NRP 2014 - Assiniboine Regional Health Authority

Clinical Education
Neonatal Resuscitation Provider Course (NRP)
Date: October 10, 2014
Registration Deadline
Location: Brandon Regional Health Centre –
SRMC - 4th floor Clinical Services
Time: 0800 hours
September 12
Date: November 14, 2014
Registration Deadline
Location: Dauphin Health Centre – Community
Health Boardroom
Time: 0900 hours
October 17
Course Details:
 Participants in PMH required to take this include all RNs and LPNs in Brandon Single Room Maternity Care and Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit, Neepawa Health Centre, Dauphin OBS unit. All Midwives.
 Participants not required to take NRP as per PMH guidelines will be charged a registration fee of $130.00. Please make cheque
payable to Prairie Mountain Health.
Course Description:
The Neonatal Resuscitation Provider course is an educational program that introduces the concepts and skills of neonatal resuscitation.
The course uses a multimedia teaching process including integrated skill stations as well as simulated resuscitation scenarios. In Canada,
NRP is administered by the Canadian Pediatric Society and is designed to teach individuals and teams who may be required to resuscitate
newborn babies. NRP course content is evidence-based and is delivered across Canada in both English and French.
A full renewal is required every two years.
NOTE: An online test must be successfully completed in advance of the in person course (cost $25.00) and test
results must be presented to the instructor the day of course.
A manual and addendum are required to prepare for this course and it is the participants’ responsibility to contact the
Health Resource Centre (Library) located at the Brandon Regional Health Center to request a manual be sent to them.
Participants meeting the requirements as stated in the PMH Guidelines will be paid 5 hours to attend (includes 1 hr. for
online test) and will be reimbursed for exam fee/mileage/meals as per collective agreement amounts.
Course dates and locations subject to change dependent on registration numbers and/or instructor availability.
For more information see Page 2
If you have questions, contact Clinical Education: 204-476-7551
Clinical Education - June 2014
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Neonatal Resuscitation Course
Information Sheet
 Obtain Clinical Education Form found on the education board, website, intranet – staff information, eLearning, and staff resource icon
on computer desktop.
To Register
 Complete sections 1 & 2 of Clinical Education Form prior to the registration deadline and forward to Clinical Education.
 Keep a copy of the Clinical Education form for your records and to use to claim any expenses incurred as a result of attending this event.
If you need to be Replaced and/or you are to be Paid to Attend (Complete only if applicable)
 Participant to complete Section 3. Indicate if:
 Replacement is required, Attending a paid inservice/meeting and the Date/shift you will need to be replaced for;
 Supervisor/Managers signature must be obtained on the form.
 Submit form to Supervisor/Manager for approval prior to the event.
 Supervisor/Manager will sign in Section 3 indicating:
 Approved or Denied unless operational requirements met (i.e. shift coverage is found);
 Your Supervisor/Manager will notify you if request is denied;
 If attendance at this event is a requirement of the participants position.
Former ARHA Staff:
 If approved, the Supervisor/Manager will forward to the applicable scheduling pod or Program Manager/designate.
 Section 4 is only to be used by former ARHA Scheduling Pods.
 Scheduling Pod will complete Section 4 and forward Clinical Education Form to Clinical Education Administrative Assistant.
Former BRHA Staff:
 If approved, the Supervisor/Manager will return to the participant.
 Participant will need to complete a Schedule Alteration Request form and submit to Supervisor/ Program Manager/Designate for
approval prior to the event.
 Your Supervisor/Manager will return the Schedule Alternation Request form to you in your mailbox.
Former PRHA Staff:
 Participant will need to complete the following forms:
 Leave of Absence/Vacation/General Holiday Request Form;
 Staff Development, Training or Inservice Request/Approval Form.
 Submit form to Supervisor/ Program Manager/Designate for approval prior to the event.
To Claim Expenses once Event has been attended
 Complete Section 5 of the Clinical Education Form once you have attended the event Indicate dollar amounts of actual expenses
incurred to attend the education event.
 Date and sign declaration of expenses being claimed.
 To claim expenses, send Clinical Education Form to Clinical Educations.
 Lab Truck – PMH Neepawa Satellite Office Attention: Clinical Education, Fax – 204-476-7560, Email form as attachment to
[email protected]
 Attach original or clear copies of receipts (if applicable) to Clinical Education Form.
 Reimbursement sent directly to employee from finance department, entire process may take 4-6 weeks to complete.
To Cancel
 Notice of cancellation from course must be sent in writing by the employee no later than 2 weeks prior to the course to the Clinical
Education Administrative Assistant either by fax 204-476-7560 or email [email protected]
**If at any time during the process the form has incomplete or inaccurate information it will be returned to the employee.**
Clinical Education - June 2014
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