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Official Newsletter of the Optometric Association of the Philippines
OAP joins World Sight Day Celebration
The Optometric Association of the
Philippines, led by National President Dr.
Corazon Saron-Sipin, joined in celebrating
The World Sight Day last October 10, 2013 at
the DOH Eye Center, East Avenue Medical
with a call to action “Get your eyes tested”.
The call to action recognizes a vital aspect
of a successful and sustainable eye health
network - having an informed and regular
end-user base that accesses eye care
services at different points, based on need,
age and other
The World Sight
Day (WSD) is an
annual day of
The Department
awareness to
of Health (DOH)
focus global
has a mandate to
attention on
ensure that
blindness, visual
every Filipino
impairment, and
recieves an
rehabilitation of
afforable and
the visuallyquality health
impaired. World
care through
Sight Day is
observed around
Pangkalahatan, a
Dr. Benita Soltura (2nd from left) and OAP National President Dr. Corazon
the world by all
Saron-Sipin (4th from left) represent OAP in the World Sight Day Celebration.
stakeholders who DOH
commitment to
Asst. Secretary Dr. Eric Tayag (4th from left) and Dr. Richard Le Mesurier
(center), Chair of IAPB Western Pacific Region (WPRO) led the program.
are involved in
universal health
preventing visual
impairment or restoring sight.
In the Philippines, special effort has been
WSD is aimed to increase awareness and
made to ensure that eye health is
advocacy for the prevention of blindess and
integrated into the broader health
for “Vision 2020: The Right to Sight”, a global
systems, most notably at a policy level.
effort to prevent blindness, created by WHO
The DOH will be making sure programs
and the International Agency for the
and services for eye care, particularly at
Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).
the primary level, and in provincial
settings, make the most of shared referral
The theme of WSD is “Universal Eye Health”,
and delivery infrastructure.
February 2014
Induction of OAP 2013-2014
National Officers and
Board of Trustees
Dr. Melissa Anglo, past national president
of the Optometric Association of the
Philippines, inducted the officers and Board
of Trustees for the year 2013-2013, on July
15, 2013 at the Legend Villas,
Mandaluyong City.
The simple yet meaningful turnover
ceremony was graced by Dr. Jade del
Mundo, who gave the inspirational talk.
Also present were his wife Cynthia del
Mundo who served as National President
in 1998-1999 and Dr. Vic Cinco who
succeeded Dr. Melissa Anglo in 2009.
It was the last OAP affair attended by Dr.
Robert Chinjen, who served the association
for two terms in 1982-1984.
Dr. Ma. Corazon Saron-Sipin
OAP 2013-2014 President
On January 17, 2013, Dr. Corazon Saron-Sipin was inducted as the 15th President of the
Optometric Association of the Philippines. These are excerpts from her induction speech.
On the role of optometrists
As optometrists, our primary
responsibility is to reduce, if not
eliminate the major cause of
visual impairment, which is
uncorrected error of refraction.
It is our responsibility to provide
excellent vision care to all
On accessibility of optometric services
At present most of us practice
our profession in relative
isolation from other health
providers. Our success depends
on our competence in rendering
quality vision services, our
interpersonal relations with our
patients, the accessibility of our
services to the people who need
them as well as the economic
conditions of the place where
we practice...To my mind, giving
low cost eyeglasses can partly
solve the financial barrier to
accessibility of optometric
services. Our involvement in the
public health movement is
essential to ensure the
profession’s responsiveness to
the needs of our communities.
WCO Competency-Based Model
(WCO), of which we are a
member...has developed a
Global Competency-Based
Model of Scope of Practice in
Optometry to assist states and
countries in developing uniform
standards and to reconcile the
variations in the scope of
optometric practice around the
As a member of WCO, we need
to apply and work on this
competency based-model which
includes four categories of
services such as the following:
1.Optical Technology Services
Management and dispensing of
ophthalmic lenses, ophthalmic
frames and other ophthalmic
devices that correct defects of
the visual system
2. Visual Function Services (VF)
Investigation, examination,
measurement, diagnosis and
correction/management of
defects of the visual system.
3. Ocular Diagnostic Services
On the advent of the GATS
Investigation, examination and
...Most of us are aware of how
evaluation of the eye and
the World Trade Organization
adnexa, and associated
(WTO) and its General
systemic factors to detect,
Agreement on Trade in Services diagnose and manage disease
(GATS) are affecting all aspects 4. Ocular Therapeutic Services
of international commerce
including the mobility of health
Use of pharmaceutical agents
practitioners around the world.
and other procedures to
And that includes...optometry.
manage ocular
Its aim is to allow for mobility of conditions/disease
professional services across
international boundaries through Assement of collective competency
Mutual Recognition Agreements My personal estimate is that
(MRAs) that will be negotiated
85% of our active members are
between countries or
competent on Category Nos. 1
jurisdictions. Our Optometry
and 2 and 15% on no. 3 and
Board is the agency tasked to
NOBODY is YET qualified for
Category 4. Since we need to
work on our Roadmap that will
amend RA 8050 for us to realize
guide negotiations between us
this. I am sure that we will meet
and our neighboring countries.
resistance from other sectors.
WCO Competency-Based Model
However, we cannot fully
The World Council of Optometry achieve the objectives of V2020
unless we are able to use the
most basic of TPAs, especially
in geographically isolated
disadvantaged areas (GIDAs),
where there are hardly any
health personnel.
Optometry as primary health care
Section 2 of RA8050 – which
was signed on June 7,
1995...has already promoted
optometric services as a
component of the primary
health system here in the
Philippines. There were moves
towards this direction...
However, these were not
sustained because of our lack of
understanding of the concepts
of public health and primary eye
care. Even with the three V2020
advocacy seminar-workshops
conducted in partnership with
Physicians for Peace (PFP) and
the National Committee for
Sight Preservation (NCSP) since
2011 in Luzon, Visayas, and
Mindanao, it seems to me that
OAP has created such
Optometry despite the power
and authority vested in them.
We have yet to hear of
criminal/administrative cases
filed against optometrists or
corporations hiring underboard
or unlicensed optometry
graduates for practicing
optometry in optical clinics
located in the malls, in spite of
the IRR provision in Rule IX:
Unlawful Practice – Section 45
subsections f, g, h and p.
On need to empower local societies
OAP is willing and can provide
technical assistance but you
have to do your part of solving
these kinds of problems within
your jurisdiction...But do not
expect the OAP leadership to
solve all your problems. Start by
reviewing and understanding
RA 8050 and the Implementing
Rules and Regulations (IRR)
yourselves. We have good
provisions in the law that can
protect you.
Our challenge now is to find the balance
between all these factors that affect quality
vision care and its accessibility to our people...It
is time to step forward to assume our proper role
as primary vision care practitioners, thus, our
theme “Making Quality Vision Care Accessible
to All Filipinos!”
programs for the benefit of the
communities and the
empowerment of all the local
societies. We have designed the
programs to elevate them from
mere refractionists to real
primary eye care providers.
RA 8050.
Atty. Abesamis mentioned in his
lecture in our National
Conference last April that he has
not yet heard so far of optical
clinics owned and manned by
unlicensed optometrists that
was closed by the Board of
The challenges of optometry
Our challenge now is to find the
balance between all these
factors that affect quality vision
care and its accessibility to our
We have practiced our
profession in isolation for so
long. It is time to step forward to
assume our proper role as
primary vision care
practitioners, thus, our theme
“Making Quality Vision Care
Accessible to All Filipinos!”
Reference: Marshall, E and R Newcomb, editors. Public Health and Community Optometry. 2nd ed.
OAP can take an active role in the
prevention of blindness through Sight
I. Sight For A Child:
- need to advocate and partner with the
Department of Education in creating
strategies to address childhood blindness.
- A sub-program of SFAC is Special
Olympics Opening Eyes (SOOE). It is
critical that child health screenings include
vision screening for children with
II. Sight Education
- provide health education and screenings
- conduct teach-ins to teachers and students
on the value of good vision and on how to
take care of their eyes.
III. Sight for Life
A. Workforce
- help prevent eye injuries at the work
place by recommending safety spectacles or
other types of personal protective
- need more ODs who are knowledgeable
in Occupational Vision Health.
Ilocos Norte-Laoag City & Ilocos Sur-Abra Societies Induction of Officers
The officers and members of the OAP, Ilocos
Norte-Laoag City Society came together in an
Induction Ceremony last July 21, 2013 to
conduct cum a product presentation of the
sponsoring company, the MTC, through its
speakers, Dr. Eva Ching and Dr. Joanne
Valerie Nuevo. Along with the product
presentation was the Contact Lens /
prescription lens workshop and the optical
The main event of the activity was the
Induction of the 2013-2014 Officers and Oath
of Commitment. The OAP Ilocos Norte-Laoag
City Society and Ilocos Sur-Abra officers and
members had their cups filled to the brim, as
OAP National President Dr. Ma. Corazon
Saron-Sipin for having taken the time to
grace the activity, being the Administering
officer during the Induction Ceremony. As the
guest of honor, Dr. Ma.Corazon Saron-Sipin
imparted precious words of wisdom through
her inspirational talk. Further, Dr. Sipin
updated the optometrists with the latest OAP
developments. Both talks enhanced the
knowledge, capabilities and skills of the
optometrists of Ilocos Norte-Laoag City and
Ilocos Sur-Abra Societies
“Keeping together is progress and working
together is success.” The OAP Ilocos
Norte-Laoag City Society has made a
beginning. As expressed in her closing
remarks during the Induction Ceremony, the
OAP Ilocos Norte-Laoag City 2013-2014
President, Dr. Yolita Cecilia Franco-Ascaňo,
said, “Let us not allow this closing as an end,
rather, let this ending be the beginning of
better things to come in the world of vision,
as we soar together to greater and wider
horizons as doctors of optometry.” Let us join
hands in “Making Quality Vision Care
Accessible to All Filipinos.”
B. Senior Citizens
- Explore geriatric specializations
C. Relationship with Ophthalmic Industry
- Develop closer ties with suppliers
- Provide the best materials within the
financial capability of patients.
D. Work closely with Allied Health and
government agencies such as DSWD
which help us identify the community
which are truly not served where we
implement our mission activities.
(L- R): President : Dr. Yolita Cecilia F.
Ascaňo, Vice President : Dr. Rosalynn
Bermudez, Treasurer: Dr. Benita Panugayan,
Secretary : Dr. Cynthia Victorino, SubTreasurer: Dr. Elaine C. Reyes, Auditor : Dr.
Glynson Q. Cua, P.I.O: Dr. Rachel C. Pasion
Standing (L-R): Dr. Marilyn Valiente, Dr. Milady
Daria, Dr. Rosalynn Bermudez, Dr. Arcely
Hernando, Dr. Glynson Cua, Dr. Benita
Panugayan, Dr. Rachel Pasion, Dr. Glenn Bacud,
Dr. Abraham Blankas and Dr.Rolando Apilada.
Seated (L-R): Dr. Cynthia Victorino, Dr. Elaine C.
Reyes, Dr. Yolita Cecilia F. Ascaňo, Dr. Ma.
Corazon S. Sipin, Dr. Rosa Q. Cua, Dr. Anita
Corpuz and Dr. Regulo Lumbo.
Back (L-R) : Dr. Fe Torio (Secretary), Dr. Marbert
Granada, MTC representative
Sitting (L-R): Drs. Letty Barroga (Treasurer),
Linda Custodio (Vice President), Cora Sipin,
Shiela Granada (President), Gloria Guillermo
Encouragement is the Key to Great Leadership
On the occasion of Dr. Ma. Corazon Saron-Sipin’s induction as the president of the
Optometric Association of the Philippines, the esteemed doctor, Jade F. Del Mundo, Fellow of
Philippine Board of Ophthalmology and the Philippine College of Surgeons, delivered a few
words of inspiration in honor of his family friends, the Sipins.
Being a son of an optometrist himself, he knew how noble optometry is as a “profession that
has addressed the need of patients regarding their visual problems and the competent
management of their ophthalmic diseases at the level of their education and training.”
Dr. Del Mundo shared his insights on leadership qualities which the new OAP president must
model. Quoting several philosophers and leadership gurus, he emphasized on leadership as a
calling to influence and encourage people, more than just managing an organization for the
sake of business. According to Al Gini and Ronald Green, the ten traits a leader must possess
are deep honesty, moral courage, moral vision, compassion and care, fairness, intellectual
excellence, creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, good timing and deep selflessness. He
assumed this upon the Biblical passage: ”Whoever wishes to be great among you shall be
your servant” ( Matthew 20:26).
Dr. Del Mundo believes encouragement plays a pivotal role in leadership and that it is the
leader’s goal to strive towards encouraging people to be fulfilled, valued and self actualized
individuals who are committed and willing to take risks for positive change. He ended his
motivational speech with an apt line from Zig Ziglar: “ You never know when a moment and a
few sincere words can have an impact on a life”.
September 27 2013 | Cavite Naval Hospital, Cavite City
L-R: Drs. Lea Lallana, Guerin Bondoc, Alice Samaniego, Cora Sipin,
Terry Mejia, Net Soltura
November 10, 2013 | Mai Pao Dimsum, Bacolod City
L-R (standing): Drs. Edita Estevez, Rebine Alcobilla, Susan Sioco,
Irene Lanado, Noemi Chua
L-R (sitting): Drs. Mercy Sapa, Rey Valencia, Cora Sipin, Melissa
Anglo, Omega Datoon
November 4, 2013 | Marikina City
November 4, 2013 | Max’s Restaurant,
Tikling, Antipolo City
L-R (standing): Drs. Melanie Torres, Lelyne Mangrobang (MOS President),
Gloria Benzonan, Dr. Trece ___
L-R (sitting): Drs. Bubbles Asuncion, Chic Rolsania, Cora Sipin, Grace Villegas,
Mila Montealegre
October 25, 2013
Seminar Workshop on Clinical Procedures and
Contact Lens Complications
November 17, 2013, Konlin Seafood Restaurant, Lucena City
L-R: Drs. Net Soltura, Bernard Uriquia, Annie Ilagan, Cora Sipin,
Mercy Dizon, Terry Mejia, Chic Rosalinas
Necrological Service for Dr. Robert Chinjen
ISAOSI On the Go for “Sight For A Child” Program
The passing away of Dr. Robert Chinjen
last August 7, 2013 came as a sad
surprise to everyone in the optometric
profession especially to the new set of
officers for the year 2013 – 2014, where
his presence was felt during their
induction at the Legend Villas at
Mandaluyong City.
A year-round program of Ilocos Sur-Abra Optometric
Society, Inc. (ISAOSI) is a vision screening for elementary
school children. It is a struggle for the optometrists to do
the vision screening for the whole school population.
Dr. Benita Soltura led the opening
prayer followed by the words by
friends delivered by Drs. Noel Santos,
Cynthia Del Mundo and Leonor
Macalintal. Dr. Ma. Corazon
Saron-Sipin gave the comfort
bereavement piece. Readings of the
books of Romans 8: 31-38 and 1
Thessalonians 4:13-18 where read by
His role as elder of the association was Drs. Let Regodon & Chic Rosalinas
fully manifested by the support he gave simultaneously. After the response
to the association as well as for his
was given by his eldest son Robie , a
objective, level headed advises to the
procession of flowers followed which
2012 – 2013 administration.
was joined by the family members
and friends who were present. Dr.
He was instrumental in the acquisition of Cely Simbajon emceed in the service.
the OAP office at Tower 3, City Land
Makati City, the soft opening and the
Other optometrist who attended the
blessing of which was last August 7,
Necrological Service were the Dean
of the CEU College of Optometry, Dr.
As a tribute to him, a short meaningful
Jessica Flor, Dr. Mildred Pre, Dr. Mila
Necrological service was conducted last Montealegre, Dr. Jenifer Yu and Dr.
August 10, 2013 at Loyola Memorial
Malou Gonzaga.
Chapel at Commonwealth Avenue
where his body was laid in state.
Last August 29, 2013, Dr. Sheila Estrada Granada, the
ISAOSI President, lead the vision screening of One
Hundred Fifty (150) school children from Grades I-VI in
Butol Elementary School, together with our National OAP
President, Dr. Ma. Corazon S. Sipin, and other three
ISAOSI members (Dr. Fe Marquez Torio, Dr. Leticia
Barroga, and Dr. Leticia Barba). The group found five (5)
male students aged 6-9 to have color deficiencies, two (2)
with nystagmus, one (1) with cataract, and nine (7) with
myopic and astigmatic tendencies.
It is imperative to note that we have a long way to go.
Many more schools in Ilocos Sur and Abra needed the
same vision screening for their school children, and
ultimately, such children be given the prescription
eyeglasses and orthoptic exercises they needed. Out of the
15 children, the parents of two of them gave their support
to them by having their eyeglasses made, recognizing the
significance of the vision screening without which they
haven’t known their child or grandchild had visual defect.
Walk for Sight
August is “Sight Saving Month” in the
Philippines. Everyone who advocates sight
preservation, publicize the event to
promote awareness of the importance of
the eyes in our lives. It encourages Filipinos
to have their eyes checked with this year’s
theme, “Alagaan Ang Mata Mula Bata
Hanggang Pagtanda”. The "Operation
Silip-Mata" is made always available to our
compatriots and considered a perpetual
program of the government designed for
the care of the eyes for Filipinos' better
from Batangas, Bulacan, Caloocan
Malabon Navotas, Cavite, Cebu, Makati,
Marikina, Palawan, Pasay Paranaque Las
Pinas,Vigan Chapters.
The celebration this year was launched on
August 4, 2013 with the annual “Walk for
Sight”, an 8-km walk from the Cultural
Center of the Philippines in Vito Cruz, Pasay
City to the Rizal monument in Rizal Park,
Manila participated by more than 3,000
eye health proponents led by the
Department of Health (DOH), the National
Committee for Sight Preservation (NCSP)
member organizations, Dept. of Education,
Lions Clubs International, Philippine
Academy of Ophthalmology, Integrated
Philippine Association of Optometrists,
Tanggal Katarata Foundation, University of
the Philippines Institute of Ophthalmology,
Ophthalmology Departments of Selected
Hospitals, some drug companies, students
and the Optometric Association of the
Philippines (OAP) with representatives
The event was a success despite a poor
weather condition. OAP Officers, Dr. Cora
Sipin and Dr. Net Soltura attended the
laying out of DOH’s five-year blueprint for
the eye health objective which is "the
reduction of avoidable blindness". Dr. Noel
Chua of NCSP encouraged all the
supporters of the advocacy to align their
efforts in support of the DOH strategic plan
and directions to achieve the outcome as
set forth.
The "walk" was followed by the wreath
laying at the Rizal Monument in Rizal Park.
The activity was headed by DOH
Secretary, Hon. Enrique Ona, NCSP
Chairperson Dr. Noel Chua, OAP President
Dr. Cora Sipin with other heads of NCSP
member organizations and other foreign &
local partners.
In response to that call, the OAP through
the leadership of the incumbent Board of
Trustees, is now strategically planning for
the association's collective efforts through
organized activities geared towards the
attainment of that specified objective.
Ilocos Norte - Laoag City Society Sight for a Child Project
The “Sight for a Child” project was held last
August 16, 2013. Shamrock Elementary School
in Laoag City was chosen by the OAP Ilocos
Norte-Laoag City Society as recipient of their
project. After a thorough examination and vision
test by registered optometrists, eyeglasses with
prescription were dispensed to twenty-one (21)
pupils, Grades One to Six in the said school.
The project couldnt have been a
success without the open arms of Miss
Araceli C. Pastor, CESO V, Schools
Superintendent of the Division of Laoag
City, who, with clear vision, graciously
accepted “Sight for a Child” project. The
School Nurse, Myzel Abunaga, as well
as the teachers, Cherie Joy Pascual,
Ligaya R. De Vera and James Fonacier
were very accommodating and
extended invaluable assistance during
the conduct of the eye examinations.
OAP with Dr. Andreas Mueller, WHO Country Director, and Dr. Ma. Victoria
Rondaris of the Philippine Association of Ophthalmologists (center)
Marikina Optometric Society
The Marikina Optometric Society kicked off
its Sight Saving Month celebration with a
Mission at Sto. Nino Elementary School
Marikina City.
With the aid of school officials led by
Principal Lilia G. Carperio, a total of 13
Grade 1 sections with an approximate
number of 467 students availed of the
complimentary vision screening and eye
care needs check-up last August 28, 2013
at the school premises.
This venture was aimed at providing
quality vision screening and eyecare to the
youth of Marikina City, especially to the
Grade 1 students of Sto. Nino Elementary
School. Futher, the tests given to the
students aimed to help them in their
reading, which is a fundamental facet of
school life, and other day-to-day school
13 students were recipients of free
complimentary prescription glasses which
were dispenses by MOS last September 9,
2013. Other students were referred for
further eye examinations.
OAP goes to 19th APOC
The 19th Asia Pacific Optometric Congress (APOC)
held at Seoul, Korea on October 2-4, 2013 was
attended by delegates from 30 different countries
across the Asia Pacific region, Australia and the
The Congress which was jointly hosted by APOC, Korean
Optometric Association and the Hong Kong Polytechnic
University had for its Theme: Advancing Education in
Optometry. Dr. Akio Kenai of Japan heads the APOC as
president. APOC is one of the six regions of WCO which
includes Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, North
America and Latin America. Dr. Susan Cooper of Canada is
the incumbent WCO President.
About twenty Filipino Optometrists attended the Conference.
Drs. Carmen Abesamis Dichoso, Annabelle Asuncion and
Jessica Flor, CEU, dean, College of Optometry were OAP’s
official representatives to the General Delegates Meeting held
on October 1, 2013. Dr. Joan Santos and Dr. Mylene
Abesamis also joined the OAP delegation.
Delegates from nine countries were nominated to the
Executive Committee and our very own Dr. Carmen Dichoso
was elected among the eight members of the above
The First APOC in 1978 was held in Manila, Philippines
hosted by the Optometric Association of the Philippines. Two
more congresses, the 4th and 12th were also held here in
1982 and 1999, respectively. All the three congresses were
spearheaded by Drs. Claro Cinco and Antonio Joson. Dr.
Primitiva "Baby" Perez- Sison was also a member of the
APCO and organized a very successful APOC Meeting in
Manila and Cebu in 1999.
STRAT Planning of OAP held at new office
Last Sept 1, 2013, the board met again to accomplish the
unfinished strategic planning from the first meeting last May
in Alfonso, Cavite. The continuation of the strat planning was
facilitated by Dr. Euphemia M. Tobias, a dentist by profession,
MSc (Masters of
Science in Tropical
Medicine) and a
professor from
College of Public
Health, UP Manila. It
was the first time for
the board to have its
meeting at the new
OAP office in City
Land Tower door
#223, Makati City.
The strategic planning followed was the TOWS (Threat,
Opportunity, Weaknesses, Strength) from SWOT. It was
attended by board members Dr. Ma. Corazon Sipin, Dr.
Patricia Rosalinas,Dr. Benita Soltura, Dr. Mildred Pre, Dr.
Noeh Fernandez, Jr., Dr. Douren Espina who were working
hand in hand collating and sharing ideas to establish goals
and to finally have an ideal direction and guide on the OAP’s
strategic planning.
The Sight Preservation Committee of the Philippines Academy of Ophthalmology (PAO)
OAP President speaks at PAO Forum
The Sight Preservation Committee of the Philippines Academy of
Ophthalmology (PAO) invited OAP President Ma. Corazon Saron-Sipin to
join its Sight Preservation Committee Breakfast Meeting of Minds: “Getting
our Acts Together” Symposium last Dec. 6, 2013 as guest faculty, to deliver a
lecture on Evidence-Based Vision Screening. This was one of the several
symposia of the PAO 2013 Annual Meeting held at the SMX Convention
Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City from Dec. 4-7, 2013.
The Symposium was attended by representatives from DepEd, LGUs, DOH,
House of Delegates Meeting
The recently-concluded House of Delegates meeting last Nov. 24, 2013 was
held in our newly-acquired office at Unit 223 Executive Tower III, Citiland
Makati, located along Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City.The meeting was attended
by nine past national presidents, together with society presidents and
governors from 7 regions.
Important concerns involving the association’s partnership with Physicians for
Peace, amendments to our Constitution & By-Laws were deliberated upon. 2
survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, one of our current Board of Trustee, Dr.
Douren Espina, and the President of Leyte Optometric Society, Dr. Krin,
shared to the group their group their harrowing experience from the super
typhoon, the vast destruction of properties, and thousands of lives left dead
brought about by the storm surge.
All the officers present shared monetary contribution to be distributed to all
our society members affected by the calamity.
OAP Executive Board
Member: Asia-Pacific Council of Optometry (APCO) & World Council of Optometry (WCO)
Dr. Ma. Corazon P. Saron-Sipin
Dr. Patricia Rosalinas
Vice President
Dr. Noeh Fernandes, Jr.
Dr. Annabelle Asuncion
Board of Trustees
Dr. Eldeen Baluso
Dr. Aurora Catahoy
Dr. Douren Espina
Dr. Laarni Montealegre
Dr. Mildred Pre
Dr. Grace Villegas
Dr. Jemimah Joy Locsin
Committee Chairpersons
Dr. Joan Santos
Dr. Annabelle Asuncion
Grace Villegas
Outreach and Sight Projects
Joey Velasquez
Melissa Anglo
Vic Cinco
Official Contact Information
+63 942 8 EYE COS
+63 923 326 8565
+63 916 966 4078
Fax No. (032) 253 4263 (0942839267)
April 26 -27, 2014
Grand Ballroom, MArco Polo Plaza hotel Cebu
Apas, Nivel hills, Cebu City
Hosted By: Cebu Optometric Society
(Affiliate of the Optometric Association of the Philippines)
*1st Tranche: [email protected] 2,500php (but not beyond Feb. 15, 2014)
*2nd Tranche: 50 @ 2,750php (but not beyond Mar. 25, 2014)
with Free “ Optometrists Rock” T-shirts for fellowship Night “ Rock the Night Away”
with Free 2014 OAP Bi- Monthly Calendar
On-site Regristration (After March 25, 2014)
3,000 php (no t-shirt)
4,400 php (no t-shirt)
2,500 php (with meals)
Official Email Address
[email protected]
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Deluxe Room Mountain View P3,950.00 net Deluxe RoomSea View
Grand Deluxe Mountain View P4,330.00 net Grand Deluxe Sea View
Continental Club
P5,500.00 net
Junior Suite
P6,500.00 net
Executive Suite
P8,660.00 net
Deluxe Room Mountain View P4,450.00 netDeluxe Room Sea View
Grand Deluxe Mountain View P5,130.00 net Grand Deluxe Sea View
Continental Club
P6,300.00 net
Junior Suite
P7,300.00 net
Executive Suite
P9,460.00 net
Payment Remittance thru Bank Transfer:
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Current Account
: 9201 - 0018 - 51
Cora Sipin
OAP President & Overall Chair
Vivian Dyhongpo OAP Convention Chair
Elizabeth Taguiam COS Pres. & Convention Treasurer
Benita Soltura
Ma. Corazon Saron-Sipin
National Conventiontt
Theme for 2013-2014
“Making Quality Vision Care
Accessible to All Filipinos”
P5,130.00 net
P5,460.00 net
**Rates are inclusive of : Buffet breakfast, applicable government taxes and 10% Service Charge
Third person charge is at Php1,100.00 net per person, inclusive of daily breakfast;
Room capacity allowed is maximum of 3 adult occupants or 2 adults and 2 children below 10 years old;
Standard check-in time is 2:00 PM, check-out time is at 12:00 NN
**Free WIFI in room
Complimentary use of the pool and gym
Free shuttle service to major shopping malls at a scheduled time
NOTE: You can course your hotel reservations through the Cebu Optometric Society (organizing committee)
Legal and Ethics
National Task Force on Sight Preservation
P4,330.00 net
P4,660.00 net
E V E N T S P O T L I G H T:
‘OAP goes 4G’ Inter-regional Conference
The OAP held its Inter-regional Conference last December 13,
2013, at Hotel Rembrandt, Quezon City, which was attended by
110 optometrists from different regions, namely, Manila, Quezon
City, Rizal, Marikina, Bulacan, Mindoro, Quezon Province, Tarlac,
Palawan, Pasay, Paranaque, Las Pinas, and Ilocos Sur. The theme
of the conference was “OAP 4G - Going to Gear up Guts for GATS,
Powertools for Clinical Practice.”
This was organized by the OEP Education Committee Chairperson,
Dr. Melissa B. Anglo and led by Dr. Cely Simbajon as conference
chairperson. It was facilitated by academicians from CEU College
of Optometry, optometrists in private practice, and eye centers.