DATE HELD: Monday, January 20, 2014
LOCATION: Norma Rose Point School library (room 414)
PAC members in attendance: Jody Yau (Interim Co-Chair), Roos Spanjers (Interim Co-Chair),
Melanie Antweiler (Immediate Past Chair), Eagle Glassheim, Natalie Jatskevich, Csilla Tamas,
Julie Wang, Jeannie Lee, Sholeh Khayat
PAC EB members absent: Victoria Yang (Treasurer), Eugene Barsky (Co-Treasures)
School administration and staff in attendance: Rosa Fazio (Principal), John MacCormack (Vice
a. The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM by Roos Spanjers (PAC Co-Chair)
a. Council reviewed the Minutes of the Meeting held on January 20, 2014. There were
no errors or omissions, and it was moved and seconded that the Minutes of the
Parent Advisory Council held on January 20, 2014 be approved.
a. Roos Spanjers reminded the PAC that parents need to be informed about PAC
activities and proposed to set the deadlines for the Minutes preparation (1 week)
and review by the PAC Executive Board (3 days). After the review the Minutes will be
posted on the PAC website.
It was moved and seconded that the Minutes of the Parent Advisory Council will be
prepared for the PAC review within 1 week after the meeting, reviewed by the
Executive Board (3 days), and posted the PAC website
a. Victoria Yang (Treasurer) and Eugene Barsky (Co-Treasures) could not attend the
meeting, but e-mailed their report:
1. Direct Donation Tax receipt
$12,450 donation has been processed by VSB. Both receipts and check have been returned to our
school. Parents should have already received the tax receipt. Please let Ann, Eugene, or myself know
if any family has not received their tax receipt, we will look into it. There are three new families
joined school in New Year and have given donation to PAC. We will process the new donation at our
earliest possible time.
2. PAC payment to support school activities
PAC has made payment in an amount of $4,500 to our school already. Now the donation money is
available, thus we can pay the rest of the fund when needed. Please discuss what amount should we
give out to school.
3. Account Balance (As of Jan. 10th, 2014)
PAC Account has $3,910.94, with $12,450 held at NRP school account. $12,450 will be returned to
PAC this week. PAC gaming account currently has a balance of $4263.38.
a. Rosa Fazio updated the PAC on progress at new NPR school site and informed
that she, together with VSB officials, is going to give a presentation on NRP
School structure and underlying it educational philosophies at U-Hill Elementary
PAC meeting on January 28, 2014. One more presentation will be held in
February and it will be open for public. Rosa shared the Power Point slides with
the PAC members and asked for their comments.
b. Rosa informed the PAC on the Book Fair planned to be held on January 27-30,
2014 and asked for the volunteers.
Roos Spanjers suggested to elaborate more on the differences on the current school structure
and the new structure (elementary-middle-secondary) and how the structure affects learning
Eagle Glassheim asked what changes to the structure are driven by and suggested to illustrate
the presentation with some examples for parents.
Julie Wang was interested in more detailed explanation of a new school philosophy.
Melanie Antweiler recommended to address the points that might concern U-Hill Elementary
families (resources, structural changes, compatibility of the educational approaches, etc.).
Sholeh Khayat asked if the NRP will hold an open house for its families.
Melanie Antweiler, Eagle Glassheim, and Roos Spanjers offered to take a part in the meeting at
U-Hill Elementary on January 28, 2014.
a. Safety Committee. Natalie Jatskevich reported that the Safety Committee
completed its Earthquake Comfort Kit project – 200 kits has been collects, 30 kits
has not arrived. The parents received 3-email remainders and 1 personal letter.
The committee decided to substitute the absent kits with school kits containing 1
small toy and a snack bar.
Natalie shared with PAC other Committee’s actions: inquiry about the pedestrian
crossing on West 16th Ave at Hampton Place; and Walking School Bus Program
for next academic year. She thanked Eagle Glassheim for bringing up the
crossing on West 16th issue during his meeting with UBC Campus and Community
Planning Committee representatives. The Safety Committee is planning to
contact U-Hill Secondary Crossing Committee to share the information on this
issue, as well as prepare and send the letters to the UBC Campus and Community
Planning Committee. Rosa Fazio added that School is taking action on crossing
issue and the project manager has inspected the site.
b. Parental Education Committee. Julie Wang informed the PAC that the survey for
parents is being finalized and will be placed on the PAC website.
c. Playground Committee. Roos Spanjers shared with PAC her concerns about slow
and not very productive fundraising process. The fundraising efforts are not very
fruitful: we have $50,000 VSB initial playground fund, and $3,000 + $1,300. No
corporate donations so far. The Committee made a decision to discuss the
situation with VSB and the company that provides the playground equipment – if
it is possible to postpone the payment. The Committee plans: to continue with a
public awareness campaign; to print the cards to attract individual donors; to
discuss another direct appeal to parents. We are also considering: a cookie sale
on UBC campus; fundraising at the Lunar New Year celebration; movie night.
Eagle Glassheim added that there are still a number of the corporate donors to
be approached. The Committee also needs parents to be more proactive in
informing the community about the playground issue.
Melanie Antweiler suggested some banks as possible donors and QE school
popcorn machine renting for school family events.
Csilla Tamas pointed out that with current fundraising difficulties we cannot plan
3 playgrounds at once and mentioned that some parents might not be ready to
pay for the future generations of students.
Jeannie Lee agreed on the Lunar New Year celebration as one of the possibilities
for the fundraising and asked is the administration can suggest possible dates for
this event (preferably in the evening so the parents who work could attend).
Melanie and Eagle supported the evening time in order to use the opportunity
for school community building.
No updates.
a. A questions from parents about the perspectives of having an afterschool care
on NRP site.
Rosa Fazio informed that she is still discussing an afterschool care with UBC.
b. PAC collaboration possibilities with UBC Campus and Community Planning.
Report on initial contact with UBC CCP on West 16th crosswalk.
Eagle Glassheim shared his experience meeting with UBC Campus and
Community Planning representatives. The UBC CCP is looking forward to
collaboration with NRP. Next meeting in May was suggested. Eagle also brought
up the West 16th crosswalk issue at the meeting and suggested preparing the
letter to the UBC CCP.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 PM.
Next meeting will be held on March 03, 2014, at 6:30 PM.