deposit applied against arrears, in equal installments over at least six (6) months.
There will be a review of the security deposit during the year after the first anniversary of
the first instalment payment.
Security deposits will be applied against any arrears and be insufficient to cover any
amounts owing before a disconnection notice can be issued to a Customer.
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When a security deposit has been applied against any arrears, the Customer may have to
repay the security deposit and be allowed to repay in equal instalments over at least six
(6) months.
Refunds and Interest
Deposits will be refunded to the Customer once a satisfactory payment history, as
defined above, has been established for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months.
Deposits will be refunded when a Customer terminates their account with CARMA Billing
Interest will be paid to the Customer on a yearly basis. Interest will be calculated at the
rate prescribed by the OEB, currently prime business rate less two (2) percent and
updated quarterly.
Interest security deposits shall begin to accrue from date of receipt by CARMA at its head
Security Deposit money will be applied to an account at the time of final billing. All
interest will be calculated up to the date of final billing. Refunds will be issued within six
(6) weeks of the final billing date.
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