OBA Development Agenda 2014-06 V5

OneBusAway Development Agenda
Version of June 2014
The table below outlines ongoing and planned enhancements to OneBusAway (OBA) by the
OneBusAway community. This information evolves continuously; interested parties are invited
to contribute to the discussion on the onebusaway-developers list.
Upgrades and
Operations – Hot
Bundle Swapping
Upgrade OBA
Server to SIRI API
Ensure that OneBusAway
is maintained as a rocksolid, industrial-strength
software platform that
provides reliable service in
the most demanding
Enable OneBusAway to
operate without any
interruption as schedule
(GTFS) and other data are
updated. Zero down-time
provides the best possible
service to transit riders.
Enhance and upgrade the
application programming
interfaces to SIRI, an
international open data
and interoperability
Technical Description
Continuously upgrade
underlying tools and
components, and ensure
resistance to denial-ofservice and other forms of
attack. Current items include
Java 7 support and
addressing potential Struts
Migrate the hot bundle
swapping capabilities of
OBANYC into the OBA core.
Move to a SIRI V3 API for
the OBA server, with the
existing OBA V2 deprecated
but still available to support
existing mobile applications
Benefits all OneBusAway
users by ensuring access to
the most modern and
innovative tools and thirdparty apps.
Port the Native
Apps to Use the
The native OBA apps are
an essential part of the
customer experience for
many users. Once the
above change is complete,
these apps should be
updated to use the new
SIRI Application
Programming Interface.
Re-engineer the Android,
iPhone, and Windows apps
to use the SIRI V3 API,
enabling the OBA V2 API to
be retired.
Comments / Status
Continuous attention
to these issues
ensures a stable and
reliable platform.
Status: Underway
Target: Continuous
Sponsor: All
Tested and proven in
New York City.
Status: Underway
Sponsors: Sound
Transit, HART
Target: Q3, 2014
The existing OBA
API has served the
project well, but
compliance with the
standard is essential
for the long-term
viability of the
Status: Underway
Sponsor: OBA
Target: Not
Status: In planning
Sponsor: None as yet
Target: Not
from MTA Bus
Expanded AVL
Operations: Data
Monitoring &
Data Integration
with Open Trip
Planner (OTP)
Continue to
Maintain the
Native iPhone,
Android, and
Windows Apps
Additional Tools
for Riders with
The New York City
deployment includes new
web/mobile and SMS
applications, archiving,
and many other functions
that can be made available
free of charge to other
The New York City
version of the web
application needs a small
amount of additional work
to support standard AVL
data feeds “out of the
Enable agencies using
OneBusAway to more
easily prepare and deploy
schedule data from a
variety of agencies. This is
especially valuable in
regions with more than
one operating agency.
Monitoring of real-time
and schedule data feeds to
ensure consistent
operation and quality.
Integration of data sources
supporting OTP and OBA.
Enables agencies to
provide customers with
more and better
information services, at
lower cost.
Ongoing efforts to keep
documentation updated
are essential to ensure a
robust, commercially
viable platform.
The native apps are widely
used and need to be kept
stable and up-to-date and
accessible for blind and
low vision riders.
Dedicated applications can
make transit significantly
more usable for riders with
vision, mobility, and other
impairments and
Merge the OBA-NYC-API
with the core (already in
progress). This will allow
mix/matching of services
between OBA NYC and
OBA core (such as using the
OBA NYC Web App.)
Status: Underway
Sponsor: OBA
Target: Q4, 2014
Make the OBA-NYC-API
work (with minimal
configuration) against a
standard AVL source
Status: Operational
Sponsor: OBA
Target: Not
Complete the UI for bundle
building for any
agency/combination of
agencies (in progress for
Sound Transit, not
completely generic though)
Status: Operational
for NY MTA,
Underway for Sound
Sponsor: Sound
Target: Q3, 2014
service to track real-time
feeds and static data sources
and expose metrics via web
Dataset integration of
OBA/OTP: pulling data
from common sources,
building graph/bundles
from those shared sources
and deploying in
The OBA wiki will be
continuously updated and
revised with assistance from
the developer community.
Status: Underway
Sponsor: Sound
Target: Q2, 2014
Perform periodic
maintenance and updates to
be compatible with OS
updates and other platform
A research prototype version
of the StopInfo tool for blind
and low vision riders that
provides very detailed stop
information is operational
for King County Metro.
Status: Continuous
Sponsor: OBA
Status: In Design
Sponsor: Sound
Target: Q3, 2014
Status: Continuous
Sponsor: All
Status: Seeking
funding for longterm deployment of
StopInfo. Additional
applications are in
the research phase.