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About The Author
Joshua Belanger is the founder, trader and entrepreneur
After more than a decade in the trenches of Wall Street, he’s
become well known for his work with options trading
volume, easy approach to options education, and his strategic
investment guidance. So much so, his expertise caught the
eye of Bloomberg, Business Week, New York Post,
Reuters, Dow Jones Newswire, Yahoo Finance and The
Wall Street Journal.
But he didn’t get there without struggle…
He fell in love with the glamour, the romance, and the
intrigue of Wall Street at a young age.
© LLC 2013
Like thousands of would-be finance guys before him, he
wanted it all – the money, the power, the prestige of Oliver
Stone’s Wall Street and Ben Younger’s Boiler Room…
He wanted it all…
He just didn’t know how to get there. He didn’t have the
family money or connections. He didn’t have the fancy
business school degrees or even his trading licenses at the
He was a pizza delivery guy in an outside suburb an hour
away from Chicago, cold calling executives on the Chicago
Mercantile Exchange (CME), rubbing shoulders with
connections he made on his own.
Eventually – after painstaking patience — it paid off.
Eventually, he’d become a runner on the CME at $5.75 an
hour while still delivering pizzas to pay bills. It was a start. It
was all he had.
Was it the fun he had imagined at a young age? Not at all…
But he still loved it. He was on the CME after all.
Eventually, he’d advance to become a stockbroker.
And – as he quickly learned – it was nothing like the
Hollywood movies. The sophisticated people that understood
the intricacies, the ins and outs of trading were replaced with
nothing more than salesmen more interested in padding their
own pockets, than the clients they “cared” about.
He became part of the daily, boring, and deceitful grind of
Wall Street.
He was a cog…
© LLC 2013
He was paid a pittance of what he made for the major brokers
before landing at the trade desk of a respectable firm. There,
he finally understood the real inner-workings on how money
really worked, and flowed in the markets. There, he learned
the very secrets of how money was really generated for the
firm and its clients.
“I’ll never forget one of my first trades. It changed
everything for me,” he says.
He was taking stock option orders for an overseas client that
managed several accounts as a junior broker when it hit him.
He wanted to branch out on his own. He already knew how
options worked. And he was ready to put his knowledge to
the test.
So he bought long calls (an options contract that makes
money when prices move higher) on Research in Motion
heading into earnings, thinking the stock would move
Two days later, those Research in Motion calls were down
Lesson learned!
But the thrill of placing that trade started his long-term love
affair with leveraged instruments.
From that moment on, he knew there was more to “options
success” than what was learned studying for his Series 7
license or from some outdated, basic “bibles” of the industry.
He knew that to be successful, he had to follow those that
were successful.
He had to follow a path.
© LLC 2013
So he started following trades relayed to him on the phone.
This was something he picked up from watching certain
traders on the CME floor that only traded when the large
orders would come into the pit from the big players like
Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.
He started mimicking a pro trader’s moves – his actions, his
style of trading. He wanted to be the best. He wanted to show
his peers that you could – and can — do more for your
But his peers failed to grasp it… He was just told to open
accounts and gather assets.
It’s why – by 2007 – while still working the trading desk, he
founded Stockstar Capital. There, he finally had the freedom
to teach clients the ins-and-outs of options trading — the very
trading tool “peers” failed to grasp or use.
A year later, though, he was done. He’d seen enough.
He took his punches, his hits, and his bruises. He lost
thousands in the worst year of trading the market had ever
seen. The Dow was down to 6,500 when all was said and
Not many fared better…
But that’s not what did him in.
Managing client money and bringing in new clients was hard
enough. But when he had to act like a personal shrink to
clients during the financial crisis, it became too much bare.
Don’t get me wrong. He loved what he did. He loved every
minute of it.
And he flourished.
© LLC 2013
But to get where he wanted to be – where he knew he had to
be — he had to retake control of everything. He still wanted
to teach and show everyday investors a new way – a better
way – to making money.
So he revisited the SIZZLE Method — something he first
started learning in his old CME days, watching large buy or
sell orders come into the pits.
He tried to pitch the Method to a local options blog site –
“Monster” – that wrote about similar options trading
techniques. He was a big fan.
But they never returned calls. “Maybe they didn’t like me,”
he remembers.
So he founded OptionSIZZLE on his own… realizing “he
could do better.”
He found himself teaching – and enjoying – the power of
stock options and probabilities. He would create the SIZZLE
Method to guide and teach investors a new way – a better
way – to manage their own accounts.
He was sued eventually sued by the “Monster” guys for
giving them such staunch competition a year later.
They tried to bully him out of business, pulling him into legal
battles that cost him just about everything…
Lesson learned – nothing comes easy…
But after years of hard work, it’s all been worth it… the trials,
the tribulations, and the costs.
Nowadays, all is well. Clients tell him:
© LLC 2013
Josh, you are really good and helpful. I am turning around my
account thanks to your service.
-Bobby C
Options class was a great investment. Booked +575 profit on
my first “real money” option trade. Many thanks.
-Rasa Briggs
NYB a quick 33% on Jan 12.5 call. You da man!
He hears how his products and services change and enhance
With early Hollywood-dreams dashed, he never thought he
would be where he is today — an inspiration and a
wellrespected public figure.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use
to change the world,” said the late Nelson Mandela.
And Joshua feels the same way.
With education and guidance, Joshua has helped others
achieve their dreams – while creating financial freedom — in
the daunting and dark world of the financial markets.
Why let all his valuable experience go to waste?
Helping others achieve success not only provides Joshua a
rewarding feeling, but it helps others – you — achieve the
riches only a few very can achieve.
Hollywood dreams of Wall Street riches are a reality for those
with financial savvy, proper education and guidance.
Joshua believes he can show you a new way – a better way –
to make that happen.
© LLC 2013
Let’s make this happen. Wall Street has taken advantage of
you and I for far too long.
Why Leverage Is Your Key To Financial Success
I’ve been in the finance industry for nearly a decade. And
I’ve found the average investor still believes that owning a
stock or asset is all that’s needed to create long-term wealth.
These are the same people that believe options are risky, too.
At least… that’s the typical thought among this group.
However, after you read this book, I think you’ll find -- with
proven statistics and research -- that leveraged investing
reduces your overall risk and increases your chances of
success with much less capital.
By reading the book, you are taking step further than most are
willing to. And I applaud you for that. If it weren’t for me
studying for my Series 7 exam when I was 20, I honestly
don’t know if I would have the knowledge I now have about
options. I’ve made it my mission to become a master at
leveraging with options.
I just read an article in The Wall Street Journal talking about
Tesla Inc. The article talked about how overvalued Tesla was,
how it was setting itself up for a decline. Fair enough. The
report even suggested using a type of option strategy called a
put credit spread (you’ll learn about that later).
© LLC 2013
The article attempted to explain how this strategy would work
if prices did see a decline. However, the person quoted
misspoke on how the strategy actually works.
Not only did the so-called “option expert” explain it
incorrectly, the editor of the highly respected financial
newspaper didn’t catch this crucial mistake. They would up
publishing it with the error. And the average investor –
reader -- was left confused and mislead.
How in the world could The Wall Street Journal miss such an
error? Well… that’s the issue here.
Most industry “pros” and “professionals” don’t understand
just how to utilize investment instruments, like options.
I know that first hand because I’ve been paid to consult
financial advisors, and teach them options trading to reduce
risk in client portfolios.
“Buying stock is easy; I don’t have time to learn about
options,” other advisors would tell me. Translation -- your
everyday financial planner doesn’t care enough to help you or
his other clients. He only cares about gathering assets.
Option investing is one of the greatest wealth creation
instruments available. However -- just like most things in life
– there exist challenges to understanding how these vehicles
work. The great thing about options is that they provide
unique ways of greatly enhancing returns in your portfolio
while reducing overall risk with limited capital. Being
© LLC 2013
successful using options doesn’t require having to process a
great deal of knowledge related to the financial markets.
At heart, it is a simple activity in which to participate. In
practice, it requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and
discipline in order to be successful. I tell you this to provide
the proper expectations. What I share with you will change
your finacial future. If you take the time to become your own
“do-it-yourself” investor and leverage options, you will be
wealthier in the long-term.
I have spent many years working in the field, becoming
knowledgable, learning my lessons one-by-one. Some
investors choose to enroll in expensive schools, hire mentors,
or buy investing systems to learn about being successful with
option investing. I have spent a lot of money myself, going to
seminars, classes, and working with mentors. With each
experience, I gained a new perspective on the markets, on
investing, and on my personal psychology. And I was always
left with the realization that everything discussed was
available for free on the Internet.
It is possible to gain all the knowledge of a Wall Street
insider and the experience of a successful options investor
without spending any money. There are numerous resources
on the Internet and in books that contain all the information
you need to know. These books and resources will give you
new and clear insights each time you review them. They cost
far less than a typical seminar, too. Technically, books do
© LLC 2013
cost you money, but a motivated investor can go to the library
and get them for free. In some cases, large portions of books
are available on
Before spending thousands of dollars on an options class,
read this book. It is not intended as a be-all and end-all for
learning to invest with options, but rather a resource for you
to advance your self-education in using leverage of options to
limit risk and create wealth.
In addtion to the very basics of options, I will also share my
own insight into how I use options to track the smart money.
The most effective way to reduce your risk or potential loss is
to educate yourself about the technologies and methods that
the pros use in their daily business. These are the people that
make their living with options. They know their business;
they know what to watch; and for the most part, they profit
from that knowledge.
End of this sample.
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