OBA, Printed Colors, and PSA Certification

OBA, Printed Colors, and PSA Certification
Printing Standards Audit (PSA)
OBA, Printed Colors, and PSA Certification
If the problems you encounter matching proofs and printing to numbers are
keeping you up at night, then you’re not alone. These problems are industry wide
and severe enough that the international standards community has tackled them.
High Quality Printing Stocks Contain Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs)
Today, most papers used in high quality
printing applications contain OBAs (Optical
Brightening Agents). As the figure on the
right shows, these papers absorb energy
from the UV region of the spectrum and
reemit it as blue light. Printing on OBA
containing papers results in brighter more
appealing images, but compromises proof to
press match and renders traditional printing
aims invalid.
Traditional (left) and OBA Brightened (right)
Papers Under UV Illumination
New Standards Solve the OBA Problem.
Fortunately, a solution to these problems is at hand. ANSI CGATS.21,
published earlier this year, is the first standard that corrects colorimetric aims for
the effects of OBAs. Designed to work across a wide range of traditional and
digital printing technologies, this new standard gives printers the tools they need
to print to numbers on the OBA containing papers that printers, print buyers, and
consumers prefer.
PSA Certified Printers Are Masters of the New Standard
Leading printers are adopting CGATS.21, but how do you know if a printer
has mastered it. One way is to look for the PSA logo. PSA is a rigorous, objective
process for assessing a printer’s ability to operate in compliance with CGATS.21
and its related graphic arts standards. In order to be PSA certified, printers are
required to demonstrate their ability to match a color corrected dataset consisting
of 1,617 individual colors.
To learn more about PSA:
Watch the Video: http://youtu.be/-Y2kwwJTaiI
Visit the Website: printlab.rit.edu/services/psa
Contact: Jeffrey Wang,
the Printing Applications Lab PSA Lead,
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