Export Procedures

Export Procedures
Required Documents For Collecting Original Bill of Lading (OBL)
The person who collects the OBL;
If shipper's representative: a. Authorization letter of the consignee on letterhead paper
b. List of authorized signatures of Company
If customs broker:
a. Power of attorney of the shipper
b. List of authorized signatures of Company
Bill of Lading Terms & Conditions
• Central bank's buying rate of exchange is used.
• $5 Container Control Fee will be applied for Marble and Steel commodities • In case of port stuffing, if special crane is needed, stuffing rates will be calculated seperately. Please ask customer services desk for quotation.
• Port stuffing requests must be submitted 2 days prior to stuffing date.
• Consignees address and contact details must be submitted with Shipping instructions. Customer will be responsible for delays & rollovers in case of shortcomings of requeired information.
• On the Shipping Instructions, Commodity, HS Code, pieces and weight must be declared per container. The provided data must match with Customs Manifest. In case of mismatch, customer will be responsible for
penalties, delay & rollovers.
• OBLs printed within 2 working days of vessel sailing and submitted after the receipt of payment.
• After vessel sails, any BL amendment requests will be subject to Correction Fee $30 + VAT