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TCSIT Director’s meeting notes, December 1, 2014, via Skype
Skype attendance:
ACU, Northland, Midland, Westbury, Abilene, Brentwood, Lubbock, Oklahoma, Dallas, Ft. Worth
Bible Improv
Vanette Hutcheson (Dallas) and Caren Lindsay (Northland) proposed changes to the to the Bible
Improv rules to apply to both Junior High and High School. All present voted to include the changes:
A monitor from among participating schools will serve at the door to instruct each team as to
use of mics, location of judges, time of entrance, etc.
Other changes discussed were:
1. Having 3 judges for prelims and finals for HS Bible Improv
2. Giving the judges a copy of the selection choices that the teams are given
Deadlines for submissions:
One Act Play Script NOT on the approved list
Dec 15, 2014
send to Whitney
Cut copy of One Act Play Script
Jan 31, 2015
send to Whitney
Jan 31, 2015
send to Joe
3 consecutive copies of school newspaper
Jan 31, 2015
send to Joe
Joe suggested that an email be sent when a submission is sent, so we can be watching for the materials.
Dr. Joe Cardot
Communications Dept.
ACU Box 28156
Abilene, TX 79699-8156
cardot[email protected]
Whitney Van Hoose
6200 Holiday Ln.
N. Richland Hills, TX 76180
[email protected]
Debate Topic
The debate topic can be found at This link will be
added to the TCSIT website under “Documents and links” “Resource links”
Make sure you are looking at the Lincoln Douglas Debate topic. We will be using the March/April
topic that will be released Feb. 1, 2015
Lincoln-Douglas Debate
LD Topic
Release Date
August 15 — 9 a.m. CT
November/December October 1 — 9 a.m. CT
December 1 — 9 a.m. CT
February 1 — 9 a.m. CT
National Tournament May 1 — 9 a.m. CT
Caren Lindsay (Northland) will send Joe information about a possible new writer for the Team Math
New TCSIT Website is available.
Use the drop down menu to access:
“Rulebook” either one inclusive document or divided into Jr. High and High School and individual
events. The Rulebook, all as one document, will be temporarily off line until the newest updates to the
rules are made.
“Documents and Links” for resource links, posted meeting minutes, judges ballots and more!
There are several “coming soon” categories. Notification will be sent when new categories are ready
and available.
“News and Announcements”
One Act Play will be in Austin, hosted by Brentwood Christian, February 20-21, 2015. Cindy Singleton
(Brentwood) will need contact information for each OAP director. You can send information directly
to Cindy Singleton [email protected]
Schools participating are: Midland, Oklahoma, Brentwood, Dallas, Ft. Worth and possibly Westbury
and Lubbock. When the list is confirmed, Joe will “draw” for rehearsal and performance order and
schools will be notified. Oklahoma and Lubbock have asked for later rehearsal and earlier
performance time due to travel distance.
Remember there are script submission deadlines listed previously.
Details about OAP payment will be sent out to participating schools.
Ballot Room
Joe Cardot (ACU) suggested that with the retirement of some of the “more experienced persons”, that
Kelly Cawyer be invited to help “man the ballot room” during the competition.