Biomedical Network Research Centre in

Biomedical Network Research Centre in Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition Symposium CIBEROBN‐ 2014 El Escorial, Madrid 20/11/2014 15.00‐15.30h Registration and documentation. 15.30‐16.30h Presentation: Scientific Director and General Manager 16.30‐18.30h Session‐1: Central mechanisms of body weight control Chair: Manuel Tena Vincent Prevot (Univ. Lille, Francia): New players in the metabolic brain: The roles of tanacyte Julie Chowen (HUNJ, CIBERobn): Glia in metabolic control: Physiology or pathophysiology? Sulay Tovar (USC, CIBERobn): New hypothalamic pathways involved in the control of thermogenesis Mariano Ruiz‐Gayo (CEU‐Madrid): Influence of high fat diets on biological rhythms and body weight 18.30‐19.00h Coffee‐break. 19.00‐20.00h The Year in…Obesity. Chair: Miguel Angel Lasunción Francesc Villarroya: News on basic research Francisco Tinahones: News on clinical research 21.00‐23.00h Working dinner. 21/11/2014 8.30‐10.00h Programs meeting. 10.00‐ 10.30h Coffee‐break. 10.30‐12.00h Session‐2 New challenges in obesity Chair: Andreu Palou Palmiero Monteleone (Naples, Italy): Endocannabinoid modulation of food‐ related reward in obesity and abnormal eating behaviours José López Miranda (CIBERobn): Therapeutic Strategies in Metabolic Syndrome and Metabolically Active‐ Obesity. Nutritional interventions from the perspective of personalized medicine Gema Frühbeck (CIBERobn): Bariatric surgery and obesity. Therapeutic benefits and mechanisms. 12.00‐13.00h Transversal and international programs (Part‐I) Chair: Monserrat Fito Jordi Salas(CIBERobn): PrediMed Plus Fernando Fernandez‐Aranda (CIBERobn): Obesity and Cognition 13‐14h Working lunch 14‐15h Posters 15.00‐16.30h Transversal and international programs (Part‐II) Chair: Rosa Mª Lamuela José M. Fernández Real (CIBERobn): Transversal programs in Adipobiology Jesús Argente (HIUNJS, UAM, CIBERobn): Advances in childhood obesity M. Tena‐Sempere (CIBERobn): European Project on Obesity. Strategies in H2020 16.30‐17.30h Coffe break and thematic meetings 17.30‐19.00h Joining CIBERs: Integrative research in obesity and associated pathologies. Chair: Empar Lurbe Teresa Cardoso Delgado (CIBERehd,Biogune) A multidisciplinary approach to the study of obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease. Ángel Nadal (CIBERdem, UMH‐Elche): Endocrine disruptors: New environmental causes of diabetes and obesity Manuel Macías (CIBERobn): OBESITY AND CANCER: Does cancer have the same metabolic origin than obesity and type II diabetes? 19.15‐20.00h Plenary conference Chair: María del Mar Malagón Robert Semple (Cambridge, UK): Genetics of obesity and metabolic disease 21.00‐23.00h Working dinner. 22/11/2014 8.30‐10.00h Meeting Scientific Director‐ PIs 10.00‐ 10.30h Coffee break 10.30‐12.00h Session‐3 Diet and Health Chair: Ramón Estruch Fumiaki Imamura. Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge (UK). Evidence on saturated fat on health. Noora Kanerva, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki and Turku, (Finland). Nordic Diet vs Mediterranean Diet. Dolores Corella (CIBERobn). How to change your genes with a healthy diet. The experience of the PREDIMED trial. 12.00‐13.00h Closing Conference Chair: Felipe Casanueva Uberto Pagotto. University of Bolonia (Italia) "Food addiction exists: real or fake?"