Notice Inviting “Expression of Interest” (EOI) for 3D-OBC/OBN mode data
acquisition and processing (pre STM) in Yanam area of Eastern Offshore, India.
1. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, a premier E&P Company of India, has been
conducting seismic surveys for exploration of hydrocarbons by engaging international
Geophysical Service providers for such services.
In order to broaden the list of pre-qualified bidders EOI is invited from globally
reputed geophysical service providers for carrying out 3D-OBC/OBN mode surveys in
Yanam PML area (full fold acquisition 450 Sq Km with Bathymetry ranging from 2m550m), KG Offshore , during field season 2014-15 starting in November 2014. Area
map, acquisition parameters and tentative processing sequence are appended as
With this EOI, ONGC intends to finalize the scope of work for the ensuing tender and
also shortlist vendors as pre-qualified bidders for the said survey.
3. The broad qualification criteria is as under:
The company shall necessarily be a marine seismic data acquisition and processing
company, shall have proven experience in seismic survey operations, and shall have
sufficient personnel, equipment, management and organizational processes to conduct
3D-OBC/OBN mode data acquisition in the area. Subsequently, the data will be
processed up to Pre-STM stage .
The company should provide details of the technology used by them in the past for data
acquisition in such areas as mentioned above (water depth varying between 2 mt to 550
4. Companies who can demonstrate a successful track record should respond to this EOI
by submitting the following documents and details. The documents submitted should be
in English and legible.
a. Details of experience indicating area, volume, client, year and type of job. Bidder
should produce documentary evidence in the form of respective contracts, along with
documentary evidence in respect of satisfactory execution of each of those contracts,
in the form of copies of any of the documents (indicating respective contract number
/ work order number and type of services), such as –
i. Satisfactory completion (OR)
ii. Proof of release of Performance Security after completion of the contract (OR)
iii. Proof of settlement / release of final payment against the contract (OR)
iv. Any other documentary evidence that can substantiate the satisfactory execution
of each of the contracts cited above.
b. Details of the technology (OBC/OBN) proposed to be deployed. The details shall
include but shall not be limited to proposed survey geometry, likely time period
separately for completion of data acquisition and data processing. Any other
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technique/methodology deemed efficient for the proposed area along with status of
availability thereof may also be submitted.
c. Experience of the Company in terms of Sq Km of data acquired / processed for
OBC/OBN surveys during the last five years in areas similar to that as mentioned at
d. Experience and bio-data of key personnel like Project Manager, Seismologist/
Geophysicist (Marine Operation Manager), Navigation Manager, Quality Control (QC)
& Safety Manager, Party Chief(s) and Processing Geophysicist in number of years in
respective positions.
Availability of crew for mobilization in Indian waters in November 2014.
f. Details of equipment available with the Company such as cables , receivers , data
acquisition system , navigation & positioning system , energy source ( P-P strength , P/
B ratio, source signature.
g. Onboard processing system and details of H/w & S/w to carry out processing as
detailed at Annexure-I.
h. Company profile along with audited financial statement for preceding two financial
i. List of policies, procedures (including the equipment replacement / up-gradation
policy) and quality assurance practices currently in place for the execution of similar
j. HSE policies, procedures and statistics covering last 5 years.
k. Details of legal/court rulings against your company, if any, in last 5 years.
l. Undertaking that no contract with ONGC was terminated in the last 5 years due to nonperformance / unsatisfactory performance
5. Interested Companies are requested to submit their response in a sealed cover with the
superscription “Expression of Interest (EOI) for 3D-OBC/OBN mode seismic data acquisition and
processing (pre STM) in Yanam area (Bathymetry from 4m- 550m) in Eastern Offshore, India”
along with supporting documents at following address by 30.01.2014 :
Office of General Manager (MM) – I/C MM
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, WOB, MR
2B Priyadarshini, Sion, Mumbai-400022
Tel No. 022-24062205 / 24062208, Fax No.022-24045348 / 24045368.
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6. EOI Meet
ONGC also intends to hold an Expression of Interest Meet from 11 AM onwards on 05/02/2014.
The venue for the meet shall be 6th floor Conference Hall, ONGC, Priyadarshini Building, Sion,
Mumbai- 400 022. Bidder(s) are required to present/demonstrate their capability, experience and
other details as already submitted in the EOI for a maximum duration of 20 minutes. The
participating parties are required to give a soft copy of their presentation along with suggestions, if
any, to ONGC immediately after the meeting.
ONGC reserves the right to accept, reject, or modify the suggestions presented/submitted against
the EOI while formulating technical specifications and scope of work for the tender.
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Annexure 1
A. Data Acquisition
Area Map of Yanam
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Yanam Area
g three PML
blocks viz.
Yanam, GS29 &
Survey area
550 Sq Km
Zone of
Interest msec.
1000-5200 ms
The primary targets in the area
include imaging of Early
Cretaceous Synrift sequence,
Miocene and Pliocene
The basic objective is
i) To improve the continuity
of the events
ii) To image all target
sequences specially the syn
rift sequence with better
velocity control in entire area
Acquisition Parameters
1. Bin Size 12.5 x 25 mts
2. Record length : 10 Secs
3. Near offset: as low as possible
4. Far offset : 8000 mts
5. Shot receiver geometry :
6. Nominal foldage :60
B. Data Processing.
Zone of interest: 1000ms to 5200ms
Proposed Parameters:
Bin Size: 12.5 X 25 m
Record length: 10 sec (at deepest)
Sampling Interval: 2 ms
Shooting Direction: Preferably NW-SE
Expected dips: 304 deg
Fold: 60
Far offset: 8 kms
Spheroid: WGS 84, CM-81
General processing sequence
Data Loading & Preconditioning
1. Reformat & Nav Merge
2. Data Preparation
a. Signature deconvolution, de-bubble and de-noise operators
b. Spherical divergence gain
c. Trace editing, etc.
3. Component selection.
a. Hydrophone & vertical geophones selected for subsequent P-wave
b. X & Y for S-wave processing
1. PZ calibration and summation of geophone & hydrophone data
2. Coherent noise attenuation
3. Non- Coherent noise attenuation
4. Tau-PxPy Deconvolution
5. Inverse-Q correction
6. Surface Consistent Deconvolution
7. Surface Consistent Amplitude Compensation
8. Surface Consistent Residual Statics
9. Velocity Model Building
10. Regularisation.
11. Anisotropic Pre-stack Time Migration
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12. Anisotropic Pre-stack Depth Migration
13. Residual Velocity Analysis
14. Multiple Attenuation
15. Mute
16. 3D Stack
17. De-convolution after stack
18. 3D Random noise attenuation
19. Band Pass filters
20. Residual Gain
21. Outputs in SEG Y format
Velocity analysis is to be carried out at 100m X 100m interval.
The above sequence is bare minimum and indicative only. The bidder’s experts to
design and implement an improved work flow and offer best practices in seismic
data processing commensurate with latest industry standards.
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