OBA Prospectus - Ormiston Bushfield Academy

Opportunity, Belief, Aspiration
Prospectus 2014
Principal’s welcome
Dear Parents
Welcome to Ormiston Bushfield Academy.
I am extremely proud to be leading Ormiston Bushfield Academy (OBA) at this
exciting time in its development. I am committed to raising the aspirations of
students by shaping the future of learning for the young people at OBA. I want
to ensure that they become valuable and active members of the communities
in which we all live.
Our Academy watch words are Opportunity, Belief, and Aspiration.
I am firmly dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for learning where
every student can feel safe, enjoy and achieve.
I have high expectations of all our students, and my staff consistently enforce
standards of uniform, presentation and respect. This has created a positive
learning environment which allows all students to reach their potential. At OBA
we believe in valuing the traditional, and embracing innovation. We know that
every student has the potential to achieve great things.
Our state-of-the-art building allows us to take our students’ educational
experience to a new level. This, coupled with outstanding staff, ensures that
we give every student the opportunity to learn in an exciting and inspiring
We are a popular academy on a human scale, and we ensure that we get to
know each and every one of our students as individuals. The key to our future
success is based on an effective partnership between students, staff and
This prospectus will only give you a flavour of what we are about here at OBA.
If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a tour, please feel free
to contact us for an initial conversation.
Dennis Kirwan
Operational Principal, Ormiston Bushfield Academy
Academy success
“The Academy is a good one that
is demonstrating an accelerated
trend of improvement”
and Maths
Ofsted, May 2012
52% A*
Our high expectations and solid
support system helped our
talented students to achieve
our best ever GCSE results this
year. We received our best ever
English and Maths results, with
52% of students achieving A*
to C grades in both of these
A Level Pass Rate
We also celebrated another
year of successful A Level
results with a 94% pass
rate featuring particularly
high results in our specialist
subjects. 41% of our students
achieved A* to B grades.
We have received consistently
good ratings from Ofsted.
Our latest report found that
the Academy demonstrates
a relentless drive for
improvement which has
ensured rapid improvement
in teaching and students’
outcomes. Inspectors observed
solid teaching with high
expectations and standards.
We became the first Academy
in the UK to receive the
prestigious Specialist Schools
and Academies Trust (SSAT)
quality mark in more than one
subject area. This recognises
the quality of educational
provision at the Academy in
performing arts and physical
education (PE).
We became the second
school in the UK to achieve
the Continuous Professional
Learning Development
award, which recognises
our commitment to investing
in our staff to ensure
ongoing improvement and
professional development.
Our fully integrated Early
Years Centre offers excellent
provision for 2-5 year olds.
Our recent Ofsted inspection
highlighted the high quality
experience the children in our
care receive, and remarked
on their outstanding progress.
We are keen to see this
provision expand as the
demand for places increases.
Academy specialisms
As well as offering a broad and balanced
curriculum, as an Academy we have the
freedom to specialise in particular subjects.
At Ormiston Bushfield Academy we specialise in maths, sport and
the performing arts.
We continue to see particularly high academic results in our
specialist subjects and they have a major influence on the whole
Academy’s ethos and contribution to student life. Each department
works closely with our primary schools and within our local
community as a whole, providing sport, theatre and numeracy
experiences for all.
Specialising in specific subjects ultimately means:
• Diverse approaches to learning
• Outstanding resources
• Consistently excellent results
• Unique opportunities to develop through our links with top
class partners
Performing arts is going from
strength to strength, with
outstanding results, an in-house
theatre company and great public
and national acclaim for the
highest standard of
performance reached.
Duncan McMillan, Head of Arts
The wide range of resources
that we have in our new maths
specialist area means that we can
show students just how much fun
maths can be.
Karen Davies, Head of Maths
PE is a major part of each
pupil’s individual development at
OBA. We have some of the
best facilities in the area
with a wide range of
activities available.
James Anderson, Head of Sport
Student development and achievement
All round development for our students
At Ormiston Bushfield Academy we encourage our students to be the best that they can be in all
aspects of their social, moral and spiritual education.
OBA prepared me for life and
established the educational foundation
I needed to achieve my aspirations. I
went on to gain a First Class Honours
Degree in Computing Science and
entered the world of finance securing
a position in New York City with
Pricewaterhouse Coopers.
We value student participation very highly. During their time at the Academy every student:
• Takes part in educational visits
• Benefits from our links with key local employers
• Represents the Academy or their House in sporting activities
• Contributes to performing arts and sporting events
• Participates in extra curricular events and assemblies
Nick Bothroyd, Ormiston Bushfield
Academy alumnus
• Plans and participates in fundraising for charity as well as activities to support others at the
Academy or in the wider community
• Takes part in enterprise activities and has the opportunity to develop leadership skills
87% to C
78% to C
57% to C
67% to C
EBac subjects GCSE results 2014
67% to C
Core Curriculum
The Academy offers an exciting and innovative curriculum in its
core subjects - English, maths and science.
The English department works hard to help all students gain confidence and improve their ability
to succeed. Students enjoy a range of exciting, challenging and imaginative experiences both
in the classroom and other venues. We explore the by-gone era of the Elizabethan theatres,
while also engaging with new technology – encouraging reading via e-readers! The English
department strive to foster a spirit of creativity within all students at the Academy – whether that’s
through film, leading a dynamic conversation, creative writing, or simply enjoying good literature.
The maths curriculum at Ormiston Bushfield Academy is designed to meet the needs of all
students, and to help students develop confidence and an enjoyment of the subject. There are
eight classrooms dedicated to the teaching of maths, so that the opportunity to produce and
maintain a vibrant environment exists.
We enter students for the UKMT Maths challenges organised by Leeds University. We also
organise maths puzzle/activity days and trips out at various points in the year. We occasionally
take excursions to Europe which have a maths focus. We have a Maths Club at lunchtime which is
well attended and Maths Homework Clubs after school for all Key Stages.
In Year 7 and 8 our students study a range of biology, chemistry and physics topics to give a
firm foundation for Key Stage 4. We offer a range of courses at Key Stage 4, matching pupils
with the appropriate qualifications, and are constantly improving what we do within the science
department to give students the best opportunities. This is reflected in our examination results
at GCSE and BTEC, and many students choose to study science at Key Stage 5, as we now offer
biology, chemistry and physics courses at A Level.
All our students are placed on a comprehensive monitoring system the
moment they arrive at the Academy, which identifies their individual strengths
and weaknesses. This is monitored throughout their time at the Academy
to ensure that they are achieving at their highest possible academic level.
This helps the Academy to tailor the learning experience for each individual
We recognise the importance of variety in teaching approaches and
materials. At both Key Stage 3 and 4 students are allocated to groups
according to their ability; these groupings are reviewed regularly and there is
movement between groups so that we can meet the needs of individuals.
Our state-of-the art facilities will
give students the opportunity to
take part in practical investigations
and develop many different
skills such as scientific thinking,
planning, analysis of evidence,
research, evaluating and
Foundation Curriculum
The academy curriculum is engaging and
exciting, incorporating both academic
and creative approaches to learning, thus
encouraging students to thrive in a dynamic
learning environment.
Full details about all
of the subjects that make
up our curriculum
are available on
our website
English Baccalaureate
We provide a strong academic curriculum for those of our students
who aspire to progress to university. The English Baccalaureate is
geared towards this, and stretches our students’ ability and provides
the academic rigour required by the top universities.
The English Baccalaureate requires students to study English, maths,
history or geography, two sciences (one of which can be a computer
science) and a modern foreign language.
Creative Curriculum
Creative education is also important to us, as we believe that
all students should have the opportunity to express themselves
creatively, exploring wider contexts. A creative curriculum helps to
develop students’ communication skills, problem solving strategies,
and the ability to work in a group. It also gives them the desire to
strive and perform their best.
Students will also have the opportunity to learn subjects including
performing arts, art, design technology, film and media, music, PE
and dance.
Vocational Curriculum
We also have a strong vocational offer, giving students the
opportunity to hone their work-related skills which they can take in
to employment, further and higher education.
Students have the opportunity to study subjects including health
and social care, travel and tourism, countryside management and
creative media production. We also run a Young Enterprise scheme.
Attending OBA not only gave me
the confidence and grounding to
strive towards a career in Dance
Theatre but also the additional
academic achievements I needed
to fall back on in later life.
Sally Anne Male, Ormiston Bushfield
Academy alumnus
Student opportunities
At Ormiston Bushfield Academy we
believe that students should be shaped
by more than just lessons and formal
teaching experience. We want all our
students to take part in activities and
experiences outside of normal academy
lessons. Not only will our students
have the opportunity to participate in
house assemblies, and take the lead in
supporting charities, but we also have a
vibrant after-school offer, with a range of
activities and sports taking place up until
early evening.
Field Trips
As well as the traditional sporting activities such as football, rugby, netball
and athletics, students can take part in rowing, mountain biking and
other outdoor pursuits. Our fully qualified PE staff also hold coaching
qualifications in sports including trampolining, basketball, tennis and golf.
We know that some of the best teaching takes
place outside of the classroom, and that firsthand experiences can help students’ learning
and understanding. The curriculum is enriched by
student field trips and visits out of school, where
they can pursue their studies through investigation
and exploration.
Academy students and staff have access to the Bushfield Sports Centre, so
we have full use of over 10 acres of playing fields including football, rugby
and hockey pitches and track and field facilities, an all-weather floodlit
pitch, tennis courts, gym, sports hall, squash courts, weights room and
Planet Pulse Fitness Studio.
Academy teams compete in a range of local, regional and national
All students in Years 10 and 11 have the opportunity to take part in activities
including tenpin bowling, ice skating, pitch and putt, and swimming.
Recent trips have included a visit to the Houses of
Parliament for some of our Government and Politics
students, a trip to Auschwitz in Poland, and Maths
trips to Cambridge and Barcelona.
We also arrange geography field trips and visits to
art galleries, science museums, and the theatre.
Trips abroad
Duke of Edinburgh
Extended Learning
Students have the opportunity to go abroad through
the Academy ski trips, or by taking part in the
World Challenge initiative. World Challenge creates
bespoke school expeditions that give students
the chance to explore the world safely, equipping
them with new skills, and encouraging them to
be resourceful and to grow in confidence. In 2013
our students went on an expedition to Ghana
where they helped build a school, and this year,
our students will embark on a trip to India, which
involves a spice trek and a community project.
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aims to give all
young people aged 14-24 the chance to develop
skills for life and work, fulfil their potential and
have a brighter future. We run a popular Duke of
Edinburgh’s Award group, and many of our students
have gained their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.
Taking part can be a life-changing experience for
our students. The volunteering aspect of the awards
also provides our students with the opportunity to
give something back to their local communities.
There are also opportunities for extended learning
in a variety of curriculum areas including:
We also take students of all ages on our New York
theatre trip, where they can experience the bright
lights of Broadway.
• Modern Languages
• Maths
• Science Club
Students also have the opportunity to develop
their skills further in our outstanding digital media
facilities. This includes a journalism club which will
make use of the TV studio, radio studio and Apple
Mac suites.
Academy life
OBA has always been a place where every
student matters and no one is a number but
a name. Whilst at OBA I was able to take part
in many extra-curricular activities helping
my confidence and ability to communicate
to others. The teachers at OBA are second
to none. They lead by example and passion,
to motivate students to deliver their best in
everything they do.’
Peter Smith, Ormiston Bushfield
Academy alumnus
At Ormiston Bushfield
Academy, valuing
and caring for each
individual student is
one of our top priorities
and we have put a lot
of thought into how we
provide this care.
Vertical Tutoring
Student care, support and guidance
at the Academy is organised through
our four Houses. Each House has a
Head of House, a team of tutors and
support staff, and each meets for a
weekly assembly.
Each tutor group is made up of students from every
year in the Academy. The typical size of a tutor group
is twenty students. This vertical tutoring system helps
us to create a family unit where older students take
responsibility for supporting younger students in all
aspects of their care, welfare and guidance and act as
important role models.
Each of the four Houses has a
number of tutor groups led by form
tutors which meet daily.
The role of the form tutor is also very important as they
monitor the progress of their students regularly as well
as track their attendance and behaviour.
The Academy day
Period 1: 08:30
Period 2: 08:55
Period 3 09:45
Academy Uniform
All students are expected to wear the following uniform:
Black blazer with Academy badge on the breast pocket
Grey pullover (optional)
House tie
White shirt (long or short sleeved)
Black full length trousers or black knee length skirt
Black shoes and socks
Uniform is purchased from Total Clothing via www.bushfield.co.uk
Break: 10:35
Period 4: 10:55
- 08:55
– 09:45
– 10:35
– 10:55
– 11:45
Period 5: 11:45
– 12:35
Lunch: 12:35
– 13:20
Period 6:
13:20 – 14:10
Period 7: 14:10
- 15:00
15:00 onwards:
After school enrichm
t programme
Modern technology and facilities
Our fantastic purposebuilt Academy is changing
the way we educate our
young people and offers
unique opportunities for our
students to help cultivate
their potential.
The latest facilities
The latest technology
Our building includes:
Students can now also benefit from the latest
developments in technology to enhance their
environment and learning across the curriculum including:
• Specialist areas for all subjects
• A purpose built dance and drama studio
• A television and radio studio
• An all-weather football pitch
• Specialist provision for students with special
educational needs
• Designated sixth form provision
• Facilities for adult and continued learning for the
• The Bushfield library
• iPad scheme for Years 10 to 13
• IT facilities in every subject area of the Academy
• Interactive whiteboards
• A robust wireless network
• Digital signage
• Cashless catering and technological access control
Strong leadership
Our passionate and
dedicated leadership team
have the vision and drive
to deliver inspirational
teaching to develop students
academically, physically,
culturally and socially.
A commitment to students
Opportunity, Belief, Aspiration
Our leadership team is responsible for ensuring every student has
the care and support they need.
• We provide the Opportunity for students to develop
as individuals
They are committed to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum
across the Academy, with an emphasis on personalised learning.
• Staff instil the Belief that all students can succeed and
achieve their full potential
We want to see our students perform to the best of their abilities,
and will work to ensure they achieve the results and outcomes they
are capable of.
• We enable students to develop high Aspirations for
their future.
This group of people will ensure that students are known as
individuals, and that they know who to turn to for help and support.
“The Principal and managers at all levels give the academy clear direction.
Their relentless drive for improvement has ensured rapid improvement in
student outcomes.” Ofsted 2012
Inspirational teachers
“The work of teachers is appreciated by students.
It is well planned and effective at raising
attainment of those who need it.” Ofsted 2012
Teachers at
Ormiston Bushfield
Academy are
driven by a desire
to see young
people develop in
all aspects of their
lives, seeking to
encourage, inspire,
direct, discipline
and empower.
Trainee teacher
Newly qualified teacher
Long-serving teacher
“Ormiston Bushfield Academy is a strong
community of teachers who encourage not
only the pupils but also trainee teachers to be
the best. They motivate pupils to achieve their
goals and aspirations through innovative and
creative teaching.”
“Ormiston Bushfield Academy is a fantastic
Academy to begin a teaching career. The
community atmosphere created by both
staff and students creates a great environment
for teachers and learners.”
“I joined Ormiston Bushfield Academy in June,
1998 and I feel privileged to have been able
to work with so many fantastic students, their
families and my fellow colleagues for so long.
The Academy has become a massive part of
my life; long may that continue…”
Rebecca Houghton
Trainee teacher in English
Chris Bishop
Teacher of Art
Eric Akrill
Teacher of Health and Social Care
Student leadership
We have high expectations of our students
and want them to take responsibility and
make the most of opportunities to develop
their leadership skills.
We have a Head Boy and Head Girl who are appointed by the
Principal following a rigorous application and interview process.
They represent the Academy at a wide range of events and provide
excellent role models for our students.
We also have Senior Sports and Performing Arts Leaders and Maths
Studying at OBA meant learning in an
environment where everyone supported
each other. I wouldn’t have achieved all
that I have during my education without
the help and guidance of the fantastic,
motivational teachers that continually
inspired me during my school years and
encouraged my personal and
professional development.
Antonia Collison BA HONS English,
Nottingham Trent
University – 2014
Leadership within tutor groups and Houses
Our vertical tutoring system, with its mixed age tutor groups, gives
older students the chance to lead by example, providing important
role models for our younger students.
Each tutor group has representatives that sit on their House Council.
Leadership within the Academy Council
We also have an Academy Council which is chaired by students
and supported by senior staff.
The Academy Council represents the voice of the students within the
academy and feeds back directly to senior management.
The Council has had a vital say in the design of the new building
and their responsibility stretches beyond the academy walls,
representing Ormiston Bushfield Academy at Peterborough’s
Youth Council.
Leadership in the wider community
Sixth form students act as ambassadors in each House and take
responsibility for organising events and activities for primary school
pupils that we invite to the Academy.
Chloe and Jack
Head Girl and Boy
Gifted & Talented
We are dedicated to ensuring that all our students achieve their potential. We have specific programmes
for our Gifted and Talented students, and work to identify those students as early as possible.
Post-16 High Flyers
Gifted students are those whose potential in one or more academic
subjects is significantly above average.
The Ormiston Bushfield Academy High Flyers programme is
open to those students who achieved a high number of A*
and A grades at GCSE, and are looking to apply to the most
demanding and competitive courses at university.
We provide our students who are identified as gifted with appropriate opportunities and challenges.
Initially students are identified as having an innate gift within a subject specialism. Opportunities for stretch
and challenge within subject areas are established and students have, over many years, been involved
in subject specific opportunities to support ability; ranging from the Language leaders in modern foreign
languages to archaeological digs in history and a trip to Barcelona to experience the Gaudi inspired
Casa Batllo.
Growing up as a gifted child should be wonderful and exciting – opportunities to question and then to
challenge the outcome should enhance learning; it is both a personal and shared effort and one that we
create around the needs of the individual.
Our High Flyers programme includes:
Personalised one-to-one support throughout the
UCAS process
The opportunity to attend a variety of conferences and visits
at Russell Group universities
Access to extended curriculum assignments from their
subject teachers
The opportunity to complete our Extended Project
Qualification (EPQ)
Opportunities and challenges
Talented students are those who have above average skills - whether
that’s linguistically, physically, musically or socially.
We are committed to offering opportunities and
challenges to our most talented students:
Staff commitment and training to develop students’
full potential at all times.
We’re committed to identifying these students, and nurturing their skills. We also seek to identify those who
are talented, who might not yet be achieving their full potential.
Lessons that stimulate, engage, challenge, inform,
excite and encourage through partnership, dialogue
with teachers and other students and active
participation in lessons.
Courses that lead to examinations and accreditation.
Skilled, well prepared and informed teachers who
have a perspective and understanding of whole
Academy policies relating to those students identified
as Gifted and Talented.
We have a robust programme for our talented students, providing them with the opportunities they
need to flourish.
Sixth Form at Ormiston Bushfield Academy
Achievement at Sixth Form
Ormiston Bushfield Academy Sixth Form is a vibrant community
of students and teachers dedicated to achieving excellence in
everything we do. We are committed to offering our sixth formers
not only the highest possible quality of teaching, but also the very
best personalised support and guidance that will enable them to
reach their goals.
Our aim is to offer our students a range of courses that will
challenge them and inspire them to meet their potential. We believe
that sixth form should be a transition phase from school to further
education or a career, and we seek to equip our students with
all the skills they will need when they leave us. Our students are
encouraged to study independently, and to manage their time
effectively, while still being able to draw on the support of teachers.
We have relatively small classes, and we will tailor our teaching
support to our students’ needs throughout their time with us. We
want to help all our students achieve their potential.
Ormiston Bushfield Academy provides students with opportunities
to continue their studies after the age of 16 where they can study
A Levels and a range of BTEC and vocational courses. Full details of the range of provision that
we offer is available on our website:
Why Ormiston Bushfield Academy?
Sixth form life feels like
a gradual transition from
school to university
or a career.
This year’s A Level pass rate was 94% with particularly high results in our specialist subjects:
Performing Arts achieved
88% A* to B
Maths achieved
83% A* to B
French achieved
100% A* to B
Karla Durham, Year 13
Students have played a key role in designing the sixth form area in our Academy building. There is a sixth
form common room and dedicated groupwork rooms with a robust wireless network.
We also continue to develop our strong links with universities and students have the chance to visit and
study alongside undergraduates from Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin, Lincoln and Leicester Universities.
Sixth form students also act as role models for our younger students not only in their academic
achievement but also in their personal development. Sixth form students take on the role of assistant tutors
within their Houses. There is also the opportunity to become Head Boy or Head Girl, our Senior Sports
Leader, Performing Arts Leaders and Maths Ambassadors.
Nearly two thirds of last year’s
Year 13 students have gone on
to university
This year, the Academy had
a pass rate of 94 per cent
at A Level
41 per cent of A Levels
achieved were at A*,
A or B grades
BY 10
We’ve seen the number of students
joining our sixth form rise by over
108 per cent in just four years
Unique partnerships
We hope our partnership will result
in staff from both parties learning
from each other and delivering
real benefits for current students
as well as future generations.
Jeremy Moll, BGL Group Director
and Head of CSR Committee.
We have invested time and effort to establish
relationships with local businesses who
are keen to provide our students with
opportunities either while they are at the
Academy, or after they have completed
their education.
Already four students have gained apprenticeships as a direct
result of our relationship with the BGL Group, while others have
benefited from work experience placements and even subsequent
employment at local PR and communications consultancy,
Athene Communications.
In addition, we have been fortunate to establish excellent contacts
with Cross Keys Homes. The company has sponsored students
and staff to experience the Tall Ships Expedition and Challenge in
Portsmouth. This is a great outdoor experience for our students.
The strong links we have with local universities enable our sixth form
students to gain insight in to university life and helps them adapt to
the independent learning styles they will need.
“At a time when unemployment is so high and employers are
complaining that young people aren’t work ready, we
are making sure our students leave the Academy in the best
possible position for the future, equipped with the skills that
businesses need.”
Dennis Kirwan, Operational Principal
Ormiston Academies Trust
Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) is a not for profit multi-academy
sponsor with a family of academies across England.
OAT believes that every school and community is unique, so does not impose a ‘one size fits all’
approach to teaching and learning. OAT academies are encouraged to respond to the needs of their
students and their community. OAT supports its academies to share good practice and is committed to
giving their staff increased opportunities for professional development.
At the end of the academic year 2013/14 77% of OAT academies are good or outstanding and
none are in a category of concern.
Ormiston provides a balance of focused support and challenge when required, but also a sufficient
degree of autonomy to allow the school to develop its unique offer.
As an Ormiston academy, Ormiston Bushfield Academy:
Shares its talents and best ideas with others in the network.
Collaborates with a network of academies from across the UK.
Gains strong results with the help of a dedicated school improvement team.
Retains its unique personality.
Works with a sponsor that invests in the future of education.
To find out more about the Trust, please visit: www.ormistonacademiestrust.co.uk
I have always cared about providing the very
best learning opportunities for young people.
Everyone at Ormiston Bushfield Academy
shares this passion and together we will
ensure that it gives our children the best
environment in which to learn and enjoy. I
know you will share my belief that Ormiston
Bushfield Academy is an exceptional place to
learn in, irrespective of your age or ability; we
have much to offer”.
Peter Murray,
Chairman, Ormiston Trust
Ormiston Bushfield Academy
T 01733 233014
F 01733 371524
[email protected]