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mixing and metering
for processing polymer
Solutions for feeding and
mixing tasks
Oerlikon Barmag offers the solutions –
for a large variety of mixing and
metering tasks when processing
plastics – which actually enable
economical production.
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
Extremely high metering accuracy and mixing performance ensure that your
products are top quality. There is a series of systems available for the various
feeding and mixing tasks, optimally designed to fulfill the requirements of flexible
Additives and dyes for plastics are becoming an increasingly important part of
the manufacturing process. The properties of the polymers can be extensively
modified as a result of additives. The option of directly introducing these additives
during the manufacturing process (e.g. fibers or films) provides a high degree of
flexibility and increased efficiency.
For this, Oerlikon Barmag offers tried-and-tested systems such as extruders,
mixers, filters and pumps. As a result of more than 30 years of design and
process experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Oerlikon
Barmag is able to offer both complete injection systems as well as individual
components for melt processes. When manufacturing top-quality films or fibers,
the system components must be very carefully selected and combined in a
manner suitable for the process.
The dynamic, three-dimensional mixing principle has proven to be an excellent
choice when feeding additives, dyes, stabilizers, lubricants and other polymers or
materials. Pumps for liquid additives, or a combination of feed extruders and gear
pumps for molten additives, are used for feeding. The systems can be integrated
in various areas of the melt system.
3DD mixer
One or more additive flows can be added to the main melt flow upstream to the
mixer. As a result of the flow of the various components within the arc-shaped
cavities of the rotating interior (rotor) and the static stators, the axial, partial flows
are reduced into disc-shaped, fine cuts that are continually blended by staggering
them. Therefore, this produces several thousand cuts for each revolution, ensuring
outstanding mixing performance.
The PROMIX AC pump is an example
of the 3DD mixing principle.
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
Feed options
Dyes and additives can be fed
into the polymer at various
The suitable point must be
determined on an individual basis
after considering the flexibility
and cost factors for each process.
Feed position
Form of additive
Extruder hopper
Granulate; liquid additive
3DD mixer on the extruder
Melt; liquid additive
Powered 3DD mixer or Flumix AC
Melt; liquid additive
Promix AC/VS mixer pump
(Melt); liquid additive
Possible positions for the injection of liquid additives into an extruder spinning system
At extruder hopper
GM Control
Flumix AC
3DD mixer
with Inject AC
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
Possible positions for the injection of masterbatches into an extruder spinning system
At extruder hopper
3DD mixer
Side feed extruder
with pump
Flumix AC
3DD mixer
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
Metering systems
Feed extruder with metering pumps
These components are required
whenever melt-like masterbatches are
to be metered into the main melt flow
with precision and under high pressure.
Throughput rates from 0.3 kg/h
upwards can be metered.
Throughput feed for additive
extruder for masterbatches on PBT
throughput throughput
3E10/24D 3
4E10/24D 7
6E10/24D 13
7E10/24D 20
Other sizes on request
Inject AC
This system was developed for feeding
liquid dyes or additives into plastic
granulate (pressureless) or in polymer
melts (under pressure).
In the case of pressureless feeding,
the unit operates using one metering
For feeding under pressure, two serial
metering pumps are used, the first
responsible for generating pressure,
the second for high-precision metering.
The speeds of both pumps are adjusted using an intelligent control system.
The system can be supplemented
with pressurized tanks equipped with
electrical filling-level monitoring and
valves. The valve technology, coupled
with a rinse module, enables quick dye
change times.
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
GM Control – the self-sufficient
metering unit
Whether for feeding additives to a
running extrusion process, for casting
PUR molded parts, for laminating
composite components or for flexible
deployment in production systems
with changing requirements – the
compact, mobile GM Control unit can
now support all these tasks with the
accustomed metering accuracy even
more simply than in the past. The unit
can be directly controlled, but can also
be retrofitted to existing process
control units, while all important
process data is clearly displayed on
the touchscreen.
Operational range
Throughput: 0.0005 – 40 liters/min.
Pressure: 0 – 20 bar (also higher on
Viscosity: from 1 mPas upwards
Easy-to-set process parameters:
Operator-friendly control using
Presetting of metering amount
Pressure monitoring
Tank filling-level monitoring
Communication with other metering
or mixing systems is achieved using
CAN bus interfaces or network (LAN)
connections. Quick couplings at the
inlets and outlets permit clean, leakagefree connections to the supply tanks
and to the product lines. Smooth
running rollers ensure the entire unit
can be flexibly deployed in different
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
Mixing systems
3DD mixer as an extruder extension
Mixing zone
The mixer unit is attached to Oerlikon
Barmag extruders as a screw and
barrel extension. The masterbatch to
be added is introduced into the mixing
zone either via the extruder hopper
(granulate/liquid additive) or through
the side (melted or in liquid form). The
mixing zone can be heated and cooled
Flumix AC
This unit is added at the appropriate
stage of the melt distribution system,
where it dynamically mixes molten
(masterbatch) and liquid components
into the main flow.
With freely adjustable mixer speeds,
the operator can achieve the optimum
mixing effect. This unit does not include
a metering function. The FLUMIX AC
mixer is suitable for installing in melt
distribution systems with throughputs
in excess of 10 kg/h. Alternatively,
the mixer is equipped with an electric
heater or a heater/cooler combination
system (air-cooled).
Flumix AC
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
Inject AC
Powered 3DD mixer
Side feed extruder
This unit is a hot-melt extruder with a
dynamic mixer function.
The pressure difference required for mixing is extensively compensated by the
pressure build-up in the screw
section of the unit. The speed can be
freely selected in accordance with
the mixing task required. The melt
temperature can be influenced using
the air-cooled mixer barrel. The mixer
is designed for installation in melt
distribution systems for larger throughput quantities (> 200 kg/h). Melt-like
and liquid mass flows can be mixed.
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
Mixing pumps
Promix AC
This planetary pump offers a mixer
function to aid individual feeding of
additives or dyes (liquid) at the
spinning position. To this end, the
dynamic mixer operates synchronously
to the pump speed. Pumps with 3, 4,
5, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 outlets are
Liquid dye
Melt inlet
Melt outlet
Promix VS
To enable the mixer and gear pump
to be operated separately, a planetary
pump was developed with 2 separate
drives, one for the mixing and one for
the metering. The pump unit is
integrated into the spinning position.
Liquid dye
Melt inlet
Melt outlet
Drive mixer
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
Drive pump
Mixer and metering systems
Oerlikon Barmag offers the entire range of electrical
equipment required for all of the components presented here. This essentially comprises visualization,
heat control and drive activation in connection with
the complete line, including alert system and
emergency stop function.
The correct ratios of dye feed (as liquid or melt) to
the main polymer are calculated according to the
specifications. The metering pump drives are then
activated accordingly.
High-performance mixing and metering systems – Oerlikon Barmag
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