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October 2014
Pile of B nes
Monthly Meeting Beat:
About the Speaker
Meeting Notice
By Dan Brothers
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Hello and happy October to everyone. This month
our speaker is Doug LeCren, from the Alaska ASHRAE
Chapter. He is the Regional Historian for Region XI
(which includes Regina). Doug will be talking to us
about his role on the Regional Board and about his
work with ConocoPhillips:
“Overview of Life and the Working at Kuparuk,
Alaska – ConocoPhillips’ Oil Field on the North
The presentation will include the work environment
and the infrastructure of buildings to support the oil
field. There will also be discussion on Kuparuk’ s
1200 bed camp, offices, recreation, kitchens, dining,
Doug LeCren has been involved in ASHRAE since 1991
and has served as Chapter Membership Chair,
Secretary, Vice President, President and CRC Co-Chair
(CRC at Sea). At a regional level, he served as the RVC
Student Activities and is currently Regional Historian.
Hotel Saskatchewan
2125 Victoria Ave. Regina, SK
5:00 – Beers
5:30 – Speaker Presentation
6:45 – Supper
7:15 – ASHRAE Chapter Meeting
Upcoming Events
November 12th, 2013
University Club
December 12, 2014:
Christmas Social - Dralion
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ASHRAE Regina Chapter – Pile of Bones – September
About the Speaker
For the last three years, Doug has been employed by
ConocoPhillips Alaska in the role of Kuparuk
Infrastructure Facility Engineer. The position oversees all
of the non-process buildings at Kupurak, including the
camps, warehouses, offices, wastewater and water
treatment plants, and airport. As a facility engineer,
Doug acts as owner, project lead, project engineer and
facility engineer depending on the type of project. The
projects budgets can reach upwards of $100 million.
Doug’s office is in Anchorage, AK but he takes frequent
trips to Kuparuk; on average 2-4 days per month.
Doug received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical
Engineering from University of California at Santa
Barbara. He moved to Alaska in 1990 and started as a
design engineer at a local engineering firm, earning his
Professional Mechanical Engineering license in 1995. He
has substantial work experience from positions such as
plan reviewer from the Municipality of Anchorage; senior
engineering positions with contactor companies on
design build projects and also an oil and gas contractor.
ASHRAE Regina Chapter – Pile of Bones – September
President’s Message
by Janel Walter
This month we are welcoming ASHRAE’s Region XI Historian Doug LeCren of the Alaska Chapter. Doug
will be joining us and presenting our technical topic for the evening. We will be meeting up once again
at our old haunt, Hotel Saskatchewan. I hope to see you all there.
Thank you to everyone who made it out to last month’s meeting at Bushwakker. The topic of district
heating by geothermal means gave us a lot to ponder and discuss in terms of how we could use that
technology in our industry. I am certain in the future it will be something our industry will be looking at
as the energy source to heat our infrastructure.
Wayne Tkach has already done a fantastic job of booking our Christmas Social, initially providing many
wonderful options. Thank you all for participating in our survey to decide which event to attend.
Responding to our surveys helps us greatly to provide you with the evening you are most interested in
and excited about attending. As you all know the popular choice was Dralion- the production by Cirque
De Soleil. Wayne has already started working on setting all that up and I am certainly looking forward to
this evening out!
If anyone has any comments or concerns please contact me or any of the board members to discuss. As
always if anyone has any topic ideas they would like to see us present please feel free to let us know.
We are always looking for topic ideas that our members are interested in and find worthwhile attending
a meeting for. Also, anyone who is interested in joining the Board of Governors or who is interested in
joining a subcommittee, please let us know! We gladly welcome and encourage any support and
ASHRAE Regina Chapter – Pile of Bones – September
Resource Promotion
by Alana Yip
Welcome to another RP Campaign. Did you know that RP actually
stands for Resource Promotion? Many people think it is Research
Promotion (which it often incorrectly referred to) and many
people donate their money directly to Research. However you can
specify where you want your funds to go. You can choose
between Research, Education (ASHRAE Learning Institute),
ASHRAE Foundation, YEA (Young Engineers in ASHRAE) or ASHRAE
I’d like to thank Carla Spriggs, chair of last year’s campaign, on an
excellent campaign! She exceeded the goal set by Society and had
an excellent number of contributors. So thank you to the
members for helping her make this goal and I look forward to
talking to you about this year’s campaign.
Our goal this year is $13,500. We are currently at 11% of goal,
thanks to our entire BOG participation in Full Circle. Each member
of our BOG has contributed an honour level contribution
(minimum $100) to the ASHRAE Research campaign. As a board
we recognize the importance of the research ASHRAE does, are
supporting it, and letting you know how important this campaign
is. I’d like to take this opportunity to challenge you to make a
contribution of any size to the campaign, as every $ counts and
goes directly to research- 100% of it! You can make a donation to
me or online at http://www.ashrae.org/contribute. ASHRAE also
has the ability to take monthly credit card payments for donations
as well. Contact me if you’re interested in that option.
November is going to be an RP night where we will have Ryan
MacGillivray, our Region RP Chair, in attendance to talk a little
more about the campaign. We will also be recognizing all the
donors from last year at that meeting, so please try to attend. I will
be in touch with each donor with more details.
ASHRAE Regina Chapter – Pile of Bones – September
Student Activities
by Jared Larson
We have an exciting year ahead of us and I am
really looking forward to many new events and
programs we are planning with students. This is
my last year as student activities chair. Contact
me if you are interested in joining the board or want to work with
students. It will be good to make contacts and get a few ideas for next
Elementary schools
Last year we started an annual ASHRAE science award
at Mother Teresa Middle School. I was able to attend
the grad ceremony and present it in person. We will be
starting the programs again in the late fall
We also held a poster competition at the end of last
year for elementary schools. The class had to draw
pictures showing their understanding of ASHRAE. The
winning class was grade 1 at Hawrylak School who won
a pizza party and a classroom visit (my drawing didn’t
make the cut). We learned about common attributes in
tall buildings and applied it to our marshmallow
ASHRAE Regina Chapter – Pile of Bones – September
Science Centre
We have been invited to participate in the "Innovators in the Classroom" at the Saskatchewan Science
Centre. This will potentially happen later in October. We will make an interactive demonstration to
explain air movement and control.
We have been invited to speak to one of the classes in Moose Jaw for an introductory session on
ASHRAE and support what they are learning in class. I am also trying to arrange a building tour; if
anyone has a project in construction there please let me know.
Thanks to Dan Brothers for helping me at the Year 1-4 event. This is a welcome event hosted by the
Regina Engineering Students Society (RESS) for new and returning engineering students. We will also be
setting up a booth at the volunteer fair on October 22. I will have a signup sheet for anyone interested in
helping me. We will be targeting volunteers for the elementary school programs.
We are in the initial planning stages of building a mini boiler system for the university students. This mini
plant will be used to teach hydronics in one of the lab classes. It will be designed to teach various types
of flow and heat transfer. The U of R will be applying for an ASHRAE grant to assist in this project.
Throughout this year we will have several presentations / lunch ‘n learns on campus for university
students. Each session will have a presentation from a YEA member featuring a project they are working
on. The first session on Oct. 2 was our resume workshop on campus. Structured like speed dating, the
students could drop in and make a circuit with each ASHRAE member.
ASHRAE Regina Chapter – Pile of Bones – September
September 10, 2014
Speaker: Brian Brunskill
Bushwakker Brewpub
March 11, 2015
Speaker: TBD
Hotel Saskatchewan
October 15, 2014
Speaker: Doug Lecren
Hotel Saskatchewan
April 8, 2015
Student Night
University Club
November 12, 2014
Speaker: TBD
University Club
April 23, 2015
ASHRAE Webcast
New Tomorrows for Today’s Buildings:
Existing Building Commissioning
December 12, 2014
Christmas Social - Dralion
January 14, 2015
Speaker: Presidential visit
Hotel Saskatchewan
January 24-28, 2015
ASHRAE Winter Conference
Chicago, Illinois
April 30 – May 2, 2015
Region XI CRC in Calgary
May 14, 2015
Speaker: TBD
June 2015
ASHRAE Research Golf Tournament
February 11, 2015
Speaker: Distinguished lecturer Tim McGinn
Hotel Saskatchewan
ASHRAE Regina Chapter – Pile of Bones – September
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ASHRAE Regina Chapter – Pile of Bones – September
Society Executive
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ASHRAE Regina Chapter – Pile of Bones – September